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End Online: Volume 5

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This novel is entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to
characters, names, locations or incidents are purely coincidental.



Copyright © D. Wolfin 2016

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A Few Words from the Author


I would like to thank you all
for purchasing my book. I would like to continue using this one page to share a
few words with you.


This book was supposed to be
released a few weeks ago, but Christmas and New Year’s holidays inevitably delayed
editing. On the note of predicting times, I expect Volume 6 to be ready by
April/May at the latest.


During the course of writing
this volume, I have begun my career as a full time editor. This was only
possible with the support every reader has given me and words cannot express my


I moved to my own place, a
single bedroom unit, at the end of 2015 which took up a lot of my time. Now
that I am comfortably settled in, I am enjoying it greatly. I was once asked, “What’s
the best thing about living alone?” I answered, “The freedom of choice.”


Finally, I have also begun
working working on my second novel thanks to the extra spare time I now have. I
hope for Volume 1 of this novel to be available to you all before Volume 6 of
End Online.


Thank you for taking the time
to read these few words of mine. Feel free to turn the page and start reading
Volume 5 of End Online!



Standing in front of the Church of Swordbreak and looking down
on the city, I’m forced to shield my eyes from a warm breeze carrying traces of
dust that sting my eyes. I can’t prevent the dust from getting under my
beginner’s armor, but it is only slightly uncomfortable.  You know, like
sandpaper against the skin.

I have no words to express my anger and frustration. Some AI has
erased my administrator rights and forced me into a player’s position. To make
matters worse, my boss Henry has demanded that I start playing the game like
anyone else. His idea is to follow Lost’s group and that strange AI with them.

All I can do is swallow my rage and bide my time. For now, I
will just have to start levelling my character.

I walk as fast as I can down into the city, which, thanks to
having a character with beginner’s stats, is not very fast. Using the two gold
coins I have in my possession, I purchase the lowest quality iron sword and
shield. The market in Swordbreak may be completely broken, but the lowest
quality items are still affordable to new players.

Equipped with my first weapon and shield, I leave the city and
walk into the surrounding fields. As soon as I exit through the city gates, a
window appears in front of me. It asks me to select any of the six beginner

‘Good, it appears my name being auto-assigned and this
troublesome skill are the only deviations, otherwise I am a standard new
 I think to myself
with a sigh.

I select five combat and one support skill that should help me
most in the future: ‘High Speed’, ‘Sword Proficiency’, ‘Shield Proficiency’,
‘Heavy Armor Proficiency’, ‘Heavy Body’, and ‘Cooking’. The skill set is
straight out of the book for someone who is focused on being able to defend
themselves and deal damage at the same time. The proficiencies will also skill
up and combine when they reach level thirty.

The most unique skill is ‘Heavy Body’, which is not very popular
according to our company’s statistics. The skill gives a small strength bonus
when swinging a sword or defending with a shield. The bonus is much more
evident at higher levels. Most people don’t choose it because it also comes
with a heavy movement penalty, but ‘High Speed’ is perfect for balancing out
the ‘Heavy Body’ skill’s negative aspect. They will both also skill up and
combine when they reach level 35.

After equipping all of my new skills, I head out into the
fields. Seeing the large number of players outside the city makes me frown.
There are so many players that there is simply no room to comfortably hunt any
weak enemies.

Deciding to try elsewhere, I travel south to the next field
which is a dusty, barren area. The monsters here are scrawny-looking Kobolds
around level 20. I’m actually very skilled in martial arts, so I am confident
that I can fight these enemies. Of course, there are still lots of players
hunting here, but the area is much less densely packed than the previous one.

The sun begins to hang low in the sky as I pick off the kobolds
one at a time, using my fast reflexes to dodge their attacks while
counter-attacking at every opportunity. My low level and weak equipment shows
in the minimal damage I deal with each attack, but even the wind can break a
rock given enough time. Besides, each kill nets me huge experience and I begin
leveling quickly. Predictably, my skills also rise at a matching pace.

However, I’m still not capable of travelling too far away from
Swordbreak. If I run into an area with strong monsters, I will be instantly
killed. Thankfully, I can still track Verity/Verde in the game thanks to her
father monitoring her while she is in the game. According to the last report,
they are still a week away from the capital.

Night falls in the game as I continue hunting the Kobolds. There
are enough players nearby with torches that I don’t need to concern myself with
holding one as I would much rather keep my shield.

I discover a sacred art for my sword proficiency called ‘Long
Thrust’. Drawing my sword back causes it to glow orange, then I thrust toward
the Kobold in front of me while retreating. The orange glow forms a type of
sword aura around the blade of my weapon. As I thrust it forward, this aura
shoots forward and pierces into the Kobold two meters away. It is not an overly
powerful sacred art, but it is good for attacking while staying out of range of
a counter attack.

By the time the sun rises again, I am level 22. My familiarity
with the Kobolds and their tactics has been almost mastered, my stats have
risen, and I should be harder to kill. The problem is that my ‘False Aura of
Confidence’ skill has risen alongside all of my other skills. This skill
weakens my defense and attack, making fights with the Kobolds even more
dangerous than ever.

False Aura of Confidence (SLvl 6, 24%) –Passive

You naturally exude an Aura of Confidence
that passively raises the attack and defence of all party members. Unfortunately,
this is a false aura, which passively lowers your own attack and defence.

SLvl 6:
~ 7.5%
increase to all party members attack and defence.
~ 15% reduction in personal attack and defence.
~ This ability is Soul Bound, and cannot be unequipped.

For every level of ‘False Aura of confidence, the party benefit
has increased by half a percent, while the detriment to myself increased by one

During the next seven days, I start moving between hunting
grounds and aggressively level up. I only manage to reach level 43 and still
don’t have the qualifications to leave the kingdom, but to get to this level in
seven days is an accomplishment few can boast.

The only downside is that my skills are somewhat lacking for my
level, only averaging between 20 and 25 for each stat.

Due to ‘False Aura of Confidence’, enemies my own level are
becoming harder and harder to fight against solo. I return to Swordbreak and
enter the large player-run market where people often group together to form
hunting parties. Above the sounds of players bartering with each other to try
and purchase items at a reasonable price, the shouts of players looking for
party members carries across.

“Looking for one more person to join our party! Magic specialist
around level 80 preferred! Message FurongPond to join!”

“Party of three! Two defense specialists and one attack
specialist around level 50! Looking for up to three more people to hunt in the
‘Forgotten Grotto’ dungeon! Message JusticeGear!”

“Level 74 dual sword attacker looking for a party! Deals a high
amount of damage and knows a little healing magic! Message KirkResolve!”

All kinds of shouts for different parties looking for more
players and vice versa echo across the crowd. I respond to three invites and
the positions in first two are already filled by the time I message, but the
third is still available.

“Hello, Moonkite, my name is Mikhail the Stalwart. I am
interested in joining your party.”
try to sound humble, but end up speaking abruptly and coming across rather

“Hi, Mikhail, what is your specialty?”
 Moonkites’ female voice relays back in a private message.

“I am an all round melee fighter with some skills in aiding the

“Sorry, but we are looking for a defence specialist. Someone to
protect the party.”

“I can do that! I can also increase your defense!”

“Hmmm, let me talk it over with the other team members.”

I stand in the middle of the moving crowd, biting my bottom lip
not in nervousness at Moonkite’s reply, but in embarrassment of practically
begging a player to become a part of their party.  I instantly regret it
and wish I could take it back.

“Hi, Mikhail, because of this sacred art of yours that can
increase our defense, we are happy to let you into the party on a trial basis.
Come to the ‘Blue Swallow Inn’ so we can see you.”
 Moonkite’s sweet voice enters my mind again suddenly,
startling me.

“I will meet you there shortly,”
 As an employee of the company, how could I not know where
this inn is? I know every main location in the game.

My knowledge of the game proves to be lacking slightly, as it
takes me twice as long to get to the inn as it should have.

The ‘Blue Swallow Inn’ is a dusty place, with all the furniture
seemingly made from sandstone, even the chairs. I find Moonkite and her party
sitting in the center of the common area, casually chatting amongst themselves.

Moonkite is a tall female player with brass colored skin. She is
equipped with a full set of Lorestone armor; a type of medium armor, and single
two handed sword on her back identifies her as the main front line damage

Another man is equipped similarly but has a smaller one-handed
sword and a shield. The final two members are both male and appear to be a
magician and a priest, but it is difficult to tell what their skills are by
just glancing at their equipment.

“A pleasure to meet you all,” I nod my head in greeting.

“You must be Mikhail the Stalwart! So this is what you look
like. I must say though, it is a strange name you picked. Was there any reason
for it?” The mage asks me curiously.

“It was something akin to a recommendation,” I try to laugh it
off without grinding my teeth together in anger.

“Well, sit down and join us!” The man next to Moonkite, also
dressed in medium armor, booms out in a mammoth-like voice. “We will be heading
out within the hour, so enjoy the pleasantries as we get to know each other!”

I mingle with the group and we slowly get to know each other’s
personalities and traits. The mage, Lockon, is a player with endless curiosity,
always trying new techniques and spells. JohnSmite, the melee character with
the abnormally loud voice, is actually a rather nice person despite not being
one to think before acting. The priest, SomaHealer, is also the tactician of
the group. He plans all of the team’s raids and battle strategies.

All the team members have specific roles that help the group as
a whole except for Moonkite, the party leader. I find myself curious about why
everyone follows her and if there is something about her I’m missing. As far as
I can tell, all these men follow Moonkite from some form of infatuation.

Half an hour after I join the party, we all head out from Swordbreak
toward a remote dungeon south of the city. The dungeon, called ‘Graveyard of
the Damned’, is located deep within a gloomy, humid forest. I see a few other
players around, but not many. Compared to the rest of Swordbreak, this place
seems almost barren.

We walk into the graveyard dungeon. There is no change to the
dimly lit woods around us, but tombstones and other grave markers show through
the dead leaves and sticks on the ground in no particular pattern.

The snapping of twigs underfoot alerts us to a group of enemies
approaching from our right. I am one of the first to glance toward the group of
skeletons approaching. These skeletons are called ‘Warrior Remnants’, and have
the fighting skills to back that up. Their bones are a dusty grey color, and
are not only overly bulky but almost seem to gleam underneath a layer of dust.

“This is it! Time for you to show us how useful you are!”
JohnSmite bellows out with a hearty laugh.

I don’t need to actually do anything, the effect of ‘False Aura
of Confidence’ is a passive effect to not just me but all team members. I still
nod my head and move to engage the ‘Warrior Remnants’.

The first skeleton suddenly dashes toward me when it reaches ten
meters from me. It has no weapons and simply sends a punch at me. I raise my
shield to defend against the attack, and feel a force similar to being hit by a
giant hammer. My feet slide back two meters and I even lose ten percent of my
health. The strength of this skeleton is completely beyond expectation.

“Hah, you had best be careful, these ‘Warrior Remnants’ are not
to be messed around with,” JohnSmite chuckles while brandishing his oversized
two-handed sword and moving to attack the incoming enemies.

Moonkite also moves forward to the front line, holding her sword
behind her hip and ready to swing.

JohnSmite attacks first, his sword creating a silver half moon
and it cuts across three ‘Warrior Remnants’, leaving chips in their hip bones
and knocking them back two meters.

“This isn’t bad! The boost is quite nice Mikhail!” He calls out,
pleased with his bonus damage.

After taking care of the group of skeletons, I follow the rest
of the party into a small mausoleum which leads down to another dungeon
underground. The dungeon is simply a labyrinth of caves, so our whole party to
ends up lost within the hour. Nobody seems to mind it though, taking too much
delight in the bonuses my skill is giving them.

Three days in real life pass before we emerge from the
underground tomb. The biggest difference between now and when we entered would
be the fact that now I am leading the party. Or to be more accurate, the party
is following me.

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