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"Damn, love. You shouldn't have dressed." I held up my phone to Tara as she exited the bathroom.


A text."

Ugh. What does it say? I don't feel like doing anything sexual."

I understand. But Steve said the chatter over your last demon domination is off the charts amazing. So, we might not want to ruin it now."


I nodded at her surprised and hopeful expression.

"So…" she nodded at the phone. "What does it say?"

I have to tie you up. Force you to orgasm."

You sound thrilled."

Well, I know you're not in the mood. So, it sort of sucks the joy out of it."

I'm sure I'll be fine once you… get started."

I let her words sink in and smiled.
"I think you're probably right."

She removed her shirt then her pajama pants and stood in only red panties. She pointed at the bed.

Um yes. Please."

She crawled on the bed and laid down like a sacrifice and I hurried to the closet and got plastic cuffs this time.

She watched as I secured her first hand to the leader on the headboard. "No silk?"

You don't like these?" I secured her ankle next, anxious to have her safely tied up.

Just…doesn't seem like your style."

I smiled and secured her second ankle.
"No. It usually isn't."

Ah." She watched as I secured her other wrist. "Special occasion?"

Yes. It is." I tightened the last cuff and sat on the bed next to her. "Very special, baby."

Oh. Celebrating?"

I stroked the pad of my finger over an erect nipple for several seconds then slid my finger to the other and did the same.
"Yes. Is your pussy hot yet?"

She answered with barely a moan.

I watched her hips undulate as I fingered her breasts. "Tell me. With words. Is it hot?"


I continued rubbing her nipples with one hand and barely touched the tip of her clit with the other.
"Is your pussy very hot?"

Yes." She gasped the word.

Tell me how hot."

Very hot." She worked her hips in little circles.


I undressed and climbed on the bed to straddle her torso. She watched as I jacked off until my cock was rock hard. I rubbed the head on her nipples.

"Your cock looks good there," she whispered.

I reached behind me and found her clit and carefully tickled the tip of it.
"Talk dirty to me."

She moaned a little, watching my cock still.
"Make me hot," she whispered. "Let me suck you. I need to suck you."

Make what hot, love?"

My pussy."

What do you want to suck?"

She licked her lips.
"Your… cock. And balls."

I groaned.
"You want to suck my balls baby?"

Yes," she gasped as I flicked her clit. "And lick it. And your ass." She thrashed her head. "Want to fuck you again."

You've been thinking about that baby? Fucking me?"

She cried out and nodded.
"Yes, yes."

You really liked it, didn't you?" I wet my finger on my cock and stroked her lips, loving the way she opened and licked with delicate little moans. "Tell me. What do you want to fuck baby."

You. Your ass. So sexy."

You like fucking my ass?" I moved so that my knees were at her armpits and stroked my cock along her cheek and chin, not letting her taste.

Yes, baby yes."

I grabbed her hair in my fist and held her head still while I stroked my cock all over her face, loving the feel of her.
"I'm going to make you suck my cock deep baby. You want that?"

Yes, yes," she whimpered.

My balls first love. You're going to suck them and lick them."

Yes. Give them to me."

She fought to lift her head and I held it down to the bed then lowered myself to her mouth. Her hot tongue and breath on my balls were…
"Fuck yes baby. I loved when you fucked my ass. Think about it all the time."

She moaned and sucked my balls gently into her mouth.

I moved down and rubbed the head of my cock on her lips. "Lick it first baby. All over the top." I hissed when her tongue flicked the slit vigorously. "Fucking yes, baby. Open for it."

She opened and I moved just the head in and out.
"Suck my head tight baby." I held her head down still, not letting her move. "Use your tongue too." I groaned when she licked my slit and sucked the head hard. "Love fucking your pretty mouth baby. Since the first day I met you, I wanted that. Did you know that?"

She answered with whimpers as I pushed my cock deeper.

"That's it baby, take me deep. Such a good girl. You're my good girl, aren't you? Always do what I say. Always trust me."

She moaned her answer all over me.

"Take it. Take it all." I pushed deeper, hissing when her teeth scraped. "Fucking love you sucking my cock."

I went until I was ready to come in her throat, fuck. I forced myself off of her and got between her legs to stroke the sensitive head softly over her open folds.
"You're still hot baby?"

Yes, yes. Touch my clit, please. Suck it. Fuck it, touch it, God anything."

I slowly worked my cock into her tight heat.
"You look so good wrapped around my cock baby. Fucking beautiful, your pussy on my cock."

Yes, Lucian."

I looked at her, working myself nice and deep before flicking my hips hard and making her cry out.

"The head of my cock feels so good deep inside you." I grabbed hold of her waist and rolled my hips.

She arched her back and thrashed her head.
"God, Lucian, baby, fuck me. Fuck me so good and hard and fast. Please."

You're begging me baby?"

Yes, yes, begging."

I moved my cock very slowly out of her then rubbed the head on her clit for several seconds.
"I want you so fucking hot baby."

I am, God, I am." She squirmed in my hands, the muscles in her arms standing out in strain.

Good baby. I like when you beg me." I slid my cock very slowly back in. And very slowly back out for several strokes on her clit with my head.

Please. Faster. Harder. Please."

I grabbed hold of her waist and gave her several ruthless pounds.


At the scream of my name, I groaned and pulled slowly out to rub leisurely circles on her clit.
"Is it aching, love? Your sweet clit?"

Fuck yes, baby please. Let me come."

No. Not yet. Not fucking yet baby."

Please. I promise to be good."

Mmmm… but you weren't very good today. Were you?"

I was good. I was. I promise."

I slid my cock slowly inside her and when I was buried deep, I pinched her clit between my fingers. She cried out with a whole body jolt, making my cock jerk hard inside her. I watched her tits heave in excitement then fell forward to suck her nipples. I pulled my cock out of her and rubbed her clit with the head again while I made love to her breasts with my lips and teeth.

"So hot, God, Lucian, so hot. Don't stop, please fucking don't stop.

Baby, I have to. You were bad."

I'm sorry, please fuck me. I'll be better."

I have to punish you love. You were so. Fucking. Bad." I said this at her mouth, nipping her lips between the words before I slid my cock inside her again. "I'm going to make you so sorry baby."

I am sorry. I promise."

I laid on her just enough to feel her body squirm with desperation then I shoved my cock deep inside her. I devoured her cries with my lips as I pounded into her in rapid succession.

"Fuck me, yes! Lucian!"

Again at the scream of my name, I stopped. Pulling slowly out, I kissed softly at her lips and drew tormenting circles on her clit with my finger.
"So hot love, I know." I kept my finger motionless on her clit for several seconds. "Move yourself on my finger. You want it. Take it."

She grunted and thrust her hips and I moved my finger out of reach when her moans peaked.
"Please, God. Lucian." I gave her pussy a firm spank and she gasped. "God yes, yes, spank me." I delivered five firm spanks to her pussy and watched her cry out and thrash. I soothed it with fluttering fingers over the swollen folds.

So close, love. I'm going to tease you with my tongue now. Lick your pretty swollen clit, and suck it, and bite it. All while I finger your tight ass. Till you're so fucking close."

God Lucian. You're supposed to force me to orgasm, I thought?"

Yes baby. I am." I laid between her legs and licked one lip then the other before sliding my tongue firmly up her slit, circling her clit. I nibbled at her folds and slid a finger inside her. God, I had never been so fucking hard in my life.

She bucked beneath my mouth and clenched my finger so tight. I used my other hand to penetrate her tight ass. I didn
't get a chance to get far before she was at the edge.

I stopped again.

She finally growled in frustration and I got up on an elbow, watching her beautiful body in its glorious sexual frustration.

I told you this was a special occasion love." I leaned and kissed at the inside of her thigh. "Not just sex. Never just sex. Always so much more with you, love. I want to teach you baby. How to have more. Do you trust me?"

She lifted her head.
"What are you talking about?"

Chapter Twelve

I got a cup of ice and sat next to a frustrated Tara. I took a cube and rubbed it on her clit, watching her face as I did.
"So hot one second. So cold the next."

She gasped as I slid the ice down her slit to her ass. I pressed it inside her and held it with my finger, pushing at it with a lapping motion.

"What do you want, Lucian?"

Did you like your father, love?"

She froze and I ignored her glare, getting another piece of ice and rubbing her nipples with it.

"I don't want to talk about that."

I know love. But I do."


The word was full of anger and I looked at her then slid my finger inside her, thrusting the tip vigorously against her core. Her brows furrowed and desire flooded her face.
"I think it's important, baby."

I took my finger out and sucked her slowly off of it.

"You're sick," she whispered.

No baby. You are."

You're the one wanting to talk about tragedy while
me. No, I'm very sure
are sick. Lucian."

I leaned to kiss her and she jerked her mouth away.
"Untie me."

I got up and fetched the computer and brought it to the bed. I showed her the screen, and pointed to her score.
"Remember the amazing score I told you about baby?"

She stared at the screen, her brows narrowing.

"Yes. Amazingly horrible, love. And do you know why? I think you do." I set the computer on the table and looked at her. "Because somebody isn't
with their issues. Love."

Her eyes flared with fury.
"Bullshit. And you know what? I don't care. That is how I deal, they can like it or not."

Well they clearly
do not
like it."

Too bad."

Well that puts us out of the race then."

Good. Untie me so I can leave and go home."

I shook my head.
"No, no. Not good." I smelled my finger and closed my eyes. "See…I want to win. Need to, actually. And I can't do that without you." The lie soured on my tongue, but I pushed through it. Nothing mattered—especially not the fucking game—without Tara whole and healthy in my future.

Well too. Fucking. Bad. Maybe you should have chosen one of your
for the job. I won't be your bitch."

I held her glare with my own.
"I intend to take your fucking denial. If I have to keep you tied all fucking day and night. I'm going to strip you down. Until you're drowning in pain and betrayal, until there is nothing but the blood in your past, and me. Saving you." I slid my finger inside her again and fingered her relentlessly until she was lost to the pleasure.

Again I sucked her off my finger.

"Don't do that again," she gasped. "Please."

Her fear stabbed me, made me fucking nauseous.
"You sound scared love."

I quit. I don't want to do this. Don't touch me. Please."

My gut tightened and I stood.
"How do you like your father, Tara? Tell me."

She shook her head.
"I don't want to talk about it."

Why not?"

I just don't."

Does it hurt too much?"

She stared at me, her jaw turning hard.
"No, it doesn't hurt at all, is that what you want? You want it to hurt? Well I'm so fucking sorry that it doesn't. It doesn't hurt. I don't care about him or my mother or you!"

I got up and went fetch her trash bag of treasures and dumped them on the bed between her legs. I lifted up the small porcelain swan and showed it to her.
"What year does this one count for?"

She glared at me then gave a shrug and smirk.

"Oh? You don't care?" I threw it against the wall and broke it. "Now you have several pieces to not care about."

I picked up the paper fan next.
"This one?"

She turned her head away.

"What year does this one stand for, love? You don't know? You don't care?"

I ripped it in half and she jerked to me.
"You cruel bastard."

Cruel? What's so cruel? You don't care about this shit!"

You have
no right
to do this!"

I have every fucking right! What about this?" I picked up the six inch ceramic dog. "Age five? Six? Three? Two?" I threw it at the wall and it shattered. "Tell me how you feel! About your

I feel
she screamed at me.

He dumped you off on the fucking
like trash! Tell me how you feel!"

Nothing! Nothing!"

And your mother? You feel nothing about your mother?"

Nothing!" Tears streamed down her face. "I don't remember her! How can I feel anything?"

What about your grandmother? You feel nothing for her? You're just going to let her rot at the nursing home now? Fuck Gramma too?"

She let out a sob.
"I'll find a way!"

You'll find a way? And what about
Tara? What happens to me? Don't you care about me?"

Untie me!" she screamed.

What about me?" I yelled back. "It's just fuck Lucian now? That it? Just fucking

I'm not killing you!"

I picked up a piece of the broken swan and swiped it across my chest.
"This is what you do to me, Tara." I raked it repeatedly across my chest. "Over. And over. And over. You cut me. You fucking
me." I wiped the blood off and showed it to her. "You fucking make me bleed!" I hit my chest several times. "Only worse, it's so much fucking worse where you hurt me! Tell me how you feel about your fucking father, Tara. How do you feel about your mother! That she
to save

Tara let out a long scream. Then drew a breath and let out another. I flew to her side and cut her free with the makeshift knife then hurried to pull her in my arms. Only I met a foot to the chest that knocked me several feet back and landed me on my ass. I coughed on the floor, fighting to get my wind. Before I knew it, she was on me, my arm bent in a way that made me roar in pain.

"Take it back!" she screamed.

I gritted my teeth, furious. Furious for her. For me, for us.

"Take it back." She pulled harder and I banged my hand on the floor.

Never!" I roared. "Fucking never taking it back."

She screamed her wail and pulled my arm until it cracked.
"I'll fucking break it! I swear it!"

Break it!" I roared back in agony. "Fucking break it! Break me! I'm yours to break, I'm fucking yours! Break me!"

A tormented wail ripped out of her and she let me go.

I slowly crawled my way to sitting, winded and holding my shoulder. She stared at me with her hand on her mouth and then lunged for me. I caught her in my embrace and held her. "Shhhh, shhhh. Oh God, fuck. I got you baby."

She screamed into my chest over and over.
"Lucian! I killed her! I killed her! My dad hated me! I killed her! He hated me, he haaaaates me!"

Shhhh, God, I love you baby. I fucking love you. Enough for all of them. I do!" I gasped the words and pressed my mouth into her hair, squeezing her tight. She pulled out of my arms and crawled to the wall and began picking up the pieces of the swan.

I hurried over and helped, my heart aching.
"Fuck baby, I'll fix this, I promise. I swear to you, it'll be better than new. I didn't want to do this."

I killed her," she wailed. "I thought she didn't love me." She sat against the wall with her head on her knees and sobbed. "Why didn't Gramma tell me she loved me? She
for me, Lucian."

Yes, she fucking did baby, of course she did, she loved you so much. More than her own life." I pulled her into my embrace and she didn't resist. "She's in you baby. You carry your mother in you. Her blood baby. You've always had her, you always will."

I'm sorry for hurting you," she wailed out. "So sorry, please forgive me." She grabbed my face and held it. "Please. I love you. I do. I love you Lucian, I love you so much I'm
That's all, I promise! I'm. So. Scared."

I kissed her like a starved man, devouring her words.
"Please, you gotta know I didn't do this for the game, baby. I did this for you. I'll quit right now, I promise you, it's not about the game, you have to believe me, please tell me you know that. I'll quit here and fucking now." The words barely made it out of my chest.

She kissed me back, frantic.
"I know it. I know it baby. I know you love me. I don't doubt it. I don't doubt it, I don't, I don't."

Thank fucking God. I rocked her and held her in my lap.
Thank you God. Thank you. Fucking thank you.

BOOK: Dom Wars Round Three
2.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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