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Authors: Tilly Greene

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Cyra's Cyclopes

BOOK: Cyra's Cyclopes
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Cyra’s Cyclopes


Tilly Greene

One night, Agres, Steropes and
Brontes, Cyclopes, meet the stunning Cyra and everything as they
know it changes forever. They flounder for solid footing in the
relationship and eventually find level ground. The brothers are
content having love in their lives, but it may be too late.
Desperate not to lose her, the normally self-assured trio bands
together and are ready to fight any and all for her

Love is complicated and can happen
between the most unlikely people.

Copyright 2013 by Tilly

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used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places and incidents
are the product of the author's imagination, and any resemblance to
actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely

Note from Author: Cyra’s Cyclopes, a
mythological erotic romance + ménage a quatre, is 16,100 words, and
this is its second release.

Chapter One

“Careful, guys. We want to finish
the bolts for Zeus without any mishaps. He wants to celebrate the
return of his sons’, Castor and Pollux, in a big way and that can’t
be done if someone gets hurt.” Hephaestus’s voice boomed throughout
the forge.

The god was a good boss and they
liked their work, but Brontes knew his brothers, like him, weren’t
focused on completing the task at hand. The job they chose to do
was dangerous and required their undivided attention, except right
then, their minds were closed to everything except their

The day was hot and even hotter in
their workshop, which was one of the reasons why they only wore
thick leather aprons, gloves and boots for protection. It didn’t
help matters that the forge wasn’t particularly large. The crude
space was filled with fiery pits, massive boiling cauldrons, and
the four large men intent on their duties made it feel even smaller
and hotter.

None of their tasks were quiet
either. Banging, clanging, sizzling, and pounding all were
necessary in them building quality bolts of lightning with
sufficient noise for the God of Sky and Thunder to be proud to
throw. It was an intense job, full of risks, and they were the only
Cyclopes who could and would do it.

A mixture of what was in their soul
and their emotions played a big part in what they added to the raw
steel rods Hephaestus produced. The potential for disaster became
even higher when they were in a mentally unstable

Even though he didn’t need to
vocalize thunder to add it to each strip of metal, his throat still
burned from the effort he put into each one he constructed. Pulling
the latest bolt from his personal cauldron filled with boiling oil
and the essence of his personification, thunder, he walked over to
the drying rack, and took a moment to see how his brother around
the corner from him was doing.

Steropes who added flashes of light
to each bolt, occasionally flickered, but still looked to be in
control. With heavily gloved hands, he picked up a raw bolt from
where they waited to be enhanced, and walked a different way back
to his vat to check out his other brother. One look at Arges and he
knew he’d found the reason for their boss’s concern. He was the
sibling who made the bolts brighter and, as he stood working at his
fiery iron tub, he was glowing like a lit lantern.

Brontes knew his brother wasn’t in a
good place mentally. They had to do something to pull him from the
path he was currently on as it led to a potentially tragic

They prided themselves on holding
their special qualities in control. Thunder, lightning, and
brightening were traits humans and many immortals couldn’t deal
with in a raw state, but they could. When they’d first started
working with Heph, the four of them had settled on a routine, and
it helped them establish a controlled environment to enable
productivity. There had never been any problems, but then again,
they’d never been in love, nor were they prepared for the upheaval
it caused in their lives.

The noise of the workshop was so
loud. Brontes knew if he managed to shout a warning, it wouldn’t be
heard by the others. Quickly, but with care, he made his was to
their boss’s side, and let him know there was a big problem

“Boss! We have to stop! Agres is in
serious trouble. He’s letting his personification take over!”
Brontes was surprised to hear his voice rumble out. Apparently he’d
let his thunder slip further into his body than he’d

They’d never really believed it was
possible, although they had been warned there was a downside to
embracing their special elements. When they were young and just
discovering their abilities, their mother, Gaia, used to tell them
that if they allowed their personal qualities too much power over
their souls, they’d be altered forever. Neither he nor his brothers
wanted that to happen. They had to help pull Agres back from the
edge before it did.

“Shit!” The concern radiating from
Hephaestus was reassuring.

Having a single, albeit large, eye
wasn’t limiting, but when it was something that could mean a
drastic change to the man’s existence, he liked the confirmation
he’d judged the problem correctly. His brother was in as bad a way
as he’d thought and hopefully it wasn’t too late to

They quickly made their way to
Agres’ side and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Steropes
coming to join them.

“Agres, everything is all right.
We’ll get her back. First, let go of the bolt, and step back.” Even
though he was glowing, they were each immune to the others
personification and could touch him, but didn’t because he didn’t
want to startle him. Not while he held a bolt in his cauldron,
because the boiling oil could harm him. He tried again to reach
through to his brother by adding some of the thunder to his voice.
“Let go, man.”

Tension permeated the heat in the
room and surrounded them. Brontes didn’t want to expect the worse,
but it was hard not to. Obviously, their mutually agreed path to
ignore their problem wasn’t good enough. They had to do something.
All three of them had to do something to bring the light of their
lives, their woman, home.

“Let go, Agres.” Steropes looked to
him for guidance and, with a nod, encouraged the man to carry on.
Their endangered brother’s glow was starting to waiver, but they
needed more than that to be sure he wouldn’t be consumed by his
brightening ability. “Let go and we’ll figure out a way to get her
back. Cyra isn’t lost to us. We’re proud Cyclopes, created from the
Earth. Nothing can beat us. We fight for what is ours and will win
her back, because she belongs to us.”

Brontes held his breath, hoping
Agres heard them, and found a way out of the black chasm he’d
evidently sunk into. After a few stress-filled minutes, he finally
saw a hint that the brightness that had encompassed the other man
had started to lessen.

Patiently, they waited for the right
time and eventually, when it came, Hephaestus calmly took the bolt
out of his hands and placed it on the rack, while he and his
brother led Agres away from the fiery cauldron. They didn’t go far,
but far enough that there’d be no danger if he made any wild

Brontes couldn’t think of what to
say to help the other man since he was in much the same position.
It was obvious they couldn’t ignore their problem

“What is wrong with you guys?”
Hephaestus joined them and delved right into the meat of the
problem. “Is it Cyra? Did she leave you guys?”

“No, at least not yet,” Steropes
offered their reality and, while it didn’t sound any clearer than
it had earlier, he couldn’t put what was wrong into words

“What do you mean? Come on, tell me
what happened, maybe it isn’t as bad as it seems to you

They looked at one another to see
who wanted to step forward to explain their problem. After a long
look, it was clear Agres still wasn’t mentally fit enough to speak
coherently. Catching Steropes eye, Brontes felt nominated, and
tried to gather his thoughts.

He’d been trying so hard to push the
problem away, it wasn’t easy to pull it all back, and remain calm,
but he did because he respected Hephaestus. The man had had his own
female problems and solved it satisfactorily, so maybe it wouldn’t
be so bad to tell him about what happened that morning. There was
always the chance he had a solution to their dilemma.

With a deep breath, he spit it out,
and didn’t stop until all the details were out.

“Cyra is pulling away from us. We
could all feel it happening and didn’t know what to do. Then,
before we could talk about it, she told us Dionysus was back. We
know how much she cares for him and we aren’t beautiful like he is,
so it’s obvious we don’t stand a chance against him. Before
breakfast, she informed us a festival was set for tonight, and that
she intends to go. We know she’ll go wild, hook up with the god of
wine again, and leave us. That is what we are struggling with and
why we’re finding it difficult to focus on our work.”

“Women,” Hephaestus snorted and
walked into his office without saying another word. That was all he
had to say? Brontes looked at Steropes for help. What had just
happened? Had he said something to upset their boss?

“Did I say something

“I don’t think so. It’s possible he
still isn’t sure of Aphrodite’s loyalty and can’t see anyone else
having a problem as bad as his, although I can’t believe that’s
right either. She adores him more than ever and the contented smile
he often wears is proof that he is often reassured of her

“Maybe some men are never sure of
their woman and where her emotions lie,” Brontes offered, but
wished it weren’t true. He had enjoyed feeling love for Cyra swell
inside him and had believed she felt the same way, then suddenly
they were faced with the possibility it had all been an illusion.
“Who knew such beautiful creatures were so fucking

“It’s only that way because our
hearts are involved and that’s never happened before.”

“Come on,” Hephaestus poked his head
around the door jamb he’d disappeared through. “Let’s get
everything out in the open and find a solution. You helped me when
I needed it with Phria and here’s a chance for me to pay you

They walked into the man’s office
and sat in the proper chairs he’d arranged around his desk. There
was no doubt they looked ridiculous and Steropes struggled not to
laugh. It was no secret, he and his brothers were big, rough, odd
looking men, but even he could enjoy the humor in their sitting in
spindly chairs. They were so insubstantial, even his ass didn’t
fully fit on the seat.

“Sorry about the chairs. I haven’t
managed to talk my beautiful wife around to the fact I liked my
office the way it was before. Don’t give up hope. As soon as I can
find out where she hid the stuff, I’ll bring the old sturdy
furniture back.” To hide the grin his boss’s words caused, Steropes
raised a hand, and rubbed it over his lips.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw
a bright light. Looking down at his hand, he was stunned to notice
a few of his fingertips flickered vividly. Maybe he’d been skating
close to the edge as well. Not sure what to do, he quickly moved
his hands under his apron, and refocused on what Hephaestus was

“Enough of that crap, tell me what

Being the man who possessed thunder,
Brontes usually spoke for them, and he looked over to ensure he
knew it was for him to take the lead. From the look he received,
Steropes knew his brother wasn’t happy to talk for them, but he
wasn’t in any shape to do it either. Not after discovering his
flashing light ability was still riding him, then he heard his
brother speak, and realized they’d all somehow been affected by
their problem with Cyra. She meant everything to each of them and
they were losing her to a pretty fanciful god.

BOOK: Cyra's Cyclopes
9.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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