Denys, Jennifer - Wife for Three [Duoterra] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

BOOK: Denys, Jennifer - Wife for Three [Duoterra] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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Wife for Three

Wife wanted to share between three brothers.
Could Brianna answer the advert of the Hollis brothers on this planet of Duoterra, colonized for sixty years? Due to a lack of women, all single females have to sign marriage contracts with one or more men.

Not liking anyone in her town, and her uncle making a deal to sell her, Brianna runs away to find the Hollis brothers.

Rescuing her from a nasty encounter, her meeting with brooding elder brother, Adam, is not good. When her first night with Adam is a disaster, it takes the efforts of the other two—impatient, cocky Curt and sweet, fun-loving Eric—to make her stay. In the following weeks she gets to know them better, but Adam stays aloof.

When her uncle arrives claiming breach of contract with the man he had promised her to, is this the opportunity for Brianna to leave?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation
between or among siblings.

Futuristic, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Science Fiction
37,540 words



Jennifer Denys


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This is for all my favorite sci-fi authors like Anne McCaffrey, S.

L. Viehl, David Feintuch, Marion Zimmer Bradley. All my adult life I have wanted to write like you—and now, hopefully, I have!




Copyright © 2012

Chapter One

Wife wanted. Three brothers aged twenty-six to thirty-five are
looking for a young woman to be shared jointly between them in all
aspects of their life including looking after their home. Healthiness is
a must as we have a farm in the wild region, a long way from the
nearest town. Good looks and a decent figure would be nice, but not
essential. However, you must be able to cook. Contact Curt Hollis via
the general store, Frontier.

Brianna suddenly sat up in her seat as she read the small advertisement, her heart thudding.
Wife wanted!

She looked around surreptitiously to see if anyone had noticed her abrupt movement. Her uncle, who had the countertops in the kitchen of their home covered with the various tools of his trade, glanced over at her, frowning. Marcus was the town blacksmith. His small, wiry frame was not typical of a man of his profession, but Goldtown had need of the various implements he made in order to mine the abundant minerals and metals that existed in the area to aid the colonists. Ignoring his look, and with a pounding heart, she folded the newspaper, her hand shaking slightly, trying to pretend nonchalance.

Tucking the newspaper under her arm, she casually strolled over to the counter to pour herself another drink of hot moss bark, which
Wife for Three


was a favorite of hers, and sauntered toward her bedroom sniffing the woody aroma, pretending to ignore the paper and its intriguing advert.

“Hey, missy, don’t take the newspaper away. It might only be a single sheet, but you know how expensive paper is despite having an abundance of trees on the planet. I’ll want to read it later.” His stern voice rasped. Marcus was the head of her household and her guardian, her parents having died when she was young.

There was only one state-owned paper industry on the planet they had named Duoterra, which was colonized sixty years ago. It was set up to make paper from trees when they became aware that they were running out of the few precious supplies they had brought with them.

Goldtown was the fourth town to be settled, about fifteen years into the establishment of the colony at a time when the population was growing exponentially. Her grandfather, Joshua, had moved his family to each of the towns in search of a place he could happily raise his family. Goldtown was his last move, although not the last town to be founded.

“Sure thing, Uncle Marcus. I just wanted to give you some more room in the kitchen. I’ll bring it back shortly when I’ve finished reading.”

“Don’t forget you’ve got the bread to bake yet,” he shouted after her.

Escaping to the safety of her bedroom, Brianna jumped onto the bed, pushing her old teddy bear to one side, to read the captivating and slightly scandalous advertisement again. As she wrapped a lock of her long, dark-blonde hair around a finger, she was aware of an anticipation throbbing through her body, reaching down to her nether parts. Her nipples started to harden as she thought about what it would be like to make love to three brothers, and she felt a flush rise up her face. Would they take turns or would they do it at the same time? She had to fan herself with the newspaper as she suddenly felt very hot!

The item she had read was hidden amongst various other adverts selling produce and crafts of all sorts. She hadn’t been particularly

Jennifer Denys

interested in the adverts but devoured any reading material she could get her hands on. There was a community library that swapped the few precious print books that the colony had back and forth between towns. But Brianna was sure she had read all of them now.

Brianna was a fourth-generation colonist. Her grandfather had been a teenager when he had come to the world and she clearly recalled him telling her stories of the landing.

“I came with my parents in search of a cleaner place, the previous generations having ruined Earth with their industries and over-mining of the planet’s resources, which destroyed the ecology, and many animals became extinct.” Her grandfather and his parents were now dead, along with his wife. “Your grandmother travelled out with us on those first colony ships, but, as you know, she died giving birth to Susannah, our fourth child.” Only she and the eldest child, Marcus, had survived childhood. Lack of medical facilities and living a colonist’s life took the lives of many, young and old—some through illness, others injury. Death in childbirth had also been a major factor.

By the time her mother had grown, many of the original colonists had died due to the hard life they had undertaken willingly. About the time Brianna had been born twenty-two years ago, the subsequent generations were beginning to realize how few women they had left.

Her school teacher had explained to the children, “It had been hoped that more people would join us from Earth, but the cost of fuel to launch such huge ships is so exorbitant that there have only been two more colony ships, and those were in the early days after colonization.”

Brianna had listened in a state of fascination back then. The idea of spaceships and people flying many, many light years from home had sounded exciting and adventurous.

“It doesn’t mean we are totally without contact from our home planet, as drone ships come by every few years, but those are small, and the price for sending those supplies costs us high in natural resources from our planet that we could use ourselves.”
Wife for Three


By the time she got to her mid-teens Brianna’s enthrallment had diminished as she became aware that girl children were in high demand—as wives and mothers mostly. Her dreams of being elected to the government and making worthy laws, or discovering some new plant life that would cure all ills, were going down the drain. Not that she really wanted to be a politician or doctor. She knew that those had been childhood dreams of being famous.

Life was still hard, and boys were naturally stronger so thrived better. Unfortunately, her mother never got the chance to have any more children as she and her husband were killed in a rockslide leaving Brianna, aged just six, to be raised by her uncle. An uncle she didn’t particularly like, but he was the only family she had left.

Two years ago, the situation had come to a head, and a planet-wide law was introduced whereby polygamous marriages were allowed.

Brianna shivered and her thoughts returned to the newspaper and the fascinating advert. She picked it up to read again, biting her lip as she did. She knew that the law had also stated that every marriageable woman must take out a marriage contract with one or more men by the time they were twenty-three. If they didn’t take out a contract out of choice, then one of the options was that they would be forced into a contract by the local town mayor or the head of their household. In her case, this meant her uncle Marcus. With so many men compared to women on the world, their society had become rather patriarchal, with women expected to do what the men told them.

BOOK: Denys, Jennifer - Wife for Three [Duoterra] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
3.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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