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The being the Committee knew as Mr. Red stood up.
“Well gentlemen, if there is nothing else, I have other business concerns.”

Everyone nodded and the screen went dark.

“Humans. They’re so easy to manipulate but oh, so
much fun.” One of his hands punched up an image of Iaido. “Except you Spartan,
you are an enigma. Once again, you have interfered in my plans. I wonder if it
is by design on my counterpart’s efforts or cosmic humor. Hmmm…”

Reluctantly, he turned his body to face the large
chessboard at his side which represented the Saturn system and removed two of
the pieces. As he contemplated his countermove, he spoke to the darkness.

“Nice move old friend but you don’t have me yet.
There are other areas where you are weak.”

Twisting his body to face a different chessboard,
an untold number of boards could be seen in the darkness.


- the end –





Another book

First and foremost,
I want to thank all of my readers out there. Even without you, I would be
writing. But knowing that I get to share them with others, makes it that much
more enjoyable.  

A little history about
and/or behind this story: I thoroughly enjoyed writing ‘The Last Spartan:
Different Paths’ but I found myself wanting to explore and develop the universe
more fully. Plus, I wanted to expand the backstory and depth of my side
characters. DJ seemed to be the right one to start with. I originally was only
planning a short story but as the tale progressed, it grew into a short novel
or long novella. Personally, I have set myself the goal of writing a novella on
each side character which will allow me to set up events needed in the main
novels which will primarily focus on Iaido’s journeys (hint: you will see the
Horus in the next novel along with several favorites from both novels).

Several of the
characters in DJ’s Mission came into being because of the first Spartan novel.
I have gotten a lot of wonderful support from the men and women I work with in
the jail. As a matter of fact, I now have a running list of people who want to
make an appearance in one of my novels. It’s kind of odd in a way but very
flattering at the same time. 

And last but not
least, once again thanks to my wife for putting up with me and supporting me in
my work, both in my day job and my hobby. I love you now and always.


Drew McCullough

December 2012







Drew and Felicia McCullough - 1996


Drew, short for Andrew, was born in
Munich, Germany while his father was stationed overseas with the US Army.
Growing up a military brat, Drew became an avid reader with Fantasy, Science
Fiction and Detective Thrillers being his favorite genres.

Drew served in the U.S. Coast Guard from
1982-88 and began training in TaeKwonDo in 1985. In 1994 he moved to Louisville,
Kentucky to open his own TKD studio and taught for 11 wonderful years where he
met and married his wife, Felicia, and gained a great step-son, John Michael.
In 2005, he closed his studio and switched careers.


He currently works as a Corrections Officer
with Louisville Metro and writes in his spare time. Unable to live on the
beach, he resides on a farm with his wife and animals: 6 cats, 3 dogs and 2



BOOK: DJ's Mission
4.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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