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Enslaving the Master

BOOK: Enslaving the Master
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Enslaving the Master

Ann Jacobs


Book 3 in the Pleasure Partners series.


Doreen needs a mate! She has “killed”
another sexbot and the eunuch slaves assigned to serve her don’t provide what
she needs. She desperately longs for the touch of a
man. Her very
own Master.

Shedir has everything Doreen needs. Though
sex with a real woman is forbidden him, this one is ready to be his sexual
slave and fulfill his every desire. Doreen is insatiable! Shedir soon becomes
obsessed with the incredibly sexy Earthling exile. But he has willingly
sacrificed his life to work, gaining power and prestige, his goal to become a
ruler in Earth Federation. To have Doreen, he must give up everything.

Can unbound pleasure trump ambition? Shedir
thinks not, until he’s faced with the sacrifice he cannot make—his woman, his


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Enslaving the Master


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characters are productions of the authors’ imagination and used fictitiously.

Enslaving the Master

Ann Jacobs



Earth, 2226


Home. From the moment he stepped off his
personal transporter onto the desert sand, Shedir let go the challenges of his
job and stretched his tired bones. His body practically shouted its complaints
that he had spent too much time in the cramped confines of various spacecraft,
but now he had done his duty by the Federation. For a few weeks, his time would
be his own.

He strode toward the home he’d built
several years earlier, a small-scale replica of the villa on the Arabian Sea
where his ancestors had lived for centuries before the fall of the Old
Civilization on Earth. The late afternoon sky provided a soothing backdrop of
blues and purples for the villa’s bleached marble façade that lay only a few
hundred meters from the warm, azure sea.

His job gave him everything he’d ever
dreamed of—command of men, patrolling the skies with top-of-the-line spacecraft
while protecting Earth from the Federation’s off-planet enemies. More than
that, he had recently gained what amounted to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
for power and fame. All he must do to achieve that power was to excel at his
assignments. And live under the onerous regulations established by the rulers
of Earth Federation.

Those rules were painful but were made less
so because Shedir had found opportunities to visit faraway places and do things
most Earthlings never did. And to satisfy forbidden fantasies far from the
watchful eyes of his commanders. The gods of the Federation willing—for the
Allah of his forefathers was a term never spoken in the New Order—his seed
would produce the next generation’s leaders, strong men who would rise straight
to the top in the ruling hierarchy. Unfortunately he would never know his
progeny. Or the women in whose wombs they would be nurtured.

His cock and balls ached from the rough
milking he’d endured a few hours earlier at the hands of a semen-collecting
machine at the breeding farm. And his asshole burned from the probe put there
to stimulate his prostate and make the milking go more efficiently. As he
stepped through the arched double door into his home, he tried to think not of
the process, but of the child who hopefully would result—the sons he let
himself hope he would someday be allowed to bring here and rear in the
traditions of his ancestors.

A futile hope, but one he would not abandon
even though he realized that, if his superiors knew he held such archaic
fantasies, he would immediately sacrifice his manhood if not his life.

As he surveyed the lush silk hangings, the
graceful statues that graced the women’s quarters, Shedir mourned that no
filled his harem, only a few nameless, sexless drones,
like the two who now stood by at his sunken bathtub, their arms outstretched to
take away his garments once he disrobed. To ease his lust, there was only a
silent sexbot positioned in a marble alcove beyond the tub.

As beautiful as it was, this haven Shedir
had ordered created for his pleasure did much less to entice him than the
whole, flesh-and-blood females he had fucked in the brothels on forbidden
pleasure planets like Obsidion.

Keeping in mind that for his sacrifices he
had recently been named leader of the Eastern Galaxy Wing of the Federation
Star Command, he shed his boots, stripped off his uniform and climbed into the
bubbling water of the marble hot tub. He lay back on the lounger and fixed his
gaze on the comm panel on the wall, using the large monitor to read and watch
his mail and com-vids. The hundreds of built-in water jets pummeled his flesh
like a thousand tiny fingers of sharp, warm sensation, coaxing away his

While one of the drones waxed and polished
his skull, two more knelt in the water and massaged away the soreness from his
feet, which had been ensconced too long in snug, thigh-high uniform boots.

He snorted his annoyance that there seemed
to be nothing but spam in the email. What the fuck did he need with another hot
tub, or another sexbot? Any fool should know a man could only use one at a
time. “Delete,” he snapped for the twentieth time, and he watched the latest
annoyance fade from view.

Then the face of his old squadron mate, Guy
Stone, appeared on the screen. Guy’s glowing electronic eyes still shocked
Shedir. Otherwise, Guy looked much the same as he had before the near-fatal
crash that had resulted in him becoming a cyborg and persona non grata to the
leaders of Star Command. “Greetings from Luna Ten,” Guy said. “I understand from
Brad that you’ll be coming this way while you’re on leave, delivering some new
toys for us to use to titillate our slaves.”

“Yes.” The bots on Shedir’s personal
transporter had loaded an intriguing wooden bondage wheel this morning, along
with various less-interesting provisions bound for Guy’s new home.

“I hope you’ll be able to stay a few days.
This is Cassie, my bonded slave.” The camera panned down from Guy’s face to
reveal a glade lush with grass that looked soft enough to use as a bed. A woman
knelt before Guy, wearing nothing but the long, red-gold hair currently
gathered tightly in his fist. A ring and chain dangled from her clit, and a
jewel-encrusted plug winked from her tempting little ass while she sucked Guy’s

“You know how to make a man feel deprived,”
Shedir said, his tone intentionally sour. What did Guy expect, letting him see
the luscious Earthling exile giving him head as though that weren’t against at
least a dozen Federation laws?

Guy laughed. Shedir fisted his hands so
tightly the nails dug into his palms, and his own cock grew rock-hard despite
its recent bruising encounter with a cold, steel semen collector at the
breeding farm. Though he realized Guy had once envied him because of his quick
rise at Star Command, Shedir was the one feeling jealous now. He envied his
friend for the life he’d made for himself in exile on the tiny utopian planet.

The scene shifted to another woman, a
gorgeous blonde with a hungry, sex-starved look about her. Shedir grew even
harder, and he salivated at the sight of her full, ripe breasts with nipples
the color of the roses in Rulers’ Garden. Although the screen cut her off at
the waist, Shedir had no trouble imagining what the rest of her would look
like. A satiny, ivory mound, her rosy clit peeking from between the damp,
inviting folds of her pussy, just asking to be tongued. Her cunt and ass, open
and as delectable as her gorgeous, full lips. He pictured her in his harem,
those lips closed around the base of his cock, sucking it the way Guy’s Cassie
was sucking him. Shedir’s sore shaft turned as hard as the marble tub, its
angry knob rearing up and eyeing him from above the surface of the water.

Guy’s voice intruded. “And this is Cassie’s
sister, Doreen. Doreen needs a man. She’s just fucked her deluxe model sexbot
to death, and Luna Ten is simply out of males who haven’t been neutered and
aren’t already mated.” Guy gritted his teeth, then let out a tortured growl.
“Gods in the universe, don’t you dare stop now, my precious slave. I’m coming.”

Torture me, will you?
It was obviously okay for Guy to get a blowjob on Luna Ten, but Guy
knew damn well what would happen if Shedir dared to touch a live woman here on
Earth. He groaned as his bruised balls drew up against the base of his penis.
“What have I done for you to believe I deserve this torture, Stone?”

Guy’s eyes glowed with unconcealed
amusement. “I’m just showing you what you can enjoy while you’re here, my
friend. Hoping to encourage you to take most of your holiday on Luna Ten
instead of in that mausoleum in the desert that you call home.”

“Fuck you. Your new toys will arrive
whenever I choose to bring them. I don’t suggest you hold your breath.” Shedir
killed the picture on the screen and wrapped his fist around his erection then
let go and willed it to go away, reminding himself that masturbating was also
against Federation rules. One never knew when a superior might decide to place
hidden cameras in the hope of recording an underling’s indiscretions.

He took several cleansing breaths and
concentrated on the relaxing undulations of hot water against his chest and
back. When he regained a measure of control, he flipped the vid-panel back on
and dictated a terse reply to Guy, this time copying the memo to personnel at
Star Command who tracked his whereabouts even when he was on holiday.

“Expect me to arrive on Luna Ten at
twenty-one hundred hours on Friday, 12 October. I will test out your new
equipment with the device you already have. I expect my work there to take
three days.” Shedir chose his words carefully. He’d worked too hard and given
up too much to risk losing it all. Still, Luna Ten should be far enough away
from prying eyes for him to indulge himself with impunity.

For a moment he allowed himself to wonder
why the rulers refused to modify the New Order and let males be Masters as
nature had intended. What would it hurt if Earthling males were allowed to
pleasure their women as Masters did on faraway planets like Luna Ten, where a
few rebellious Earthlings had settled, in order to live life in the manner of
their ancestors? Although Shedir had been taught since childhood that
Federation laws were necessary to prevent more of the genetic mutations that
had nearly destroyed Earth a hundred years earlier following the first alien
invasions, he sometimes doubted the necessity of turning those deemed unfit for
breeding into drones like the ones now standing by to serve his needs in a
purely asexual way. After all, ensuring that only the pure could breed children
had required nothing more than a laser beam directed toward the proper body
parts, since well before the Fall.

Even the ancients had gelded their slaves
without obliterating all outward signs of their personalities. They’d left them
with their humanity, neutered them the way the Federation rulers fixed their
favored nonbreeders now. If a nonbreeder was not favored by a Federation
member, that person was subjected to procedures that stripped all emotion and
will from their minds and removed all internal reproductive organs and external
genitalia. Shedir couldn’t help shuddering when he imagined living out his life
without the pleasure of sexual release, as a good friend and former colleague
had been forced to do. After his friend’s half sister had delivered a child
possessing the mutant gene, they’d tested and found him to be a carrier, too.
He and his half sister were now Federation service drones—stripped of their
humanity, basically automatons.

Shedir rose from the tub and stood still
while the two drones used soft Turkish towels to blot the water from his skin.
When they finished, he murmured thanks and patted each one. Though the drones
had no will, they had once been human. These had been females. Though they said
nothing and showed no emotions in their empty eyes, he believed that on some level
they registered and appreciated the small acts of kindness that cost him
little, considering the services they silently rendered.

Anticipating a good night’s sleep, a few
days of walking along the seashore and meals of fresh dates and oranges from
his own courtyard, he stretched out on his sleeping couch and dreamed of the
forbidden pleasures soon to come.

BOOK: Enslaving the Master
2.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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