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By Susan X Meagher


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If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

  — Mother Teresa


Great thanks to Linda Lorenzo for sharing her wisdom.

As always, for Carrie

Chapter One

Callie heard a faint metallic squeak as the front door opened. The force used to close it was slightly more than needed, and her ears pricked as her attention focused completely on the sounds from the foyer. Automatically, she checked her watch. Marina was three hours later than scheduled—never a good omen.

Even though the foyer was thirty feet away, Callie could tell exactly what Marina was doing. First, she went through the mail, tossing each piece back onto the table if it failed to hold her interest. Then she emptied the pockets of her trench coat, dropping her keys and her change onto a silver dish placed on the table for that sole purpose. Finally, she hung her coat in the closet and started to roll her suitcase down the long hallway.

As Marina got closer, Callie rose and checked her face in the mirror, then put her hand in front of her mouth to make sure her breath was fresh. The act jolted her and she stopped to consider her behavior. When had this started? She wasn’t normally the type of woman to act like a puppy trying to please her mistress. Most people tried to figure out what pushed their lovers’ buttons and steered clear, right? But she’d never had to do that with Rob. She shrugged off the annoying thought. Maybe women were just harder to please. God knew that was one thing most men agreed on.

She went to the door of her office and smiled when she saw Marina start to make the turn to her own office. “Tough flight?”

“Always,” Marina sighed, giving her a wan smile. “The bastards are determined to make my life a living hell.” She continued into the room and Callie debated her next move. Marina always needed a wide berth when returning from a trip, and when she’d had a bad flight that berth sometimes needed to be the size of a football field. But Callie’d missed her after the week-long absence, and she had a palpable need to at least look at her carefully. So she ventured into the room, lingering near the door.

Marina started to unpack, as she always did the minute she returned home. She took out her laptop and plugged it in, then took her PDA from her purse and put it in its charger. Next a bunch of files landed on the desk, followed by receipts of all sizes and shapes. Callie knew an expense report would be finished by the time Marina went to the office the next morning. She envied her lover’s organizational skills. Marina often said that every piece of paper should be touched no more than twice, but Callie tended to nearly caress everything that came across her desk, loath to part with the slightest bit of ephemera.

“What’s up?”

Startled from her reverie, Callie knew the question wasn’t a genuine inquiry. It meant “why are you watching me?” Time to back away. But maybe… Hunger made her grumpy. It was worth a try. “Do you want a snack?”

Marina stood still for a moment, then shook her head. “Nah. It’s too late.” She zipped up her briefcase, put it by her desk, then headed towards Callie. Her suitcase rolled quietly across the carpet and, when she reached the doorway, she placed a kiss on Callie’s cheek. “Thanks for the offer, though.”

She went towards their bedroom and headed directly for her closet where Callie knew she would unpack and sort her dirty clothes into the proper hamper. She was still tempted to watch, but was out of reasons to follow her, so she asked one more time, “A piece of fruit? Cup of tea?”

“No, thanks,” Marina replied from deep in her closet. “I’m just going to unwind for a few and then head to bed. Anything on TiVo?”

“I saved the Cowboys game for you.”

“Some jerk on the plane announced the final score. Bastards lost again…at home. How do they think they’ll make the playoffs?”

Callie didn’t have an answer for that, so she treated it like the rhetorical question it was. “You probably know who won the awards, but I saved the Golden Globes. I know you like to see the plastic surgery failures.”

Marina emerged from the closet and went into the hall, giving Callie a genuine smile. “Thanks. I really do like that. That was nice of you to think of me.”

“I always think of you.” Callie extended her hand and put it on Marina’s cheek, pleased when her lover leaned into the touch.

“It’s nice to be home.” Her eyes fluttered closed and they stayed in just that position for several seconds.

It was time to make a move. She’d feel a hundred percent better after they had sex. Moving closer, Callie let her hand drop to Marina’s neck and give it a light tickle. “It’s nice to have you home.” She saw Marina’s cautious gaze momentarily travel to her hand, and when she didn’t pull away, Callie put the slightest pressure behind her touch.

Suddenly, Marina’s arms were around her and a pair of brown eyes almost touched her own. “What are you up to?” She was playful, only slightly suspicious.

“Nothin’,” Callie said, making a show of her innocence.

Marina kissed her, nearly overwhelming Callie with the force of the embrace. “I’m keeping my eye on you,” Marina growled before releasing her hold and backing into the bedroom, holding her index finger up to her own eye, then pointing it back at Callie.

Everything was good. She wasn’t all that grouchy. If she could tease, they’d have a great night. Marina kicked off her heels, then removed her jacket. Callie approached her from behind. “Let me get your necklace.”

Marina dropped her hands and let Callie slowly remove the gold chain, making sure no hair was snagged. “And your blouse,” Callie murmured, her lips close to Marina’s ear. When no protest was forthcoming, Callie unfastened the single pearl button at the back of Marina’s neck, then reached around and pulled the blouse from her lover’s pencil skirt.

Her fingers tickled across Marina’s belly and that earned her another wry smile. “What are you up to?”

“Nothing. I’m just helping you get undressed.” Her smile was guileless.

“I think you’re up to something.” Marina wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her against her body with surprising strength. Her grin took on an evil intensity that Callie loved. “I think you’re craving a good, hard fuck.” She moved her head closer to Callie’s, so close that her eyes almost crossed. She squeezed tightly, demanding, “Tell me. Tell me what you want.”

“I want a good, gentle fuck,” Callie said, unable to contain her laugh. “I’m not as tough as your usual trade.”

Marina laughed as well, releasing her hold and slapping Callie on the ass. “You’re tough enough. Let me get undressed and we’ll see how tough you are.”

Callie tingled with anticipation. She would have liked to continue to undress and tease her lover, but Marina didn’t have the patience or the interest in being seduced. She liked to get down to business, and Callie had come to believe the end result was worth the compromises she’d had to make.

She sat on the bed and watched Marina neatly and methodically remove and fold her clothing. She loved the way Marina dressed, particularly getting off on the dichotomy between her stylish business attire and her dominant personality. Marina was a true steel magnolia, tough as nails inside but lithe, graceful and very womanly outside. Looking carefully at Marina in her suit, one would think she was a high-powered executive with her mind focused on just one thing—business. But Callie knew better. She knew that her lover was a sexual dynamo with needs greater than anyone she’d ever met. Needs that probably would have been overwhelming if Marina were home for more than a week at a time…but she rarely was.

When Marina was naked, she approached Callie and loomed over her. “Take off your clothes.” It was a soft command, but she rushed to comply. “All of them. Right now.”

Callie’s skin tingled with untapped need. She was naked in moments, then sat back on the bed, looking up, waiting for instructions.

Marina reached between her legs and patted her vulva. “Did my favorite pussy get a workout when I was gone?”

Callie thought for a moment, showing her dimples while she tilted her head in a seductive way. “Twice, I think.” She spoke cautiously, wanting to get it right. “Monday and last night.”

Marina put her fingers under Callie’s chin and lifted it so their eyes met. “What did you think about?”

“You.” Callie slowly blinked her eyes, trying to look sincere.

Chuckling, Marina said, “Tell the truth.”

“I am telling the truth, about last night, at least. I thought about you and Cynthia, and I wondered what you were doing to her.”

“I could show you.” Marina grinned, showing her teeth. “But you don’t want to have a replay.”

“If it’s good I would.”

Marina jumped onto the bed and hauled Callie up to the middle of it. Then she grasped her legs and hooked them over her shoulders and knelt in front of her.

“I like it so far,” Callie said, her voice turning low and sultry.

“She’d been teasing me forever…making me crazy for her.” She flopped down onto her belly and hovered right above Callie’s vulva. “And right when I thought I was gonna get what I needed…” She grasped Callie’s legs and pushed until her knees bracketed her head, rendering her spread open and helpless. Marina bent her head and bit down hard on Callie’s leg. Marina ignored Callie’s squawks of pain and pressed her mouth between her legs, nuzzling her mouth against her.

Callie fought to break free, winding up on her side. She reached down and tenderly touched her thigh, checking for blood.

Marina lay next to her and pulled her into her arms. “It was just a love bite.”

“You could have broken the skin,” Callie grumbled. “Worse yet, she could have broken yours. If you bring home hepatitis…”

“You know I’m safe. That’s non-negotiable.” She took Callie by the chin and looked into her eyes. “Right?”

Callie nodded forcefully. “I’ve never been unsafe.”

BOOK: Doublecrossed
3.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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