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Everything to Him

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Elizabeth Coldwell




What do you give the man who has everything? The opportunity to spend a week sharing his wife with a hot young journalist.

Felix Meredith has everything. The owner of a multi-media company worth billions, he’s come a very long way from the boy who started a record company in his university dorm room. He owns properties on three continents and his sex life with his wife, Amber, is as hot and inventive as it’s ever been. But despite all that, he’s still bored, and in need of a new challenge.

When Felix is contacted by Josh Broughton, who writes for glossy weekly magazine Glitz! and wants to profile him in depth, he’s initially reluctant, but invites Josh over to his home for a preliminary chat out of courtesy. Josh turns out to be anything but the average hack—he’s young and attractive, and it’s obvious from the moment that Josh and Amber meet that there’s a sexual spark between them.

Much to his surprise, Felix isn’t angered by it—if anything, he’s turned on, fantasising about Josh having sex with Amber while he watches. He decides that he’ll let Josh into their life for a week, and the lad will get unrestricted access to everything for that time—including Amber.

What follows promises to be the most unforgettable week of their lives, as Felix, Josh and Amber explore all the things two men can do to a woman in bed, and Josh is given a unique insight into what it’s really like to have everything.






For Richard D.



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Cordon Bleu: Le Cordon Bleu


Chapter One




“Shona, how many times do I have to tell these people I’m not interested?”

Resting her head against the thick, tiled lip of the hot tub, letting the bubbling jets of warm water caress her body, Amber Meredith lay back and listened to her husband arguing with his PA. It wasn’t like Felix to come home in such a vile mood, but she knew he’d been under a good deal of stress these last few days. He’d been negotiating to buy an Internet radio station that specialised in classic rock, but the deal appeared to be on the verge of collapse. No wonder he was tense.

But this phone call—at least the end of it she could hear as Felix paced the floor of their mini spa room—didn’t sound as if it had anything to do with that particular piece of business.

“I know, Shona, believe me, but what part of my being unavailable for interview are they failing to grasp?”

Amber closed her eyes, and did her best to tune out his voice. Whatever the problem, if it was important enough, he’d share it with her in due course. Felix might thrive on the adrenaline rush he got from being in stressful situations, but he knew the importance of letting off steam, too. It was far better for his blood pressure in the long run than keeping everything bottled up.

At last, she heard him toss his phone onto one of the rattan sun loungers that stood by the side of the pool. Amber hauled herself halfway out of the hot tub. Resting her elbows on the cool, white tiles, arms crossed in front of her, she smiled at her frazzled-looking husband.

“Everything okay, darling?”

Felix ran a hand through his short, blond hair, causing it to stick up in tufts, making him look more like the teenager who’d started out running a record company from his university bedroom than the owner of the extensive multi-media empire he’d become. “Oh, it’s just
magazine. They’re still after me for an interview.”

“I thought you turned them down?”

“I did—twice in the last nine months. But they’re persistent. They keep telling me a feature in the mag would do wonders for my image.”

Amber flicked through
occasionally, usually when she was in the hairdressers’ for maintenance of her dark honey and caramel highlights. She’d read the magazine more religiously in the days when she’d worked for a short-lived television shopping channel, doing her best to suppress any pangs of envy raised by the photos of all those perfectly groomed celebrities in their beautiful homes. Since she’d married Felix, she knew she’d become an object of envy in her own right, with no need to compare her wealth or status to that of anyone else.

“There doesn’t seem to be too much wrong with your profile at the moment,” she commented, climbing out of the hot tub. As she walked over to where she’d left her towel, she was aware that Felix’s gaze never left her. She wore her plainest black swimsuit, with low-cut legs and a functional racer back, ideal for cutting through the water as she swam her regulation twenty lengths of the pool. Only when she’d completed her exercise for the day did she ever think of sliding into the hot tub, however inviting it might look as she slogged dutifully away. Still, the wet, clinging material emphasised the curves of her breasts and hips, and Felix clearly enjoyed the sight. For the first time since he’d walked into the spa room, a smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

“Yeah, well, someone seems to think that since we had to close the
New York Clarion
, Midas Media is a company in crisis. They’re convinced a big, glossy spread in
is just the thing to tell people otherwise.”

Though Felix was trying to keep his tone upbeat, Amber knew only too well how criticism and unfounded gossip surrounding the company hurt him. He’d worked so hard to build his business up over the last couple of decades, starting from nothing and bringing it to a point where his own personal wealth could now be measured in billions of pounds, but there were still plenty of people who simply wanted to see him fail.

Her next words would require a certain amount of diplomacy. She took a measured breath. “Maybe—and I’m just thinking out loud here—giving them an interview might not be such a bad thing. I know you’ve never liked the idea of flaunting your wealth, but showing what your life is like away from a business environment might make people see you in a different light. More approachable, more—fun.”

Felix didn’t look entirely convinced. “Even if that’s the case, when would I have the time to sit down with some journalist and answer a bunch of idiotic questions? I’ve got meetings in Berlin and Barcelona next week, plus we’ve still got to thrash things out properly with Rockplanet Radio. Not to mention that I’d been hoping you and I could finally get away together for a few days. It’s been so long since I’ve had any time alone with my gorgeous wife.”

“Well, why don’t we do something about that now?” Amber fixed her husband with her most seductive look. “That new oil I ordered arrived this morning, and I’m dying to try it out. It might ease some of the tension I can see building in your shoulders…”

When they’d had the spa area built, the most recent addition to the seven-bedroomed mansion Felix owned in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, Amber had specified there be room for a top-of-the-range therapist’s table alongside the shower facilities. Nothing made her feel better than having all the kinks worked out after a vigorous exercise session. But she’d also been taking lessons in the art of erotic massage—one of the many ways she found of keeping herself busy while Felix was away at some business leaders’ conference or other—and was keen to demonstrate what she’d learned.

“Why don’t you undress while I take a quick shower?” she asked. Once she’d peeled out of her swimsuit, she tossed the garment aside. It landed on the tiled floor with a wet slap. Naked, she turned on the shower. When the water had reached a satisfyingly steamy temperature, she stepped under the spray and began to lather herself all over. Felix watched her, taking off his footwear, three-piece suit and shirt as he did. He treated his own clothes with more respect than Amber had shown her swimming costume, folding them and putting them in a neat pile on the lounger. His black briefs were the last item to be removed. Pausing in the act of rinsing suds from her hair, Amber admired the sight of her husband’s lean, athletic body. Where she swam and took long walks around the mansion’s grounds, Felix kept fit by pounding the treadmill in their home gym or the running machine he’d had installed in his office, and taking his frustrations out on a punchbag. It would have been easy for him to fall into an undisciplined lifestyle of too many late nights, long lunches, and networking sessions over drinks, growing soft and flabby in the process, but the one thing Felix had in abundance was discipline. She’d met any number of incredibly wealthy men since she’d been with him, and she couldn’t imagine any of them looking as good out of their clothes as he did.

Not yet fully hard, Felix’s cock still set her mouth watering as it bobbed with every step he took. Even after six years together, Amber had never lost the desire to see her husband naked, to have that thick, virile column of flesh in her hand, to hear him gasp as she stroked her fingers along its length.

Having switched off the shower, she towelled herself dry before slipping into a short, silky white robe. Turning as she belted it around her waist, she saw that Felix had stretched out on the massage table, only a small towel covering his nakedness.

She uncapped the heavy purple glass bottle, which looked as though it should contain an expensive perfume, rather than massage oil. It was an impulse purchase she’d discovered on the website of her favourite erotic store for couples—pricey, but that was never an issue for her. Scented with jasmine and ylang ylang, and infused with tiny flakes of twenty-four-carat gold, this oil would never find its way into any genuine massage therapist’s room. It was designed for sensual, intimate play, pure and simple.

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