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No, more than that. Lost in it, gone so quickly that I didn't know how I'd survive the inferno to come.

“Harder,” I heard myself plead, but it didn't sound like me.

Ethan paused, keeping his hands tight around my breasts, studying my face. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“What did you say?”

“I said harder. Harder, damn it. Use me rough.”

His lips peeled backward in a snarl. He caught my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, pinching them together until I squealed.

Pleasure collided head on into discomfort, sending the conflicted stormfront tearing through my body. My legs lifted toward him, winding around his waist, teasingly stroking his flanks until my feet slid off his hard ass.

“I'm taking off my belt,” he whispered.

I gnawed my bottom lip, listening to the whoosh of his leather leaving the loops in his jeans. He formed a small lasso with it, pulling my hands together in one fist, and then slowly wrapping the strap around them.

“So, you want to be restrained, do you? You want to
Tied down and ravaged? Is that what you want, little Cat?”

I gulped. Nodding, a slow smile spread across my lips, blossoming into crimson blotches where my smile met my cheeks.

A low groan like thunder escaped his lips, rising off his throat. He sounded exactly like a volcano about to blow.

“You're in luck. You've come to the right man for that. It just so happens that tying you up is as much fun for me as it is for you to be bound. But remember, when I work my way into your soft, sweet body, I'm not gonna stop until you're passed out. Fair warning.”

I trembled, truly speechless for the first time in my life.

Ethan moved lower, kissing his way across my cleavage, stopping to aggressively suck one nipple into his mouth. When it touched his tongue, he bit down, holding my tip in place as he brutally vibrated its center.

“God! What are you doing to me?” I asked, but the only reply I got was another hot stamp of his lips, this time just below my navel.

His hands dove beneath the waistband of my jeans, forcing their way into my panties. I shifted my thighs together.

I welcomed his harsh invasion, but other parts of my body fidgeted nervously. I wasn't the most experienced girl, and nothing in the world could've prepared me for him.

“Christ, Cat. You're...sopping fucking wet. Never felt anything like it.” His soft whistle shot into my ear, and I twitched happily, loving the feel of his fingers covering my small, slick mound.

I closed my eyes, letting myself plunge deeper into his raw heat. When I opened them, I saw his teeth bared again, just as his hands rose and tore apart my button, my zipper.

Denim and thin lace ripped down my legs, pooling around my ankles. He stepped back and shoved my clothes away.

I'd never had sex outside. None of my hollow partners in the city had been so adventurous.

Combined with his heat, I'd found a paradise I hadn't imagined.

And the gifts kept coming. Fast, furious, impossible to stop.

Especially when Ethan quickly clawed away the buttons on his shirt, shedding it and letting it fall to the pile he'd gathered off me.

Almost naked, he looked perfect, like an Olympian god who had somehow gotten lost and found his way into my mundane barn. His skin was a bright peach, kissed by the sun and remarkably unblemished.

I widened my legs until my hips protested, letting my head droop to one side as he kissed me below the navel.

I knew where he was going before I felt his tongue against my inner thigh. Even so, it didn't stop the hot smoke from surging up inside me, sultry and thick.

The high rafters echoed with my moans. Ethan kissed my other thigh once, and promptly worked his way to the creamy center, the part of me crying out for his touch with every soaked morsel.

With his mouth on my sex, I discovered how many different sensations could twist through a woman's body in just a few seconds. My back arched and my arms tried to separate, forgetting they were bound together by his tightly wound belt.

Electricity zipped through my stomach, plowing into my brain and sending me off the cliff. I had the vaguest sensation of his tongue circling my clit before everything went numb, coiled tight, and exploded.

My muscles hardened and released like great spindles tugged too far. All the sexual tension and grief I'd experienced since taking over Pa's ranch tore through me like a seizure.

I still felt Ethan's strong wet tongue between my legs as orgasm released me from its fiery grip.

Finally, he rose and peered down at me.

On his face, I saw glee. He was
of how he'd left me a sweaty, whimpering, quivering mess beneath him, helpless and horny.

There was no carnal satisfaction in his eyes. Not yet.

I watched as he pushed his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them, quickly followed by his boxers. He rummaged around in one pocket, grasping a small silver package.

He brought it to his face and ripped the corner with his teeth. Ethan eyed me like a stern statue, rolling the condom over his throbbing erection. Every pump it made in his hands moved with promise, as if to say,
you will take this to your very depths, and you'll love every rough second of it.

“I need you inside me,” I whispered, the only thing I could manage.

My fingers pinched each other beyond the tight belt as he shifted his hips. Wordlessly, he brought the tip of his cock up to my slit, teasing me several times with the swollen tip.

My thighs jerked. Smiling at the frustration on my face, he gave me what I wanted, pushing his way into me with a low pitched grunt.

I rolled forward instantly, moaning as he filled me for the first time.

In just a couple seconds, I gasped with surprise, amazed at the way we fit together so well. And I think he realized it too.

Ethan tested my velvet walls with several hard, slow strokes, diving all the way to my womb's entrance. Each time he went deep, forcing my wet flesh to hug him tighter, I shuddered.

My ripples silently begging him to go faster, harder, anyway and every way he wanted to use my body for his ecstasy.

The boundaries between us were gone – all of them except that damn latex – and his bliss became indistinguishable from mine.

His chest began to rise and fall like a bulky platform. I rocked with him, rising to meet his downward spikes, pushing past the slight snap of discomfort as my very tight canal rearranged itself to fit him.

Ethan's pace rose, second by second, until it seemed like I had a steam engine made from flesh powering its way into me.

And the heat – Jesus! The heat!

I'd never had such fire surging through me, pure steel and lava, showering its maddening embers all the way through me.

One look at him told me he saw the red flush lighting up my face and chest, alongside the dark veins rising on my neck. My
make me come
face whipped him into a frenzy.

I felt him pitch and roll, grabbing for my breast with one hand and my constrained hands with the other – as though the belt weren't enough. His weight leaned into me, ruthlessly holding me down, turning me into a fragile receptacle for his pistoning erection.

One last gasp, and my eyes went wide. Blinded by white hot pleasure, I heard him groan, coming above me, opening like the sky at the end of the world.

We writhed together, groaning and sweating like animals. There couldn't have been a more appropriate place than the barn for our first time together.

His fingers tightened on my wrists and one breast until I swore he'd separate my flesh. I screamed, partly out of fear, but mostly out of endless pleasure.

Fuck. Fuck! I want your fire inside me. I want to burn all the way down with you, overwhelmed to
ashes, and still craving more...

An insane part of me wanted to rip away from him and tear away his condom. But I knew I couldn't overpower him for anything – not with the way he held onto me like a human vice, pumping his hot and heavy load into the latex buried dangerously close to my cervix.

Ethan collapsed first. When his heavy weight pressed against my body, I lifted my head, struggling for air.

He heard me and rose up at once. It's what brought both of us back from that place we'd gone together, so pleasurably perfect that it seemed deadly.

When he pulled out of me, I had to sneak a peek at the condom. Fire and ice filled my veins.

I remembered the naughty thoughts I'd had about taking him without any protection at all.

Jesus, that was good. But good enough to want that? What's gotten into me?

I watched as he lifted off the rubbery shell and hurled it to the ground.

Too bad. It seems like a waste. God, what I'd give to feel it inside me...

My teeth let go of my lip when he finally looked at me. Ethan leaned down and practically smothered me with a long lasting kiss.

“Well?” He said softly, slowly unbinding his belt and hooking his fingers through mine. “Was that hard enough for you?”

My lips quirked up into a smile. “You've got the speed and the edge,” I teased. “But do you have the stamina?”

I knew full well he did. The darkness that swept across his eyes made me wonder what I'd just gotten myself into by asking.

“Come on,” he ordered, lifting me over his naked shoulders like a caveman.

Ethan ignored the way I giggled and playfully beat at his back. One of his hands rubbed the backs of my thighs, caressing them with unmistakable intent.

“Let's go upstairs and find out what your mattress is made of. If you're not worn out by morning, I'll eat my own hat.” He picked up our clothes, balancing his tall hat on his head.

With nothing else on, we walked across the open field, teasing the stars with the same nude heat we'd soon explore on my bed.

IV: In Deeper

The ranch's soil had turned into a no man's land of sogginess and muck. I stepped out to another dewy morning, feeling the humidity already in the air, turning the landscape into a steamy cauldron.

I wrinkled my nose. Combine typical farm odors with shallow ditches and a week of lengthy thunderstorms, and what do you have? An natural perfume so strong that you wonder if you've been magically transported to a swamp.

Ducking back inside, I reached for my new boots. They went up almost to my knee, sleek and oddly endearing. Maybe that last part came from shopping for them with him.

Ethan had taken me to the local shoe place and had me fitted. I wanted something to match his tall, dark boots. Grinning, I walked away with a pair that was tawny and feminine, lined with a small Indian purple flourish near the top.

“How do these look?” I asked when I first put them on, twisting and twirling in the mirror.

“Damn good,” he said with a grin. Stepping closer, he raked his short stubble across my cheek, planting his lips in my right ear. “Good enough to fuck in.”

Remembering that moment, I stepped out into the muddy morass, consciously avoiding the biggest puddles. He hadn't ordered me to do the deed yet with the boots on, but I was ready.

More ready than you realize, handsome. Not that I have any complaints about your service.

The sun peeked through the grayish haze of thick gray clouds. I walked along the tracks where his pickup had gotten back onto the small dirt road, leaving well after the storms had begun to taper off just before dawn.

It had been another late night. The kind of long, majestic darkness like rich chocolate, sweet and seemingly never ending.

Absently, I tried to count how many times he'd made me come. But I knew there was no way of knowing – not really.

Not when he'd bound my wrists to the headboard, spreading my legs wide with several skinny black cords he connected to the bedposts. He left me like that, more bare and open than ever before.

When he lowered his mouth to my sex, plucking at my plush lower lips and thrumming my clit with his tongue, I expected to come like a rocket. But Ethan had something else in mind.

I rode the wave high, bucking desperately at his mouth. Each time my hips rolled higher, the rancher moved back a little, until I was humping the very tips of his fingers and the open air.

“What are you doing?” I hissed, exasperated at being denied my glorious climax. “Oh, come fuck me, baby! Finish what you've started to so beautifully.”

“Not until you tell me all about your darkest desires.” He folded his large arms across his flat, naked chest, glistening with a fiery sheen of sweat in the darkness.

Outside, a big lightning blob splintered into spears. It lit the room fully for a second, long enough to see the storm fronts swirling in his eyes.

Shit. I guess he was really serious after all...

The first time he'd asked me about my fantasies was after our third time together, a little over a week ago. We'd been laying in bed, happily exhausted.

He reached over and rolled my nipple, pouring his burning questions into my ear. I'd flushed bright red, despite getting used to baring myself to him, too afraid to tell him what I wanted most.

“I've already got it,” I told him. “A big strapping rancher and a nice tight belt.”

Ethan shot me a severe look. He wasn't buying it, and I knew it before he said as much.

“Bullshit. I know there's something more, little Cat. I see the hunger in your eyes every time you're about to come. And I'm gonna find out what really lights you up. Just give me a little time, and we'll see.”

Now, stripped and spread out on the bed, there was nothing I could do to shrug away my rugged inquisitor. He strode forward to the edge of the bed, reaching to both sides and locking his hands around my ankles.

“Do you want to come or not? I'll give it to you just the way you like, but only if you tell me what I need to know.”

His fingers flicked across the soles of my feet. I reflexively curled my toes, kicking at the taut restraints binding me to the tall wooden posts.

“I – I can't. Come on, Ethan. This is silly.” I stuck my tongue out for a split second, but instantly regretted it.

BOOK: DarkPrairieFire
4.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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