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Depths Of Desire XW5

BOOK: Depths Of Desire XW5
Depths of Desire

Ruth D. Kerce


Book 5 in the Xylon Warriors series.


Xylon Warrior
Torque Koll is seeing visions of a beautiful woman. She’s haunting his dreams,
tempting and teasing him with her body, fulfilling his every desire. When he
reaches Earth, he discovers the sexy illusion is a real flesh-and-blood woman.
Now he intends to have her, no matter what.

Jaeda Spargo, head
of an underground tracking facility, is shocked that the hunky man she’s been
dreaming about is real. But he’s not human. He’s come to save the planet from
an invasion and conquering the aliens isn’t his only intent. He also intends to
conquer her.

As they fight the
Egesa Slave Masters, Torque and Jaeda can’t ignore their sexual attraction. The
emotional and physical connection between them is more explosive than either
have ever experienced. Now they must win this war, so Torque can brand Jaeda as
his mate.


A Romantica®
contemporary erotic
from Ellora’s Cave



Depths of Desire
Ruth D. Kerce




Torque Koll sensed the two men behind him. Waiting,
eager, naked. He understood their need. His own need to fuck raged inside him
hotter than ever. The men—one a Class 1 Xylon Warrior like himself, the other
simply a humanoid male—stepped closer. The sexual energy in the small quarters
intensified as all three of them stared at the naked woman, waiting to be
taken, atop the narrow bed.

Her body drew him unlike any other woman in
his life ever had. Her skin looked like the smoothest of cream against the
dark-colored bedding. Her breasts were round and full, with pearl-like nipples,
begging to be sucked. The slight curve to her stomach appeared soft and
womanly. The black, satiny-looking curls between her long legs made him itch to
touch her all over. Inside and out.

But it wasn’t only her body. Her soul
called out to him with equal power as did her light-gray eyes, which combined
with her long black hair made for an eerily beautiful female. He’d never felt so
possessive about a woman and didn’t know what to make of his strange reaction
to her. In his life, he’d fucked far too many women to count. He’d loved none
of them. Now…something stirred inside him. For her alone.

A grumble drew his attention once again to
the two men shifting impatiently in the background. One man he knew. One was a
stranger to him. But both were known to her and one was a good friend. He
wondered how good of a friend and a rare jolt of jealousy hit him hard. He
hated the idea of sharing her with them but he had to. For her sanity.

Torque stepped closer to the bed. Not very
spacious for all of them. He muttered a curse under his breath. It would have
to do. Few options existed here and time was a factor. Though this encounter
hadn’t been planned for his pleasure, his cock stood painfully erect, needing
to be inside her, fucking her hard. She wanted it too. He could see the desire
in her eyes. But she wanted all of them and that knowledge aggravated the hell
out of him.

Her desire should be for me only, damn
One day it would be. He swore it.

His hand circled his steel-like cock and he
slowly stroked himself. Her gaze followed each movement, as if assessing him
and his worth. A smile tugged at his lips. He never worried about being seen as
lacking. He had a massive cock, thick and long with just the right amount of
ridges to stimulate a woman’s desire. After all his travels and experience, he knew
how to fuck and make a female beg for more. She wouldn’t protest anything he
wanted to do to her—anything any of them wanted to do to her. Not once the
sexual fever took over.

It was the way of the rite. The way he’d
lived his whole life. She was now a part of Xylon’s traditions too, whether she
wanted to be or not. And he had a feeling she wanted to be more than she’d ever
admit to him. Maybe more than she’d admit even to herself.

“Hurry,” she whispered in a breathy voice.

He loved the way her pupils dilated as her
arousal intensified. When she dragged her moist, rosy tongue across her bottom
lip, he groaned.
She’d done that on purpose to plunge them all
into a fucking frenzy as his brother called it. Fine by him. They would give her
everything her body could take and take from her everything her body could
give. Three of them were here for her but he would prove to her that no man
could satisfy her as well as he.

She slid her thighs apart and dipped her
slender fingers into her pussy. “What are you all waiting for?” As she
pleasured herself, she purred like a contented feline—a sound that would make a
man from any planet drool.

In response, his cock hardened even more,
which he hadn’t thought physically possible. He might come right there without
any further stimulation. That would be a first for him. Groans from the men
behind him revealed that her actions had affected them too. Even so, they
wouldn’t move until he did. He was the lead. And he intended to fill her pussy
with a hunk of flesh a lot thicker than a finger. First though, something had
been plaguing his mind and he needed an answer.

“Don’t speak,” she said, as if anticipating
his intent to question her. “Just fuck me hard, until I’m sated and worn out.”

Her words definitely kept him focused on
the moment. Maybe he’d finally found his sexual equal. The thought popped into
his head and the possibilities of such intrigued him. He could have an exciting
time with this woman and imagined many lust-filled nights with her. This
particular encounter was business. But soon…

“Now.” Her order was demanding and clear.
From the look in her eyes, she expected them to obey.

It took every ounce of control in him not
to move forward and do just what she wanted, like some primitive creature. But
he held back because he needed to know—had needed to know for a long time. He’d
pressed her before about it. She had never answered him. Maybe now in her need,
she would weaken her resolve if he pressed harder. “Do not,” he raised a hand
when her mouth opened, “interrupt me. You will listen and you will answer me.
Who are you?”

Without even a heartbeat of hesitation, she
asked in return, “Does it really matter?”

He growled deep in his throat, seeing the
seemingly ever-present determination in her eyes. So she wouldn’t answer, even
now, even if he pushed. Frustration grabbed him, tightening every muscle in his
body until he forced himself to relax.

“Well?” She raised one thin eyebrow, her
gaze never leaving his face.

Was she actually challenging him?
It was a challenge he would not engage her in. Not now. Slowly he let out the
heavy breath he’d been holding. “No. It doesn’t matter. Not at the moment.” At
the moment, he needed to fuck. He needed to dominate. To pleasure and feel the
same as he came long and hard inside her. At some point though, her identity
would matter. A lot.

Her fingers delved deeper and she gasped in
obvious ecstasy. As their gazes held, something passed between them—an
understanding of wants and needs that went beyond words. Slowly she removed her
hand from her pussy and sucked on each moist finger, one at a time. “Mmm.”

“If you continue this tease, you’ll turn
all of us into nothing more than savage beasts,” he warned, slightly perturbed
that she was still able to hold onto her control when he felt ready to lose

A slight smile graced her full lips. “Your

“You won’t be able to walk after we’re
through with you.” That was a promise.

“I hope that’s a promise.”

Her response startled him and it took him a
moment to regroup. Damn woman. She’d read his mind. She seemed to know his
every thought and anticipate his moves. He gave himself a mental shake. No.
That was impossible. Simple coincidence. Nothing more. An educated guess at
best. Still…

“Come closer,” she beckoned, interrupting
his agitated thoughts. With lithe movements, she eased onto her knees and
scooted to the edge of the mattress. “All of you. The desire rages inside me
like an inferno. We need to begin.”

Though she’d addressed all three of them,
her eyes remained locked on him.
As it should be. When they
stepped over to her, she looked ready to issue them a further command. She was
obviously a woman used to doing so, used to being in charge. He issued his own
command instead. “Take her arms and hold her down.”

“Restraint?” Her eyes widened. “That’s
hardly necessary.” The surprised look on her face eased, replaced by an
indulgent smile. “I do not intend to resist.”

“We will make sure of it.” He’d do whatever
was necessary to save her sanity and her life, whether she liked it or not,
though he didn’t expect her to protest. She’d indicated not only compliance but
eagerness to be here. Rather than a show of force, the restraint was more so
she wouldn’t distract them from the specific steps of the rite by any actions
of her own.

The men stepped closer. They stopped short
of touching her when she suddenly spoke again.

“Do not be so brutish about this.” Her
pink-hued lips formed a small pout but the look in her eyes revealed a strength
of character that wouldn’t be shaken. “All are equal here.”

Torque stroked his cock. “I think I’m a
little more equal, in rank as well as prowess, and thus will be giving the
orders.” When the other warrior grunted, Torque cut his eyes toward him.

She reached out and traced the wide head of
his cock with her fingers, immediately snatching his attention back to her once
more. “Yes. You are quite impressive.” Another one of those sexy little smiles
he loved so much lit her face.

He stiffened but kept his fingers curled
around his shaft and continued stroking himself. A distant sound distracted
Ignore it.
Her touch felt too good to allow any intrusions. “I will
fuck you while they suck your tits. After you come with me inside you, we will
take turns fucking your pussy, ass and mouth to sate you and to stabilize your
brainwaves. We’ll use—”

“Cease the dry list of steps, warrior.
Where’s the fun? You’re making it all sound so clinical.”

“Not clinical. Necessary, as was explained
to you earlier. Though we’re unable to execute the rite using the established
techniques and equipment, there are procedures that can still be completed so
you are, at least, partially protected.” His words remained stiff. Cold even.
He feared if he shared his true feelings, he’d lose control of the situation.

“Necessity isn’t sexy.”

As he looked into her eyes, his heart urged
him to alter his tactics. It went against his nature, but he listened to the
whispers in his head. He would give her that small victory. He softened his
features and relaxed his stance, understanding that she needed to be
emotionally satisfied as well as physically sated. He allowed a smile to cross
his lips and a tender tone to enter his voice. “I’ll make it sexy for you. And
the fun will be a bonus.”

His change in demeanor seemed to please
her, for her own features softened. “Let me stoke your fire first so you are as
crazed as I.” She looked at his cock with eager anticipation. As she awaited
his response, her gaze rose and locked with his.

He enjoyed seeing her like this—wanting to
pleasure him alone. But this sexual rite was for her, not him. “I am hard
enough already to give you a shattering climax.”

“Yes, but I can turn you as needy as a
feral animal. Allow me.”

His heart thudded against his ribs.
Her plea held merit and she didn’t seem so affected sexually yet to
be beyond reason or in danger. He would very much like to see her try.

“What are your orders?” the other warrior
asked, impatience obvious from the gruff tone in his voice. He and the other
man still stood beside the bed but they hadn’t yet touched the woman. Their
eagerness to get started was palpable.

“Give her a few minutes to do as she
wishes.” Neither man issued a complaint at the order but Torque saw the
displeasure and frustration in their eyes.
Too fucking bad.
They would
wait until he said differently.

Once more, she reached out and teased the
head of his cock with her fingers. “Release yourself,” she said in a tone
worthy of any commander.

He supposed being in charge was ingrained
in her psyche. He’d indulge the order. This time. He dropped his hand from his
cock, allowing her to explore him freely.

“So thick. A true mouthful. Just what I’m
craving.” She lowered her head and her tongue eased out to taste him, gently
licking the clear drops of pre-cum from his flesh, one flick of her tongue at a

His hands clenched into fists.

She leaned down and licked the underside of
his cock, starting from just below the head and continuing down the shaft. Her
tongue dipped lower and flicked over his balls…once, twice.

Raw desire shot through his body and he
stiffened. “Fuck! You truly might make me insane,” he forced out.

She glanced up at him. “Would you like me
to put my tongue elsewhere. In your ass perhaps? I’m an expert at oral
pleasures. What I can do to a man is an incredible feeling, I’m told.”

Suddenly the idea of her sexually
pleasuring other men left a bad taste in his mouth. Today multiple men were
necessary. Men from her past, any in her present, and those destined for her
future…well, all that was about to change. He’d see to it. From here on out,
she belonged to him. “You’ll do that and more.”

Switching his thoughts from what he desired
to what needed to be done, he looked at the man to his right. “Tongue her cunt
so the tension in her nerves is released. I will monitor the effect on her
brainwaves.” He glanced down at the sensor on his wrist and made a small adjustment
to the settings. Then to the warrior on the left, he said, “Spank her ass.
Hard. Show her the warrior way of pleasure and pain.”

She looked up at him and chuckled.

He purposely narrowed his eyes as he stared
down at her. She was laughing at them? He was not used to such a response from
a woman. She held too much control. Over herself and over him. He was the one
who controlled. She would soon learn. “No more teasing. You like to use your
mouth and tongue? Use them. Suck my cock.”

Without warning, he grabbed the back of her
head. “I’m going to come down your throat and you’re going to swallow what I
give you. All of it.” He had a reputation of prowess and ejaculating massive
amounts of cum. The reputation was well earned.

His cum would protect her from certain
diseases and poisons and swallowing his semen would allow her to heal more
quickly if injured. Normally this step was not performed first but the order of
the rite was mostly tradition and switching it up would not lessen its
effectiveness. As he pulled her closer, his heart beat so hard that he thought
it would jump out of his chest.

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