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Demons of Lust

BOOK: Demons of Lust
Demons of Lust
Silvana S Moss
Archer Publishing LLC (2012)

In this paranormal romance short story, college student Leon Lambert is God’s gift to women. He is beautiful, charming and happens to be very French. He enjoys surrounding himself with adoring fans who would do anything to obtain a kiss from him, but everything changes when a new girl arrives at their university. She is the most beautiful woman that Leon has ever seen and he is inexplicably drawn to her despite his desire to remain single. But this exotic beauty is hiding a secret, a secret that Leon may not survive to uncover.

Demons of Lust


Silvana S. Moss

This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places,
and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used
fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business
establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.

Demons of Lust

Copyright © 2012 Archer Publishing LLC

All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner
whatsoever without written permission of the author or Archer Publishing LLC,
except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or

Published in the United States of America

Leon Olivier Lambert: the school’s
finest example of elegance and refinement.  He was adored by women; envied
and hated by men.  Still he went through life with a smile befitting his
elegant lifestyle.  Like his initials suggested, he was always laughing
and taking life as it came.  One of the things that made Leon so popular was that he was 100% French, born and raised, in an American
university.  If there was one thing American girls could never resist, it
would be an exotic accent.  American girls had a fantasized idea of
Frenchmen in particular, which meant that Leon was hardly ever without a date.

Despite being the university’s most
eligible bachelor, Leon refused to take a steady girlfriend.  Instead he
surrounded himself with adoring fangirls, and tried to give them all equal
amounts of his time and affection.  Overall, he was very content with this
situation. A girlfriend would get jealous if he was with other girls; a
girlfriend would be needy, while fangirls could be pleased just to receive a
second glance and didn’t care if he spent time with all of them; in fact they
preferred it.  That is not to say that Leon did not care at all for these
girls.  His greatest pleasure was to see them happy.

On a typical Thursday afternoon, he
was sitting with several of his girls in the student union. One girl was
playing with his warm blond hair, while the others sat and listened to him talk
with dreamy expressions.

“Leon, you are going to the
homecoming dance aren’t you?” a petite brunette asked, smiling timidly.


but of course ma cherie.” He said with a smile that made her blush.

“Who are you going with?” one of
the bolder girls asked. They all leaned forward with anticipation.  Of
course everyone wanted to be his date, but for the past two years he tried not
to have an actual date.  Leon opened his mouth to remind them of this
policy he held, but fell silent.

It was then that Leon noticed a girl in a similar situation to himself.  She was evidently new, but she
was surrounded by their male colleagues. Black hair tumbled in gentle curls
down to her mid-back.  Like a night sky, her hair held a blue sheen and
her face was the moon.  He had never seen a girl with skin so beautifully
white.  Most American girls were into tanning, but Leon held an affinity for pale skin.  There was something so delicately beautiful
about it.  It was as if she were a perfectly painted china doll.  Her
eyes twinkled like stars and seemed to glance his way.  He felt
immediately drawn to her.

“Perhaps I should take the new
girl, no?” Leon said, “But do not despair my little doves.  There will be
a dance for each of you, even if I must dance all night long.”  He winked
playfully and some of the girls burst into awkward giggles that would normally
cause them to flee in embarrassment.   Leon was certain she was
looking at him now, though her eyes moved freely.  He felt it..

“Excusez-moi mes amis,” the French
boy said, standing from his seat and walking over to the new girl.

“Shoulda figured Mr. Gift-to-women
would head over to check out the new chick,” Leon’s friend Paul said, giving
him a playful shove, “You tore yourself away from your adoring fans I see.”

“Paul, who is she?” Leon asked, staring slightly at the new beauty.

“Her name’s Dominique,” Paul said,
“She just flew in from France, man.  Go charm her.  Dude, it’s like,
freaking destiny or something.”

“No, mon ami,” Leon said, looking awkward for once in his life, “You know that I am not the type to have a
girlfriend.  She does not seem the fangirl type. I should leave her

“Come on, dude!” Paul said, “You
didn’t walk over here, leaving your horde of girls to ‘leave her alone.’ She’s
like, your destined girlfriend!  You’re both French, you’re both fucking
gorgeous!  Just do it, man!”

Paul gave Leon a shove forward, making him bump into another young man, whose drink then went flying
and spilled upon the lovely new girl.  The young man started freaking out
on Leon, cursing angrily, while Leon moved forward, grabbing napkins to sop up
the mess.

Mademoiselle,” Leon said, “I am so sorry.”

Despite having been drenched in a soft drink, the young
woman’s face lit up.  She touched Leon’s hand and held it warmly in her

“Monsieur Compatriote!” she said with a near angelic
smile.  His face turned red.  He hadn’t heard his native language
spoken by a fellow native speaker in years.  He nodded dumbly, feeling
awkward, even though he had been fully aware that she was French.  Her
voice was pulling him in like a mystical siren.  She giggled, taking the
napkins from him.

 “Excusez-moi monsieur,” she
said, going to the restroom to clean up, leaving him standing there looking
dumbfounded.  Paul pulled him away from the crowd.

“Dude!  What is up with
you?  You’re seriously losing your cool!  She’s just another
girl.  If you don’t catch her now, this could be your
I mean, look at her!  She’s the prettiest girl to enroll here since that
girl who went on to be Miss USA!  She already has a bigger horde of boys
than you do of girls.  If you don’t charm her when she gets back, she’s
gone!” Paul lectured his foreign friend.

Dominique returned and she didn’t
even look like soda had been spilt upon her. Her hair bounced slightly as she
walked.  The dark blue dress she was wearing accentuated every luscious

“Monsieur Compatriote,” she greeted
him with her charming smile.  Leon bowed and kissed her hand, turning the
charm up to a new level as his friend had suggested.

“My name is Leon Olivier Lambert.
Mademoiselle, please, allow me to buy lunch for you,” he said.

“That seems an appropriate way to
apologize for causing a drink to fall upon me,” Dominique said.  He led
her away. 

“Yeah! That’s my boy!” Paul said
quietly with a fist pump.

Like a real European gentleman, Leon pulled out Dominique’s chair out for her, seating her, before sitting across from her
at the small dining table.  Dominique twirled a piece of her lustrous
black hair around her finger.

“I saw you with all of those
girls,” she said, “But not one is lover?”

Leon gave an awkward laugh.

“Ah, no,” he said, “I’m afraid… I
have not found the woman… special enough for such an honor.”

“You are indeed modest, are you
not?” Dominique laughed.

“Well, what can I say?” Leon mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck.  Dominique leaned over the table slightly.

“So… you have… never been with a
woman?” she asked.

“I… uh… no Madamoiselle… I… umm…” Leon’s face tinged pink and soon was very red.  This was odd lunch time conversation.

“But, I can tell, you like to make
women happy, no?” Dominique had a devious twinkle in her dark eyes.

“I do…” Leon said.

“You are so full of love and life
Monsieur Lambert.” She mused.  Her face held a dreamy expression as she
looked at him from across the table.

“Pardon?” Leon looked confused.  She tilted his chin up with one finger and looked straight into
his eyes..

“Be mine,” she said, “Anything you
ever wanted, I will make it happen, but be mine Leon Olivier Lambert…”

Her voice had dropped to a whisper
and the softer her voice became the more Leon was drawn in by it.  He
found himself leaning in over the table to meet her.  The world around him
seemed to fade away.  He was inches away.

“Why would you want me,
Mademoiselle?” he whispered.

“I… am not what I seem,” she
breathed, “You are beautiful, so full of love, I can almost taste it.”

With every word, Dominique leaned
in a little closer, until her lips grazed over his.  Her dark eyes met his
once again and he was transfixed in his seat.

“Mademoiselle… I am yours,” he
whispered softly.

“Tres bon Monsieur Lambert,” she
whispered, and grabbed his collar, pulling him into a deep kiss.

Despite his playboy attitude, Leon was surprisingly innocent and when he was forced into the kiss he gave a slight
mewl.  It was a strange sensation as he felt her tongue, hot and wet,
wiggle in past his lips and teeth, ravishing his mouth.  His own tongue
swirled back against hers. She stood to her feet, breaking the kiss, leaving
him flustered and flushed.

“Follow me mon petit cher,” she
whispered, leading him away.  They hadn’t had lunch, but he couldn’t think
straight after their kiss.   He followed her away from the bustling
union to the quiet and solitary chapel on the other end of the campus.

“What are we doing here ma cherie?”
Leon asked as they stepped inside.  He looked around.  He had only
been in the chapel a few times, but it was lovely, with stained glass windows
all around and a crucifix hanging above the pulpit.

“You will have to forgive me Leon,” Dominique whispered, “Deceit, it is my nature.”  She pulled him close and
kissed him again.  Leon did not know what she meant as they kissed in the empty
chapel.  Her lips were soft and supple and tasted vaguely of strawberries
and honey.  His hands rested on her hips. He suddenly felt very faint and
dizzy.  The room was spinning.  Was this what it was like…?  To
be in love…?

“I am sorry, Leon… Pardonnez-moi…” Dominique whispered as Leon grew dizzier.  She helped him lay
down.  Her hair falling slightly in front of her face she leaned over him,
playing with his blond hair.

“Am I dying?” he asked, looking up
at her.

“No,” she whispered, “But you
probably feel like you are, no?”

“I do not feel… right…” Leon said, looking up at her, “You are so beautiful ma cherie.”

“Do you love me, Leon?” Dominique
asked, tucking her dark hair behind her ear.

“I think so,” he whispered,
reaching up to caress her face.

“That’s no good enough!” Dominique
said, “I… I need to know that you love me!”

“But… Dominique… I have only just
met you.. perhaps an hour ago…  You are… enchanting, but… how can I know
that I love you?”

“Leon… say you love me…”

“I… love you, Dominique…”

His words were rewarded with her
lips on his again.

“I love you, Leon,” she whispered,
“And that is surprisingly hard for me to do. I am stealing from you mon amour,
and what I steal, can never be truly returned.  Please let me give you
everything that you could ever want.”

“Dominique… ma cherie… I don’t
understand,” the young man said, “If you need money, I am not lacking in it, I
can give you what you need.”

“You can give me what I need,” she
breathed, straddling his hips as she spoke, “But I do not need your money mon
amour.  You love me, no?”

“Oui, I love you Dominique.”

“Will you always love me, Leon?”

“…Oui… I will always love you…”

“Then I can tell you the
truth…”  Dominique looked down at him.  Her dress was riding up as
she straddled him and he could see a flash of black panties.

“I am not… like you…” she
whispered, “I am… I am not… human…”

Leon looked surprised… shocked, and
slightly frightened.

“What do you mean?  What are
you then?”

“I am… a lust demon, a succubus,”
she whispered, looking downward, “I feed on your love for me.  I felt it
as soon as you came close to me, you are a man who is so full of love, I wanted
you so much for my own.”

Leon’s heart sank and Dominique

“Leon… please… “

“You used me… this is why I feel
this way is it not, ma

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