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Authors: Malcolm Hulke

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Doctor Who: The Sea-Devils (17 page)

BOOK: Doctor Who: The Sea-Devils
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‘He collapsed in the helicopter,’ said the Doctor, ‘that’s why I radio’d for you to have an ambulance standing by.’

The two ambulance men rushed forward to the helicopter and took their stretcher inside.

‘What about these monsters?’ Walker demanded.

‘I destroyed their base for you,’ the Doctor explained.

‘As the Master so delicately put it, I murdered them.’ ‘Excellent,’ said Walker. ‘I knew you would see it my way in the end.’

‘I did what I had to do,’ said the Doctor, ‘to prevent a war. I don’t want your thanks.’

By now the two ambulance men were coming from the helicopter carrying the stretcher. A blanket was drawn over the form on the stretcher, even covering the face. ‘He’s dead,’ said Jo, in awe, ‘the Master is dead.’

‘We were too late,’ said one of the ambulance men. ‘The doctor in the helicopter said he died of a heart attack.’

The Doctor whipped back the blanket from the stretcher. Lying there in a state of hypnosis was the petty officer navigator. He opened his eyes. ‘I must obey the Master... I must obey...’

The engine of the helicopter roared into life. The Doctor swung round to see the Master seated at the controls. The Master smiled, and gave the Doctor a wave. Then he took off, and flew away.

‘This is outrageous,’ exploded Mr. Walker. ‘We must send up fighter planes to shoot him down immediately. He must be caught at all costs!’

The Doctor tried to conceal a wry smile. ‘I don’t think it will do any good, Mr. Walker. Something tells me we are not going to see the Master again—at least, not until he wants us to.’

BOOK: Doctor Who: The Sea-Devils
12.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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