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He was in his element when he was on the water. He momentarily forgot all about the fact that Devia was on board.  There was something about the sound of the waves and the wind through the rigging, the sails taut and the boat moving under his steerage. He loved the rise and fall of her bow. The rocking movement she made, like a horse cantering.  It was a sense of freedom sailing gave him. He felt invincible. And the yacht
his to command
the seas bow
to his expertise. He smiled at the horizon and steered her out to sea. She obeyed his commands and came about as directed.  His job was to take Devia to one of the islands about two hours away where he would moor the yacht for her to have a picnic lunch in the bay.  She would also have time to wander ashore and take some pictures and then sail back to the marina.  That would be the end of the day.


He was looking forward to that moment, very much.



Chapter Two  - Devia


Devia didn’t speak. She just lay back and watched him. She was attempting to angle her body to show it to her best advantage.  Julian didn’t notice as he was focusing on the waves.  The more she tried, the more he ignored her.  The more he ignored her, the angrier she got. 


She wasn’t used to men rejecting her.  She was used to getting her way and she had spent years perfecting her skills.  This was what she did.  And she was proud of her acumen. The amount of times she had sold her body to others, and the blowjobs she had
to perfect her fellatio skills, were not going to be wasted.  She wanted Julian and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  


Over the past months she had been watching him from outside his house. She would watch from her inconspicuously parked car and followed him everywhere. She knew all his movements, as well as those of
wife and the children.  She had all the information she needed. She was not going to be ignored.  The more she watched him, laughing and happy with his blonde wife and children, the more she wanted him.  She hated it every time his wife kissed him. She hated the way they looked at each other.  That deep look of affection, gained over time. She hated the passion they felt for each other. Crystal didn’t deserve a gorgeous man like him. She,
, deserved Julian. Devia had pretended to make friends with Crystal at work, but that was only to find out more about Julian and it was working very well. Crystal had been so friendly and chatty, she had no idea about all the information she was giving to her on a daily basis. She just chatted openly about everything.  She even discussed their sex life together with her.  She knew everything that Julian said to her. She knew how he kissed and what he liked in bed.  She even knew he talked in his sleep.  There was hardly anything she didn’t know about him.  He was such a simple man. A man with a massive heart, a great body, and a man’s desire.  A man that she knew she could steal right from under Crystal’s nose. She knew when she got him, he would never stray. He would be hers forever, and unquestioningly he would laugh with her the way he did now with Crystal.

In her mind, Devia simply replaced Crystal with herself.  She daydreamed laughing as Julian spun the children around on the front lawn. She saw herself leaning forward and kissing both the children and Julian.  She saw
happily ever after. Julian and her’s.


She sighed, and then smiled to herself as the breeze from the ocean ruffled her carefully forties theme styled hair.  A style that she thought suited her best and made the best of her rather plain features.  She had worn thick black eyeliner and bright red lipstick to go with her look
and she pouted her lips to make them as attractive and kissable as possible.  She wondered why Julian wasn’t responding. If anything, he was ignoring her.

Determined to get his attention she placed her legs over the side of the cushions and tottered over to the wheel where he stood.  She leaned towards him and said quietly and coquettishly, “how long before we get there?” Her head cocked to one side in what she hoped looked sexy.

“Pardon?” He shouted above the sound of the waves.  Her voice had been so quiet he hadn’t heard her.  She had done this purposefully so he had to lean towards her to hear her speak.

“How long before we get there?” She repeated.  She could smell his aftershave mixed with the saltiness of the sea air.  She wanted to kiss him right there and then.  He looked to the horizon and his instruments, gauging the wind, ocean speed and distance.

“About another hour I would say. We are doing just over ten knots.”  She smiled as sweetly as she could, and fluttered her natural looking eyelash extensions at him.  Then stopped and stood, her green eyes almost staring at him through the kohl eyeliner.  He looked back at her as though she had a screw loose and she didn’t like it one bit.  She smiled, her thin lips stretching tightly in a half crescent moon shape. She obviously had to try a different tact.

She tottered back and sat in the soft cushions of the lounger on the deck.  She had to think quickly regarding what she was going to do. She only had a few more hours to make something happen with them both. Most men would have responded by now, but then again, he wasn’t most men. She knew that he would be a challenge.  He was the big prize she was after. He was going to require a different approach. Something a lot more decisive and persuasive.  She stretched her arms back over her head and arched her back and thrust her breasts forward.  Breasts, which were being pushed up by the strong under wiring of her wonder bra.  The bra gave her breasts a better
rounder and firmer looking shape. She had also added to her undergarments a Victorian corset, which she had laced herself into tightly to make her waist appear tinier.  She couldn’t do anything regarding the shape of her legs as she had been born with them.  Over the years the weight had piled on, taking away from any gentle tapering her legs had when she was younger.  Today she had disguised them with a flouncy pair of short shorts. Regardless, she knew if she could keep men’s focus elsewhere, namely on their own erections, she could take care of the rest. They never seemed to complain about or notice her looks. Although she had never managed to keep a man interested in her for very long. She was absolutely positive Julian was different and once she caught him, he would be hers…forever.


She looked in her bag at the bottle of
lurking at the bottom and smiled.  She would sneak a few tablets to him in food when they arrived.  Then she would be able to start her first phase of seduction.  Of course he wouldn’t be able to resist.  In fact, she doubted he would be able to do much. She didn’t give a damn. All she wanted was an opportunity to use him a little, take a few photos and then manoeuvre him in to her master plan.


She smiled across at him and waved. He looked briefly in her direction and then looked back to the horizon.  His resistance was starting to turn her on, making her plans for him so much sweeter.


After about an hour, he started slowing the yacht down and she stood to watch as they moored by a buoy.  He went inside the cabin and brought out the picnic basket which she had ordered. He boarded the ding
y used to go ashore, stowing the picnic basket for Devia.   Since it had been lowered into the water, he held his hand out to help her down into the rubber boat. It was a sturdy William’s turbojet.

“You might want to remove your shoes.” He said matter-of-factly. “They won’t help you on the beach.”

She hated being told what to do.  However, she knew he was right, so she slipped off her high sling backs, hating the fact he was now looking at her bare feet. She prayed that her bright red toenail polish had not chipped. She held her hand out and he took it to help her as she got in.

Devia lowered herself down into the boat and purposefully lost her balance so that she could run into him. He caught her and immediately held her away to a safe distance and sat her down on one of the passenger seats. He started the engine, the boat bursting to life as they sped away towards the shore.  She felt exhilarated. She loved the speed and the sound of the engine far more than she had enjoyed the sailing. But then she always did like a good bit of thrust.  She turned around to look at him. His green eyes were focused on the boat safely manoeuvring the waves, and bringing them safely to the shore.  He slowed the engine and then cut it, allowing the boat to move forward under its own momentum. He jumped over and pulled the ding
y up on to the sand.  She sat waiting.  Watching his arm muscles flexing as he worked to get the ding
y up on the shore.  He then held his hand out and she stepped over and purposely tried to run into his arms again. She wished he would hold her, so she could look up at him, breathe in his manly scent and then he would look down, his green eyes looking passionately and intently at her, he would bend his head to hers and kiss her on her eagerly awaiting lips.  She closed her eyes for a moment and saw the scene in her head.  When she opened them, he was already walking up the beach to set up a blanket for her and was
taking items from
the picnic basket out so she could have lunch.  He put up a large umbrella to provide some shade and then opened a sun lounger for her.  The last items he drew from the picnic basket were champagne and one glass.  He noted there were two glasses, but he only took the one and poured the champagne for her.

“Oh, you must have one too, Julian. I brought the other glass for you.”

“No, thank you. I don’t drink when I am working.”  Her face dropped.  If he didn’t drink, it was going to ruin her plans for him somewhat.

“Just the one, surely. I would hate to tell Andrew you were grumpy and rude.”

Julian stiffened at her suggestion that he was anything but professional.  Andrew already knew he didn’t want to take her today, the last thing he needed was her complaining that he hadn’t done his job properly.

“Hmmm. Ok. Just the one glass though.”  She smiled at his grimace, she knew he didn’t want the drink and it pleased her that he was going to have it anyway. She liked to be in charge.

She asked him to get her shoes from the boat for her.  It was odd and although he didn’t know why she wanted them, he went and got them anyway.

While he was walking down the beach to the boat, she quickly got the
out of her bag, crushed it, and dropped it in his drink.  By the time he returned, the additional fizzles had subsided, and the drug had dissolved. It just looked like a normal bubbly glass of champagne.

She gestured to him to sit on the blanket and he did so reluctantly.

“To us!” She toasted.  He didn’t drink. “Sailing back safely,” she added.  He lifted the glass to his lips and drank with her. He grimaced again and she prayed he could only taste the champagne.

He leaned over to the chilled picnic basket and got out the plates and silverware that w
strapped to its lid.  Next came the smoked salmon and the caviar.  She had also ordered a variety of brown bread rolls, a selection of sliced hams, and unsalted butter.  There were also sliced cucumbers, capers, slices of lemon and cherry tomatoes. For dessert there were large, ripe, juicy strawberries, a small container of fresh cream, chocolate dipping sauce and another bottle of champagne.  He looked at her and wondered exactly how much she could eat alone. She had brought enough food, for two people, for a week.
‘What a pig, no wonder she was overweight, if she ate like that. She consumed enough calories for an entire football team.
’ He thought.

He placed the food on the blanket so that she could help herself.  She daintily took a plate and placed a small selection on her plate. He sat and looked away as she began to eat. Not wanting to see her devour the picnic. He so didn’t want to be there.

“Eat, Julian. I brought extra for you.” She smiled sweetly at him, and he looked back at her, his steely gaze filled with loathing. He didn’t
how she spoke to him.  It was too familiar. But his hands were tied so he took a little to show he was appeasing his client. He felt as though she were treating him as her servant and he wasn’t enjoying it one bit.  He hated domineering women.


As he ate his food and looked out to the distance he wished he were with Crystal right now. In his mind, he visualised the kids at school. He wished that he and Crystal made the time to do things like this together. It had been such a long time since they had spent ‘adult’s only time’ without the kids. He couldn’t remember the last time they had really been alone.  They had fallen into a rut over the years.  As soon as he got back he would make it up to Crystal and plan a few special dates for just the two of them. He just had to get through this day with Devia and everything would be ok. He knew that he could put this crazy woman behind him. As soon as the booking was over, he would never have to see her again.  After half an hour, she
finished eating so he stood up and started to clear the things away, putting the plates back into the picnic basket and packing the uneaten food.  He looked at the sky. It was clear, blue, and as always, seagulls were riding the breeze. The seagulls got everywhere
. ‘She could go for a walk, take some touristy pictures while he cleared and readied everything to sail back.’
He said to himself mentally.


Julian started to feel very drowsy. He shook his head, but was unable to clear his mind.  It was as though a fog was slowly descending. He felt so heavy and tired. He sat down on the blanket and tried to look at her, but she was swimming in and out of focus.

“I’m sorry, I am not feeling very well. I feel very strange.” He could hear his words were heavily slurred.  He put his weight on his hands to stand up, but instead stayed right where he was. His vision going in, and out, of focus.

“Oh dear!” she said, fake concern in her voice, but a small smile on her thin red lips.

He went to stand again.  This time his body lunged forward, and he fell face down in the blanket. Out cold.  She smiled at his now face down body with a look of evil triumph
on her face
. She kicked him lightly with her foot to see if he would have any reaction.
Of course there was none.

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