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My heat was a roaring inferno. His touches, the realization that his club was no threat to me and would protect us, the way the Hounds looked to him with respect, how they had rallied to my support when they found out I was pregnant, but most especially the covetous looks of some of the club girls still gave him made me want him like no man before him. He was
and I wanted him.


He slid his hands under the cups of my bra as he teased the straps from my shoulders with his lips and tongue. I let it fall and then muscled my way out of his embrace. I turned and melted into him, kissing him with everything I had, his hands going around me and holding me tight, raising my heat even further. I broke the kiss and stepped back, all but panting in desire. We stared into each other’s eyes as I began to unbuckle his belt. Pants open, I slid them down his legs as I knelt before him. I took him into my mouth, forcing myself down his length, taking every inch and holding it there until I could suppress my gag no longer. I backed off just before I lost control, caught my breath, and dove down him again. I had eased off the last time we started making love, but tonight he was going to come before I stopped. I knew he was capable of going again if he did, and I wanted to drive him as wild as I had our first night together.


He groaned deep in his chest and I tipped my eyes up, reveling in the expression on his face. His hand went to my head, holding me in place a moment before he released his hold. I moved back, caught my breath, and went as deep as I could and still close my lips around him. I began to suck on him, my cheeks collapsing in as I gripped him tight with my lips and slowly pulled his shaft from my mouth.


“Shit… fuck,” he hissed I continued up his shaft. “Fuck, Alex. I can’t take much of that.”


I released him and took all of him again in way of answer, holding him a second, then backing off and wrapping my lips around him as I bobbed my head. I began to fondle his sack, scratching him lightly with my fingernails.


He began to puff and blow, hiss and growl, as I worked him over. “Stop or you’re going to make me come. Alex… stop. Stop…I’m going to come!”


But I didn’t stop. I doubled-down, tickling his balls as I increased the ferocity, moaning as if he tasted of the finest chocolate, trying to ratchet up the pressure on him.


“Alex!” he grunted “You’re going to make me come! I can’t hold it!”


I didn’t reduce my efforts and I felt him stiffen. I pulled him from my mouth and stroked him hard and fast until he came, his essence striking me in the chest as I cooed and purred. I rose up higher on my knees and wrapped my breasts around him, using his own ejaculate as a lubricant as I worked him through the valley.


I smiled and kissed his manhood as he twitched, gasping and hissing, while I stroked him until he finally lunged away with a gasp. “I can’t stand it anymore. Fuck!”  


“Poor baby,” I purred as I rose to my feet. I stepped in close and kissed him ferociously, pressing myself to him and smearing his semen between us. As we kissed I reached between us and took his cock into my hand and stroked him softly to keep him hard.


I pulled my lips from his and eased his head lower. “I want you,” I whispered into his ear. I stepped back and began to skin out of my pants as he sat on the bed and removed his boots and pants. I was quicker and finished before he did. As he was pulling his last leg free I pushed him back onto the bed then tugged his jeans free and cast them away. He kicked back onto the bed and I followed, mounting him as soon as he stopped moving.


I lowered myself, feeling him slide into me, the feel of him without a condom still intoxicating, and I began to move, enjoying the skin on skin contact. I closed my eyes, luxuriating in the sensations.


He had softened slightly and I was going slowly to give him time to return to full hardness, taking my time and enjoying the feel of him. When the pregnancy was over, we were going to
to find a way to have sex without using a condom, the feel of him unsheathed too exquisite to deny.


As we moved I could feel him returning to full hardness and I began to pick up the pace of my thrusts. I opened my eyes and looked at him, his face intense yet…loving? No man had ever looked at me that way.


“What are you thinking?” I whispered as I continued to move.


“How glad I am that I am with you.”


I smiled. “Me, too. Are you going to come again?”


“Maybe. Are you?”


“Oh yes,” I sighed.


He began to flex in rhythm with me, driving himself deeper into me as we moved, two becoming one. I gasped as a searing stab of pleasure rushed through me, burning along my nerves and setting me alight. He moved his hands from my side to my breasts, caressing them gently. I shivered as another wave of pleasure passed through me, my head tipping down as I breathed out in a long sigh.


“I’m going to come,” I whispered, moving faster, drawing the orgasm to me. I needed more, so I tipped forward, bracing on my hands, his arms going around me and holding me loosely in deference to my condition. “I’m going to come,” I gasped again as he began to thrust, driving into me harder and faster than I was able to, my orgasm swelling and surrounding me. I began to pant, my climax shortening my breath as it pressed in on me.


My release took me and I exhaled explosively as it burned through my body like a wildfire. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe; I could only endure until, with a gasp, it washed out of me. I sagged into him, my lips finding his by instinct as I waited for my orgasm to fully release me from its grip. We kissed sloppily, his hands tangled in my hair as mine were his. We devoured each other until I had my fill of his kiss, our bodies still but my heart racing.


I pulled back and looked into his eyes; our gazes locked until he smiled at me softly and began to move. It was going to be a long night…and I looked forward every minute of it.



Chapter 4


Cain woke me up way too early the next morning by moving about in the bed. I bitched and moaned, and tried to seduce him to get him to stay in the bed with me, but he was steadfast. He needed to talk to someone name Nicolaus, who lived in Albania, and was seven hours ahead. I didn’t even know Nicolaus, but I hated the asshole already.


I tried to go back to sleep, but having him moving about in the bath, then talking on the phone in the front of the apartment wouldn’t allow it. I finally tossed the pillow off my head and sat up, staring daggers at the closed bedroom door.


I crawled out of the bed and staggered to the shower. We had gone to bed early, but went to sleep late, and I was in no mood to be up at five fucking o’clock. I stood in the shower, the warm water pouring over me until my mood improved. I decided since I was with child, I would take a nap this afternoon to get the extra sleep I was missing. After all, who was going to call me on it?


Thirty minutes later I stepped out of the bedroom, ready except for makeup, and I couldn’t help but smile. Cain was sitting in his recliner, nude as the day he was born, talking about shipping schedules and wire transfers with someone on the phone. If they ever got one of those Dick Tracy video phone things working, Cain was going to be in trouble…unless it was a woman on the other end of the call. She might like the way he conducted business.


I sashayed over to him and sat down on the arm of his chair before I began to play with his cock, just to be mean. He slapped my hand, making me giggle and jerk my hand back, but I paused only a moment before reaching for him again. He slapped at me again, but I was ready this time, and jerked my hand away and allowed him to slap himself. I managed to get back into the bedroom before I guffawed at the look on his face when he slapped his own cock.    


When I had my laughter under control, I made our bed and wandered out of the room again. He covered himself with his free hand as he looked at me with a dramatically exaggerated look of terror that started me giggling again.


I was still getting our breakfast together when he joined me in the kitchen as he made his goodbyes. I ignored him as I finished pouring up my bowl of Raisin Bran until I heard his phone beep.


He pulled me forcibly around, staring into my eyes. “That wasn’t very nice,” he growled, his voice low and threatening.


“Well, what did you expect, you sitting there talking business in the nude like that?” I replied, not buying his tough guy act one bit. “Can’t a girl have a little fun?”


He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss. “I think you need to kiss it to make it better,” he suggested.


“Mmmm,” I purred. “Maybe I should put some Icy Hot on it to make it feel better.”


He looked stricken at the thought. “No, no, I think a kiss will do it.”


I pressed my lips firmly to my fingers then touched his flaccid member. “How’s that?”


“Well, that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but I guess that will do, if that is all I can get.”


“If it still needs it, perhaps I can kiss it tonight. How’s that?”


“I hope I can hang on until then,” he replied with grin.


“I think you are hung just fine,” I teased as I gave him a slow caress.


“You tease,” he snickered as he leaned in for another kiss.




We rolled into the clubhouse about ten. The entire club, about twenty guys, was meeting to discuss the Bulls problem. As the men talked tactics, I sat in one of the big comfortable arm chairs and fretted, staring into space as my mind conjured up all kinds of ghastly scenarios.


“You okay?” Eva asked as she sat down beside me.




She smiled. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” I looked at her like she was crazy, and she burst into laughter. “No, really.”


“How can you say that?”


“Because most of the times, these are about who has the biggest dicks. The Hounds will meet the Bulls somewhere and they will lay the law down. The Bulls will back down, and it will be over.”


“I don’t know if that is what is going to happen this time.”


“No. Probably not. Someone is going to have to pay for the killing of Sessions, John, and Boss. But if the Bulls are smart, they will give up the killer.”


“And if they don’t?”


“Then it will get ugly. But the Hounds are the baddest of the badasses. They have stomped on the Bulls so often over years that the Bulls’ old ladies give birth to babies with the Hounds boot print already imprinted on their ass.”


I smiled. “You seem to have a lot of confidence.”


“I do. It is the way of things. It has been this way for as long as anyone remembers. It’s about respect. The Hounds have earned that respect and they are going to remind the Bulls of that.”


“You seem to know a lot about it.”


Eva grinned. “I’ve been in the club almost my entire life. Thad’s old lady? She’s my mom. I grew up in this club.”


“And you’re a club girl?”


“Nothing but!” she said proudly. “Someday, one of the Hounds will make me his old lady. I was hoping it would be Cain, but…oh well,” she finished.     


“Is Thad your father?”


Eva smiled. “No. My father was a drunken bastard that used to beat my mom. Thad… explained… to him how that wasn’t nice and it would be in his best interest to disappear. He has taken care of me and Mom since.”


“Are Thad and Lilly married?”


“No. I don’t think Mom will ever marry again, but Thad has been good to us. I love him like he was my own Dad, and I would do anything to protect this club.”


“And you’re not worried that someone will get hurt?”


“Hurt? Maybe. Sometimes the other guys won’t back down and then the Hounds have to give them a beat-down. But the guys know how to take care of themselves.”


“But this is more than a beat-down, right?” I asked, trying to get my head around why Eva didn’t seem worried.


“Yeah. We’re going to fuck them up. We’re twice the size of the Bulls, plus we have the other clubs to back us up. The Bulls are in a corner. They are going to have to give up the killer or the Hounds will pull their colors.”


“Pull their colors?”


“Disband their club, whatever you want to call it.”


“Will the Bulls let them do that?”


“Let them? No. But if Thad decides that is what he is going to do, they won’t be able to stop him. To let someone take your colors is a mark of shame. They will cease to function as a club. Then they will be rogue. No place to go with no brothers to protect them.


“And if they do give up the killer?”


“Then we will take care of him.”


“And the deal with the guns?”


“I don’t know. If they give up the killer, I would guess we will take the money and probably beat the shit out of a few of them for taking us on, just to drive the point home.”


Eva wasn’t around when
Castellino and Thad reached their agreement, but I didn’t say anything. “I hope you’re right.”


She smiled at me. “Don’t worry about Cain. He’s a sweetheart, but he’s a complete badass when he wants to be. He’ll be fine. And when he gets back…” she trailed off, but fanned her face.


“What do you mean?”


“It’s about respect. The Hounds are the top dogs in Dallas. We control all the other clubs in the area. We set the limits, and all the other clubs defer to us. When they get back from putting another club that is getting uppity back into place, they are all walking ten-feet tall. Be ready because Cain is going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before. They all are going to be like that. For the next few days, we’re all, club girls and old ladies alike, going to be exhausted and sore as hell, but
is the fucking going to be good!”


I looked at her, trying to believe my ears. “You’re looking forward to this because of the sex?” I tried to keep the incredulity out of my voice, but I wasn’t sure I succeeded. “How old are you?”


“Twenty-three and, no, I am looking forward to it for some payback. The Bulls have been a pain in the ass for as long as anyone can remember. Now, finally, they are going to get what is coming to them. They’ve gone too far this time. It has nothing to do with the sex and everything to do with who we are. The Hounds are
because we deal squarely with everyone. We don’t start shit and, on occasion, other clubs have even asked us to intervene, to arbitrate, a dispute. But the Bulls? They are just a bunch of thugs and lowlifes. Everyone will be better off with them gone. And I’m glad it’s going to be us that take them down. We owe
Boss, Sessions, and John that much.”


“And who will take over from Bulls?” I asked.


“Not us. The Bulls run whores. We don’t do that.”


“I hope you’re right, Eva. I hope you’re right.”


“Don’t worry,” she said brightly. “I’ve seen this three times before. A few of the guys may come back a little beat up, but nothing much worse than that.” She grinned at me. “Then it’s the job of the women to help make them feel better.”


“And if the Bulls don’t play by the rules?”


“We’re not stupid, Alex. There’ll be guys watching. If they start something, they had better be ready to finish it.”




Eva and I were still talking when Cain appeared. I didn’t know what to make of Eva, but she was very open about the club and how it worked. Her apparent total disregard for the safety of the Hounds bothered me a little, but she mostly reinforced my opinion that the Hounds, and the rest of the clubs with the exception of the Bulls, had a certain honor among thieves mentality and they worked together to police themselves and maintain the peace between the clubs and the general population.


“Hey, Eva,” Cain said as he appeared. “You ready for some lunch?” he asked me.


“Sure. Eva was just telling me how the Hellhounds are the baddest of the badasses. You don’t seem like such a badass to me,” I teased as I rose and kissed him softly.


“Nah. We’re just a bunch of big ol’ teddy bears.”


“With teeth,” Eva interjected with a grin.


Cain made a bear face, all teeth and hands held up with fingers crooked like claws.


“Come on, Ted,” I said as I started walking toward the door.


“Yes, dear,” he said in a whiny nasally voice that made me giggle.


“Eva was telling me what was going to happen with the Bulls. She doesn’t seem to be worried, but I don’t think she knows about the deal you made with New Jersey.”


“She probably doesn't. You’re probably the only woman that does. You didn’t say anything, did you?”




“Good. Keep it that way,” he said as he started the truck.


“Okay. What are you going to do? Can you tell me?”


“I’m not supposed to…but we are going to pull their colors.”


“Eva was telling me about that. She said you would only do that if they didn’t give up the killers of the Hounds.”


“I would say that normally she would be right. But the Bulls have gone too far this time. The deal with New Jersey, killing of our brothers, the constant stirring of the shit. Thad has had it. We all have. Thad is going to check with the other clubs and see if anyone objects. Then we are going to end this, once and for all.”

BOOK: Devil's Sin
6.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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