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Authors: Aaron Martin Fransen

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Entropy Risen (The Syker Key Book 3)

BOOK: Entropy Risen (The Syker Key Book 3)
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Entropy Risen

The Syker Key Part III

by Aaron Martin Fransen


Text copyright © 2013 Aaron Fransen
All Rights Reserved

To my wife, who puts up with my delusions of grandeur.


Thanks to my good friend @ChrisAFriesen for another amazing cover.


Thanks to my good friend Duncan Scott for acting as my editor, again.


Thanks for the science goes to the folks at
and especially Wallace Thornhill for his theories on solar dynamics.


Thanks to author Laura Knight-Jadczyk for her inspiration.


Last but not least, thanks to author Carol Patterson for encouraging me to finally “get writing”.


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1. Symbol S For a closed thermodynamic system, a quantitative measure of the amount of thermal energy not available to do work.

2. A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system.

3. A measure of the loss of information in a transmitted message.

4. The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.

5. Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society.


The Key of Knowledge was able to see past the veil of time, to see the forces that had acted for and against humanity over the millennia. It could sense intent, see patterns in the manipulations where the various races visiting Earth that were decidedly not human were affecting the lives of the planet’s residents, almost exclusively without their knowledge.

Pan was now able to see all the Key did. Though time manipulation was for now beyond his means, time visibility was not. And the one advantage to seeing time was that those who acted against humanity would be unable to move against him.

But they would try.

For Pan the Key would be what he called a wake-up call. Never again would he allow his naiveté to threaten mankind.

He was determined that the Key would be his tool to save the planet. He was determined to never sit back again until the clandestine threats were gone.

He was determined.

And the fire that the Key felt in its bearer was only building. Soon that fire would explode.


The Sirian World Ship was massive.

Over fifty kilometers long, and three kilometers across, with hundreds of thousands of windows and protuberances along it’s length. This far from the sun it was in almost total darkness, a virtually invisible ship carrying two hundred thousand souls. A needle in space, visible only because it was white, whether by paint or material, unknown, but it would catch what little light there was available.

In ten years the World Ship would arrive at Earth.

Jessica marveled at it from her bubble of space, holding hands with John as they had decided to give them a visit.

Enough light was cast from the ship itself to help illuminate the shape, the contours. Though tube shaped in general, it looked nothing less than like hundreds of massive white tree roots intertwined in random yet organized chaos. It was breathtaking in its complexity.

From their vantage point they could see incredible detail on the surface, watching as the ship slowly spun along its axis to create artificial gravity. It was intricate, patterns that defied explanation, curves and lines flowing into each other in seemingly infinite variation. They could see windows, irregularly spaced, and in many of them they could see movement.

It would appear they were being watched.

That was on purpose. They wanted the Sirians to know they weren’t a threat, and the only way they could think to do that was to appear as themselves in easy sight.

They hovered, taking in the spectacle for a moment longer, then decided to jump inside the ship.

For the second time that she could remember, Jessica’s breath was completely taken away. If the scale of it from the outside was impressive, the sight of it on the inside was incredible.

It was like the surface of a planet, wrapped inside a tube. Lakes, fields, grasses, trees, rivers, every inch of the interior was like some kind of massive park. Along the center of the tube ran a pinpoint source of light, like the sun being drawn out in a single line, providing life to everything on the inside surface.

The rotation of the ship provided a form of artificial gravity, and Jessica noted that it was quite a bit less than Earth gravity.

Her reverie was interrupted by the sight of four beings walking towards them. Two males and two females, apparently, human looking except they were much taller, at least twelve feet tall she estimated. Long blonde hair, blue eyed, but otherwise human, wearing colorful flowing robes that were tight at the wrist. At least they were smiling.

Jessica suddenly felt butterflies in her stomach intrude on the reverie of wonder at the ship.

Hello Jessica Walker. We are pleased to meet you
, she could hear in her head. It came from the female on the left, Jessica sensed. So they were telepathic. She’d half expected that.

she responded back. The female nodded, then the four of them sat on the grass, an apparent effort to make Jessica and John comfortable.

My name is Alath, the other female with me is Alera. This is Taric, and on the end is Julan
We have watched your actions with great interest.

Jessica glanced at John. He seemed to relax a bit. They sat.

I hope you’ll forgive me for asking
, she could hear John ask them,
but we are curious what your intentions are for Earth

Alath smiled.
You need not fear us. We are friends of humanity, and in fact you are our descendants. We left you many eons ago in the hands of the Draconians you so deftly managed to push away recently.

Jessica was confused.
If the Draconians were a threat, why did you leave us?

We did not leave voluntarily. You asked us to.

And now?
Jessica could feel John ask.

Now you have asked for our help, or at least enough of you to make a difference. You are no longer the race we left on what you call Mars, the race that founded Atlantis.

In what regard,
Jessica asked.

Your race has become polarized. At one time you had permitted Draconian philosophy and belief to rule your society. This is why they fought back against the Greeks upon landing on Earth, after the destruction of Mars.

Weren’t the Greeks descended from you as well,
John asked.

Yes, but from a much older line. It is from the line you call the Greeks that all the races of Earth came into being. The Atlanteans had very little diversity, to their detriment. The Draconians used our colony on Mars as a means to gain a foothold on the system. They foresaw the destruction of the planet and what it would mean. Earth was their goal all along, and with the help of the Atlanteans, they succeeded. Flush with their success they quickly constructed a World Ship to send here to populate the Earth, to feed on the human race.

She could feel John’s surprise well up.
Wasn’t Atlantis destroyed over ten thousand years ago?
Alath nodded.
You mean to tell me that they’ve been traveling in that World Ship for over ten thousand years?

Alath nodded again, smiling.

They have teleportation technology don’t they?


Then why didn’t they just teleport everyone to Earth.

Alath considered her answer.
A number of reasons. First, for every technology there is a cost. You have not run into that fact yet, but you will. For them to use teleportation to bring large numbers of Draconian’s to the planet would have used up vast stores of energy they did not wish to waste. Second, you must understand that the Draconian’s feed on emotion, particularly negative emotion. It produces an energy unlike any other, and they have spent the last several millennia helping the human race multiply so they may have more such energy to feed on.

Jessica felt like she was going to be sick.
We’re food.

Alath threw her a confused look.
It is simply the way the universe exists. Do you not eat animals?

Jessica hung her head.
Yes, but I wish I didn’t have to.

Alath chuckled. It was strange since it was the first sound they had heard on the ship beyond the rustling of grass and leaves.

You need not fear this fact. The universe is a more wondrous and magnificent place than you can yet imagine, even with all your power. It is simply the way it is. If you no longer wish to consume, if you wish to contribute instead, we will be happy to show you how. But only if you ask.

Jessica suspected she was talking about mankind in general, not just herself.

What about the Keys?
John asked.

Ah, yes, the keys.
Alath thought for a moment.
The race that built the Keys is ancient, far more so than even ourselves or the Draconians. They were found on Mars by our colony, and we became the genetic bearers, as though they Keys were expecting us. It was very frustrating for the Draconians in the beginning, since they found they were unable to bear them. The Keys rejected them at every attempt. Their alternate plan was to simply take control of our colony, to control the Sirian bearers. It was a very effective plan.

So they’re locked to us genetically?
Jessica asked.

Yes, though we know not why. We suspect that the builders either did not anticipate the actions of the Draconians, or simply did not care. There are many unknowns.

Jessica found this surprising. A race capable of traveling the stars, with lifetimes in the thousands of years, and
had unknowns?
I have a question if I may. You live very long, correct?

Compared to humans today, yes. We can live into the tens of thousands of your years.

Why don’t we have such lifespans then?
she asked.

Your programming at the hands of the Draconians was extensive. They introduced genetic changes, dietary changes that reduced your lifespans very, very quickly. It was easier to control a population that had no direct memory of their history. This was the means of introducing ritual, religion.

She nodded. It made sense.

However, it is our feeling that this is enough of an introduction. You must think on this, and you may return any time you wish.
Alath smiled again.
Perhaps next time we can give you a tour of our world.

You mean the whole ship?
John asked, somewhat excited at the prospect apparently.

No, our home world. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because we travel to Earth on this ship that we are not able to visit our home. As I said, for every technology there is a cost. We simply choose not to teleport unless necessary.

Jessica and John were both wide eyed. A visit to the home world of their ancestors? A chance to see the birth place of was mind boggling.
Thank you, we would like that very much.

Alath smiled, and the four of them stood. Jessica and John followed their lead. It hadn’t occurred to Jessica before, but the grass was very similar to varieties found on Earth, but...softer? When she stood, she noticed that there was no evidence she had been sitting there. The grass appeared untouched.

Thank you
, she said, bowing. Their hosts bowed as well, then she took John’s hand and disappeared.


Arthur wasn’t very comfortable.

Sitting in one of the many meeting rooms at the British Parliament building, across from the Prime Minister and a dozen other assorted bureaucrats, his recent brush with celebrity had given him access to the folks in power.

It made sense. With Pan feeding him information, he could easily tell who had been corrupted, and how. And every single man sitting at the table with him had been compromised in some fashion. They were, or at least appeared to be, making a genuine effort to dig themselves out of the hole.

“So if I may, I would like to review these actions you have recommended for us,” the Prime Minister said. Charismatic fellow, Arthur had to admit. They always were. Kenneth Winslow was his name. Hell, he still remembered Rob Walpole, regarded as the first Prime Minister of Great Britain. Actually met him in Norfolk, chubby fellow, smart, save his fondness for sweets. Arrogant. Typical of blue bloods.

“Please,” Arthur answered.

“First, campaigns must account for every pound, and publish that information on the Internet, including how it is spent?”

Arthur nodded.

“Second, in any advertising, we may not mention the plans of others, only our own plans.”

He nodded again. He could see the Prime Minister struggle with it. This was a sea change from the way things were done, and he didn’t honestly expect it to happen. They were simply paying Arthur lip service, having been exposed to the light of day.

“So the only time we will be able to discuss something put forward by someone else is during debates.”


A member of his cabinet spoke up. “But isn’t this a violation of our right to expression?”

Arthur shrugged. “You know as well as I that the statute you adopted from the European Union includes broad exceptions for threats. This simply falls under this, since political ads that talk about the efforts of opponents are literally attack ads. I must warn you however, that this law will also have to apply to interested third parties. For instance, you cannot have a business sponsor an attack advert against an opponent. All discussion of platforms must be done either in the forum of a debate, or on news programs where both arguments are presented.”

It wasn’t going to work. It didn’t matter, Arthur didn’t expect things to really change, history had proven that. For those in power, the only interest was gaining more power. Only revolution changed that, and even then all it did was replace one tyrannical system with another. Arthur realized he was beginning to sound like Pan, and thought how wonderful a pint of bitter would have been right at that moment.

“Third,” the Prime Minister continued, “all meetings with public officials are to be recorded and made publicly available.”


“Fourth, lobbying is to be made illegal. Special interests are permitted to request meetings with public officials, however they are in no way permitted to perform any form of compensation.”

“Mr. Prime Minister, I do believe you have the gist of it.”

“And you really think we can push these through?”

Arthur grimaced. He knew this was coming. “Mr. Prime Minister, you invited me here. You asked my opinion. I have watched governments rise and fall for a thousand years, and in particular this honored house for over three hundred years. Each one has it’s time in the sun. The longest lasting governments were those of the people and by the people, to steal a yank saying. I know you have a solid knowledge of history, however history is written by the victors, and often we hear nothing of the factors behind an action. I was there. I remember.

BOOK: Entropy Risen (The Syker Key Book 3)
5.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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