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Nate, still panting, nodded in the direction
of the water. Tonya rose immediately to her feet. Amicolola Creek
was notoriously deep; it was highly unlikely to ever be found. The
creek ran into the Coosa River far below the falls, there was a
good chance the body would never surface and if it did, it would be
so far away no one would know where it had entered the water. After
she’d tossed the gun she turned to see Nate, now in a seated
position slipping the huge knife back into a sheath he wore at the
base of his spine. She resumed her seat next to him.

“You know when we get married you’re going to
have to find another line of work,” she said her voice hollow with

“Are we getting married?”

“Well since you’re probably going to continue
to stalk me, we might as well. At the very least I’ll be easier to
find,” she said.

“Can’t deny that,” he said. He continued in a
more serious vein. “I’ve got some money saved up.”

“And that totally unused business

“I’m pretty sure I’m going into international
security consulting.”

“Does that mean you’ll be running around
after criminals?” Tonya asked frowning.

“Nope. There’s so much globalization now
companies have employees all over the world. Kidnapping and other
types of extortion is big business. I’ll be telling them how to
protect their people and get them out of precarious


“So we get married.”


“And I suppose I’ll be helping you discover
if you can make babies, as well?”

“Considering the number of times you’ve
nearly gotten me killed it’s the least you can do,” she said.

“It’s a tough job, but I suppose I’m up to

“After all these changes, you’d damned well
better be.”

“Interesting proposal method. Direct but
effective,” Nate said with a chuckle.

In response, Tonya rose up on her knees and
slowly straddled his hips. She paused for a moment to give him a
smoldering look then leaned forward to press her mouth against his.
She traced his lips with a lascivious swipe of her tongue until she
felt him shudder in response, then she said, “I’m not proposing a
damned thing. I’m telling you that we’re getting married. And you’d
better hurry up before you get yourself killed.”

Nate gasped against her mouth, craning his
neck up to recapture her lips when she pulled away. “Well, since
you asked so nicely. As you wish.”



The End


About the Author


Roslyn Hardy Holcomb was born in North
Alabama and has had a disparate career and varied interests. Her
lifelong devotion to needle arts led to a stint on the editorial
staff of Oxmoor House, the publishing division of Southern
Progress, Inc. Regular volunteer work and a passion for child
welfare inspired her to leave that field to pursue an advanced
degree and a career in social service. Shortly after her son was
born, she decided to become a stay-at-home mother and pursue a
writing career fulltime. Her first novel,
Rock Star
, was
recently re-released in mass market.


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BOOK: Dark Star
11.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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