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“We didn’t use protection.”

His face looked troubled for a moment as if he was trying to piece together s
ome difficult puzzle. His forehead creased
in an agonized expression.
the last thing on his mind was whether or not they used protection.
His dazed expression cleared and he shrugged a slight lift of his shoulders.

“I’m sterile, and
clean.” He was serious.
Didn’t all men use that line? Or did he think she had stupid written across her forehead. He placed his finger under her chin lifting her head to meet his. “I promise, I don’t do this normally, but I just had to have you.”

Her heart melted.

This beautiful man could never make beautiful babies? Her heart broke for him, and something inside of her
knew what he said was true
She didn’t know him, but for him not to have babies, and he was young. A shame, because she would have given him a damn basketball team if he’d asked her.

“I’m clean too.
I never do this sort of thing. I’m usually the shy awkward type.”

He was halfway inside her, and she felt the thick st
of his cock jump again.
Gotta love his stamina.
He was still holding back, but why? She
pretty much g
him the all clear, full cock ahead.

“I’m glad that’s settled, because I’m having a hard time not moving. Hell, I can’t get enough of you
I want more
lot more.”

The atmosphere around them grew tense. As if they were never interrupted, he pushed forward, lodging his cock to the center of her core and set a
pace. Deep thrusts alternated with blunt short jabs, digging her into the wall. The moss soaked up the sweat from her back and his chest hairs soaked up the sweat from her front. She was slipping and sliding along his body and couldn’t seem to get purchase until one hand tethered her to him in a bruising grip.
She was still

“Give me what I want.” He growled as he nipped her on the ear.

“Anything,” her voice, strange to her own ears, sounded dry and irregular. When he pulled his cock from her grasp
she protested long en
ough for him to slam back in. It
was rough, and the feeling of overflowing from the fullness took her to the edge.
She’d wear the bruises her body sustained with pride.

Jes pulled herself closer. She dropped her head to his shoulder and held on to the ride of her life. He’d officially ruined her for any sexual affair she’d have in the future. She wasn’t a sexual woman, and she blamed that aspect of her character on her upbringing. She was taught to hold her emotions in check, not let anyone see what she was thinking. And as a
her parents didn’t hold her when she cried or longed for companionship. Her mother told her on many occasions, longing was a false sense of hope. The only one she was meant to depend on was herself.

Right at this
she mentally arched a brow at her mother’s incorrect notions.
Every woman should experience what he was doing to her
, at least once in their life. Have an uninhibited appetite for sex, life, hell
, long for
all things for that matter.
She tightened her hold on his shoulders and nipped the side of his neck.
This was her moment and she wasn’t going to waste it with thoughts of her mo

He pulled his cock out from her snug entrance and began gently gliding the tip of his head
over her clit, flicking her nub
on each movement, up and down in slow torturous glides. Her body bucked wildly and she wiggled trying to get closer. The speed of the friction picked up and he franticly rubbed her over and over until her body began to s
eize with bliss. Her throat cho
ked on a cry as he thrust back into her wet depths. Gritting her
she pushed down into his thrusts, feeding her walls with his length as
she readied for release.
Strings of cyclopean desire tighten and stretched as her orgasm crashed over her body. She flew up and then plunged down into her pleasure. It pulled her stomach tight and quickly released her into a free fall. Screaming, she detonated with such fierce force the canopy of trees became alive, as birds were rousted from their sleep and monkeys scurried along the tree limbs. His cock set off small mini explosions that reverberated off the walls of her body in continuous succession. He immediately followed, biting her shoulder while groaning his release.
The pain elicited another tremor of quakes through her system and she reveled in it.
This was the adventure she wanted
. H
e was the type of
she’d gladly go in search for again and again.
Exhausted she slid down his sweat soaked chest as he allowed her feet to touch the ground.
She still had her shoes on.

Gently he held her as her body calmed from its burgeoning storm. It was silent and awkward for a moment but then he spoke.

“Keep the shirt, I tore your top.” He bent to grab his shirt off the jungle floor and handed it
to her while picking a few stray leaves
from her hair.

“Thank you. I
t was an experience I will never forget.” He said as he raked his hand through his hair. He seemed deep in thought.

“I don’t even know your name.” She replied as she took the shirt and pulled her arms through, tying it in a knot at her stomach. Jes adjusted her
and waited for an answer.
stands don’t need names stupid.
She didn’t care, there was something there. She wanted to see him again.
She stepped into her shorts while he stepped into his.

“I want to see you again.” She blurted.

He straightened his shorts and took a step back and shook his head.

“One time deal sweetness. This can’t go any further.”

She watched as he turned and walked away
, leaving her dumbfounded.
Seriously? He wasn’t even going to walk her back? The lights from the fireflies danced arou
nd him in a soft glow. The lust-in
fused air was dispersing fast and taking him with it. She should have known this was going to happen.
Her first official adventure, a
stand was a total bust.
What were you expecting?

He paused in his steps and turned to look at her over his shoulder. His gree
n eyes glinted beneath the moon’s light
. A small part of her hoped he’d change his mind and wanted to see her tomorrow, but she
knew better than to think that.

“The jungle at night is no place for you
lower. Find your friend and go home.” The words were harsh and the last she heard, when the darkness swallowed him.


* * * *


He should have left her alone.
he followed his dick into soft
silky flesh he never wanted to leave. He was occupied the entire way back to Odessa’s and should have at least escorted her, but his wolf had done something he thought would never have been possible. He’d started to bond, with a human.
Draven pulled back just enough to have no linge
ring effects on himself or her.

A mate bond was something his father would have enjoyed, just not with a human. Draven wasn’t sure if that was something he would have enjoyed either. Humans were fickle when it came to choosing a person to spend their life with. Wolves mated for life, and were
careful in their selection of mates.
The Gods of his ancestor
had seen to their survival
as well as controlling the population. She would never be a wolf. Werewolves weren’t made, but born. Regardless of what the myths and Hollywood pictures painted. They could no more change a human from a bite, th
n vampires could.

You either were
or you weren’t a werewolf, which made mating with humans difficult. His kind had choices,
selective choices, but still
choices. The kicker was if one rejected the
it rendered both parties sterile and unable to continue their bloodline. This made for careful selection among his kind.
In the beginning
there had been dozens rendered sterile, almost killing
their kind
Times were different now; there was courting and lots of time spent with both interested parties.
Wolves didn’t start the bonding process until both parties agreed. So why had his wolf initiated contact with the human on that level?

He quickly slowed as he watched the object of his desire meet her friend at the club door.
He’d left her
but circled back so he could follow her back to Odessa’s. He wasn’t a total asshole, but she didn’t need to know that. He watched in the shadows as her friend questioned her absence. Watching her made him hard and
he wanted her again, which wasn’t unusual for him to have more than one go at it with females, but his wolf wanted to continue the bonding process. Which was just crazy
Lucky for both of them that he didn’t, she’d be rejected by his entire pack. Her friend Bells said something and then they were headed towards the street. Good, she was leaving with her friend. He still needed to go back inside, try and find out what the hell happened with Chloe. Bells looked over to the cover of the jungle and pinned him with a glare. She could see him through the trees and her look said it all.
Stay away from my friend.

He couldn’t agree with her more, even if his wolf had decided otherwise.


Chapter 3


Jesminda dressed in a simple
and jeans, as her and Bells got ready for Odessa’s private party.
She’d straighten
her hair and let it flow down her back.
Although her mind was occupied with
she was still excited about the party. Bells had gotten an invitation and Jes knew it was because Cyrian had eyes for her.
Her friend had said as much. Cyrian never invited her to the private parties held just before Carnival.
He’d told her on many occasions his party wasn’t for
Well I fucked a guy in the jungle so there!
She wasn’t entirely miss goody.

Applying some lip gloss and a dash of bronze to her cheeks she grabbed her clutch and stared at her appearance in the mirror. Simple but mysterious, Bells had said. Her hair was falling over her shoulders and she wore some gold bangle bracelets.
Her fuck-me pumps were her attempt at pretending she wasn’t hurt by Mr. No Names.
Mission accomplished.

“Ready.” She said as she walked out of the restroom. Her hurt feelings were now stored in her clutch, closed and not on display.

Bells wore a black low cowl back dress. It showcased her tattoo of a huge phoenix on her back, its wings tipped the top of her shoulders and its clawed feet hugged her waists. Her phoenix almost looked alive
it felt like the eyes of the bird followed her everywhere. If Jes ever got a
she was going to her friends tattoo artist.

“So, ready.” Bells answered with a hop in her step as they headed out to their waiting taxi.


* * * *


“This party is for guest of Cyrian’s.” The huge guy pointed in Jesminda’s direction.

“I grew up on this island and personally know Cyrian.” Jes spat back.
She was extremely aggravated. One guy had already given her the door. This one had better show her in.

On the drive
she kept replaying the events from the night before. The more she thought about it, the more used she felt. Didn’t matter she’d willingly participated, sh
e felt rejected and out of sorts
Comes with the whole one night stand code of conduct, let it go.
She inwardly chastised herself.

“Well, meat. I’m sure he didn’t intend for you to come to this gatheri
ng.” The bouncer growled back.
Bells sighed heavily at her side and smiled playfully at him.

BOOK: Enslaved in Shadows
11.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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