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Engaged (The ABCs of Erotica)

BOOK: Engaged (The ABCs of Erotica)
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The Morning After

The Proposition

A Calming Bath

Seconds With My First

Three's Company

Like a Man and a Woman Together

Finding Cooper

Better Than Talking

Liza Fucking Elway

Leaving Cooper

My Zoe

Hard and Soft Together

Outside of the Dream

One of My Favorite Stories

When in Paris

One More Stop

So Domestic

A Present for Richard

The Wedding

The Wedding Night

Happy Anniversary

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The ABCs of Erotica

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The Morning After

I didn’t want to wake up.

Richard brushed his toes against my ankles and urged me to open my eyes anyway.

But I didn’t want to: This was the best morning of my life. I wanted to enjoy it forever, sink into what it meant to breathe into a new day, and a different rest of my life.

I had no idea that I’d been waiting for a man like Richard, I wasn’t even sure I was waiting for a man at all. Settling down never made sense before now.

Richard might not be perfect, but he’s perfect for me.

I don’t want to live a day without him. Around Richard I’m myself, comfortable in my skin. It’s as if I can see who I am from the outside, and love the view. He understands me. More than any person I’ve ever known, except maybe for Zoe, though it’s hard to know what is true and what my mind’s turned perfect.

My eyes stay closed as Richard pushes against me, blowing warm breath onto my shoulders. I feel him stirring, rising behind me from our white sheets, looking down to stare at me as if I’m his private art, which I am, and will stay forever now that he’ll have me.

Last night I screamed, “Of course!” as I threw myself in his arms. Richard grabbed me, held me close. I sank into his strong arms and remember little after. The kissing, of course, then the fumbling, and everything that followed. But I can’t recall a particular order, only that things went on for a while. We were both so drunk. Once finished, we crashed together. Richard started snoring before I did, but not by much.

“I can feel you watching me,” I say.

He laughs, blows sweet breath into my ear, and rolls me toward him.

I keep my eyes closed so he can pretend he’s watching in secret. My breast slips from the covers as he pulls me toward him. His cock is hard, pressing against my ass.

This will be our first making love as a couple engaged.

I can’t wait to feel Richard inside me. I’m already gummy, sticky from last night’s cum — there was plenty — and this morning’s early arousal.

He plants kisses all over my body, starting at the shoulder and running down my arm as he sweeps my naked form beneath the sheets with his fingers. I roll back, wanting him to go faster and do more, trying to encourage him with my naked breast and pouted nipples. I smile in wanting and make my eyes bigger.

He leaves the bed and goes to the bathroom. I expect him to return at any moment. I picture him grabbing my feet by the ankles as he enters the room, rubbing my feet like he always does, running his hands from my ankles up my legs, and massaging my knees before slithering further, into my center, where he’ll stir me until I’m soupy and begging for more.

Instead, I drift back into sleep. When I open my eyes again the day is brighter.

Richard opens the door. “Good morning,” he says.

I look up. He smiles while crossing the room, and sets a gorgeous tray on the bed by my side. I look at the tray and laugh.

“I’m glad I’m going to marry you. Most guys discourage cream in my coffee, along with anything else that might add an ounce of fat to my frame. But you pour in extra, and serve it with cheesecake.”

Richard laughs as I sit up in bed. He pulls the white sheet from my breasts and looks down, assessing. He nods, smiling. I roll over, steady myself with my elbows, then extend my tongue and wait for Richard to dab it with cake.

I lick the cheesecake from his finger, then he returns to the cake and dips another dollop into my mouth. I lick it, more suggestively than the first time, running my tongue in a circle around his fingertip. His body is no longer against me, but I know him well and can sense his cock growing hard beneath the sheets.

Richard reaches down, picks up a small, silver fork from the tray, and scoops a perfect morsel of cheesecake onto its tip.

He drops it into my open, waiting mouth.

I say, “Mmmmm … ” because it is delicious, but also because this is our game. I tease the fork to my lips, and pull the cheesecake into my mouth, sliding it back from the tines. Richard laughs, puts the fork in his own mouth, and licks it clean.

He hands me the fork, and I return to the cheesecake.

Though my breasts are exposed and I know how much Richard loves to stare, I adore that his eyes never leave mine as he eats the cheesecake. He swallows, smiles, then leans into my mouth for our first long kiss as a couple.

I lift my knee, part my leg, and make room for his hand.

Richard’s fingers find my warm, wet center.

He slides along my slit, gives my body a shiver, leans down to enjoy my body’s tremble, and flicks his tongue against my bullet-hard nipples, one then the other.

I gasp and giggle.

Richard presses his tongue harder against me, dragging it across my left breast, starting at the nipple.

“Hmmm … ” I moan. “I need you.”

There’s no one like Richard. He’s soft with me when that’s what I want (or need). Hard when I long for the opposite. His fingers, lips, and cock all seem to know what to do at any moment. He’s a master of my body, able to know what I don’t, anticipating me always.

This morning I want him softly; I’m still feeling sweet from our evening.

He gently brushes my pussy, and lightly rubs my slippery lower lips in small circles.

After a few rotations, he parts my lips and sticks two fingers inside me. He plunges slowly, in and out to his knuckle without hurry. I lift my left leg higher, bending my knee as I rest the ball of my heel on his thigh. Richard kisses me just below my knee, reaching behind me to hold my hand, still plunging a pair of fingers into my middle while I wiggle around them.

I tremble as he stirs. I can feel his cocktip touching my pussy, just below where his fingers are doing their work, slipping around and deep into my slit.

Richard leans down, licks my nipple, and smiles. I moan, lifting my ass from the bed, rotating my hips in a wide circle, clenching my cunt around his slowly thrusting fingers.

He adds a third digit, gently stuffing it beside the others. I can feel his staff, now fully hard beneath his knuckles.

I need him inside me. I whimper, but Richard loves making me wait. “Please,” I whisper.

He shakes his head no, rubs me faster, pulls my leg closer to him, and away from my pussy, then leans down to lick my nipple again.

I moan, and reach down between my legs, grabbing Richard’s dick to get him inside me. His rod ripens more in my hand. Before pushing him past my lips and into my hole, I tease my dripping slit with his tip, running it up and along my length, sinking into the pleasure, thinking that no one will ever feel as good to me as the man I am going to marry.

I press my head back into my pillow, close my eyes, and point my chin to the ceiling.

I position Richard’s cock against my soaking hole, whisper
for the second time that morning, then withdraw my hand and wait for him to please me.

He pushes into me slowly, and I meet his upward thrust with a downward thrust of my own. Both of us are slow, barely moving, sliding luxuriously in and out of our pleasure. Richard hugs my leg to his body as he pushes himself to the hilt, pulls his cock back to the tip, and repeats his motion with gusto, peering down between my legs to see the magic he’s made with his wand.

I grab the pillow from behind me and start rocking my pussy faster. He gathers speed. I wonder how much longer I can make it, taking things slowly, before I start bucking and begging, pleading with Richard to fuck me faster, and use his cock like only he can.

He leans down and flicks his tongue on my breast again, knowing I love it.

I grab Richard’s face and kiss him. He laughs, pulls away, and starts pushing himself into me faster, not fast like I want, but better than I was getting. Enough to make me spill one whine after another as I push my foot hard on his leg to move my middle harder on his shaft.

I meet Richard’s eyes, and hold his gaze, not wanting to turn. I stare, thinking of us.

I always figured I’d get married, eventually. But not like this, or so soon.

I’m too young, with too much life. I can’t commit to man, ring, and dress.

Then I met Richard. I love him in a way that makes me love myself more. I’m not embarrassed by my needs around Richard. They are one of the things he loves most. He says I have an awareness about my body now that most women never have, and a lifetime for more.

He made six months feel like a week. I didn’t realize I hadn’t been to my place in a month until I was paying bills.

Last night, cliché on bended knee, he whispered, “Liza, will you marry me?”

Now his mouth is an inch from mine, hovering as he stares through my eyes. I stare back, and think of tomorrow.

I break from his kiss and bury my face in the pillow. I barely muffle my scream.

I cum hard. Richard purrs like a lion.

He plays me like an instrument. Holds me tight, right hand beneath me, curled under my neck. His left is pressed to my side, holding me still as he launches inside me. My head is swimming, like it does with Richard. There is something deeply satisfying about the way he fucks me: like he owns every cell in my body.

His mouth hovers an inch above mine, open, breathing into me. His hot breath fogs my lips as whimpers pour from my mouth.

I try not to scream, keeping moans and whines near a hush. But it’s too much.

I spin from Richard, curl my fists into the sheets and yank them toward me. A heaving moan escapes my body: thunder from some other sky. Richard keeps pounding, steady so my shudders are in time with the sounds of wet bodies slapping.

Like always, he’s Zen. Richard reaches over my head, wiggles his fingers, and begs without words for my hand.

My fingers fly up, fumbling for his until they’re threaded. I squeeze him tight as I sail through the notes of my body’s song. I turn to Richard, desperate to see him, needing to kiss him, and loving the sheen of his freshly waxed cock buried inside me.

We stare as he quickens, then grabs me hard by the side to plunge me. I need his mouth and lean into kiss him. He pulls away and fucks me faster.


I scream as he arches up from the bed, twisting so his dick pierces me from a different angle. Millimeters make a universe of difference.

His giant cock is still in me: thick, swollen, and throbbing through my velvet interior. My nipples ache. My body is tingling. A thousand hairs stand and dance. I lean into Richard, still desperate to kiss him. Again, he pulls away. I snap like a crocodile, and catch his mouth with mine.

BOOK: Engaged (The ABCs of Erotica)
2.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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