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His face moved to my other lush peak. My breath heaved when he drew it onto his tongue. I marveled at the way he'd sucked and pumped the other one to its pink perfection.

Ethan growled and his teeth bore down, threatening to overwhelm me with pain or pleasure – or maybe both.

I was past caring. If he wanted to devour me, I was ready.

Tonight, anything he could give me – anything! – would be received with a prayer written in muscle clenching orgasm. I'd thank him the greatest way a woman could, by offering her womb, just like the maidens I'd read about a long time ago who prostrated themselves themselves for their warriors.

Both breasts throbbed in his hands and mouth. A dense pressure surged in my head, boiling my blood like candle wax, inching me closer to my final release.

I braced myself for coming from nothing more than his animal assault on my sensitive nipples. But he stopped right as the last stage began to rise.

He raised himself up and peered down at me. I knew I must've been quite a sight – panting and whimpering like an animal deep in mating heat.

Slowly, he lifted his arms, stretching them behind his head before folding them across his chest.

“Last chance to turn back. We both know what this is all about, little Cat. I'm willing to go there, all the way, without any regrets. Are you?” He placed one hand on my hip and squeezed.

“I'm ready for anything. God, I've been waiting for this forever. Take me.
I won't survive waiting much longer.” I chewed my lip, staring up into his eyes.

I saw something flicker sharply inside him, like flames that had just caught a new fuel source. His expression hardened.

In a flash, he was on me, hurling my panties the rest of the way down my legs and onto the floor. The quickness disoriented me.

I didn't realize what was happening until I felt his muscular hands skiing off my soft belly, skirting the soft surfaces of my thighs. He pushed forward, grabbing his rigid erection and planting it right between my lower lips.

I flushed in an instant, red as a beet, so close but so far from having him bare against my womb.

Every part of me trembled, silently pleading with him, throwing me to the floor in brute submission.

Go on. Take what's yours, baby. Bury yourself and don't leave me until you've put a baby inside.

I wished we could communicate psychically. Maybe then he'd understand how much I suffered, waiting for his seed, feeling like I'd become a desolate desert without his nourishing rain.

At last, he shifted forward, making me muse on all the heated non-verbal cues pouring into the atmosphere around us.

We'd taken our small risks before. Having him bare inside me, even when he pulled out, guaranteed a pregnancy if one drop of his fluid leaked too deep.

But the way he moved told me we were past taking half-measures. This time, he thrust differently, a raw and ancient focus zipping through every movement.

He knew it. I knew it. Our bodies knew it.

Ethan dove into me, gliding through my wet heat, opening my slick canal with his fullness. He only stopped when his soft balls rested against the nook of my ass, promising me their contents.

I closed my eyes and lifted my legs. They settled on his calves, shifting up across the thin manly hair on his legs, only stopping when they hooked firmly along the backs of his thighs.

“Fuck me. Come on, baby! Ride me like you're in hot pursuit. And when you come, don't hold anything back. I want it all.”

Keeping my eyes shut was torture, but I couldn't stand seeing the look in his eyes when I let such taboo pleas flow freely.

No matter how he looked, it seemed to do the trick. He rose and fell in rapid, powerful strokes, making sure he'd gone as far as he could reach in my depths before tilting upward again.

He'd found his beat, somewhere deep in a place only he could reach. It wasn't long before I struggled to keep up, sweating like I'd launched into a great run as I fought to keep up with him.

My hips rolled, just a couple paces behind his. And without even thinking, my feet curled tighter, growing so tense that they burned as much as my bound up arms.

I was a woman on fire. I sensed the burn inside him too, spilling out of him, his flames mingling with mine as we threatened to set the bed ablaze.

Beneath us, the old springs creaked and snapped. The mattress bounced madly every time he completed a new thrust, shoving us almost into the air, before Ethan came crashing down inside me again, using his strength to tame flesh and fabric and metal.

My clit sizzled. I swore I felt it shaking beneath my folds, like a ripe berry about to fall in the wind.

This little part of me, this wonderful diamond, would never leave, though – especially not when it was on the verge of the greatest explosion ever.

I came first. My jaw split open and I let my hoarse release cry into the night, howling like the coyotes and yipping with the bed springs.

My slit gyrated uncontrollably on him, sucking and lapping at his cock, unsatisfied until it could finally sip the essence it craved so badly. Above me, my cowboy's granite body turned to solid steel, warm and melting.

I heard him sputter with an unintelligible curse. Then there was nothing but pure fire shooting into me, hot and shapeless as the stars, pouring into me forever.

His seed hit my womb with steaming force. I felt every jet burst shower into me, enriching my most fertile flesh, every drop turning me into the vessel I was always meant to be.

I cried out louder, shuttling my hips into his until our wet flesh fused together. He gripped my ass, forgetting about the belt keeping me tight to the bed.

I forgot about it too as I stretched to unbearable limits, legs up to his waist and holding on for dear life. We came together, grinding and gasping for a small eternity.

Every. Last. Drop.

It's happening, isn't it? I want it, I need it, and I won't be satisfied with anything else.

But I don't have to worry about any of that now. Just keep coming.

Even through the pleasure, the conscious part of me barked its orders. My sex clenched in a frenzy, forcing his seed deeper.

My body was so close to fulfilling its natural purpose, and it wouldn't be denied.

It would pull out all stops to plant his come deep, rewarding me with its infinite ecstasy.

Sweat dripped off Ethan's brow. He shook his head to one side, letting several stray drops fall to his chest. A couple others landed on me, just above the thin strip of pubic hair, not far from where he remained snugly entrenched.

“Ethan, that was so good. So –“

“Beautiful.” He said, completing the sentence in a way I never intended.

I'd meant to say
but the more I thought about it, the more perfect his words seemed. I'd never come to terms with the way sex could be so intensely pleasurable and useful all at once.

I understood that we lived in an age when its purpose had long been eclipsed by hedonistic pleasure.

But then, hadn't he introduced me to both? The very best both worlds have to offer?

I moaned as he slowly pulled out of me. Ethan reared back and watched a thin, creamy trickle spill onto the sheets below, the hallmark of his virile work inside me.

“We did something beautiful, little Cat.” His chest hovered above me, only separated from my lightly spasming body by a couple inches. “And we're gonna keep doing it, all night long. If you're not pregnant by morning, I haven't done my job.”

I grinned, but he wasn't having any of that. He needed my lips pressed around his instead.

Our kisses quickened in the hot space between coupling, rising as surely as his restless shaft would rise again. His hands reached below me and he pressed my thighs together, spreading out his legs to straddle me.

Each time he skirted my body, his cock had grown a little harder. I smiled through our kisses, knowing it wouldn't be long.

Eventually, he reached up to my arms and dragged them away from the headboard. He left me bound as he gently turned me onto my stomach, resting his hardness between my plump ass.

“From behind this time,” he explained. “We're going to rut like the animals we are. I want you off your feet and legs propped up in bed tomorrow, little Cat. But just in case, I'm gonna fuck you until you can't walk right.”

I giggled and let go as lustful energy curled through me. As he slipped into me again, bathing his cock in our combined fluids, I imagined he wasn't joking around.

I'll walk no matter what, but this is serious stuff. This is what it's like to be used the way I've always
wanted, with a man so much better than anything I'd hoped for.

This is what it's like to make the perfect baby. This is what it's like to be his breeding submissive, a
soft, warm shell for his storm.

VII: Irreversible Changes

Our nights together had started playfully, and then continued for my personal protection. Now, they were pure art, production work so delectable it didn't feel like labor.

But, in fact, we were sculpting our baby each time he emptied himself inside me. If Pa were alive to see what I was doing upstairs, in his house, with a man I wasn't even engaged to, he'd fall over and die a second time.

I didn't care, as much as his memory meant to me.

Slipping into the mattress with Ethan's belt or a thick rope around my wrists was all that mattered. I took him every way imaginable, and always more than once.

Baring my fertile womb filled him with a boundless potency that left me in awe, exposing the very soul of what a man can do with the strength concealed behind his flesh.

The late summer days had never been so long. I'd messed up the ranch's records several times in my very distracted rush to get through the day's work so we could go upstairs again.

After a couple weeks, I nervously waited for my period, taking a rare trip to the town pharmacy to stock up on a few pregnancy tests.

I braced myself for failure. I didn't want to get my hopes up, knowing how devastated I'd be if they fell flat.

Nothing less than success was acceptable. After burying his seed deep and undergoing unreal rigors on his hard body, I prayed I wouldn't let him down, even though I had to keep going if the tests showed anything except a positive sign.

There were no more distractions either. With all the machines fixed, the ranch hadn't operated so smoothly for years. I'd used the excess capital inherited from Pa's retirement stash to make every repair that came up.

For now, everything ran “smooth as a whistle,” in Jimmy's words. So smooth that I'd had to put in for other animals next season, a necessary expansion if I wanted to keep everyone employed with enough hours.

The terrifying night incursion hadn't repeated itself. Several nights after we started mating for a baby, I waited for something awful to happen outside and ruin our upstairs Eden.

But it never came. There hadn't been any more warnings or dark figures slinking across the land.

I secretly started to wonder if everything had been connected to a drug gang at all. Or if it had, perhaps they'd moved on, frightened off for good by my handsome rancher-turned-gunslinger.

“Maybe it's time to start thinking about what to do with all that cash out there,” Ethan said to me one evening.

We were eating dinner, enjoying each other's company and some local gossip he'd picked up in town.

I swallowed my food and eyed him with surprise. It had been so long since we'd confronted anything serious beyond the bedroom that I'd nearly forgotten it existed.

“Maybe you should put a ring on my finger, and then we'll talk about it,” I teased, sticking my tongue out at him.

“Hey, I only marry good girls. You're on your way there, but not without a spanking or two for that kind of behavior.”

I laughed, pushing my legs together beneath the table to stifle the sultry urges rolling through me. A wicked thought coursed through my brain.

I stood up, grasping for the table's ledge and pivoting myself next to him, rear end poking out. I undid my belt buckle and shoved my jeans to my thighs, exposing my dark blue panties just as he finished his dinner.

“Punish me, Mister Perfect. I'm due, aren't I? But not too hard!” I swallowed, studying the hard edge in his jaw. “I might be a pregnant woman soon.”

Rising to meet my challenge, Ethan pushed away his chair and walked behind me. I clenched my eyes shut, waiting for the first blow.

I heard his sharp inhalation first, before his outstretched palm landed on my right cheek. I squeaked and bucked against the table.

It didn't hurt as much as I expected. On the contrary, a reddish haze swirled up my spine, overloading my brain.

The wires for pleasure and pain had crossed. Somewhere in the confusion, I'd found a new heat, thick as jungle air and just as hot.

And the sensation went lower too. Ethan's second blow made me jerk and gasp.

I tipped my head back to face him, creaming my panties. My sex spasmed in on itself. The muscles spun tighter when I saw his face, an angry steel mask hiding a deeper satisfaction.

“Again, sir. Tell me that isn't all you got?” Against my better judgment, I smiled.

He grunted softly. I turned around right as his hand wound up, higher than before, stiffening like a bamboo board.

Whack. Whack, whack, whack – whack!

Steaming breaths hitched high in my throat and burbled through my lips. My clit throbbed, surrounded in a ring of true fire.

My little ass burned like the sun, but so much brighter, spewing its incredible light to my very core.

My hearing failed for several seconds, swallowed in the rush of unsettled blood churning through my system.

I heard his heavy puffs as it slowly returned. Without warning, Ethan reached around my front, curling his fingers beneath my blue lace waistband.

He dove into my drenched velvet, roughly shifting the bulge in his front against my seething backside. My rancher dry humped my thin clad ass through his jeans.

The mischievous strokes inside me never stopped. He circled his thumb around my hot little pearl, cutting a slick, rapid path with some help from my own juices.

BOOK: DarkPrairieFire
10.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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