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Breathless, he withdrew, stood up and grabbed his dick. Pressing the head of his cock against her opening, he caught hold of her ankles, spread her legs wide and, with a single snap of his hips, buried his cock inside her as she was still coming.

She wailed. His balls tightened.

“Goddamn it, Caleb,” she whimpered, running her hands up and down his chest as he leaned over her. “You feel so fuckin’ good.”

He couldn’t speak. Overwhelmed with lust, he gritted his teeth and stared down at her. She was glistening. Her chest and cheeks were flushed. He smelled clean sweat—hers and his—and the foxy, rich scent of her sex all over his face. All over his cock.


He wasn’t going to last. They’d made love every day—sometimes twice a day—since February. And still he couldn’t seem to control himself when it came to Cora.

Adjusting his footing in the dust, he let go of her ankles, grasped her arms and pulled her up until they were nose to nose. She embraced him and looked deep into his eyes, a mischievous smile on her face.

Her big brown eyes hypnotized him. In the shadows they were black as a bird’s. In the sunlight, they turned the color of polished mahogany, like the grandfather clock in his parents’ house.

“Hey there,” she whispered.

He kissed her tenderly, like she was his delicate treasure, like this was her first kiss. But while he did that, he hammered her pussy with his cock, each brutal thrust digging into her and stretching her beyond what seemed physically possible. He knew he was a big boy—no point pretending he wasn’t. But he also knew that she liked it this way. Hard and rough and unforgiving.

She wrapped her smooth legs around his waist, broke their kiss and rested her head against his shoulder. He felt her reach down between their bodies and begin to stroke her clit with her fingertips. Her pussy became impossibly wetter around him.

He licked his lips and whispered in her ear, “You gonna come again?”

“I think so.”

Almost delirious from holding back, he grunted and changed his angle so that the top of his cock dragged against the hood of her clit whenever he thrust. Then he grabbed her and began to nuzzle her neck, kissing her sweet spot until she began to whimper.

A minute was all it took. She froze. Suddenly spasms racked her body and her pussy began to convulse wetly around him.

In a heartbeat, Caleb seized her hips, arched his back and came so hard he almost blacked out. His orgasm ran like liquid rapture through his veins, swirled in his balls and shot out of him in long pulls of come.

When it was over, Caleb caught his breath and realized that Cora was kissing him—tiny, tender kisses all over his cheeks and neck.

“Are you all right?” she whispered.

A hot wind rose up in the orchard, stirring the branches and licking the trickle of sweat that ran down his spine. He shivered.

Together, they looked down as he pulled out of her.

Caleb never tired of seeing this. When he withdrew, his come slid out of her in a faint trickle, white against pink. A few drops landed on the ground, darkening the dust at his feet.

He reached for Cora and held her in silence, stroking her long black hair. Back in March, they had made love under these trees in full blossom. White flowers snowed down on them and tangled in Cora’s dark hair. Now, all around them, the green branches creaked and swayed in the wind, heavy with ripening fruit.

Every cell in his body screamed,
Don’t let her go.

They lay down in the truck bed together and shared a cigarette. Caleb reached up and plucked an almond from a nearby tree to show her. With his fingers, he stroked the furry green fruit. “This outer part—it’s not tasty. We sell it for feed.”

“There’s a seam there,” she said, turning it in the light.

“That’s where it splits when the almonds are ready.” He cracked open the hull and extracted the pale nutmeat inside. “You want to taste it?”

She frowned at him. “Is it nasty?”

“No, not really. But it needs to ripen and dry out to taste right.”

She put it in her mouth. He watched her face as she ate it.

“You’re right. It’s not bad. But it doesn’t taste like an almond. Tastes like…grass.” She kissed him and whispered, “Tastes like your come.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “I don’t believe you. I think you should do a taste test.”

She laughed. “Let me get this straight. I eat a nut…and then you nut, so that I can eat that.”

“See, Cora, that’s what I like about you. You’re one of them classy girls I’ve heard so much about.”

They lay together, joking and horsing around until the alarm on her cell phone went off.

She took some baby wipes out of her gym bag, cleaned up and put on her work uniform, the yellow cotton dress that all the girls at the ice-cream parlor wore. As he polished off her bag of carrots, he watched her brush her hair.

He drove her to work in silence. He couldn’t shake the feeling that somewhere there was another timer counting down, another alarm ready to sound. She’d go on to live the rest of her life, and he’d stay put, stuck with a memory of what it felt like to make love to her in an almond orchard, a memory of her in his rearview mirror.

She got out of the truck and, as usual, kissed him through the open driver’s side window.

“See you,” she said with a smile.

His heart did funny things in his chest as he watched her cross the parking lot and disappear into the shop.

On Saturday, after he helped Clark and Daniel mend fences in the eastern pasture, Caleb washed his truck, took a shower and went to pick up Cora.

Beautiful in the noonday sun, she wore a black tank top, jean shorts and her usual canvas sneakers. When she leaned over and kissed him, she smelled like laundry detergent and shampoo, a sweet herbal scent that made his mouth water.

She was leaving in a week. He was trying not to be sentimental about things, but each time they made love, he began the countdown in his head. Would this be the last time? How much time did he have left with her?

“What do you have planned for us today?” she asked.

“I’m gonna take you on a tour of MacKinnon Ranch.”

She smiled. “Ooh, I get a tour?”

“That’s right, sweetheart. The twenty-five-cent tour. And afterward, a surprise.”

MacKinnon Ranch was five thousand acres, almost eight square miles. When Caleb’s maternal grandparents had passed away, their almond orchards were added to the cattle ranch owned by his father’s family. His father had razed half of the trees and five years ago had switched to all-natural, grass-fed ranching methods to get a higher price on their beef. Their parcel of land wasn’t huge, but Dale’s decision had paid off: MacKinnon beef went to gourmet chefs in restaurants all over California. Demand for their product grew stronger each year.

As he drove her around the pastures and along the creek, Caleb answered all of Cora’s questions. How big was the herd? “Eight hundred cow-calf pairs.” What breed were they? “A cross, Angus-Longhorn.” What did they eat? “One hundred percent pasture-raised grass, no grains.” Wouldn’t the ranch run out of grass? “We rotate pastures.” What did the beef taste like? “Like the best meat you’ve ever sunk your teeth into.”

Did he like ranching? “Not really—my brothers like it though.”

So what did he like?

He smiled at her. “You know the answer to that, girl.”

Following the dirt road that bisected the ranch, he drove until they reached the old aluminum-sided pole barn. He parked behind the barn and grabbed an icy six-pack of beer from the cooler in his truck bed. Cora followed him through a side door.

“What is this place?” she asked as he flipped one of the light switches on the wall.

“We used to keep feed in here. Now we use it for tools.” He slid open two dusty windows and a hot cross breeze filled the building. He took her hand and led her past all the junk and tools, up a short flight of wooden steps to the loft.

“Are we gonna have a roll in the hay?” she asked, squeezing his hand.

“Roll, yes. Hay, no.”

Caleb’s dad stashed old office furniture in the loft, including an ancient leather sofa hidden behind a rolltop desk. Caleb’s brothers sometimes slept off benders here, away from their parents or Daniel’s wife and kids.

Caleb handed Cora the six-pack. Slung on a rolling office chair were a couple of rain slickers. He shook them out and laid them on the sofa, fleece lining facing up. Then he sat down, looked up at her and patted the space next to him.

Even in the semidarkness, the air inside the barn was dry and hot. Parched, they popped open a couple of beers and drank them down fast. Caleb took off his ball cap, leaned forward and gave her a deep, hungry kiss, plunging his tongue into her ice-cold mouth.

She reached down and peeled his damp T-shirt off his body. He lifted up the front of her tank top, bunched up the fabric in his fingers and stuck it between her teeth, creating a makeshift gag. With a snap of his fingers, he unhooked her bra and shoved the cups upward. Blood pulsing in his ears, he leaned forward and massaged her heavy breasts in his hands, rubbing her nipples with this thumbs as she reached down and stroked the quickly hardening dick in his jeans.

He suckled her hard until her tender nipples were distended and goose bumps rose on her skin. The gag stayed in place as she stared at him with a heavy-lidded gaze that drove him wild. He slid her shoes off, then unbuttoned her shorts and stripped them off her. Too horny to get completely naked, he stood up, undid his belt and lowered his jeans to his knees.

He sat back down on the sofa, slouched low so that his ass was on the edge of the seat.

“Ride me.”

Gracefully, she got to her feet, spread her legs and straddled him. When the mouth of her sex opened, he groaned deep in his chest, grabbed the base of his dick and pushed its tip forward until her pussy crowned the head.

Pressing her hands on his sweat-slick chest, she eased her way down, impaling herself on him so deep that he was afraid he might break her. She squeezed him with her inner muscles and he hissed between his teeth. When she did it again, he reached forward and gave each of her nipples a pinch just hard enough to make her squeal.

“I said, ride me. Just like I taught you.”

Still gagged, she leaned back, balanced her hands on his knees, and began to raise her hips slowly up and down. Caleb stared at the gorgeous sight of her sex wrapped around his cock, the tight pink tissues stretching to accommodate him, leaving his shaft slick and shiny with her arousal. On the upstroke, her tiny clit protruded outward, like a little pink candy. He licked his thumb, reached forward and grazed it. In response, she squeezed him again, and he grunted like a bear.

“Keep going,” he said.

She rode him long and hard, the muscles in her thighs taut and sweat dripping between her breasts.

The barn was sweltering hot, but nothing was hotter than Cora. Caleb watched her, hypnotized. When she leaned back to cant her hips higher, he took mercy on her and plucked the tank top from her mouth. He pulled it over her head, along with her bra.

She took a deep breath and licked her lips.

“You want to say something to me?” he asked.



“I want to tell you that you have a big cock.”

He smirked. “Anything else?”

“Yeah. That it feels so good inside me.”

With that, he grabbed her. “Stop. Don’t move.”

Biting her lip, she planted her feet on the ground and stared at him.

He slid down even lower on the sofa. Then he grabbed her hips, held her steady and began to fuck her from below, thrusting his cock up into her while she remained still.

“Oh Jesus,” she murmured, closing her eyes.

With each of his thrusts, her tits bounced and her nipples got even harder. She began to sob, lost in the pleasure of their fucking. He reached forward, lubed up the pads of his middle and index fingers in her arousal, and began to draw tiny circles on her clit. She arched her back deeper, licked her lips and let out a long string of swear words. She was so sexy she made him feel unhinged.

“You gonna come for me, sweetheart?” he whispered. “Is this pretty little cunt gonna come?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

Just then, the aluminum walls shook around them. Sunlight flooded the interior of the barn as the large double doors swung open.

Cora and Caleb froze, trembling, as they listened to the voices rising from below.

“Where is it?”

“The post driver? Back next to those crates somewhere.”

“I see the farm jack.”

Caleb shut his eyes and swore silently. All three of his brothers: Dean, Daniel and Clark.

“Who left these windows open?” Daniel said. He shut them with a bang.

“Is someone in here? Caleb?” called Dean.

Quickly but carefully, Cora slid off.

Caleb pulled up his jeans and tucked his throbbing hard-on into his boxers as gingerly as he could. “Yeah, I’m in here!” he shouted, zipping up. His voice caught in his throat.

Covering up her breasts, Cora stared up at him, eyes wide.

“Don’t worry,” Caleb whispered, getting his T-shirt back on.

“What the hell are you doing up there?” Clark said. Tools clanged around in the corner.

“Hang on,” Caleb called out. He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, got his hat back on, and dashed down the steps.

Cora got dressed in a hurry and stayed where she was, inching up against the wall where no one would see her unless they went upstairs.

From the expressions on their faces, it took his brothers all of ten seconds to figure out what he’d been up to in the loft. Dean, the eldest, just smiled, smacked him on the shoulder and walked back outside. But Clark and Daniel were ready to give him hell for bringing a girl up into the old pole barn. It didn’t matter that they’d all done the same thing at one time or another—their sole purpose in life was to make fun of him, and they lived lives rich with purpose.

“So, have you got the post driver, Clark?” said Daniel, nice and loud for the benefit of the unseen girl in the loft.

“Sure do, Dan!” said Clark, smiling.

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