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Dark Plums (30 page)

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—Lucha Corpi, author of Palabras de Mediodia, Eulogy for a Brown Angel, Cactus Blood, Black Widow's Wardrobe, Crimson
and other writings.

Maria Espinosa's daughter and mother yearn for contact – who among us does not! – and the sensation of being consumed is overwhelming. This novel takes the reader into eerie alleys of the heart with language as beautiful as the gardenia, sometimes delicate, sometimes full-bown, always pervasive and alluring.

—Clive Matson, author of
Chalcedony's First Ten Songs
Let the Crazy Child Write

Critical Praise for

, an immensely moving and intelligent book, describes with great depth and compassion the process of individual evolution … the connection to our fellow creatures that we have been trying for ages to deny and at the same time longing for….

— Lynn Gray,
FM Five

The story, taken in its entirety, is a serious and interesting study in perceptual relatives. The focus is near obsessional: Is Rosa the victim or is Antonio?”

—Penny Skillman,
San Francisco Chronicle

Critical Praise for
Dark Plums

Espinosa explores abuse—physical, sexual, emotional—as metaphors for women's subjugation and degradation…. Chilean-born Adrianne, of Espinosa's
Dark Plums
, goes from nearly nonstop casual sexual encounters with men and women to brutal prostitution but ultimately emerges with a whole, if bruised, identity…. Appropriate for Latino and women's literature collections in academic and large public libraries.

Library Journal

Novelist Maria Espinosa is concerned with human communication that transcends the norms usually permitted by society. She is particularly adept at capturing the distinctiveness of multicultural communities in the United States, including Hispanic, Jewish, and rural communities.

—Roberta Fernández, Editor of In Other Words: Literature by Latinas of the United States, author of Intaglio.

Brilliant, deftly written, Espinosa's
Dark Plums
is the story of innocent-but-knowing Adrianne. It is not a love story, if by that one means a romantic or fairy tale. But
Dark Plums
is a story of love wrought out of desire, passion, and a need for tenderness in the sultry depths of mind and heart. Brava!

—Lucha Corpi, author of Palabras de Mediodia, Eulogy for a Brown Angel, Cactus Blood, Black Widow's Wardrobe, Crimson
and other writings.

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Dark Plums,
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