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Dream a Little Dream

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Dream a Little Dream

By Amylea Lyn

Chapter One

Dr. Aiden Turner watched as one of his new patients was wheeled out of the interview room. After three hours working on the intake procedure, he felt confident in his assessment.

“Patient, one William Jeffers, suffers from severe paranoia due to a schizophrenic disorder. Diagnosed at fifty-three, after being found homeless in Deschutes County and deemed a danger to himself and others, Mr.

Jeffers was admitted to Sage View Residential Mental Health, at St. Charles Medical Center, in the spring of 2007. From there patient was transferred to the current facility, Willow Springs Hospital. Mr. Jeffers is prescribed 30mg of Thorazine up to twice daily as needed, along with 15mg of Risperdal prescribed twice daily in the mornings and evenings. Further evaluation is needed to determine whether medication levels will remain or should be lowered during the following weeks.”

Shutting off the tape recorder, Aiden took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose with a sigh. Packing up his recorder and miscellaneous papers, he headed out of the room and back toward his office.

This was the fourth patient of the day, his first intake of that week, and he still had one more to go; was it only Monday? Luckily, the next would be the last one for the day. He was dead tired, and the mental stress of treating
Dream a Little Dream - 3

these patients and their disorders was starting to get to him in the worst way.

After graduating from Oregon State University in ’04, a young, and naive Aiden Turner took his newly awarded doctorate in psychiatry and applied for a job at Willow Springs Mental Hospital on the outskirts of Portland.

Wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, and not just stand on the sidelines doing diagnosis from afar, Aiden had been sure that working in the well-known hospital was a way to get the experience he desired in the field he had come to love.

So here he was, almost five years later, and the thirty-two-year-old doctor had definitely received a reality check.

“Five years of fighting for the health and sanity of the people stuck here and what do I have to show for it? Not a damn thing!” Aiden grumbled as he passed by an orderly doing rounds. The man looked at him

questioningly, but Aiden ignored him. He just rolled his eyes and continued on, lost in his morose thoughts.

Very few patients brought into Willow Springs ever improved enough to function properly in modern society. And those who did, more often than not, ended up returning. It was a vicious cycle of never ending treatment, with no end in sight. It was starting to wear on the moral sense of his Hippocratic Oath to treat those who needed it. One patient in particular was causing him to doubt himself. For a little over a month, he had been struggling with his feelings of inadequacy. He was getting tired; starting to dread going to work and seeing his patients every day.

Dream a Little Dream - 4

It made him feel like a failure.

“Dr. Turner?” His assistant’s voice broke into his thoughts over the intercom, making him jump. He hadn’t even noticed that he was back in his office.

“There’s a call for you on line three. It’s Officer Blackthorn.”

Aiden smiled, feeling his bad mood fading away at the mention of the caller.

“Thanks, Megan. I’ll take it now,” he said, letting go of the intercom button and picking up his phone. The light indicating line three was on hold, flashing away. Hitting it, he leaned back in his chair and grinned. “Officer Blackthorn, how can I be of service today?”

A low chuckle sounded over the phone, so deep Aiden could feel it rumble in his chest, and his prick jerked in reaction.

“Now that is a loaded question, baby. You almost done for the day?” Officer Jacob Blackthorn, Aiden’s lover for the past few years, asked.

Aiden sighed. “Soon,” he said. “One more patient intake and I should be done for the day.”

There was a pause on the other end, then Jake spoke, his voice was soft and serious. “Are you okay, baby? You sound tired.”

Aiden sighed again. After more than six years together, it was nearly impossible for him to hide anything from
Dream a Little Dream - 5

his lover. Jake knew him better than he knew himself sometimes.

“No, I’m fine. Had another session with the Sumner boy again this morning, and it’s thrown my whole day off.”


Ah, indeed.

The Sumner boy was Cael Sumner. Orphaned at seven, the now eighteen-year-old was considered a runaway from his foster home in Montana. That much they knew.

How he had managed to get all the way to Portland was a mystery.

Found wandering the streets of downtown Portland a little over a month ago, Cael was pretty as a china doll.

With his small frame, chin length white-blonde hair, and violet-blue eyes, he had an air of innocence to him that brought predators of all kinds out to sniff at the fresh meat.

So far, Cael was a conundrum that Aiden just couldn’t solve.

Admitted for his lack of responsiveness to most outer stimulation, Cael had originally been put in the county hospital. After no improvement was found, he came here, becoming Aiden’s patient. As the kid was legally able to leave at any point, the courts had ordered a probationary observation period. On meds for

depression and a low dosage for anxiety, Cael refused to come out of his shell. Meeting in private therapy sessions twice a week, plus one weekly group therapy,
Dream a Little Dream - 6

Aiden had had no luck getting through to the silent young man.

And the observation period was almost up.

It was driving him damn near batty himself.

“I just don’t know what to do, Jake. The other doctors on staff and I have exhausted all other options. I know I shouldn’t be talking with you about this but I just don’t know what else to do!” Aiden sighed. “Physically, there is nothing wrong with the kid, but I can’t even begin to crack his shields to figure him out mentally. All he does is draw in a damn sketchbook, but what I don’t even know. He hides the damn pictures somewhere, and nobody on the staff has been able to find them. How am I supposed to treat someone I can’t even get to talk to me?” Aiden asked in exasperation.

“I don’t know, Aiden, but if anyone can figure out how to get through to the kid, it’s going to be you,” Jake replied, steadfast as ever.

“Yeah, thanks love,” Aiden sighed. Sitting up, he ran a hand through his hair, noting half consciously that he needed a hair cut. He was starting to feel shaggy. “I’m sure you didn’t call to ask about my patients, babe. What else is going on?”

“Just wanted to know if you wanted to go out tonight?

Maybe some dinner, then some dancing down at the Rumble Room?” Jake said, and Aiden could hear him smiling over the phone.

“Really?” Aiden asked, nearly bouncing out of his chair.

Dream a Little Dream - 7

“I’d love to! What time did you want to go?” Had someone walked into the room at that very moment, they might have wondered why the hospitals head psychiatrist was doing the snoopy dance, but Aiden didn’t give a hoot. Dancing with Jake was always a good time and just the thing to turn his day around.

“Well, my shift gets done at six, so how about seven?

Can you be home by then?”

“Just let someone try to stop me!” Aiden said with a laugh. It wasn’t very often that Jake agreed to go out dancing with him. His lover often claimed as a cop, Jake was too manly for something like that. Secretly, though, Aiden was sure Jake loved it more than he did.

“I’ll be off as soon as I can,” Aiden said.

“Alright then, I’ll meet you at the house. Later, baby,”

Jake replied.

“Bye, Jake. Love you!”

Hanging up, Aiden felt almost giddy. Fully reenergized after the brief conversation, he felt ready to take on anything.

Speaking of… He punched the button on his phone to activate the intercom.

“Megan, can you send Mr. Cline in for me?”


Parking his gray Saturn in the driveway and hurrying up
Dream a Little Dream - 8

the front walk to the cute white and blue bungalow he and Jake shared, Aiden glanced at his watch. Only ten minutes late; not too bad for him. Usually he was at least twenty.

“Jake?” Aiden called out as he opened the front door.


That was weird; Jake’s old Jeep was sitting out in the front drive, so he had to be here somewhere.

Aiden meandered his way into the kitchen and took a bottle of water out of the fridge, guzzling half before setting it down next to his briefcase. It was only then that he heard the water in the upstairs bathroom going.

A wicked smile crossed Aiden’s face as a devious thought entered his mind. Trying to stay as quiet as he could, he tip-toed up the stairs and down the hall.

Stopping outside the bathroom door, Aiden listened to his lover as Jake hummed softly under the water.

Stripping his clothes off right there in the hall, Aiden then quickly opened the bathroom door and slipped in, trying to let as little of the steam out as he could.

The vision of the wet God before him made his mouth water.

Tall, at nearly six-three, his lover stood three whole inches above him. Long, black hair fell down the middle of his back, just past his shoulder blades, Jake’s one indulgence in vanity. Other than the hair, Jake was ruggedly masculine. His Native American heritage gave him strong facial features, like his chin, nose, and
Dream a Little Dream - 9

cheekbones, while leaving his lips deliciously soft and full. He was muscled from his long hours working out in their home gym in the basement, and even longer hours working for the Portland PD, but not so much that he was some hulking ogre. It was all perfectly proportioned to his frame. He wasn’t very hairy; where Aiden had a light sprinkling of hair on his own chest, Jake was wonderfully sparse in that department. It didn’t make his lover look any less masculine, in fact, it only added to his rugged beauty by leaving his body open for inspection. At twenty-nine, Jacob Blackthorn was a gay man’s wet dream come true.

Aiden watched in silence as Jake picked up the bar of soap and began to clean his chest, paying close attention to his tiny, brown nipples that instantly hardened.

Slowly, those long fingered hands that always brought Aiden so much pleasure trailed down Jacob's chest to wrap around the large, uncut cock hanging down between strong thighs.

Jake moaned. Aiden shuddered and closed his eyes, imagining that he was the one stroking that hard cock, kneeling down to take it in his mouth, gasping as Jake fucked his face with abandon 'til his lover exploded down Aiden's throat in a creamy, salty mix…

“You going to stand there all night, baby, or are you going to come help me?” Jake’s voice cut into Aiden’s erotic musings. Snapping his eyes open, Aiden stared into dark, humorous eyes.

Grinning sheepishly, Aiden opened the shower door and stepped into the waiting arms of his lover.

Dream a Little Dream - 10

“How did you know it was me?” Aiden asked, taking Jake's hard cock into his hand and stroking gently.

“Didn’t,” Jake grunted, thrusting into the tight channel of Aiden’s fist. “Was hoping it was you. I could hear panting over the sound of the shower.” Jake laughed, and in retaliation Aiden did just as he had imagined doing, squatting down and sucking the ruddy cock deep in his throat.

Jake’s laugh turned into a long groan as he tunneled his fingers into Aiden’s wet hair and hung onto for dear life.

“Fucking A, baby!”

Aiden just grinned and sucked harder. He loved the way Jake whimpered as he tried to hold himself back, but Aiden wasn’t having any of it. Gripping Jake’s hips, he forced his love to thrust deeper, humming happily when Jake complied. Tracing a finger between the two rock hard cheeks of muscle, he massaged the tight, puckered opening he called his, before slipping his finger in, eerily pegging his lover’s prostate on the first try.

Jake cried out, his grip on Aiden’s hair tightening painfully as he shuddered through his orgasm. Waiting until the cock in his mouth softened before releasing it, Aiden stood up to cuddle close as Jake slumped against the shower wall.

“Please, Jake, I need. Please, love…” Aiden whimpered, pressing close and rubbing his aching erection on his lover’s hip. Jake reached down one large hand to wrap around his cock as Aiden cried out, too close to the edge
Dream a Little Dream - 11

BOOK: DreamALittleDream
10.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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