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By the time the two men caught Herman and calmed the dogs down, Amos and Dunc were safely hidden behind some boxes in the back of the panel truck.

While the two men were loading the dog cages into the truck, Dunc recognized one of their voices. It was the phony Dr. Keene’s.

“Never mind how that cat got in there. Let’s get the rest of the dogs and get out of here. The judge is expecting us.”

“Did you hear that, Amos?” Dunc whispered. “I told you this was big. Even the judge is in on it.”

“I coulda guessed,” Amos whispered back.

The two men stacked the cages of the remaining dogs in the truck and bolted the door with a grinding clang.

The truck started moving.

It was completely dark in the back of the truck. Amos held his hand up close to his face. He couldn’t see it.



“Nothing. I was just making sure you were still here.”

“Where else would I be?”


“What is it this time?”

“How long do you think we’ve been riding around back here?”

“About an hour or so.”

Amos took in that information and sat quietly in the darkness for a few moments.



“What if they don’t stop? I mean, what if they decide to keep driving—say, to Mexico?”

Dunc stretched his legs as far as he could in the small space they had. “They won’t. We turned onto a gravel road about fifteen minutes ago. That means we’re headed for the country.”

The truck bounced along on the bumpy dirt road. It hit a pothole, and all of the boxes and cages slid over to Amos’s side.

“What’s in these boxes? I can’t move them.”

Dunc felt around on the top of one. He found a loose board and pulled. A soft wet nose found his hand.

“Dogs. It’s more dogs. They must have brought the ones from Doc Woods’s house too.”

“You don’t suppose …” Amos felt
around the other crates until he reached a loose board. The dog inside snarled and snapped at his hand.

“Just my luck. It’s Scruff.”

The truck lurched to a stop. Amos bounced off the side and landed seat-first on top of Scruff’s box.

Scruff grabbed a mouthful of Amos’s rear end.


The truck doors flew open. The driver held a spotlight on them.

“What’s going on back here?” Dr. Keene and the driver stared at them. The fake doctor stepped up in the truck. “I know you boys. You work down at the pound.”

“Yes, sir.” Dunc moved forward and tried to cover. “And that’s exactly why we’re here. You see, we believe in the personal touch. We always travel to the first home of each and every dog that leaves the pound. We feel we owe it to the animals to make sure they get a good home with—”

The other man reached for Dunc. “Get
out of there, squirt. You too.” He motioned for Amos to follow. “The boss ain’t gonna be too happy about this.”

“What is it that I won’t be happy about?”

The boys turned.

It was Ms. Craig from the pound. Sort of—only she didn’t wear glasses, and her hair wasn’t gray. Instead she had long blond hair and wore an evening gown. She had big diamond rings on every finger.

“Them.” The man pointed to Dunc and Amos. “We got ourselves some stowaways, Ms. Van Buren. What you want I should do with ’em?”

Dunc didn’t give her a chance to answer. He reached for the latch of the nearest cage. A big dog lunged for his freedom, barely missing Ms. Van Buren when he hit the ground.

Amos joined in. They unlatched cage after cage until every dog in the truck was free.

“Catch them! Catch my dogs!” Ms. Van Buren screamed and ran after the escaping
dogs in her high heels. “My precious dogs. Stop them!”

From out of nowhere the police appeared. A squad car blocked the exit, and five uniformed officers grabbed the driver and Ms. Van Buren and placed them under arrest.

Amos jumped down from the back of the truck. “Boy, are we glad to see you guys.” He pointed at Dr. Keene. “While you’re at it, arrest him too. He’s in on this up to his eyebrows.”

“I’ll decide who to arrest around here.” The door of one of the police cars opened. Judge Simmons stepped out. He pointed a long bony finger directly at Dunc and Amos. “Officers, arrest those two.”

Amos sat on the floor in Dunc’s room with his chin in his hand. “What a rip-off. The first time I’ve ever been arrested, and they didn’t even fingerprint me.”

“That’s because technically we were never really under arrest.” Dunc sat down beside him. “The judge only said that because you were about to blow Officer Keene’s cover.”

“I’m still not sure I understand why he was impersonating a veterinarian anyway.”

“Like the judge said, he pretended to be
a doctor so he could get inside Ms. Van Buren’s organization. He found out she raises show dogs and was so anxious to own winners that she hired people to steal dogs for her. She used the city pound as a holding place until she could transport them to her kennel in the country.”

Amos frowned. “How did Doc Woods fit into all this?”

“Since he’s a real veterinarian, Officer Keene went to him for advice. He needed to find out what kinds of dogs Ms. Van Buren would be interested in.”

“I’m glad he wasn’t a criminal.” Amos stood up. “Well, I guess it’s time.”

Dunc looked at his watch. “Yeah. We better get down there.”

“I still don’t think the judge should have sentenced us if we weren’t ever really arrested.”

“I guess he got upset because we showed up at the raid last night and things started moving a little faster than they planned.”

“A little?”

“Okay, a lot. But two months’ community service at the dog pound won’t hurt us. My dad says it will mold our characters.”

“My dad said something different, but I can’t repeat it.” Amos stretched. “I just wish the judge hadn’t told Fifi’s owner that we wanted to donate all the reward money to the city pound. I had my eye on something special for Melissa down at Wilson’s jewelry store.”

“A ring?”

“No. Something better. I found these imitation gold earrings with the initial
on them. She would have loved them.”

“Don’t worry, Amos, I have just the thing to take our minds off our problems. I heard about a robbery at one of the ware-houses down at the waterfront. While we’re at the pound, we can be working on a plan to catch the crooks.”

“Forget it.”

“But, Amos, this one is really interesting. The only thing the thief stole was a case of shaving cream. We could—”

“Forget it.” Amos moved to the door.

“—get these fake beards, and—”

Amos started running. He slid down the stair railing and flew out the front door.

“Amos?” Dunc looked out the door a moment and shrugged and smiled. “He’ll come around—he always does.”

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BOOK: Dunc and Amos Go to the Dogs
13.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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