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Michelle Betham

I’m an ex-media technician turned rock-music-loving author of hot, sexy romance and chick lit with a kick! My love of books began the second I could read, and some of my happiest memories are of me curled up in bed as a child devouring every Malory Towers and Famous Five book I could get my hands on. As the years progressed I read everything from horror to Harry Potter, Jackie Collins to Jilly Cooper, but I always knew that I wanted to write romance. I love the idea of escapism – of creating a world in which readers can lose themselves, and characters they’ll want to spend time with. And thanks to inspiration from the aforementioned Ms. Collins, I always knew that I wanted to write romance of the more racy variety, and to be able to do that every day is a dream come true for me.

After a spell living on the beautiful Canarian island of Tenerife, I’m now back in the UK and settled in County Durham with my wonderful husband and my gorgeous West Highland Terrier, Archie. A proud Geordie girl, I adore the north east of England, but I also love the odd glass of wine, Keanu Reeves, a decent TV drama, Peter Kay… and darts!

You can follow me on Twitter @michellebetham, find me on Facebook or chat to me on my blog

This book is dedicated to all those who love The Beautiful Game …  especially my husband Ian, who loves it more than most!

Chapter One

Jim Allen threw open the white shutters that covered the huge French doors, taking in the view of the cobalt-blue sea in front of him. The palm trees surrounding the small and private oval-shaped pool outside on the terrace swayed slightly in the gentle breeze, the sky cloudless and clear, heralding another beautiful day in paradise.

Shoving his hands in his pockets he turned away from the window, walking back over to the huge king-size bed in the centre of the room. She was still asleep, still oblivious to this new day, but he didn’t want to wake her, not yet. He just wanted to look at her for a few more minutes.

He leaned against the wall, closing his eyes for a second or two before opening them, directing his gaze at her as she lay on her back, one arm slung high above her head. And what he wanted to do more than anything right now was reach out and move the thin sheet that was covering her, just enough so he could see all of her, because he knew she was naked. He knew that, because they’d made love just an hour ago, before he’d had to leave her to go and join the Newcastle Red Star squad for a team breakfast. Even though he’d much rather have stayed there, with her.

He watched as she moaned quietly in her sleep, shifting slightly so the sheet fell down below her perfect breasts and he couldn’t help but react. She had that effect on him; she’d always had that effect on him. He’d loved this woman for over twenty years, yet they’d only been together – properly together, not like the last time – for a matter of months. At the age of forty-nine Jim Allen felt as though his life was only just beginning, and he couldn’t be happier.

She gave another, longer moan, shifting again, becoming more restless, and for him that was enough. He couldn’t watch her any longer without wanting to touch her, and as the sheet moved further down her body, falling just below her hips, low enough to give him a tantalising glimpse of heaven, he could feel himself growing harder.

‘Jesus… what you do to me…’ he groaned, pushing a hand through his slightly greying hair, watching as she drew one leg up, an action which caused the sheet to fall down even further, her nakedness now revealed in all its tanned and beautiful glory. ‘Shit, Amber. I’ve got so much work to do, honey, yet I’m gonna have to fuck you so hard first before I can get any of it done.’

‘Get on with it then,’ she murmured, without opening her eyes, a slight smile on her face.

He couldn’t help smiling, too. ‘You want more, huh?’

She opened her eyes, pushing herself up onto her elbows. ‘I always want more, Jim. I’m never satisfied.’

‘Yeah, tell me about it,’ he laughed.

‘Just get undressed, come on. We haven’t got all day.’

He shrugged off his shirt, letting it fall to the floor as he walked over to the bed. ‘We’ve got a few minutes.’

She looked up at him as he leaned over her, her eyes slowly closing as he kissed her gently. ‘We can do a lot in a few minutes, Mr. Allen.’

‘We sure can, Mrs. Allen,’ he whispered, sitting down on the edge of the bed, pulling the sheet away from her body, letting his fingers trail lazily over her stomach before finally resting on her hip. ‘I love you, Amber. You do know that, don’t you?’

She reached out and gently touched his face, smiling at him. ‘Yeah. I know that. Now.’

‘Everything else is in the past, baby. It’s all in the past.’ Although even as he said the words he knew that could never really be the case. How could everything be in the past when the past was still there? Right there, with them, on this stunning island.

She said nothing, just leaned forward and kissed him, her slightly open mouth covering his in a painfully beautiful kiss, every movement her lips made against his making him want her more.

‘These past few months, they’ve been incredible, Amber. Finally having you here, beside me, with me, after everything we’ve been through…’

She put a finger to his lips, stopping him from saying any more. ‘You just said the past is gone, Jim. So let’s not go there, okay? We don’t need to go there.’

He gently took hold of her wrist, pushing her back onto the bed, nudging her legs open with his knee. ‘No. We don’t.’

She smiled again as she closed her eyes, putting up no fight, despite the fact he was holding her wrists quite tightly now. In fact, if anything, it seemed to be turning her on more, which in turn made him twice as eager to go back to that safe, secret place he’d visited just an hour earlier.

She arched her back, pushing herself up against him, inviting him inside, and he wasn’t going to hang about. He wasn’t even going to waste time removing the rest of his clothes, there was no need. He was hard and he was ready, so why wait any longer?

Keeping that tight grip on her wrists, her arms up at either side of her head, he carefully pushed inside her, taking his time, loving the way she felt, all soft and wet and warm. And then he was there, buried deep within her.

Finally letting go of her wrists, he placed his hands on her knees, pushing her legs back up against her stomach, enabling him to go deeper, her moans urging him to push harder, making it difficult for him to hold back any longer. And as she thrust her hips up against his again, he felt that burning release begin to build until he had no option left but to let go, spilling out inside of her, holding onto her as she wrapped her legs around him, keeping him there, holding him in.

But that wasn’t the end. It wasn’t over. It would have been selfish of him to assume that, so slipping an arm around her waist, he pulled her over in one swift movement, groaning loudly as she climbed astride him, naked and beautiful and yet to come. But she was going to do it now, just for him, and he had a front row seat.

He watched as she threw her head back, reaching down to touch herself and it was almost crazy how quickly he felt himself grow hard all over again. With his hands on either side of her thighs, he carefully moved her forward, lifting her up slightly before lowering her back down, sliding into her once more with an ease only those who’d made love so often possessed.

With him firmly back inside her, she quickly resumed the journey to her own climax, closing her eyes and pushing her breasts out, her hand taking position back where it had been before, and Jim watched as she continued those slow, circular motions, every move her fingers made against herself bringing him closer to another crashing finale. Jesus, he never wanted this to end! Never. And he’d come so close to this not happening at all, to losing her, so he had to bring out his A-game this time. To make sure he didn’t lose her again.

‘Amber, baby…’ he groaned, not taking his eyes off her hand as those once-gentle circular motions became more frantic, signalling her imminent arrival at her own endgame, but he wasn’t to be outdone. As that familiar, beautiful tingle started creeping its way up his body he knew they were going to come together this time. And they did, almost simultaneously, their bodies shuddering to that blissful halt as one, leaving them both spent and breathless. ‘Jesus, that was good. That was so fucking good!’ Jim sighed as Amber collapsed on top of him, her head on his chest.

‘Yeah.’ She smiled, a more-than-satisfied smile, her eyes still closed. ‘It was.’

He kissed the top of her head, burying his fingers in her dark red hair. ‘I’ve really got to go in a minute, honey. We’ve got a game to prepare for, and if I’m not on top of it all…’

She raised her head slightly, finally opening her eyes. ‘I’d much rather you stayed here, on top of

He returned her smile, kissing her long and slow. ‘Yeah. And there’s no place I’d rather be, beautiful. But, unfortunately, I’m here to work. And so are you.’

She groaned, throwing her head back down on his chest. ‘I know, I know.’ She closed her eyes again, making the most of those final, few precious seconds together before reality returned and took over. ‘I just wish I didn’t have to.’

Reluctantly pushing herself up and off him, Amber got up and walked over to the French doors, looking out at the stunning view of the pool and the palm trees and the sea that stretched out ahead of them like a never-ending blue blanket.

Jim couldn’t take his eyes off her. His beautiful wife of just five months. The woman he’d never thought he’d get close to again, after everything that had happened. Their past history was complicated, but from the second he’d walked back into her life he’d had no intention of losing the fight, not this time. Even though there’d been days when he’d thought he was going to have to concede defeat.

‘Isn’t Ronnie coming over to the island today?’ Jim asked, hauling himself off the bed and joining her at the French doors, slipping his arms around her from behind, pulling her naked body back against him.

‘His flight lands at lunchtime. I said I’d go pick him up. They were going to send a car for him, but…’ She stopped talking and turned round in his arms, running her fingers lightly over his rough jawline, ‘… he’s my friend, and I want to… You don’t mind, do you?’

‘Why would I mind?’ Jim laughed, his hand gently stroking the base of her spine.

‘I don’t know.’ Amber shrugged, pulling away from him, suddenly realising what a stupid question that had been.
would Jim mind? She and Ronnie were good friends, best friends, and now they were work colleagues, too, but that was all. Okay, so they’d once had a brief relationship, back in the days when he’d been a professional footballer and she’d been the Sports Editor at News North East, a popular regional TV news programme based in her native North East England. But that had been years ago. All forgotten. She didn’t feel that way about Ronnie, and he didn’t feel that way about her. Not anymore. ‘I just didn’t know if we were meeting up later, that’s all.’

He followed her into the bathroom, watching as she switched on the shower, shaking out her hair before throwing him a look over her shoulder, smiling knowingly at him.

BOOK: Extra Time
2.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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