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He held out a hand to her. “Come on, dance
with me. You know you love to dance,” he shouted over the din.

Tonya shrugged, but took his hand. He was
right, she did love to dance and Nate was a good dancer.

They danced their way through most of the CD,
laughing uproariously as they went through all the old dance moves
from their college days. Nate left her gasping for air as they
grooved from the Running Man to the Cabbage Patch to the Butterfly,
but when “Say Yes” by Floetry came on Tonya automatically stepped
away from him. Memories of the way they had slow grinded their way
through college parties awakened her senses, but when he looked up
at her and said, “Please, Onion, for old time’s sake,” in that
softly accented voice she couldn’t resist, she moved into his

No slow grinding this time, she hadn’t
totally lost her mind, but they might as well have been. The feel
of him pressed against her still had the same effect. This was
dangerous territory but she couldn’t bring herself to pull away,
not even when he put his head on her shoulder and began singing
along to the song. With his lips pressed against the curve of her
neck, even off-key his raspy tenor could make her shiver; raising
chill bumps on her arms. Each time he rasped, “say yes,” her
clitoris throbbed in response. The lyrics, the pleading lines
reverberated through her soul, making her want nothing more to than
to give in. Submit to what he was asking, what he’d been asking for
since he turned up in her hotel room. The warmth of his breath sent
an electrical charge down her spine, which turned into liquid
passion when it reached between her thighs. Her nipples pebbled
under her thin T-shirt and she knew he could feel them. He was
aroused too. She could tell from the slight tremor in his arms and
the erection that pressed against her. His usual masculine scent of
mint and musk and something that was innately
intensified too. Knowing he was as turned on as she was accelerated
her need and she pressed closer.

When he placed a finger under her chin and
lifted her face to receive his kiss, she didn’t pull away. Her
tongue slid against his in a familiar yet novel rhythm. The changes
in his body, particularly the broader shoulders and larger muscles,
gave the kiss a tantalizing newness that made her want to explore
further. More than anything she wanted to feel him inside her once
again. It was this thought, far more dangerous than anything else
she’d ever encountered that gave her the strength to pull away.

She stood staring at him, panting much as he
was. His lips were reddened by the pressure of hers and he looked
dazed and disoriented. He took a step toward her and then stopped.
He shook his head as though to clear it, then he raised a hand
toward her, his face rigid with desire, but it was his eyes that
beckoned her -- the deep richly colored orbs had taken on a
somnolent look that was seductive in its own right. There was
nothing else for it, Tonya turned tail and ran. Though her instinct
was to get out of the house and as far away as possible, she ran to
her room instead, locking the door behind her, though to be honest,
she wasn’t sure if she was trying to keep him out or herself


Nate stood as though rooted to the floor,
knowing that if he moved so much as a millimeter he’d run after her
begging. And a locked door wouldn’t stop him. Hell, right now a
bullet to the head wouldn’t stop him. He wanted...Dear God he
wanted. He could still feel her against him, her eagerness urging
him on too. The silkiness of her tongue mating with his in carnal
ritual had taken him to the very edge. He closed his eyes
remembering the countless times before when they would kiss to the
point of madness. She had been a virgin when they met and it had
been a year before they finally made love. Many nights when he left
her in her dorm he’d thought he would lose his mind from frustrated
desire. When they finally consummated their relationship they
couldn’t get enough of each other. Their kisses always ended with
their bodies entwined on his bed thrusting together, desperately
seeking fulfillment. Now he was back to that same feeling. So hard
up he could feel every vein in his body throbbing. Oh God. He
ached. He thought about a cold shower, but knew he needed to get
out of the house altogether. A swim should do it. Yeah, if he swam
to Hawaii maybe.

* * * * *

Tonya lay on her bed still shivering in the
aftermath of her encounter with Nate. What in the hell was she
thinking? He’d already burned her once. Not to mention kidnapping
her and damned near getting her killed. To be sure, he’d probably
saved her life as well, but she wouldn’t have been in any danger if
he hadn’t gone all “Every Breath You Take” in the first place.
Crazy stalker. Now here she was stuck in the middle of nowhere
while her mother was going insane back in Maple Fork and all she
could think about was getting naked with the guy. Could she have
Stockholm syndrome? Even as she asked the question she knew it
wasn’t so. Bottom line, she wanted Nate. Always had and probably
always would.


University of Alabama, October 1995

The ticket line for the movie was longer
than either had anticipated, but Tonya didn’t really mind. They’d
been waiting forever for
to come to town. Nate stood
behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist and his head
resting on her shoulder. He did that all the time and she loved it
so much. Standing there cocooned in his arms inhaling the crisp
autumn air that was highlighted with the aroma of buttery popcorn,
she made a decision.


I want to have sex,” Tonya said. They
were having a late after movie dinner at their favorite Chinese
restaurant. It wasn’t particularly upscale, but the food was good,
cheap and plentiful, pretty much the only requirements for a couple
of hungry college students.

What?” Nate yelped, then started coughing
as a pepper from his General Tso’s chicken went down the wrong way.
Eyes watering he took a long gulp of his water. “What?” he asked
again when he’d caught his breath.

Tonya smiled. “Was it something I said?”
Nate just stared at her. “I said I want to have sex...unless you
don’t want to.”

Unless I don’t want to? I’ve beat off so
much in the past year I’ve got a permanent callus on my right hand.
But baby, are you sure? You’re a virgin. I’ve been around, but I’ve
never been with a virgin before.”

You’re not going around anymore,” she
said firmly.

Of course not, but -- ”

Tonya had to laugh. “If I wasn’t sure before
the way you’re acting now would make me sure. Any other guy
would’ve jumped all over my offer, especially after waiting this

Believe me I want to jump. I’ve never
been so hard up in my life. I just don’t want you to regret

I don’t think I will. Now, I’ve been on
the pill for about a month now --”

You didn’t tell me that,” he said with a

With as many close calls we’ve had, it
seemed like a smart thing to do.”

I agree, but -- ”

You’re not acting like a guy who wants to
have sex,” she said.

I do, but it’s such an awesome
responsibility,” he said with a frown

I know. That’s why I went on the pill
last month. And I bought condoms too. It’s really too bad they took
the sponge off the market. Some of my friends say it’s the
greatest. Do you think we’ll need anything else? Lubricants?

Uh no...” he began and she could tell he
was struggling not to laugh. What was so damned funny?

What’s wrong? We don’t have to do this if
you don’t want to. No pressure.”

He lost the battle and let out a bark of
laughter. “I guess I deserve this,” he said. “Considering all the
women I’ve worked overtime to talk out of their panties.” He
changed the subject when she hissed at him. “Trust me, little
sister; nothing’s wrong. You’re just so matter of fact about

She frowned. “Is that bad?”

No, not at all. It’s adorably cute and
refreshing. It’s just that you’re just the first girl who

Do you really want to talk about other
women now?” she bristled. What on earth was wrong with him?

No. No of course not. I don’t want to
talk about anything but you.”

* * * * *

Tonya couldn’t believe Nate had sprung for a
room in one of Tuscaloosa’s finest hotels.

No girl should have her first time in
some dorm room. Besides this is one time I definitely don’t want my
roommate disturbing us,” he said.

Despite her bravado, Tonya was nervous and
appreciated the extra effort. She looked around the room, charmed
by the champagne chilling in an ice bucket and chocolate covered
strawberries on the credenza. Soft music played in the

You’re giving me a gift and I’ve got
enough sense to appreciate that,” he said as he took her into his

They swayed to the music until the
butterflies left her stomach and she pulled his head down for a
kiss. His lips seared hers and she traced their contours with the
tip of her tongue. He shuddered against her in response and she
grinned in triumph over her effect on him. She continued the kiss,
slanting her lips against his again and again. Loving the feel of
them but wanting, needing so much more. It took her awhile to
realize Nate was holding back, allowing her to take the lead. At
first she was annoyed; after all he was the one who’d done this
before. She was just a rookie.

On the other hand, the eroticism of being
the one in charge wasn’t lost on her. She traced the line of his
jaw with her tongue, following it to where it joined his neck she
pursed her lips and sucked gently. He gasped and before she knew it
she was flat on her back on the bed with him on top assaulting her
mouth as if his life depended on it. Tonya returned the kiss with
everything within her, squirming against him, as it seemed her
whole body was aflame with desire. He sucked her tongue into his
mouth dragging her deeper and deeper into an erotic vortex. Then
suddenly he was gone, collapsed on the bed beside her. She watched
the rapid rise and fall of his chest for several seconds confused
by his abrupt departure.

What’s wrong?” she said.

Sorry about that, Onion. I lost it there
for a second. I wanted to let you to take charge, to be in control,
but damn, I can only take so much. I just need a second to regroup,
then I’m all yours.”

Tonya smiled, tantalized by the notion of
him being totally at her disposal.

Take off your clothes,” she said when he
indicated he was ready to resume.

Nate sprang from the bed. “As you wish,” he
said as he pulled both t-shirts he wore over his head with a
flourish. His long sinewy muscles begged for exploration, but she
wasn’t ready yet. Over the year they’d dated they’d made out nearly
every time they were alone, but they’d never been totally unclothed
together and she wanted to enjoy every second. He unbuttoned the
fly of his low-slung jeans and slipped them over his hips, leaving
him clad only in a pair of navy boxer briefs and the wide leather
wrist brace she’d given him for Christmas. His erection pressed
strongly against the front of his briefs and more than anything she
wanted to touch it, taste it. Take him and absorb him into her

She gestured for him to remove the briefs,
when he did she almost gasped aloud. His body was beautifully
proportioned. He wasn’t muscle-bound as he preferring swimming and
running to bulk-building sports. His muscles were sleek and smooth,
and rippled under his tawny skin. Unable to resist its allure, she
reached out and grabbed his penis. He moved closer to the bed as
she stroked it from tip to base and then up again. She leaned
forward to take him into her mouth, then encircled the head with
her tongue loving his masculine aroma and the salty taste of
pre-cum. He tensed under her ministrations then he pulled away.

Are you the only one who’s going to get a
treat? You got to see me naked. When do I get to see you?” he
asked, sounding as though he’d run for a couple of miles.

Tonya stood and slowly pulled the moss green
sweater she wore over her head. Underneath she wore only a thin
cotton tank. No bra. Being a small A-cup she seldom bothered. Then
she unzipped her jeans and slipped them over her hips standing
before him clad only in a very scanty pair of panties and the tank
top. She was somewhat self-conscious about her body. She was tall
and lanky, lacking any real womanly curves, except for her backside
which Nate raved about, but as far as she could tell it was no
rapper’s delight. However, the way he was looking at her now,
removed all doubt as to her desirability. His eyes followed the
contours of her body as though he wanted to imprint the memory
forever; they were so hot with sensuality she could feel the steam
against her bare flesh. She removed the tank top, pausing a moment
to bask in the lustful appreciation of his searing gaze before
slipping back into his embrace.

They moved with desperate urgency.
Apparently he’d given up on taking it slow because he pushed her
back until she was sitting on the edge of the bed. He pressed her
legs apart and knelt between them. He unceremoniously ripped off
her panties and buried his face between her thighs. Tonya sank back
onto the bed overcome by the carnality of it all. He spread her
legs farther, holding them apart on the crooks of his arms as he
leaned forward, examining her closely.
“Belle. Tu es belle,”
he said and she was able to translate that even with her
schoolgirl French. He was telling her she was beautiful. He didn’t
speak any other language for the rest of the night and he didn’t
need to. His begging, beseeching tone translated very well.

BOOK: Dark Star
9.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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