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James Patterson
& Howard Roughan

A family under threat. A killer ready to strike.

As Peter Carlyle, a smooth-talking, super-successful lawyer, waved his family off on a sailing holiday, all they had in mind was lying back and relaxing. But when a violent storm broke out, an explosion caused the boat to vanish without a trace and the family were lost, presumed dead.

Until now. When a message in a bottle is found, it becomes apparent that there must have been at least one survivor.

The race is on to rescue the family, but does everyone looking for them really want to find them alive? Was the explosion the accident everyone assumed it to be? Survival may be the least of their concerns. In fact, being found may be the last thing they should be hoping for …

‘This gripping novel by the world’s bestselling thriller author will have you on the edge of your deckchair.’ Daily Express



9th Judgement

James Patterson
& Maxine Paetro

A disturbed killer targets San Francisco’s most innocent and vulnerable …

Sarah Wells is a normal, suburban woman. She has a husband, a job as an English teacher at the local high school, but she also has a secret … she is an expert jewel thief. While her rich victims throw parties, Sarah breaks into their homes and steals from right under their very noses.

One night, however, things go badly wrong and Casey Dowling, the wife of famous actor Marcus Dowling, is killed. Detective Lindsay Boxer is handed the case, but the identity of the elusive jewel thief is a mystery to everyone. Reporter Cindy Thomas has been following this story from the start and helps Lindsay in her investigation. However, no one is more determined to bring Casey’s killer to justice than Yuki Castellano, who knew Casey from law school.

While this investigation gets underway, another murder occurs. This time there are two victims, a mother and her baby boy, shot in broad daylight in a parking lot. Lindsay instantly becomes involved in this horrifying case and, with the help of medical examiner Claire Washburn, tries to establish the motive behind this sickening attack. The victims were shot at point-blank range, nothing was stolen, the mother wasn’t involved in anything illegal.

As more mothers are shot along with their babies, it becomes clear that a serial killer is on the rampage. But what could drive a person to murder mothers and their children in cold blood?

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James Patterson

BOOK: Don't Blink
6.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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