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After a long time, she whispered, “Would your brother mind if we ditched the party?”

Caleb smiled. “Now you’re talking.”

As always, romantic Caleb quickly gave way to raunchy Caleb.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, he corralled her into the corner, pinned her with his big body and unbuttoned her coat. His green eyes on fire, a sexy smirk on his face, he dragged the hard ridge of his cock against her pubic bone, up and down, making her feel his hunger. His hands cupped her jaw as he kissed her hard, his lips crushing hers, smearing her lip gloss.

“Six months I been waiting for a taste of you.”

His rough whisper in her ear made her body clench. Kissing her again, he reached down and grabbed her ass. She lifted her leg and hooked it around his hip, leaning back against the wall of the elevator and breaking their kiss. She stared up at him—her lover, her sexual mentor, her fuck buddy—as he slid two fingers into her mouth.

“Make ’em wet, sweetheart,” he said.

She did. The pads of his fingers tasted like almond soap and salt. Then he reached down, slid his fingers under the thin lace of her panties and began to caress her burning flesh.

“You think of me when you touch yourself?” he asked.

She nodded, gasping.

“You make yourself come?”

Another nod.

“Still taking them pills?”


He lifted an eyebrow at her. “You fuckin’ anyone else?”

She shook her head. “Only you, Caleb.” His fingers pressed deeper and she gasped. Time for the million-dollar question. “How about you, cowboy?”

His warm breath washed over her neck. “Sweetheart, I’ve been living like a goddamn monk. Last woman I been with is you.”

She was silent.

“Don’t believe me?” he asked. “Do or don’t. It’s the truth.”

He smiled his deadly handsome smile at her, and her head swam with pleasure. She grabbed his shoulders and shut her eyes. There was a camera in the corner of the elevator. In her mind’s eye, she imagined what the video would show: a broad back and a cowboy hat, a woman’s bare leg wearing a cowboy boot, and her face contorted in ecstasy. She was already a heartbeat away from falling apart.

The elevator door slid open with a
. Caleb smiled wickedly at her, withdrawing his hand. “Here we are.”

Cora floated along the carpeted hall to their room. He slid the keycard in and pushed on the handle. Smiling, he wrapped his arm around her waist and spun her inside, shutting the door behind them.

In the dark, there was only Caleb: his hands, his lips, his tongue, his scent. Without a word, he plucked her from her coat and lowered the top part of her dress. She wasn’t used to being without a bra. Her nipples, rubbed all night by the fabric, were sensitive as hell. He gave each one a lick before his hot lips closed over her right nipple. He suckled her hard.

She cried out and arched against him, the pleasure so sharp that it burned. With a grunt, he reached between her legs, rested the heel of his palm on her bone and pressed down. She couldn’t believe the possession in his touch, the way he acted like her entire body belonged to him.

She opened her eyes, but in the complete darkness, it made no difference. He slid down her body, dropping kisses on her breasts, her stomach, her belly. Suddenly his hot mouth pressed against the lacy fabric of her panties. He pulled them aside with his teeth and began to finger her molten core.

He groaned. “So. Good.”

When she felt the glide of his lips and tongue on her sex, Cora knew they were going down the rabbit hole tonight.

His hot mouth against her pussy, he almost shocked the orgasm out of her, squandering the slow ride she wanted to take on his face. A little annoyed, she slid away, pulled him up and kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips.

Her hands found his fly automatically. She undid his belt buckle and the buttons, then dropped to her knees as she pulled off his jeans and boxers. The smell of him, clean and delectable, plugged right into the pleasure center of her brain.

In a second, his shaft was in her fist. When she popped the swollen head of his cock between her lips, the salty-sweet flavor of his precome filled her mouth. She shivered as every lucid thought fled her brain.

“Yes.” He put his hand on the back of her head. His cock swelled.

She slid off it, prolonging his pleasure, and flicked the tip of her tongue gently against his balls, feeling the cool weight of them against her lips.

“You…fucking…tease,” he murmured, flexing his hips. “I don’t even have my boots off yet.”

Feeling powerful, she returned her attention to his cock. After licking it like a Popsicle, she circled the base with her thumb and forefinger and slid him slowly into her mouth. Making a tight seal with her lips, she began to glide back and forth, bearing down with her throat muscles and making him collapse against the wall, a big man brought down by the pleasure she gave him.

“I can’t,” he grunted.

He pulled himself from her mouth, grabbed her arms and yanked her up. Cora gasped as he bent her against the wall, her forearms pressed against the cool plaster.

“Take off them little panties,” he growled. “Touch yourself.”

She pulled the panties down to where they clung like a sling between her knees. As he rubbed the bare shaft of his cock against her drenched, swollen sex, she reached between her legs and rubbed her slick, hard clit the way he’d shown her. She felt the first twinges of her orgasm threatening to break loose.

“Caleb?” she asked, her voice trembling.

Without warning, he snapped his hips forward and buried his cock deep inside her. Her cry echoed in the empty hotel room and her body screamed at the invasion—months of nothing and, all of a sudden, Caleb’s big cock was stretching her open. Delicious pain radiated from her pussy all through her nervous system, vibrating in the tips of her fingers and in the bottoms of her feet.

He pressed deeper, wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her hair. He took a deep breath of her, the inhalation of a drowning man finally breaking the surface.

“Ah Christ Almighty, I missed this. I missed you,” he murmured. He reached forward and cupped her breasts with his hands, lightly pinching her hypersensitive nipples and making her inner muscles tighten like a vise around his shaft. She was trembling, overloaded with sensation.

“I missed you too,” she whispered.

Months of longing focused to the single point where they were connected and finally whole. She could hear her pussy becoming wetter around him, her body starving for what only he could give her. She bent over and tried to slide off her panties.

With a hiss of annoyance, he grabbed the lacy fabric and ripped them free, dropping them on the floor.

Together, they reached down and rubbed her hard, slick clit with their fingertips. She grunted like an animal, passion washing over her like a monsoon. Her arousal slid in a hot trickle along her inner thighs. He trembled against her. He seemed to be holding back a tidal wave of his own pleasure.

“I’m so close,” she hissed.

“It’s too much,” he gasped. “I can’t hold back.”

She shut her eyes tight, feeling it all. “Then don’t.”

At once, Caleb grabbed her breasts and began to ream her, his hard flesh slapping against hers with merciless hunger. A half-dozen strokes and they were both goners.

She exploded just as he did, hard and fast and wild, spinning in a vortex of their own creation, lost in lust, lost in each other.

That first orgasm did nothing to quell Caleb’s hunger for her. After they took a quick, wicked shower together, Cora, gloriously naked, turned on the lights and pushed him back onto the bed, her dark eyes darting back and forth between his dick and his face.

He felt himself hardening under the heat of her gaze. His Cora. She’d only slept with him. No other guys had seen her naked or felt the hot pulse of her body the way he had. His cock sprang up and slapped softly against his abs. She took his shaft in her fist and knelt down between his legs.

Still keeping her dark eyes on him, she teased the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue, then slid her lips over the thick crown. Giving him a preliminary lick, she replaced her mouth with her hand, massaging the tip with the smooth skin of her palm, using his precome to glide over the surface of his skin. Her mouth dipped wickedly lower and she gave his ball sac a long lick before sucking one ball gently into her hot mouth, and then the other. He thought he’d died and gone to heaven.

She released him and whispered, “I missed this.”

She stood up straight and straddled his thighs. Automatically, he leaned back and helped her fit his cock into her tight, gorgeous pussy. She sank down and canted her hips forward and backward, moving in a liquid figure eight that took his breath away.

He put his hands on her hipbones and lifted her forward in time with her pivots. The tips of his fingers dug into her supple flesh as she leaned forward and stole a kiss from his lips.

“My sweet Cora,” he said.

He sat up slightly and gave each of her nipples a long lick. The rosy tips hardened against his tongue.

“What do you want?” she whispered.

“Ride me, girl.”

Smiling, she leaned back and began to bounce against him, her sweet ass cheeks slapping softly against the tops of his thighs. Going deeper, she hissed loudly between her teeth, and a dark lock of her hair fell forward.

His blood on fire, Caleb reached forward and dragged her head down for another kiss.

“Slow down,” he whispered against her lips. “Make yourself feel good.”

She did as he told her. Eyes closed, she slowed her movements, using his cock as her sex toy. She squeezed him with her inner muscles before gently sliding off. Again she knelt between his legs and began to give his cock long, slow, sweet pulls with her mouth, sucking it like candy.

“Like to suck cock, sweetheart?” he asked. He knew she liked it when he talked dirty to her.

cock, Caleb.”

She turned around, giving him full view of her perfect ass, her narrow waist and the flare of her hips. In reverse cowgirl, she slipped his cock again into her swollen pussy, put her hands on his knees and began to ride him hard.

He reached forward and grabbed her ass, the flesh so soft and giving that he groaned deep in his chest, and she laughed, proud of what she did to him.

“I know what you want,” she said. “Lie back, cowboy.”

Carefully, she planted her feet on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide. As she lifted her hips, pulling on his cock with her pussy, he began to thrust upward into her. The position was raunchy and one that she liked as much as he did.

He wrapped his hands around her waist and held her steady as he fucked her, her damp hair dangling in his face. He heard her breathing quicken. Her whole body grew hotter against his. They were beginning to sweat; the radiator
ed and condensation formed on the windows.

Gasping, Cora stood up and climbed back onto the bed beside him. She got on all fours with her knees on the very edge of the mattress. She wiggled her ass in the air and raised an eyebrow at him.

“How about like this?” she asked.

Smiling, he got off the bed and knelt down on the carpet, his face inches from her pussy. Her flesh was pink and swollen, pillowy and glistening and aching for his touch. Gently, he spread her lips apart with his thumbs and buried his tongue in the little keyhole, drinking down her sweet juice and grazing her throbbing clit with the very tip of his middle finger. She tasted of salt and iron and sugar—like life itself. Caleb drank deep.

When she began to whimper, Caleb stood up, took his cock in his hand and slid it into her tight channel. She gasped and arched her body against him. He licked the salt off the back of her neck like an animal.

“Jesus Christ, the taste of you,” he whispered.

With one hand on her rib cage and his other hand buried in her hair, he began to pound into her hard, slapping his body against hers. Some women liked it tender and some liked it hard—his Cora liked it every way, just like he did.

After only a minute, she let out a surprised cry and began to fall apart, grabbing the covers as she collapsed forward, muffling her cry against the bed. He could feel her pussy convulsing around him, pulling him deeper as she came.

“Yeah, girl. Let it out,” he said.

Without giving her time to rest, he resumed his thrusts, harder this time, and punctuated his efforts with hard spanks as she whimpered and pushed back, the aftershocks of her orgasm making her more uninhibited. Still buried inside her, he pulled her up off the bed until she stood with her back pressed against his chest. He kissed her neck and squeezed her breasts, stroking the wet tips of her nipples and reaching down to stroke her clit until she was gripping him hard, ready to come again.

“Oh my God,” she said.

Carefully, he slipped out of her, laid her on her back on the bed and stared at her in front of him, her perfect nipples hard like candies, still slick from his saliva. Her eyes were glassy as she opened her legs wide for him. He stared at her sex, the tiny patch of dark hair, her silken folds and the glossy core that beckoned him with sweet invitation.

“Your turn to come,” she whispered.

Possessed with lust, Caleb climbed on top of her and flipped her on her side. Lifting her right leg and straddling her left, he fed his cock into her tight little pussy.

“Ain’t gonna be gentle,” he growled. “You ready?”

She nodded.

Pressing on her outside thigh, he fucked her harder than he’d ever fucked her before. As he rubbed her clit with his thumb, he thrust deep, again and again, and all of a sudden she began to come again, screaming.

He stopped for a moment, slid out and, unable to resist, took another long drink from her pussy. She was so drenched that when he drew back, he had to wipe his chin with his hand.

“That’s three,” he said, smiling at her.

“Never had three in a night before,” she whispered hoarsely.

“We ain’t done yet.”

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