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D’Elen gets real,


What a wild ride and thank you for joining me. I had so much fun with these characters and maybe someday we’ll get another peek into their lives. I see green sometime in the far off future.


I want to thank Sharon DeBruin for naming baby Jewel. I threw the baby naming contest out to the Fang Chronicles Readers Group on Facebook and told them to give me a boy or girl name. In the scene where Pepper and Tahr are discussing names, I used some of the boy names that were given in the comments. Sharon won with Jewel but she was sworn to secrecy because no one knew the child would be a girl.


For those of you who read my Fang Chronicles books, you know I love nothing more than killing off a good character. Then, we have Ashrac. There was no way I could let him go. I apologize for dragging his death out (not really) but I wanted to fit in the thoughts of each character from the previous books so it took a little longer than I planned.


From the beginning, I knew the destiny of each dragon. Sierra from Fang Chronicles was meant for Sarn, Tahr would love one of the humans in his castle, Bastian got a feisty lady, and Laryn a warrior. I also planned to answer many reader questions in Tahr’s story and hope I’ve accomplished that.


I’m hard at work on my next Completion Book written under my a.k.a. Holly S. Roberts. “Pass” is about Mick, an NBA leading scorer and Della, a college referee. I love Mick and he may be my favorite book boyfriend yet. He’s such a dream guy and his story will hopefully release in September.


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May a dragon’s heart always be yours. Peace and love,




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