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The woman looked at me a moment then lowered the muzzle of the gun to my stomach. “Oh, I think you will.”


I swallowed hard. “You wouldn’t dare.”


“Want to try me? I’ve got nothing to lose here, sweetheart. I know the Hounds are moving against us, but I don’t know how, when or where. You’re going to tell me.”


“I don’t know what you are talking about.”


“Oh please. I have Cain’s apartment bugged. Unfortunately the only thing you two talk about is a bunch of shit that doesn’t help me. But you said enough for me to know something is going down. Now tell me what!”


“You’re a liar!”


The woman smiled. “When it suits me. But not this time. How do you think I knew your name? Or where to find you in New Orleans? Or that we had missed you the first time?”


I thought about what she said. That would explain a lot. Cain thought they had a mole in the club, but he didn’t know who it was. It turned out it was him.


“Still don’t believe me?” the woman continued when I didn’t answer. “That was sweet of Cain to tell you that he loved you. Then you turned to such a bitch. That was some pretty hard fucking you two did last night.” She paused a moment before continuing. “So, are you going to talk, or am I going to have to kill you? But I warn you, your death will be slow and painful. And don’t bother lying. I might not know all the details, but I know enough to know if you are lying.”


“The information you sent me? Is it true?”


The woman smiled. “Every last word.”


I slumped in the seat. “What do you want to know?” I had just become a pawn in a deadly chess game…and pawns were always sacrificed for the greater good.



Chapter 8


I spilled my guts on the drive back to Dallas. I told them everything I knew, and the more I talked, the unhappier the woman became. When I finished talking, she called someone and repeated what I had told her.


“Yeah, I
we’re fucked. The question is, what are we going to do about it?” the woman snarled into the phone. “I don’t give a flying fuck! But if the Hounds have the backing of all the other clubs, there is no way out.” She paused a moment to listen. “That might work,” she said as she looked at me. “We got nothing else to bargain with, that’s for sure. Okay, yeah. See you there.”


“I told you everything I know. I’m of no more use to you.”


“That’s where you’re wrong. You’re our ace in the hole. So long as we hold you, the Hounds won’t move against us. Not if Cain wants to see his baby momma again.” The woman looked to the driver. “We’re going to the Bedbug Inn.”


Less than thirty minutes later we pulled into a rundown motel call
The Red Rug Inn.
They hustled me up to the third floor and stuffed me into a dirty room.


“Sit tight and don’t do something stupid,” the woman snarled as she shut the door behind us. “Killer here, he’s going to be right outside. If you try to run, well, let’s just say that wouldn’t be wise.” She pulled a nasty looking straight razor from her pocket and flicked it open. “After he beats the shit out of you, then fucks you, I’m going to cut your baby out. Are we clear?”


I nodded, unable to say anything.


“Good. Watch her,” the woman said to the ape as she turned toward the door. “And Boyd… don’t touch her. We need her in good shape. If the Hounds don’t come through, you can have her, okay?”


Boyd smiled. “Got it. But if she runs?”


The woman patted him on the chest. “Have fun.”




I sat and cried for a while, listening to the shrieks and moans of men and women fucking their brains out. I peeked out of the blinds, and saw that the gorilla the woman had placed on guard was propped against the rail directly in front of the door. There was no way I could get by him before he grabbed me, though I debated rushing him and trying to throw him over the railing. After thinking about it, I gave that idea up, afraid of going over the side myself.


I moved to the bath and inspected my face. There was a lot of smeared blood, but the bleeding had stopped. I picked the cleanest looking cloth and, after wetting it in the sink, cleaned my face. I had fair-sized cut on the left side of my nose, with a slightly smaller one above the eye on the same side, and another cut, smaller still, on the right side of my nose. Blood wiped away, I inspected my face and decided that the cuts would heal on their own and probably not leave a scar, though they were already sore as hell.


Three hours later, the woman returned. She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. “We’re going to make a phone call,” she said as she walked toward me, the razor coming out with a quick flick of her wrist. “You are going to talk to the Hounds. If you say even one word about where you are, I will slit your throat and they can listen to you bleed to death. Sit down,” she ordered as she gestured to the bed.


I sat, and the woman walked across the bed behind me, pressing into my back as the razor touched my throat. She held the phone and dialed. She touched the screen and I could hear the phone ringing.


“Hello? Alex?” Cain’s voice came through the phone.


“Cain?” I whimpered.


“Alex! Thank god! Are you alright?”


“Yes, but there is a woman here with a razor against my throat.”


“Has she hurt you?”


“She’s fine,” the woman said. “And she will stay that way so long as you cooperate.”


“Sloane…so help me, if you hurt her…”


“You’ll what, Cain? Kill me? That’s the plan already, isn’t it?”


“I’ll make it hurt, Sloane. I’ll make you wish you were dead.”


“Here’s the deal, Cain. You’re going to call off the wolves. It’s going to be just Bulls and Hounds…no guns. Tomorrow night, at the water treatment plant on Beltline Road. Your ten best against my ten.”


“Hounds and Bulls, doing it old school. And what of Alex?”


“She’s the prize, Cain. She’s the prize. You stick to the agreement, then she walks, win or lose.”


“Deal. Win or lose.”


“Oh, and Cain. You’re mine.”


“Looking forward to it,” he said, his voice deadly.


“As am I,” Sloane sneered.


She ended the call, but kept the razor to my neck. I said nothing, afraid the crazy bitch would cut my head off. She finally backed away.


“What’s this all about, Sloane, is it?” I asked.


“Sloane Peters. It’s about respect and taking what I want.”


“Your dad was in the Hounds?”


“Yeah. He’s the President of the Bulls, but he’s weak. He isn’t willing to do what has to be done.”


“And you are?”


“Yes. I
what I want, and I will kill anyone that gets in my way.”


“And your father approves?”


“I don’t give a
what that old fucker thinks. He may be the President, but
run this fucking club.”


“And you’re going to let me go tomorrow night?”


“Fuck no! I will deliver you there in good shape, to keep the Hounds honest, but then, after we fuck the Hounds, we’re going to fuck you, too.”


I went cold with fear but I tried to not let it show. “What do you mean?”


“I mean, when the Hounds show up, we’re going to kill every one of those fuckers. All except Cain, I think. He’s been a complete pain in my ass over this gun deal, and I have plans for him. I’m going to make him watch while my guys fuck you, one after the other, until they are used up or you’re dead.” She grinned coldly. “Boyd out there, he may not even care if you’re dead.”


I felt my blood run cold at her words. “You lying bitch,” I snarled.


“Then, I’m going to tie him down, and I’m going to fuck him while I cut him.” She flicked the razor open and then twisted it so the blade gleamed in the light from the window. “So long as he can keep it up, he will live. We’re going to fuck, in his own blood, until he dies. I’m literally going to fuck him to death.”


“You’re crazy!”


Sloane crawled back across the bed and laid the flat of the razor against my cheek as her other arm went around my chest, pulling me into her. I went stiff with fear. “No, not crazy. Mean,” she whispered into my ear. “I do it because I enjoy it. Just like I enjoyed fucking Boss as I slit his throat. He was pretty good, but not like Cain. For Cain…I want it to last, for old time’s sake.”


I wanted to spit in her face, but I was afraid of her, afraid of what she might do in a fit of rage.


“Oh? You don’t like the thought of me fucking him? Was it good for you, too?” she asked as she pulled the razor away. I refused to play her sadistic game and kept my mouth shut. “I picked him up one night at a bar and he took me back to his place. We fucked like savages. Did you know he gave me a black eye while we fucked? Not that I blame him, really, since I was trying to choke him to death at the time.”


“You lie. He wouldn’t have anything to do with some whore from the Bulls.”


“No? Of course he didn’t know who I was at the time. Seems he will stick his cock into just about anyone,” she said with a leer, and then paused as she looked at me as if I confirmed her point.


“That’s when you planted the bug.”


“That’s right. I fucked him silly and while he was sleeping, I placed a little bug just inside the bedroom door, behind the dresser. You should ask him about me sometime. Oh, wait…you can’t, because you will be dead. He must have liked it, though, because we did it twice more, just for fun. We would come out of his bedroom beat all to shit, covered in scratches and bruises. It was worth it, though. Does he still have the scars on his back from where I scratched him?”


I glared at her.


She smiled at me, the smile not touching her eyes. “He was one of the best fucks I have ever had. I like a man that isn’t afraid to get rough.”


I continued to glare at her but said nothing. “Maybe I will make you two watch each other getting fucked.” She paused as she thought it over. “Yes, I think I will. It will be interesting to see which of you dies first.”


“Fuck you, you crazy bitch. I’ll kill myself first.”


She tossed the closed razor on the bed about halfway between us, the white bone handle standing out in stark contrast to the dull red spread. “There you go. Go ahead. I’ll wait.”


I thought about going for it, but decided that I was no match for Sloane and she would kill me for sure.


“That’s what I thought.” Her phone buzzed and she pulled it out. “What? I’m fucking busy! Okay, I’ll be right there.” She looked to me. “I’ll be back later. Don’t go anywhere,” she said as she slithered off the bed, taking the razor with her.


I cursed to myself. If she had left the Razor I was going to try my luck with the gorilla at the door.




After Sloane left, I paced in my room as I listened to some bitch in the room beside me as she shrieked and screamed, begging for her john to fuck her harder as the headboard thumped against the wall. Just about the time they quit, some other harlot on the other side started. This had to be whore central, the place where the Bulls’ hookers brought their tricks.


I opened the door, but the goon was still there and he smiled at me. “Oh, please try to run,” he begged.


I left the door open a crack, just enough so I could see him standing there. If he left, I was going to make a break for it and take my chances. As I watched, I could see him slowly rubbing his cock through his pants, the screaming and moaning from the next room obviously affecting him.


I pursed my lips as I thought, looking about the room for something I could use. I picked up the lamp, hefting it my hand, before I put it down. Not heavy enough and too unwieldy. Then I picked up the alarm clock. It didn’t work, but it was one of those old radio alarm clocks, heavy and made of sturdy plastic. It was just the right thickness for a good grip and big enough to get two hands on. I yanked the plug from the wall then put the clock back the way it was.


I had to escape. I had to escape and to not only warn the Hounds, but to protect myself from being serially raped, as well. I had only one weapon I could use, so I began to undress.


I lay down on the bed, nude, and began to finger myself, watching the goon through the door. During a quiet moment, I wailed as if I was having an orgasm and I saw his head turn in my direction. I could see him peeking through the crack in the door, trying to see what I was doing. I wailed again, bucking my hips like I was fucking my brains out.


He moved off the rail, pushed opened the door, and stepped into the room. I was so scared I had almost no wetness, but I fingered myself frantically as I thrust and panted.


“I need a cock. Being pregnant makes me so horny. Please, please, fuck me,” I gasped. He hesitated so I began to move my hand again. “Please, I need your hard cock in me. Please fuck me,” I mewled squirming around on the bed. I felt ridiculous, but Boyd seemed to enjoy the show.


As he began to undressed I could tell he wasn’t a particularly bad looking guy, especially if he would wash and comb his hair. He pulled off only this pants and boots, and as his pants fell to the floor, I saw the gun inside the waistband. When he began to move toward the bed, I held up my hand.

BOOK: Devil's Sin
13.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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