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Sex for blood—blood for sex—a wickedly dangerous game when your soul is the prize!
Angel’s arrival on Dunalino creates quite a stir. As Savaant’s chosen one, her blood is highly sought after for the high it delivers. Her scent has become irresistible to all men. The threat escalates when other males seek to steal a taste of her sensual blood. They long to experience the intense orgasm said to accompany a stolen blood-bite from the woman in the legend.
Let the games being. Can Angel wriggle her way out of a game of blood-bites? Will trust in her newfound love be enough to save her? Or will a cunning male seal her fate before Savaant is able to find her?
Warning: This book contains group sex and light drug use.

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Dream Keeper

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Cover art by Martine Jardin

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Storm Savage

To my readers, all the books are for you.

For Austin and Crocket…I miss you more than words can say.

Special thank you to Nash who is still my constant in life, I love you buddy.

Chapter One

After leaving the studio, he’d taken her back to the hotel, helped her pack, then suggested she check out. They rode by limousine to a private airstrip where the band was preparing to make way for Dunalino. She was excited about moving to his private tropical island yet nervous, too.

Angel eyed the small jet with apprehension. It perched on the runway in the dark like a giant bird waiting to take flight. Her first flying experience had been quite a rush and the jumbo jet had felt sturdy. But this aircraft, as sturdy as it might be, seemed rather small for such a long trip.
What if it runs out of fuel?

She knew next to nothing about machines. Nevertheless, Savaant had obviously made the trip before and she did trust him. The flight crew finished their inspection, then boarded the aircraft. A knot in her stomach began to form as he led her closer.
I can’t get on. That plane is too small. It’s still a baby!
She didn’t realize her pace had slowed until he gave her a gentle slap on the behind.

“No worries, love, get your fine arse on there,” he said with a laugh in his silky British accent. With one arm draped casually over her shoulders and her carry-on bag in his free hand, he ushered her toward the plane.

She sucked in a calming breath as they climbed the metal steps. Her gaze darted nervously behind them when the ground attendants took the stairs away.
The oval door closed and locked. Her breathing quickened as she struggled to overcome her anxiety. Once inside, she saw the entire band sitting with their girlfriends in seats facing inward that bordered both sides of a center aisle.

Smaller than the commercial jet she’d ridden to LA, yet well equipped for comfort, the interior had a casual feel with a mini bar in the front corner, oversized love-sacks nonchalantly strewn about on the floor and a projection TV mounted to the rear wall.
Quite impressive! Perhaps this won’t be so bad.

“Hey, Angel baby,” Blade said in greeting. “You decided to come after all. Thought maybe you’d chicken out. Think you can hold your own with us seasoned rock and rollers?” He raked one hand through a mop of straight, dark blond hair. It hung in long lank strands not stylish layers as Savvant's.

Great, as if I’m not already on edge
. She forced a smug grin in spite of her nervousness. He infuriated her, yet at the same time had begun to grow on her just a bit. Straightforward and arrogant as hell, Blade still carried a unique charisma that justified his reputation as a ladies’ man.

“I’ll do my best, Blade. I might surprise you. I’ve had tougher men than you for dinner.”

He gave her a studious look with icy green eyes. Her continual comebacks to his taunts seemed to pique his curiosity. “So you think you’re tougher than that little-miss-innocent-face lets on?”


“Savaant has chosen well the woman to be his
Senhora Do Sangue
.” He smirked. “That luscious body and fresh blood…I felt my cock rise to attention at the notion of having a taste.”

She glanced at his crotch. “Hm…not very impressive, don’t get your hopes up.”

He grimaced as if wounded and sat back with narrowed eyes.

Savaant laughed, then introduced her to the other women as everyone buckled into their seats. Each greeted her politely but with some open reserve, unable to hide their slight jealousy over the newcomer.

Blade’s girlfriend looked her over. “Don’t mind him, sugar. His ego has swelled from the many women who throw themselves at him.”

Feeling their eyes upon her, Angel pretended not to notice and leaned back in her seat. The plane had begun to taxi. Within minutes she felt the odd sensation of being catapulted into the air.

“Relax,” Savaant murmured, feeling her nails dig into his palm.

“First time flying?” Blade asked. “How the hell did you make it all the way to LA?”

Not feeling obligated to explain her jitters or that this was only her second experience traveling by plane, Angel gave him a demure smile, determined to thwart his attempts to expose her naivety. “I hijacked a bus.”

Everyone laughed, but not
her. She watched as they directed teasing glances at Blade. They appeared to like her unexpected wit.

“She’s too cute,” Sage said to Blade. “We must have her over to our villa for some fun.”

Blade nodded with an agreeable smile. “If we can tear her away from Savaant.”

Savaant smiled with satisfaction, seemingly pleased with the way things were shaping up. “There will be no tearing her away from Savaant,” he said lightheartedly.

Sage looked up with a wrinkled brow. “Aw, Savaant, you used to play. Be a good sport.”

“Sorry, I’ve waited too bloody long to risk losing her now. And I’m not feeling inclined to share. Perhaps Angel will choose you as her handmaiden for the ritual.”

“Surely you will share this lovely treasure with me,” Sage persisted with undeniable charm.

Savaant cast a spirited wink at Angel. “I’ll let her decide.”

She gazed around with interest, listening to the talk over her and the ritual. She began to understand Blade’s undertone when he’d challenged her ability to hold her own on Dunalino. It seemed that her greatest challenges still lay ahead. She hoped to prevail and make Savaant proud.

Stealing a subtle look at the petite Sage, she admired her polished beauty. The woman’s shoulder length, pale-blonde hair was perfectly straight. She had large, cat-like green eyes and her full lips were heavily coated in pale pink lip color. She was thin like a model, wearing a gossamer cropped top that contoured her perfectly shaped breasts and revealed her flat, tanned stomach. A belly button ring sported a shimmering jewel and she wore a thin rope chain around her waist that hung low, just above the waistline of her flimsy miniskirt.

An unexpected wave of insecurity washed over her as she considered the tropical beauties that must live on Dunalino. No doubt many had cast their eyes upon Savaant and would not welcome his new woman with open arms. She’d read stories about rock star groupies and how vicious they could be when competing for the same man.

Once in the air, Savaant brought them drinks from the bar, offering her a rum and Coke. Everyone left their seats to relax in the huge love-sacks scattered about. He pulled her onto his lap as they snuggled into a furry oversized beanbag chair off to the side for a little privacy.

Discreetly she studied the other two women. Ciara and Kacie sat across the aisle chatting with their respective boyfriends, Reece and Miles. Both ladies were beautiful, dressed in skirts and skimpy tops with plenty of bling dangling from their thin, seemingly flawless bodies. Their refined appearance made her feel out of place dressed in Savaant’s stage clothes.

Ciara’s short red hair enhanced her lovely amber-colored eyes. She and Reece made a striking couple, as did Blade and Sage. While sipping her rum and Coke, she secretly observed Kacie. With a more exotic and natural appearance, she didn’t carry the flash as the other two. Quietly nestled against Miles, her long black hair hung down her back in a tight braid. Her dark skin and deep brown eyes led her to believe Kacie might be Native American. Their eyes met when Kacie glanced over. For a moment she felt awkward, having been caught staring.

However, Kacie smiled warmly and scooted across the floor. “I’m glad Savaant finally found true love. Now the family will be complete again.”

“Again?” Angel lifted a curious brow.

“Yes. His wife divorced him after we learned about the whole blood-dragon ordeal. She wanted no part of it.”

“Kacie…” Savaant shot her a perturbed look.

“She was going to find out anyway,” Kacie argued.

“I’ve already given her more than enough to digest. She doesn’t need overburdened with my past personal life, which by the way, is of no importance to me anymore.”

“I can handle it.” Angel gave his hand a gentle squeeze. “I want to know everything about you.”

He stared at her for a moment, then a warm smile relaxed his handsome face and he nodded, so Kacie continued.

“It’s not much more than you probably already know. Savaant’s wife refused to let him bite her, which rendered him…um…impotent. All the men suffered nearly the same after-effects following the attack, including loss of virility. They were quite ill for many weeks afterward. When they recovered, the bizarre cravings began. It was by pure accident we discovered that by letting them bite our necks, we restored their virility. Months of abstinence can drive you to venture into the unknown.”

That’s an understatement! Angel thought. Forty-eighty years of virginity had flung her straight into the arms of Savaant without hesitation or questions over his actions. She’d succumbed to his seduction and accepted his bite without a second thought.

Gradually the others slid their cushy seats closer, forming a half circle around her and Savaant.

She listened intently as Kacie went on.

“He could’ve had any woman on the island. But after Paula left, he decided to go off in search of answers. He blamed himself for our affliction. Almost a year later he finally returned and told us the story of Nahtosha. Also, that only a pure woman could ease his suffering—a very special lady willing to take his fate unto her own. Such a woman would have to love him with all of her heart.” She paused as if she’d just posed a challenge.

Angel sensed a peculiar aura in that brief moment of silence as if they were expecting her to falter. “His search is over.” She gazed up at Savaant who gave her a sexy wink. “I love him with all my soul.”

Kacie smiled then added, “Savaant’s scar is the only one that wouldn’t fade. As the object of Nahtosha’s revenge, he has endured the most torment. We’ve been waiting a long time for him to find the right woman.”

“Yes,” Blade added. “A very long time indeed.”

Angel remained on the quiet side. Unsure of how many details Savaant had released, she didn’t want to risk exposing whatever facts he’d chosen to keep secret. She noticed all three women had similar marks on their necks, some looked fresher than others.

“All the females on Dunalino are marked.” Kacie obviously noticed Angel subtly checking them out. “We are never forced to do anything but there are two requirements to obtaining citizenship. If a woman wants to stay on the island, she must accept a mate
his bite or is asked to leave. After that, she may stay forever and enjoy all the perks even if she never bites him back. She must always allow her mate to feed. But if she decides the island life is not for her, she’s free to leave. Nobody is forced to stay because it’s a privilege to live there.”

BOOK: DreamKeeper
5.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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