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She tracked a bead of sweat as it ran down his chest and disappeared into his shorts. She wanted to drag her tongue over his skin follow its path down to the impressive erection heavy and thick against her leg.
She was totally going to let him do her, right there in the jungle in front of who ever should happen to walk by.
Animal, human, she didn’t care.


* * * *


Her skin tasted like
his favorite island drink, coconut and pineapples with just a hint of vanilla
it brought his wolf to the surface. There was
no one
else Draven wanted in that moment but her. He’d stood at the entrance of Odessa’s irritated with the day’s outcome. His contact lied about her source of information. Chloe was toying with him. He’d only agreed to meet her
here because of Cyrian, his long time friend and informant.
He’d walked into the club and waited
but Chloe still hadn’t shown.
He was about to walk out of the club when he pulled
scent from the crowd. He’d felt a jolt of arousal that traveled straight to his cock.
Now her scent mixed with sweat, arousal, and the night air punched him
in the gut. Drunk on her flavor
and the feel of her skin
his chest rumbled. His wolf wanted out.

Draven’s skin pulsed
with anticipation. She was sex on fire wrapped in a body packaged just for him. His cock jumped at the thought.
He couldn’t control his animal’s urge if his life depended on it.
He was going to take her and everything else was purely circumstantial.

The moon was high above the jungle canopy and lit the floor in a ser
ies of lights. The back of the
tree was proving to be a problem.
But he wasn’t about to let a little tree put a damper on the nights entertainment. He pulled them deeper into the jungle, stopped when he came upon a wall covered in moss on the right side and a sheer drop to the left
. He made sure they were nowhere
near the edge
That’d be a bummer.
Fireflies illuminated their cover of darkness. Small night lights to add to the ambiance and sex already in the air.
He pushed her against the wall.
ying to
or he’d frighten her off.
Her eyes were
wide with want.
He could see her clearly in the dark. Cheeks tinged a deep plum and her lips swollen from his mouths attention. Soon she’d have the ‘I’ve just been fucked, hard’ look to compliment the rest. The
wall was soft and spongy with black and violet orchids laced in between. She looked like a night nymph under the moons beam. It couldn’t get any better than this.
Draven grinned.
It sure as hell was going to get a lot better, the moment his cock found the sweltering heat of her pussy.
Her body called to his, and Draven was more than ready to answer the call. No names, just raw carnal mating
. Bodies pressed tightly,
bumping, thrusting, hard and fast, this was the best kind of sex.

One hand rested on the wall near her head as the other hooked into her jean shorts and yanked. Her sharp intake of breath brought Draven’s head up to gauge her reaction. Her pupils were dilated, her chest rising fast, and the pulse at her neck jumped beneath her skin in overtime. She was ready
. H
er smell was overheated, flushed with her need for him
. He placed his other hand over her mound to cup the flesh between her legs
felt the bare skin of her silken slick lips. The heat from her core scal
ed his hand
sweet honey coated his palm.
His fragrant flower squirm
ed and moaned at his attention.

“You’re bare.”
She only whimpered in response.

He released her, brought his hand to his nose and inhaled deeply.
Her tantalizing smell
went straight to his head.
Strong and exotic, so
with her want, he could stroke her to her first orgasm.
So responsive.
He knew her taste would be sharp and sweet on his tongue. Linger on his skin and remind him of this night. Eyes locked on her heavy lidded ones, he slowly sucked a finger into his mouth, groaning his satisfaction. She
sweet and tangy, with a powerful punch of concentrated lust. This is how a woman should always taste, he thought to
himself. She watched him in growing
fascination as each fi
nger disappeared into his mouth
until he tasted every finger except for his pinky. Dipping his head toward his finger, he offered her a taste.

“Taste yourself.” He whispered.


* * * *


Jesminda slowly lifted her mouth to his waiting finger. Was she really about to do this?
Yes, yes you are.
Their heads bent, her nak
ed from the waist down. Her bikini
straps rested on her shoulders and her shorts and scrap of a bikini thong on the jungle floor.
She was about to do the unthinkable. For her
this was taboo.
She’d gone from her one time vanilla sex experience and jumped right up there with kinky shit.
I’ll take
kinky shit for one thousand Alex.

Her lips opened, took his coated finger into her mouth. His skin and her taste mingled together to create something violent and e
She’d never tasted herself before, and wasn’t sure if it was something that would’ve ever interested her.
the option was out on the table, past negotiations and she was already signing the
“taste myself”

Jes watched as his jaw tightened. Slowly she sucked his finger deeper into the heat of her mouth. He pulled and she followed all the way to his lips.

“Good isn’t it.” He whispered against her mouth. She didn’t have time to answer bec
use she was too b
usy trying to pull off his clothes

Her hand went to his shirt and pushed open the material. He smiled against her mouth and pushed her back against the mossy wall with his body. He placed both his hands at his side, while she continued to wrestle with his shirt. When she finally freed
Jes sighed in appreciation.
His response was to rid her of her top completely. All this man was hers for the night, hers to touch, to taste, to feel. She wanted to savor every single nuance of what he had to offer. His seeking hands traveled gently to her head, her neck and down to her breast
kneading her skin, placing her in an erotic haze of wonderment.
He paid close attention to her breas
t, squeezing them passed pleasure almost into pain
. Jes arched into his palm and cried out sharply in pleasure. Who knew it could hurt so good
Kinky was great.
Slowly he released her nipples and the sensation from the circulation returning softened her further. He repeated the process until her breast were buzzing with sensation, turning the boiling heat of her body up a few more notches.
This was all happening so fast, too fast, but the train was pulling out of the station and she wasn’t about to jump. Maybe
jump on but certainly not off.

popped the button on his shorts
slowly pulled his zipper down.
She didn’t want to snag it on the
bulge that pulsed beneath.
She didn’t want foreplay; there was no reason for build-up or priming, he
done enough of that already.
Jes bent her head to
catch a glimpse of his erection and almost lost her grip on reality.
It was huge, would fill her to bursting.
Penises did not come in that size, did they?
She tried to get a better look and as if someone answered her prayers, the moon’s light slid over his body, showcasing his powerful form. The sight of him bared to her, shorts at his ankles, erection straining. There was no doubt in
she’d made the right choice. His cock reached past his navel, the veins an enthralling pattern she wanted to trace with her tongue. The head of his cock was a deep
angry red and glistened in the moon

s light. Jes was looking forward to being impaled on its length and burned by the width. A look of pure heat lined his face as he grabbed both her legs and secured them behind his back.
No more waiting.
Thank heavens!
He plunged
thrusting so
she smashed her head against the wall with a dull thud
Her thighs squeezed his sides as he adjusted his rhythm. He gave her no time to come to terms with his strength.
The sensation was breath stopping.
A scream died in her throat as he pushed further in.
Was she going to be able to take more?
There was still so much more of him to go. He wasn’t going to fit, but he brought her hips forward and slid all the way in.
Jes tried to catch her breath. She really did, but it wasn’t happening. Not fast enough.
She was stuffed full of him and the delicious friction of his lightly haired skin against hers was dizzying.

Quickly he placed a hand behind her head, cushioning her as he co
ntinued to drive his entire length
deeper into her core.
Her thoughts were scrambled
he couldn’t differentiate between the pleasure and the pain, but all of it was
Melting her senses into a place of oneness, everything was sharper, clearer.
Her body zeroed in on the connection and opened her up to a bottomless pit with se
nsations she’d never felt
It gripped her on her way down into a spiral
colors and sounds bright and festive.
she landed on the precipice of a cliff. The ride was not over, good lord it was far from over. L
ooking down at the abysmal
she waited for the up draft
to take her. He was rough and smooth at the same time. His thrusts teetered on pain, but would push her over into pleasure so fast she didn’t care. He was going to take her over the edge and back, repeatedly.

The inner walls of her pussy choked his hard flesh. She was extended beyond the point of no return. She throbbed on the inside.
Pleasure pulsed taking her body on a wanton journey to heaven. “Damn, if you squeeze me like that again I won’t last.”

Not. Her. Problem.

Things were happening so
fast and she tried to savor every minute for later. But he was a machine. His appetite had the force of a Mack truck and the skills of a man well seasoned in all things sexual. The slick
wet sounds of their bodi
es echoed in the quiet jungle.
The dense foliage dissolved their sounds to be later whispered about among the trees. His heavy breathing in her ear heated her neck as he drilled her into the soft covered wall. Jesminda clasped his shoulders firmly. Their harsh panting sounded loud in her ears. And when she begged him to fuck her harder, he obliged.

“Oh, yes, yes!” She cried.

Her harsh grunts surprised her. And a small, extremely small part of her almost froze in embarrassment. She’d ne
ver made sounds like that
It was un-lady like and bad form. She was out of control.
Her body drew tight with anticipation.
Realization slammed hard in her chest milliseconds later. She was fucking in a jungle with a stranger who still didn’t see fit to give her a name, and the bastard hadn’t protected himself.
Neither did you idiot.
Her body tensed for a moment, he could have any number of diseases, and she could literall
y be signing her death warrant.

“Stop.” she said harshly, trying to p
ush him back and gain leverage.

“Too, late.” he grunted back.

” this
time more

A sliver of light touched his face and highlighted his profile in stark definition.
His chest heaved at the force of his efforts to take her to orgasm, pushing and pulling the air out and then back into his body.
They were suspended mid thrust. His erection hal
fway in halfway out of her body
jerked at the opening.

BOOK: Enslaved in Shadows
5.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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