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"Oh, dear Lord," she
whimpered. "Please don't stop now."

He ignored her pleading, his hand
cupping her ass, those long, strong fingers, drawing a line down the crease
between her butt cheeks to her tight round anus. He thumbed the entrance,
poking in gently. He leaned forward and licked her pussy, then swirled his
fingers in the juices and traced her asshole. "Ever been fucked in the

"No." She sucked in a
ragged breath.

"Get ready."

"Are you kidding me?"
His actions said it all. With care, he rubbed his dick against her anus,
pressing in with just the tip.

Charli's breath caught in her
throat, her muscles clenching.


"Yes. No." Sensations
tingled in her labia.

"Want me to stop?"


He eased further in.

Tight, oh so tight. Charlie
breathed in and let out a long steady breath, the pain easing as the cowboy
slid his cock further into her ass.

Holding her hip with one hand to
steady her on the mattress, he stroked her clit with the other, thrusting his
fingers into her vagina, first one, then two then three. The cowboy's cock in
her anus, plus his fingers filling her pussy sent Charlie rocketing toward
another cataclysmic orgasm. She held tight to the mattress as her body shook
with the intensity of her release. Her ankles clenched behind the stranger's
neck, holding him still as she climaxed, hot liquid easing out around his
fingers, dripping down to where his cock entered her ass.

When she settled back against the
mattress, the cowboy eased out of her, reached to the side of the pool for the
foil packet lying there. He ripped it open with his teeth, sheathed his cock
and plunged into her, fucking her until his body stiffened, his cock throbbing
inside her.

Her channel clenched around him,
moist, hot and full. God, it felt good.

 When he at last pulled free, he
let her legs drop into the water.

Charli stood on the bottom of the
pool, glad for the buoyancy of the water, knowing her knees would shake too
much to hold her at this point. "Who are you?"

"Too soon to tell,
Charli." The cowboy smiled and touched his fingers to the brim of his
Stetson, his face still fully shadowed. "Thank you kindly, ma'am."
With that, he climbed the stairs out of the pool and walked away without a
backward glance, his muscled back straight, his waist trim, his naked butt too
sexy for words.

"Hey," she called out,
glancing up at the judge's windows. She would have shouted louder, but a
movement at the curtains in an upper window sent her scurrying out of the water
and diving for the bush holding her clothing. Dread at being discovered swirled
in her stomach.

Charli ran past the houses,
clutching her jeans and T-shirt to her chest, not slowing until she found a
large forsythia bush to hide behind. There she yanked her T-shirt over her head
and shoved her damp legs into her jeans. Running barefooted, she reached her
car, jumped in and left the judge's neighborhood before the cops arrived.

Not until she was safely home,
showered and in her own bed, did her heartbeat slow and her brain reengage.

Holy shit! She'd just screwed a
stranger in Judge Stephen's swimming pool. The dull ache of having been
thoroughly fucked in the ass and the tenderness of her cunt reminded her of how
good the encounter had felt.

A shiver of excitement filled
her, making her pussy cream all over again. Maybe Temptation wasn't quite as
dull as she'd originally thought.

For the first time in months, she
looked forward to going to work the next night. Perhaps she'd see the cowboy.

Her heart skipped a beat or two
as she considered their next meeting. Would he call? Would she recognize him?
Would he dare her to play another dirty trick?


(You think?)

About Myla Jackson

Twenty years of livin’ and lovin’ on a South Texas ranch raising
horses, cattle, goats, ostriches and emus left an indelible impression on
, one she likes to instill in her red-hot stories. Myla pens wildly sexy,
fun adventures of all genres including historical westerns, medieval tales,
romantic suspense, contemporary romance and paranormal beasties of all shapes
and sexy sizes. or spending time with her family. She lives in the tree-covered
hills of Northwest Arkansas with her husband of 20+ years and her muses—the
human-wanna-be canines—Chewy and



To learn more about Myla Jackson visit her website at http://
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[email protected]
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her Yahoo! group to enter in the fun with other readers as well as Myla:
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Tricks: Two Can Play That Game

iver Bound

An Excerpt From

Two Can Play That Game


by Myla Jackson

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Sutton had sex with a man in a black cowboy hat in Judge Steven's pool and she
can't figure out who it is. Return to the Ugly Stick Saloon with Charli as she
struggles to come to grips with her dirty little tryst. Work through the clues
as she tries to discover the identity of the stranger who'd rocked her world in
the pool.


hoping for a repeat performance, she isn't disappointed when not one, but two
men in black cowboy hats waylay her on the highway home to Temptation, granting
her every woman's fantasy of having two hunky hotties at once.

Two Can Play That Game

arrived for
her shift early at the Ugly Stick Saloon, had the floors swept and mopped, the
chairs arranged and the counters spic-and-span before her boss arrived.

When Audrey Anderson walked
through the door lugging a box of whiskey, she whistled and her brows rose.
"I believe a mystery elf has been at work here."

Charli eased down off the ladder
she'd climbed to clean the old-fashioned mirror spanning the wall behind the
bar. "I had energy to burn, I thought I'd get started early."

Audrey frowned, waving a hand at
the bar’s interior. "You did all this? I'd say you had energy. Did you
sleep here?"

"No, of course not."
With a laugh, Charli relieved Audrey of her box and hurried toward the
storeroom behind the bar. She barely slept all night.

Audrey followed her into the
storeroom and leaned against the door. "Okay, spill. Who are you and where
did you hide Charli?"

Charli. The
same Charli you've seen here every day for the past two years." Charli
smiled and shifted from one foot to the other, wanting to divulge her secret
but afraid her boss would think her crazy. She wasn't ready to share what had
happened the night before. Not yet. When she'd woken this morning, she'd
pinched herself, wondering if the previous night hadn't been one elaborate and
very sexy dream.

The ache between her legs and the
rawness of her pussy reminded her the escapade had not been her imagination.
She really had been naughty with a stranger. Not only had she made love to
someone she didn't know, she'd done it in the judge's swimming pool. And, if
she was not mistaken, the judge had been watching.

A shiver of excitement rippled
across her body and moisture pooled between her legs. All of her newfound
excitement was due to a whispered dare from the man in the black cowboy hat.
He'd been at the bar the night before, watching her...listening to her
conversation with Audrey about being bored with life in Temptation, Texas.

She thought she could name all
the regular customers in the bar. Was the cowboy who'd fucked her in the
judge's pool been one of those men she saw on a regular basis? Had she
underestimated someone?

Audrey crossed both arms over her
chest. "I'm not letting you out of here until you tell me what's going
on." Her eyes narrowed.

"Nothing's going on."
Her gaze shifted high and left. She'd always been a terrible liar. "Come
on, Audrey, we have work to do. The bar opens in—"

"Thirty minutes. You have
everything done." Audrey's eyes narrowed even more until she was squinting
 at Charli. "Something’s different. You got laid, didn't you?" Her
frown cleared and a smile lit her face.

Heat spread from Charli's chest
up into her neck and face. Ah hell, not only was she a terrible liar, she'd
never been good at hiding her feelings.

"You did. I knew it."
Audrey grabbed Charli's hands and dragged her into the bar, pushing her onto a padded
stool. "Tell all."

BOOK: Dirty Tricks One Up On You html
3.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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