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“Let’s got to the playroom,” Joker suggested against her ear. He kissed her again before finally pulling back.

She squeezed him and he damn near went blind. God, everything she did made him crazy with lust for her. He’d never felt so fucking alive. So fucking happy and exited than he did with this woman.

She withdrew her hand from him and grabbed his shirt, tugging him toward the hallway. The playroom was generally underutilized during parties. For them, no one was in there and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

He turned her around and pulled her to him. “You belong to me. Don’t forget that.”


He coveted her unlike anything in his life. “Take your clothes off and bend over the bench. I want to see that sweet cunt.”

She did as he had asked. Slowly, she teased him with the removal of every garment, deliberately testing his patience as she undressed herself. Her nipples were hard and his mouth watered at the sight of them. She slipped her pants off and her panties with them. Her tight ass begged for the smack of his hand. He loved how red her skin got when he warmed it up with a paddle.

When she finally faced him, his attention went to the V of her thighs. She walked to the bench and knelt over it with her ass in the air. She totally and completely submitted to him and he loved it.

He moved to restrain her, fastening each of the ties around her wrists and ankles. The bench had an option to unfold it so that she lay flat while he worked her ass with a cane for more intense scenes. Maybe one day they would try it, but for now, he wanted her perfect ass red from his paddle. Selecting a paddle from the wall, and grabbed a dildo from the collection of unused gadgets in the small cabinet. Tonight, he’d make her work for it. He moved in behind her.

Joker swallowed against the need bubbling in his gut. Her pussy was swollen and wet with moisture. The sight alone made him damn near fall to his knees. “I’m going to make you earn my cock and your orgasm tonight. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He pushed the blunt tip of the dildo inside her and turned the vibrations on high. A soft little moan left her lips as he reached for her clit and rubbed. The vibrations of the toy would be a good measure of pleasure against the swats from his paddle. He withdrew his hand before he pushed her over the edge and gripped the heavy paddle.

For good measure, he stroked the paddle over her sensitive bottom. Before them in the mirror her face filled with unadulterated pleasure. Scarlett was a natural at sex, regardless of what she thought. She was receptive and didn’t care to show him how much she needed him. He liked it a lot. Most people used spankings as punishment, but he used them to get her warmed up. Her desire increased tenfold with the swat of his paddle.

The first swat make her skin pink almost immediately. Scarlett gasped and dropped her head down. He rotated, swatting each of her ass cheeks until they were good and red. She gasped, pleaded and moaned looking like a redhead goddess that needed some relief. He tossed the paddle to the side and reached for the dildo already in her.

“Still not begging for that orgasm yet,” Joker commented. He pumped the fake dick inside her, rubbing her G-spot every time. “What if I do this?”

He knelt behind her and rolled her clit with his tongue. Scarlett’s surprise filled him with satisfaction. He could bury his face between her legs and stay there for days giving her orgasm after orgasm with his fingers and tongue. The little bundle of nerves was desperate and needy even if Scarlett didn’t seem that way.

Joker pressed his finger inside her back entrance while he continued to lick and roll her clit with his tongue. The dildo’s vibrations resonated against his cheek and he pulled back to pump it inside her body. Her pussy wept with his ministrations and his beautiful lover finally opened her mouth to beg.


“Please what?” Joker asked.

He leaned in to flick his tongue along her back entrance and a sharp hiss came from Scarlett. He loved that sound. A mixture of surprise and pleasure. He held her open and lapped at her untouched hole. It would feel amazing having her tight ass surround him. He knew she’d like it too.

Pulling back he walked to the front and unzipped his pants. “I want your lips around my cock. Suck me good.”

Scarlett’s lips parted as his hot flesh pressed against them. He ached to fuck her. Take her mouth as hard as he planned to take her ass. The tight wetness of her mouth surrounded him, damn near making him lose his cool as she took him to the back of her throat. God, this woman had come a long way from the first time they fucked in this room. So timid. So doubtful of her appeal. But so eager for him to give her pleasure. Now the shyness was gone. She was bold with her sexuality, willing taking what he offered and enjoying every second of it.

He rocked between her lips, tangling his fingers in her red hair as he pushed deeper, needing his entire cock inside her. God, she felt amazing. She was amazing. It was a sick and twisted thought to say he was glad those damn bastards brought her here. He was glad that this beautiful, sexual goddess was in his life. He damn sure didn’t want to change that.

When he’d reached his limit, he withdrew from her and a soft moan of protest left her. He didn’t know what to fucking think about the way she made him feel. Love. Protectiveness. Desire. Joy. All of it swirled around inside him and if he didn’t enjoy it so much, he would have said it fucked him up.

“Get your dick inside me.” Scarlett gave him a wanton look. “Please.”

If he hadn’t been so caught up in his own emotions, he would have spanked her for that remark. Instead, he moved to the side to grab the lube.

“My cock is going inside your tight little ass and I’m going to make you scream.”

She gave him a naughty chuckle. “Talk is cheap, bad boy. Fuck me like you mean it.”

He would.

Joker lubed up his cock and moved in behind her again. Gripping himself with one hand, he guided the fat tip to her small hole and gently pushed forward. Her body was hot as a furnace and he wasn’t even inside her completely yet. It took all his strength, all his control to not shoot his load. The tight depths of her body welcomed him, the walls of her ass stretching around his cock like she was made for him. He pushed forward a bit then paused to give her enough time to adjust to his girth. He glanced up at the mirror to see her face, jaw dropped in pleasure as he pushed deeper inside her. He went slow, loving how he kept that look of bliss on her face. Scarlett Dawson was made for loving and he planned to do just that every fucking second of his life.

Once he was seated inside her, he rotated his hips. “Do you like my cock in your ass?”

She groaned. When she didn’t respond with words, he smacked her ass and she clenched around him. Fuck. He withdrew and she shuddered. Her hands clamped into fists as she lay helpless before him. He started at a slow pace, rocking into her until he could make smooth thrusts without hurting her. The vibrations of the fake dick hummed against his own and he damn near crossed his eyes. Scarlett’s grunts and moans of pleasure filled his ears as he increased the pace of his thrusts. He slapped her already redden ass as he fucked her, taking her deep and hard. He reached between them and withdrew the dildo from her and shoved it back, completely in sync with his thrusts. Scarlett cried out. Screamed. Yelled his name as he fucked her.

And he wasn’t through.

Only she could satisfy him. Before it had just been about release, but now, with Scarlett she touched something deeper. He coveted it. Joker cursed, pumping into her. The power of his thrust had her body moving forward on the bench. God, he’d never get enough of this woman. He never wanted to.

Scarlett let go and her ass tightened around him as she cried out. He rubbed her clit while her body thrashed, restrained by the binds on her arms and legs. He shoved inside her and taking her, claiming her, and fucking her like a mad man. When his own cries of ecstasy came, they sounded harsh and gritty to his own ears. Sweat dripped down his chest and spine. He collapsed on top of Scarlett and tried to calm his breaths.

What the fuck had just happened?

He pressed a kiss to her back and pushed up. “You’re going to be the death of me, you know that?”

She lay completely still before him as he withdrew his cock and the rubber dick at the same time. “Don’t die anytime soon.”

He snorted and worked quickly to undo her. She was gorgeous and completely content in his arms when he lifted her. He didn’t care about the clothing they left behind as he carried her to his room. Once inside he laid her on the bed and kissed her mouth.

“I love you, Scarlett. After everything that’s happened between us, I really need you to know that.”

She closed her eyes, sleepily, and gave him a soft smile. “Then hold me all night and don’t let me go.”

Complying, he wrapped his body around hers. The more he was with her the deeper he got. He kissed her shoulder and thought about it while his heart slowed to a normal pace. She was exhausted and fell in to a deep sleep almost immediately while he held her tight. She was it for him. A smile tilted his lips. He loved the thought of that more than he would have ever dreamed.



Chapter Nine


Scarlett stared at her computer screen for the last half hour, refreshing every few minutes as she waited for her professor to post her grade. He said they would all be posted by noon, but it was one minute after and she still didn’t see her grade. Frustrated, she checked her email. Instead of her finding something from her professor, she saw an email from the dean’s office in regards to her dismissal for drugs. Scarlett wanted to vomit. She scrolled down to the bottom to get the number for the office. Grabbing her phone, she dialed the number and waited for someone to answer.

“Hello. This is Scarlett Dawson. I got an email saying that I was dismissed from the college. Can I please ask why?”

The person that answered the phone put her on hold and she waited. After a while, the dean of the college answered. “Ms. Dawson, it has come to our attention through various means that you have been associated with drug users and drugs themselves while on school property. If you would look at the student handbook, we have an absolute no tolerance for drugs on this campus. Nor will we tolerate obscene photographs of any nature. The decision was unanimous and made by the board this morning. You are dismissed from this university and we wish you the best in your future endeavors.”

Scarlett tried to keep her thoughts straight while they swished around in her head. “Do I have the right for an appeal?”

“Not in this case. We have a no tolerance policy for drugs. There are no second chances. I’m sorry. I wish you all the best.”

Scarlett disconnected from him and stared at her computer screen. An email popped up in her inbox from her professor. After clicking on it, she read that the class was recorded as incomplete due to her dismissal. All her hard work was for nothing. She sat frozen in her seat. Everything about the situation looked bad, but the reality of the case was not what it seemed. She had the lunch date with Joker’s mom and Dr. Riggs tomorrow and what was she supposed to tell her now? She closed her laptop as the contents of her stomach threatened to come back up. A whirlwind of anger, sadness, hurt and vengeance swirled around inside her. Why would Ollie do something like this to her? Why would anyone do something like this?

She collected her belongings and went back to the clubhouse. After she parked in the lot, she went to the garage where Joker sat on a bike, chatting with one of the new members.

“Joker, I need to talk to you.” She didn’t wait for him to notice her. She walked off and stared at the back field behind the clubhouse.

“What’s wrong?”

“I was dismissed from college today due to evidence of drug usage.”


She didn’t look at him. “I worked so fucking hard. I didn’t do anything wrong! Those bastards used me. They took advantage of me and I have to pay for it.” She screamed at him and didn’t feel any better. She was furious and the overwhelming emotions got the best of her. “What am I going to do? I was supposed to meet your mom and Dr. Riggs tomorrow. I can’t apply for an internship if I’m not in a fucking college. I don’t know what to do.”

Joker kept his distance. “Can you appeal it?”


“So it’s a done deal? Based on those photos?”


Scarlett didn’t think there was anything anyone could do to make her feel better. She turned toward him and saw him staring.


“Go have lunch with my mom. You can start applying to a different program now. Once you get accepted, the internship will work out the way it’s intended. It’s going to be okay.”

“I worked so hard and it feels like it was for nothing.”

He came to her then and pulled her into his arms. “I know. Your transcript is still in tact, right? Get a copy and take it with you to the lunch. Show her your grades. Tell her your accomplishments. She will see past all the bullshit. When she asks about school, tell her you’re transferring. Make up a reason why. I know you feel like shit, but if it’s really what you want, don’t let anything stand in your way.”

He rubbed her back and proved her wrong. She instantly felt better and it was all because of him. Scarlett looped her arms around his waist. He smelt like oil and sweat. It wasn’t off-putting, but comforting.

“Joker!” Torque hollered at him from the clubhouse.

Joker turned and saw him, before gently pushing Scarlett away. “I got to go. You’re going to be okay. This bullshit is going to end soon. I promise.”

He kissed her before going to see what Torque wanted. Scarlett watched him talk with his friend. She wanted it to end soon. She couldn’t take much more. Joker and the rest of the club fired up their motorcycles and left one-by-one out of the parking lot. She didn’t know what the hell was going on but she wanted whatever club business they had with Ollie and Eddy to end the charade once and for all. If that meant Joker beating the shit out of them, then so be it. Maybe they would think twice before screwing up someone’s life.


“I didn’t do anything,” Ollie pledged before Joker’s fist slammed into his face.

They had tied the stupid fucker to a chair in some dank warehouse on the outskirts of the city. The gloomy scenery was perfect for what Joker wanted to do to him, even though the shithead cried like a little girl with the entire club surrounding him. Torque didn’t really care about Marrow and the plan he participated in for retaliation toward the club. He figured Marrow knew how to get to Eddy Grier, though, and that was what really brought them to the warehouse. Answers. A little beating never really hurt anyone either. Not when they deserved it.

“You didn’t, huh?” Joker adjusted the brass knuckles on his hand. Marrow’s face already looked like shit and it was just with one punch. “You didn’t drug Scarlett? You didn’t take her clothes off and abuse her while she was passed out? You didn’t throw her out into the parking lot of the Charming Bastards’ clubhouse with that damn message written on her abdomen? You didn’t do any of that?”

Marrow damn near squeaked. “It was Eddy. Eddy had the drugs. He said that the only way to get to you thugs was tits and cunt. He thought Scarlett would be perfect since she was so damn innocent. She took the bait. He drugged her. He undressed her. He fucked her and I didn’t do anyth—”

Joker’s fist landed in his face in rapid processions. He could do it all day. Fuck the guy up as much as he hurt Scarlett. God, it damn near tempted him. After a while of one-two punches, Torque had Silver and Tank pull him back. Marrow’s bloody mess of a face looked like the shit that he was. He could only imagine how proud his daddy was of him.

Marrow cried, his chest puffing and huffing as he tried to breathe through his broken nose. His eyes were damn near swollen shut and he cried like a little girl with streams of tears rolling down his cheeks. Joker jerked away from Silver and Tank and spat to the side. Punching the guy didn’t take away Scarlett’s hurt. He supposed it was better for her to not know what really happened, but it didn’t put an end to all the what-ifs rolling around in her overactive mind. It pissed him off even more that he couldn’t take that away from her. He couldn’t make all the bad shit go away.

He stared down at the brass knuckles on his hand. “If you know what is good for you, you will find Eddy and tell us where he is.”

He said it coldly. All the emotion he felt had drained from his body. Marrow simply suggested Scarlett. Eddy was the one that did the bad deeds. Joker needed to go after the right person, even though he knew Torque wouldn’t allow that. Marrow was a pawn in the retaliation from the Reaper Boys. Whether Matthias knew it or not, his shithead of a son started a war and it wasn’t going end pretty.

“I don’t know where he is.” Marrow cried harder jerking at his bound hands.

Joker didn’t care. He got down in Marrow’s face and pointedly stared into his eyes. “You told Scarlett that she’d be sorry if she told us anything about Eddy. I’m telling you that you’ll be fucking dead if you don’t tell us where the fuck he’s at.”

“I don’t know,” he whined, tears streaming down his cheeks. “Please don’t kill me! I didn’t do anything! I don’t know him all that well. He’s probably hiding. His father is like you. Maybe he’s got connections to keep him safe. Please don’t kill me!”

Joker moved back. “I’m done with this clown. Blow his fucking brains out for all I care. I’m leaving.”

Joker went to his bike and started it up. Thankfully nobody from the club questioned him leaving. Eddy was being protected by the Reaper Boys. They all knew it. Even Marrow knew it. Torque would find a way to get to them and get him, but Joker knew he wasn’t allowed to be involved.

He rode to his house and felt a little better when he saw his father and cousins there. The whole scene had fucked up his mind and he needed to do something non-club related before he saw Scarlett again. They would take care of Eddie tomorrow, but right now, he needed a distraction. There was nothing like a little banging of a hammer to relieve some of the tension. And thankfully, his father and cousins knew him well enough to not ask him questions.


Scarlett had a nice meal with Joker’s mom and Gail Riggs. The interview was simple and she did exactly what Joker had told her. Dr. Riggs seemed impressed that she was prepared and offered her the chance to personally work with her for the upcoming summer. It wasn’t a paid internship like the one she had wanted, but it was an opportunity, and she took it without question.

The whole college pending situation needed to be resolved as soon as possible too, which meant filling out applications and trying to get a coveted spot in a good program. There was no words to describe how relieved Scarlett felt that Dr. Riggs was going to give her a chance, despite everything going on in her life. She called Joker to tell him the news but he didn’t answer. She thought he was still with Torque doing club things so she went to his house. Katrina had the same idea and followed her there. The two of them parked off to the side of the furniture truck in the drive and watched as the men unloaded the goodies.

“Where did that stuff come from?” Scarlett asked.

“It’s something I threw together.” Katrina walked with her to the house and entered, making herself known to the delivery people. She wanted things to go a certain way and she demanded that of them.

Scarlett was surprised when Joker walked around the corner. He looked tired and stressed. She didn’t know what Torque wanted with him, but she was glad he was here with her now.

“How did it go?” Joker asked when he saw her.

“I got the internship. I’m working with Dr. Riggs personally this summer. I’m also applying to different colleges to try and get a spot to finish my degree.” She smiled at him. “You were right. It did work out in the end.”

He nodded but he didn’t look too enthused. She watched him a moment before realizing that something was bothering him. She glanced down at his knuckles and saw bruising and cuts. Torque’s little powwow resulted in Joker beating someone up. From his demeanor, she figured it was Ollie.

“You could at least smile.” Scarlett went to him and smoothed her hand along his chest. “It’s a good thing out of a very long list of bad things.”

“I know.” He kissed her forehead and pulled away.

She watched him a moment. “So, how was your meeting with Ollie?”

He snorted, but didn’t say anything. “What makes you think I had a meeting with him?”

“Bloody and bruised knuckles. Doesn’t really take a genius to figure that out.”

He nodded. “There’s too many people around to have that conversation.” Joker glanced over at the furniture people and his mother before grabbing her arm and leading her to the master bedroom. He closed the door behind them and kissed her.

“What happened?”

“I can’t tell you that.” He brushed her hair from her face. “I can tell you though that we’re now in a war. Eddy is being protected by the Reaper Boys and we’re considering that stunt he pulled with you and Marrow retaliation against us. It’s not going to be pretty, but you won’t ever have to worry about him again.”

“I understand the mess he created, but,” She smoothed her hands along his sides. “Why do you look so sad?”

He pulled away from her. “Marrow said some shit that got into my head. I can’t shake it. It will be dealt with though. I promise you that.”

She stared at him. “What did he say?”

“Nothing.” He met her eyes. “Don’t ask me again.”

Scarlett pursed her lips. It had to be bad to upset him so much. He looked like someone kicked his puppy. She moved toward him.

“You know that’s not going to happen.” Scarlett leaned in to kiss him. “If you keep frowning, you’re going to get wrinkles. You’ll look like you’re a hundred at thirty-two.”

He rested his hands on her shoulders. “You wanted me to be pissed off.”

“At them. Not me.”

“I’m not pissed off at you.”

“But you’re in a foul mood.” She pulled his arms down and around her body. “I wanted to celebrate tonight. Maybe get some wine. Break in the new house now that’s it’s done.”

She wanted to be happy but dwelling on the situation didn’t afford her that much. Joker needed to let it go, even though the so-called war was going on. Torque was the president. He could handle it.

BOOK: Coveted (Charming Bastards #2)
9.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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