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Chapter Fourteen



Eitan left Sofia in the kitchen to lay out their take-out meal while he called his boss from the bedroom.

“Kent, have you got it?” Hays barked as soon as he answered. The man wasn’t known for his patience.

“Yes, I’ve got the drive.”

“Damn, that’s a relief. The deputy director is all over my ass to get this cleaned up ASAP.” Hays’s tone clearly sounded exhausted. “I’ll send someone over to pick it up for verification right now. Expect them in ten.”

“Fine,” Eitan answered before he hung up. Ten minutes, huh? He’d of course known his handler would most likely have agents in the area, but having them that close made him paranoid that they’d been watching him. Did Hays question his loyalties with information this important? Sure, the information was worth ten times what his contract would pay if he had intentions of stealing it for himself and selling it out on the black market. But Eitan liked to think that Hays knew him better than that.

He walked back out into the living room and not five minutes later there was a knock at the door. Sofia jumped and looked toward him with a frightened expression.

“It’s okay, Sofia. They’re just here to pick up the drive,” he said, grabbing his gun and moving toward the door. “Just go wait in the bedroom and close the door, okay?”

“Okay,” she answered quietly as she looked from his drawn gun toward the door and then ran to the bedroom.

He got a text on his phone from Hays confirming that the agents had arrived, so he punched in the code, the electronic lock opened, and he let them in. Two large men stepped inside and he had to commend his boss’s crew, they were dressed just as any regular man might be walking down the street. He had always thought it hilarious that most feds wore suits and held themselves in a way that immediately identified them as law enforcement to anyone knowing what to look for.

“Kent.” The taller of the two men nodded to him. “We’re here for the drive and the woman.”

That stopped Eitan in his tracks.

“Hays didn’t mention you were picking her up. The drive’s yours, but she doesn’t go anywhere,” he answered, tossing the zip drive to the shorter man, who had been looking around the room, clearly trying to find Sofia. Eitan knew that if she went with them, there was no telling what would happen to her. She could very well disappear altogether.

Suddenly the tension in the room got very thick. Both agents went still and Eitan’s hand gripped his gun just a little tighter, preparing for them to make a decision on how to deal with his refusal to hand Sofia over.

“The boss wants her,” the tall one shrugged off Eitan’s declaration and then nodded to his partner. “Miles, she must be in the bedroom. Go get her.”

Miles got one step before Eitan was suddenly standing next to the man giving orders.

“One more step toward the bedroom, Miles, and you become a solo act,” Eitan said as he pushed the barrel of his gun closer against the agent’s temple.

“Jesus! I told Hays you couldn’t be trusted, Kent.” The man was surprisingly calm considering he had a gun to his head. His partner, on the other hand, looked about ready to shit his pants―he must be new.

“Hays can trust me just fine,” Eitan answered, motioning the other agent to move away from the bedroom door. “He contracted me to find the drive, which I have, and you’ve now got that. So you can take it and leave.”

“The girl might know something, Kent. You know we can’t leave loose ends on something of this magnitude.”

“The girl doesn’t know anything about what’s on that drive. She hasn’t even touched it,” Eitan said, pushing his gun in a little bit harder, “and you’d better have a care, Agent. You may get me suspicious that you’d start to consider me a loose end…and you surely wouldn’t want that now. I get awfully cranky when I feel threatened.”

“Miles, call Hays,” the tall agent said, and when Eitan nodded in agreement to the other man, he dialed his phone and put it on speaker.

“Miles, do you have the drive and the girl?” Hays said impatiently once the call connected.

“Hays, the girl wasn’t part of our deal,” Eitan answered, the irritation clear in his voice. “Your men have the drive. Once you’ve verified it, I’ll wipe her memory and she goes free and clear. You don’t need her.”

“Dammit, Kent, what if she―”

“She doesn’t. She’s never even touched the drive and she didn’t spend any time with Donovan. It was a random drop for him,” Eitan cut him off before he could finish.

Hays was silent on the other end of the phone for a moment and Eitan didn’t like it. He was so tired of these pompous assholes thinking they could just do anything they liked with other people’s lives and get away with it.

“I’m telling you, Hays, leave it alone. I will vouch for her, but if I get the impression that you send anyone to do so much as look through her mailbox, I will rain hell down on you, and that is a promise,” Eitan said with venom in his tone. “You owe me your life. Let’s not forget that fact.”

He had taken a bullet for Hays when he was still just an agent before he’d been promoted and Eitan had resigned, but Robert Hays knew the kind of man Eitan was, and he knew how serious he took his vows to protect someone. This was the first time he’d played that card and he wouldn’t have done it for anyone other than Sofia.

“Fine,” Hays answered with irritation. “But she’s your responsibility, Eitan. If anything goes wrong I’ll expect you to take care of it permanently.”

“Done. Now get your men out of my apartment.”










Chapter Fifteen



When Eitan had finally come to get Sofia out of the bedroom, she was still a little shaken up about the entire situation. She’d heard the commotion and listened at the door. She’d figured out that those men had wanted to take her and that Eitan had stuck his neck out for her…but what did that mean exactly?

She was still lost in thought, playing with the last piece of food on her plate when Eitan got up and moved around to her side of the table. She sighed when he stood behind her and slowly moved the hair from her shoulder, barely trailing his fingers along her sensitive skin, then placing a delicate kiss on the nape of her neck.

When his tongue lightly made its way along her neck up to where he nibbled on her ear, her pulse started to race. Eitan moved his hand up until he had a firm grip on her hair, turning her head so he had access to her lips, and he hovered there in front of her, his mouth just a breath away from hers. When she tried to close the distance, his grip on her hair tightened.

“Can you give me control, Sofia?” he whispered, almost touching her lips with his own. “I won’t accept anything less. You need to decide if you want this. If you want what I can give you.”

After having a taste of what it felt like to be at his mercy, there wasn’t anything she wanted more at this moment. She’d never been more turned on in her life.

“Yes,” she whispered back, still trying to meet his lips.

He finally moved forward, licking and gently sucking her lower lip. When she moaned in response he invaded her mouth with deliberation. The way Eitan kissed her felt like he wanted to burn the memory of all other kisses from her mind forever. It was so intense and so passionate, Sofia couldn’t think of anything other than his tongue, his lips, and the way his hands caressed her. When he stopped and released her hair, she felt desperate for more.

“Go to the bedroom, undress, and get on the bed,” he said to her as his hand absently moved down to run over the hard outline of his cock she could see through his pants.

Sofia was still staring at his slow moving hand, thinking about doing all sorts of fun things with that bulge when his voice came through again to snap her out of her distraction.

“Sofia, now.”

The command in his voice made a shiver run down her spine, causing her already hard nipples to ache for him, and she immediately got up and went to the bedroom, undressing as she walked. She knew he was doing the same as she could hear his clothing fall to the ground behind her. When she finally slipped off her panties and got one knee on the bed to crawl across, she heard him groan.

“Stop,” he said in a gravelly voice, thick with arousal. “Put your other knee up and stay just like that.”

She did as he said, which left her at the end of the bed on her hands and knees, ass high up in the air. When she felt his calloused hands palm her ass, she moaned at how delicious it felt. Eitan took his time exploring her curves, running his fingers along the back of her legs and deliberately avoiding her now very wet folds. He ran his thumbs up the crease of her thighs, still teasing her, and when she tried to move in frustration, Sofia yelped in shock when he quickly smacked a palm across her ass.

Neither of them said anything for a moment. Sofia was still processing the fact that once the surprise wore off, there was a warm, tingling left behind from his hand that was affecting her in a unexpected way. The feeling of new awareness became even more exhilarating as he then took his large hands and rubbed over the spot that he’d spanked, finally dipping his fingers lightly along her labia, teasing her clit softly.

“Mmmm, you liked that,” he noted. “I’m not sure if that’s going to work as a punishment in the future then, is it?”

“Punishment?” she replied in a breathless voice.

“When you try to take what I haven’t yet decided to give you, Sofia, then you will be punished. You need to trust that I will give you what you need,” he said, once again giving her ass one more good caress before he urged her to turn over.

“Do you understand?” Eitan asked, looking into her lust-filled eyes. “If I do something you really don’t like, you can ask me to stop, but I’d like you to trust me to see to your pleasure.”

He was now kneeling in front of her as her back rested against the padded headboard. She understood his words, but it was fairly difficult to concentrate with his beautiful naked body within touching distance. When her gaze fell on his hard cock, her mouth watered and she licked her lips. She wanted to taste him so badly.

“Nod if you understand and agree with me, Sofia.”

When he stopped touching her she finally looked up into his face and nodded her agreement.

“Lay back a bit and raise your hands, Sofia,” Eitan said as he swung a leg over to straddle her torso and put her wrists once again in the soft cuffs attached to the wall. “You want a taste of my cock, baby?”




When Sofia had licked her lips and stared at his shaft like she wanted to devour it, Eitan had almost lost his control. He wanted so badly to sink inside of her and come that he was having a difficult time pacing himself. In all the years that he’d been playing this particular game in the bedroom, not once had a woman tested his control like sweet little Sofia.

“Yes, Eitan, I want to taste you,” she said, making his cock jump at just the thought of her lips wrapping around it.

He moved to his knees and shuffled forward until his aching flesh was nudging her beautiful full lips, and when her tongue slipped out to lick his swollen head he knew he was in trouble. There was no way he’d last more than five minutes with her mouth on him. Well, he’d better enjoy what he could for now.

“More baby, take it all,” he said between gritted teeth as he placed his hands on the headboard to steady himself.

As she wrapped her lips around him and his cock slid all the way into the warm haven of her mouth, she moaned and the vibrations made his balls pull up in pleasure. He had to remind himself not to move deeper and choke her, but the instinct to fuck her mouth was overwhelming. Her tongue was firmly dragging along the underside of his dick with every movement and the feel of her sucking him down was incredible.

“Oh God, yes, Sofia…that’s so good,” Eitan said, finally grabbing her head to gently draw her off of his dick after a few minutes in heaven. “But I’m not going to come in your mouth, baby. I want to be deep inside of you.”

“Please, Eitan,” Sofia pleaded, her eyes a bit frantic with need. She watched him closely as he leaned over and opened the bedside drawer, pulling out a blindfold and a box of condoms.

“I want you to feel everything without distraction, Sofia,” Eitan said as he carefully covered her eyes and then leaned back to look at her.









Chapter Sixteen



God, she was beautiful laying there underneath him, her chest flushed and her breathing erratic in her arousal. He brought his hands up to take each breast in his palms and slowly massage them, ending with a light pinch to her nipples that had her biting her lower lip.

“I need you, Eitan…please.”

“What do you need, baby?” he asked as he slowly moved his body lower over her until his balls were resting just above the heat of her pussy. “I want to hear you say it.”

She moaned again when he moved back just a fraction and let his shaft fall back against her mound.

“I need your cock, Eitan. I need you inside of me, please!”

He still had her legs pinned underneath him as he straddled her, but he widened his stance enough so she was open to him. Eitan’s hand was almost shaking as he put on the condom, and then he took the fat head of his shaft and ran it along her soaking folds, rubbing her clit as he went.

Sofia’s hands were clutching and pulling at the wrist cuffs, and her head was thrashing back and forth. Eitan knew the anticipation of not seeing what he was doing to her was driving her crazy. She whimpered and he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. He slowly pushed himself down between her swollen folds, her pinned legs making the fit all that much tighter. Sofia was so wet with arousal that his cock slid into her easily, making them both groan in pleasure when he went as deep as he could while they were in this position. He reached down and ran a finger lightly over her swollen clit, feeling her pussy flutter around his cock in response.

“Jesus, Eitan, I can feel every inch of you like this,” Sofia moaned as he slowly drew back and then stroked into her again. “You feel so good, but I need to come. Please make me come.”

“I can’t tell you how amazing you feel, baby,” he answered as he leaned forward to kiss her softly and then he began to fuck her like he’d wanted to since the first time he saw her. He knew he wouldn’t finish in this position as he couldn’t get as deep as he needed to be. He pumped his hips hard and kept up the pressure on her clit and it wasn’t long until she was gasping and coming all around his flesh.

He immediately pulled out and then moved so his hips were underneath her as he slid back inside of her silky depths, still feeling the pulse of her orgasm. She was so deliciously hot and wet as Eitan pounded into her as deep as he could get.

“Eitan! Oh God!” Sofia screamed as her pussy once again squeezed him tight and he couldn’t hold back any longer.

He felt the orgasm rush through him as he held himself deep inside of her, thinking that he wanted to stay there forever surrounded by this woman.




Sofia just lay there exhausted as Eitan undid the cuffs and removed the blindfold. He chuckled at her shell-shocked expression as he got up to take care of the condom and then returned to the bed. He moved her to lie against his chest and then wrapped his arms around her.

“So I take it you liked the blindfold?” he asked quietly, his hands running along her bare back.

“Is that why it was so good?” she asked, looking up at him. “I mean, I’ve had sex before, but it was nothing like that.”

Eitan kissed her softly.

“No, Sofia, I think that was just you and me,” he answered quietly, seeming to be lost in his own thoughts.

They just lay there in comfortable silence holding each other for over an hour. Sofia felt so content and protected in his arms.

“Do you want some wine?” Eitan finally asked as he kissed her and got out of bed.

“Sure, that sounds perfect,” she said, getting up as well to use the bathroom.

Sofia finished up and went to find him. Just as she entered the living room; she heard low music filling the space. It was one of her favorite songs, “Tennessee Whisky” by Chris Stapleton. Sofia wondered for a moment how he had known, then she clued in that he’d been on her computer and he must have seen how she’d played it over and over again. She looked up and smiled when she saw him there, just as naked as she was.

Eitan was just standing in the middle of the dark room, the barest moonlight filtering through the windows. He looked like some kind of ancient warrior with his fine chiseled muscles and the dark tattoos that only made his pale skin look more ethereal. She could see the various scars he wore all over his body, no doubt a result of his dangerous profession, but they just made him more attractive to her. She knew he would protect her from whatever may attempt to harm her. When he reached out his hand, not saying anything, she placed her palm in his. Sofia let him draw her close to the heat of his body and he began to move her slowly to the sound of the bluesy country song.

Dancing there in the dark with him felt so right to her. It felt like they were the only two people in the entire world at this moment. It felt like this was exactly where Sofia was supposed to be, with Eitan, in his arms.

“I don’t know what this is between us, Sofia,” he whispered to her in the darkness. “But I do know that I’ve never felt it before and I don’t think I’m willing to let you walk away.”

At first Sofia didn’t say anything, and then she looked up toward him and whispered back.

“I’m not walking away, Eitan.”


BOOK: Dark Redemption (Broken Souls #1)
4.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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