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Embracing the Fall

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Lainey Reese

Copyright © 2014 by Lainey Reese

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Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by
the author.

Note from the author:

The following story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations
including F/M/F, BDSM elements and explicit sex scenes. It is intended for adult readers.


Cover design by: Regina Wamba,
Mae I Design

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For my sister.

Rachel, you know me better than any person on this planet. We fought like wet cats,
we laughed like drunken fools and we cried together like ... well, like sisters. There
will never be anyone who means to me what you do, who can fill that place in my heart;
it’s yours Rach and always will be. I love you.


Special thanks to the Dom who provided me with insight and the pleasure of your experience
to enhance the detail and realism in my writing … I am grateful, Sir.

October, seven years ago, Washington State University

“Oh. My. God!” Ziporah squealed as only an eighteen-year-old college freshman on date
night could squeal. “Cami, you look so freakin’ hot! You are going to knock this guy’s
socks off.”

Cami turned a lovely pink and smiled at her as she executed a quick turn. She was
dressed in a white linen dress that sported a delicate floral pattern, fluttery cap
sleeves and complimented the curvy blonde’s figure beautifully. She was soft and round
in all the right places, and Ziporah, who was normally perfectly happy with her own
svelte figure, allowed herself a sigh of envy. “Honestly, Cami, what I wouldn’t give
for a rack like that.”

The rack in question was partially on display and flushed a becoming pink at the comment.
“Wow, Z,” Cami stammered, covering her chest with hands that shook just a little.
“Should I wear a sweater? Do you think it’s too low?”

Z laughed. “No, you idiot. It’s not too low, and if you try to hide under one of those
god awful bulky sweaters, I swear I’m going to burn them all.”

Ziporah walked up to Cami and turned her to face the mirror they had hung on the back
of the bathroom door in their dorm room. She slid her fingers through the thick honey-hued
curls before resting her chin on her roomie’s shoulder. “You are stunning. You are
Aphrodite and Venus and Marilyn Monroe and every other sex goddess there is. And you
don’t have to hide. You’re beautiful and smart and funny, and if this guy has half
a red blood cell in his body, he’s going to be on his knees and following you around
like a puppy dog for the rest of his life.” Her slender tan arms wrapped around Cami
from behind and gave her a big squeeze.

“Not likely,” Cami retorted. “You’ve seen him. He has a lot of girls that he dates.
He’s not the settle down type.”

“Not yet he isn’t.” Z agreed. The guy was all rough and tumble sports hero, and Z
knew his air of wild recklessness was part of the draw for her friend. She had quickly
learned that Cami only had eyes for the boys that were a little rough around the edges.
“But one date with you and he’ll be a goner for sure.”

The two had only been roommates since the end of August, right before registration.
Even so, before the first box had been unpacked, they were friends. They had made
an instant and deep connection that made them feel like they’d known each other their
entire lives.

They were complete opposites. Ziporah was pre-law, while Cami was studying music.
Cami was a soft, round, blonde from a small town and shy to the point of phobic.

Ziporah was a tall, slender, brunette raised in wealth and privilege. She had what
her half Jewish grandmother had called
, and she had it in spades.

The differences in each other delighted and drew the other, and the two of them were
inseparable from day one. They squabbled over little things like Z’s messiness and
Cami’s need for a minimum of ten hours of sleep. They texted during their classes,
took all of their meals together and never questioned the bond that they felt would
last for the rest of their lives.

“I still can’t believe I’m going on a date with him. I’m so nervous, I think I’m gonna
boot.” Cami’s hand fluttered to her tummy and held there.

“Don’t you dare”, Z admonished with a scowl. She knew from firsthand experience that
was no empty threat. Cami’s shyness and nerves had shown themselves in just such a
revolting way more than once in these last months. “You got nothing to worry about.
This guy is H. O. T. and he looks at you like you were made of candy.”

Z gave her a wicked smile. “Speaking of which ... are you gonna let him have a lick?
Or a bite?”

Cami’s blush got brighter and she shoved away from Z with a grunt and an exasperated

“Hey, just because you’re a ho-bag, don’t try to make me one, too,” she grumbled without

“At least I’m not a dried-up old spinster at only eighteen.” When Z, who had lost
her virginity to the captain of the football team behind the bleachers at sixteen,
the way all good cheerleaders should, found out that Cami had been so shy she’d barely
let boys kiss her, she made it her mission in life to get her friend laid.

Just as Cami opened her mouth to retort, there was a knock at the door and her mouth
closed with an audible pop.

Z gave Cami’s hair a final fluff and a wink to bolster her, and then turned to open
the door. Mark Wahlberg stood on the other side. Not as cute as the movie star he
shared the name with, but definitely cute. Blond, wavy hair. Blue eyes. A perfect
melt-your-heart smile with straight white teeth, and since he was here on a wrestling
scholarship, covered in muscles that made both teenaged girls’ hearts flutter.

Z cocked her hip and put a hand on it for show as she sighed, “Oh, the babies you
two would make.”

“Z!” Cami turned fire engine red and smacked her nearest and dearest in the arm so
hard she almost toppled over. Z laughed and rubbed her arm. “Just sayin’. Sheesh.”

Mark laughed quietly. “She doesn’t bother me, Cami. You look great.” He smiled slowly
at her and sent her an equally slow wink. Z snickered as she watched the effect it
had on her friend. She seemed to melt where she stood, then smoothed her skirt and
headed toward the door. Z laughed like a loon when Cami whispered, “Maybe just one
bite”, as she passed her on the way.

BOOK: Embracing the Fall
5.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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