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She looked up into his sharp features and braced her hands against his chest. His kiss swamped her senses. He slid one hand under her hair and held her as his mouth slanted over hers with increasing ferocity.

His thumb stroked her neck, and she moaned as his tongue caressed hers in a sensual beat.

She slid her hands up the fabric covering his chest, holding his head and neck as he continued to send her senses spinning. Her robe felt too tight, the wrap was making her dizzy as her breath tried to speed up.

She felt him shift the arm he had around her waist and then heard a strange sound. The wrap around her middle parted and slithered to the ground.

Akutan caressed the damp fabric that had been covered and her constricting robes loosened.

She felt his smile as he used his free hand to open one layer after another. When he caressed her skin, she jerked. His curious hand skated up to cup her breast, and his thumb shifted back and forth across her nipple before his hand stroked down to cup her butt and pulled her hard against him.

She leaned as far back as she could. “Did you just slice off my sash?”

He bent to nibble at her neck. “Yes. It was easier than unwrapping you, plus you seemed about to faint.”

She couldn’t argue, and as he knelt in front of her, taking each breast in one hand and using his mouth alternately on one side and then the other until she was trembling and incoherent.

He swept her off her feet and laid her on the moss-covered ground. His clothing came off much more easily than hers had, and she once again stared at the elegant body that had just been plastered against her.

When he was wearing the fall of golden hair and nothing else, he knelt at her feet and slowly moved to cover her body with his.

He kissed her, and she felt him enter her, her thighs straining to accommodate his hips. He paused with only an inch of his cock inside her, and her strain gradually relaxed. He slipped into her, stopping when she tensed and moving forward the moment her body accepted his.

He kissed her, nipped at her lips with his teeth and rocked against her until he was finally all the way inside.

His body moved in a slow undulation that stroked every nerve inside her, and Amy held on for dear life.

Each measured movement took her higher, caused heat to flicker in her body and made her toes curl. She cupped his face in her hands and did her own share of nipping at his lips as the sensations in her body drew the spring of sensation tighter until it snapped and she let out a low, shaking moan against his cheek.

Akutan’s back was slick with sweat, and she shifted her grip to the deep arch of trembling muscle and smooth skin. He continued that slow arch and undulation in and out of her until she was trembling violently with her head buried against his neck.

She licked his skin and fought the orgasm with all her might, but the steady rocking pace continued to build her tension until she shuddered and groaned through clenched teeth. He slid all the way inside until he was as deep as he could go, and the greenery around them absorbed his own groan.

He stayed pressed tight to her for an eternity, and she kept her arms wrapped around him, her sleeves falling back as she stroked his shoulders and the line of his waist.

He lifted his head and kissed her deeply. “I should get you back to bed.”

Amy ran her hands through his golden hair. “This whole walk was just to get some privacy?”

He stroked her cheek. “No, I wanted to show you more of my home, I simply got distracted.”

The understatement made her laugh, and his sharp features looked sheepish as she giggled underneath him.






Chapter Nine



He took her back to his room, her robes tied semi-modestly around her but her severed sash a total loss. When she asked him why his room, he replied, “With the nobleman on Rai, I don’t want to leave you undefended for an instant.”

His room was as sparse as the one she was in, but the larger bed proclaimed it to belong to the master of the house.

She shrugged out of the layers of robes, leaving the under robe in place for modesty. Amy pursed her lips and had to ask, “Where do I put them?”

He smiled and opened a door that led to an adjoining room. “There is a shelf in here where you can put the clothing.”

She folded them carefully and placed them in a pile on the shelf he indicated. Her slippers were tucked on the floor under the shelf, and she walked back into Akutan’s room as quietly as she could. He was kneeling at a desk and engaged in some sort of correspondence, so she folded back the covers and slipped into his bed.

Amy watched as he wielded the pen with a grace that she envied. Her hesitation marks were all over every practice try. She yawned and settled against the flat pillow that was the Rai standard. She watched Akutan until her lids grew heavy and she glided into sleep.

She woke briefly when hands moved her over to the cool side of the bed, against the wall. He pulled her against him, and she felt skin against skin. That was wrong, but she was too tired to care and sleep claimed her again.


Someone was murmuring to her and brushing her hair away from her face. She squirmed and opened her eyes, seeing the masculine features of Akutan above her and his smile was amused.

“You sleep like a small kit, all curled in a ball.” He ran his hand down her back.

She wrinkled her nose and shifted closer to him, stealing his body heat. “I might have stayed flat if I had been wearing something. Where did my robe go?”

“We don’t sleep in clothing on Rai.”

She scowled. “That’s a lie. Teriki told me that there is always a layer of clothing on the body unless you are bathing.”

He chuckled and stroked his hand down her spine. She could feel the erection pressing against her abdomen, and she stroked the length of him without weighing the consequences.

He groaned and thrust himself firmly into her hand for a moment before he rolled her to her back and parted her thighs. She yelped when he applied his tongue to her and shuddered when two of his long, elegant fingers began to stroke with the same upward curve that he preferred.

She preferred it too as she realised that that stroke was rubbing the forward wall of her channel and setting off the nerves of her clit from the inside out. Amy moaned low in her throat as he flicked and teased her clit with his tongue.

She could hear how wet she was as each slide of his fingers gave her an audio cue that sent a mortified blush to her cheeks. Embarrassment did not last long, Akutan moved up her body and thrust into her until he bottomed out.

She realised that the evening before he had taken care not to overwhelm her, but now that she had silently acquiesced, he was going to take full advantage.

Amy wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her fingers into his shoulders as he moved inside her fast and strong.

She cried out as light burst inside her mind in a rush, he covered her mouth with his, taking the noise as his tribute. She saw sparks and heard a roaring in her ears as her body tried to hold him tight.

He groaned into her mouth as his own body gave in to sensation. The physical tremors were shared as their bodies slowly calmed.

Akutan kissed her softly, nipping at her lower lip. “Good morning, Amethyst.”

She returned the kiss, her arms looped around his neck. “If that is good morning, I would love to see congratulations.”

He laughed, slid out of her and rolled to his back.

A soft knock at the door made Amy blush. It was obvious that someone had been listening and did not want to interrupt until they were finished.

He authorized entry, and three maids tugged Amy from bed, ushered her around the corner and offered her a quick sponge bath to remove traces of her recent activities. Once that was done, she was put in a fresh under robe and ushered back to her rooms down the main hallway.

Teriki was there, and she didn’t say a word as she bustled about selecting clothing and one of the wide sashes. “Lady, do you know what happened to the sash you were wearing yesterday?”

Amy turned hot pink. “I believe that Lord Akutan sliced it off me. He was in a hurry.”

“I will ask him to authorize the purchase of another.” She smiled kindly, and there was an amused relief in her eyes.

The younger maids giggled.

Amy tried to distract them as they dressed her. “So, you are all herbalists?”

Teriki grinned. “He is truly sharing much with you. Yes. The younger ladies are apprentices to be herbal healers. It is an honour to be chosen to serve and learn at the palace. Our duties are light, so most of our time is spent in the gardens.”

They were on the fourth robe now, tugging and smoothing the fabric.

Lord Akutan came in and he sat comfortably near her desk, serving himself tea. “We will be going into the village today, so wrap her a little less tightly than yesterday. She does need to breathe.”

The young maids giggled, and Porali looked up from the tray with the hairbrushes. Her smile had a secret sort of component, and it made Amy wonder, but she was too polite to ask.

Once she was dressed, wrapped and the outer robe had been draped over the superlight silks underneath, Porali had her sit and combed out her hair.

Akutan watched her hair being brushed out, and there was an expression on his face that surprised her. She had seen that expression twice now, and both times had been just before he thrust into her.

Porali took extra care with the pins and the loops she created within Amy’s hair. When she finally stood back, Amy didn’t need to use the mirror. Akutan’s eyes were almost glowing.

“Thank you, Porali. You have out done yourself.”

“Thank you, lady. You give me plenty to work with. I shall prepare to accompany you to the village.”

Akutan shook his head. “That will not be necessary. I will act as her chaperone and guard.”

The maids were shocked, so Amy intervened. “Perhaps Porali would be a good choice as a companion, just in case you are distracted by business.”

He shook his head. “No. You and I will travel down the hill together where we will speak with the magistrate and make some other arrangements.”

Understanding was in Porali’s eyes, and she made a slight nod.

“Very well, thank you for your offer of a trip to the village. I look forward to seeing it again.”

He got to his feet and took her by the hand, leading her to the morning room.

The servants delivered dish after dish. Amy had a hard time keeping up with the steady stream of food, but she was rather hungry.

She tried to be polite. “What takes you into the village today?”

He smiled enigmatically. “A little of this, a little of that.”

That was the only answer she got out of him as he boosted her sideways onto a flat pad behind his saddle, mounted in front of her and clicked Vedu down the hillside path. She was forced to wrap her arms around him to keep herself balanced.

He kept the effu to a steady pace, and when they arrived in the village proper, he guided Vedu down the streets until they arrived at a stable.

Akutan dismounted and gripped her waist to guide her gently to the ground.

The stable boy came out, bowed low and led Vedu to the water fountain where the beasts were gathered.

Akutan took her hand, and they began a slow promenade through the village.

They stopped at every shop, and Lord Akutan made introductions for her in every shop. He also bought something small at each shop, ordering it to be delivered to the palace by nightfall.

Amy didn’t know what was going on, but it did involve a lot of tiny things. He paused at the magistrate’s offices and handed over the scroll that he had worked on the night before. The man nearly fell over himself in an effort to agree to whatever Lord Akutan asked.

Once they had left the grovelling presence of the magistrate, he squeezed her hand. “You will enjoy the next visitation.”

The seamstress’s shop was filled with half a dozen young women of varying social standings, all gossiping. The gossip froze as the proprietor saw Akutan, and the women turned, bowed and filed out. The shop was now a private showroom.

“Mistress Keeku, this is Lady Amethyst. We require that you use your skills to create a Guardian uniform for her. She needs to be appropriate but have full range of motion, so one of the styles used for my niece would suit her.”

Keeku perked up. “Lady, what is your talent?”

“I can pass through objects.”

“Do your clothes remain on you?”

“If I wish them to, Mistress Keeku.” She smiled politely.

“How long is your hair when straight?” Keeku picked up a notepad and started to make notes and measurements as she wandered around.

“Um, it hangs to the back of my knees.”

Keeku smiled and nodded. “Excellent. What will you be called?”

Lord Akutan smiled, “Fade.”

Amy blinked and sighed. “Apparently. Do you need to see my talent in action?”

“If you wouldn’t mind?”

Amy took a few steps forward and swept her arm toward an elaborate display. Keeku gasped, but Amy’s arm went right through her target, and when she held her hand out to Keeku again, she opened it to expose the small box of pins she had taken from the tower of sale items.

Lord Akutan tried to look like he was unsurprised, but she could see the impressed gleam in his eyes.

Keeku cleared her throat. “Right, so you need free motion but having wide sleeves is not an issue.”

“It is not. Do you need to take measurements?”

“I already have. Gauging things by eye is not as impressive a talent, but I do make an excellent living with it.”

“Now, Mistress Keeku, did Lady Jinu ask you to prepare something when she last stopped in?”

The seamstress nodded. “Just a moment, my lord.”

She disappeared in the back and came out with a bundle of cloth wrapped around something else.

He held up his hand when she would have opened the parcel. “Have it brought to the palace as soon as you are able.”

“Of course, my lord.” The seamstress bowed.

BOOK: Fade
3.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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