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Fall Gently (Red Light: Silver Girls series)

BOOK: Fall Gently (Red Light: Silver Girls series)
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Fall Gently

Book 3, Red Light: Silver Girls series

by Debra Kayn

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Fall Gently

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allace, Idaho —
As most of you know, Federal Idaho where my Bantorus MC series, Moroad MC series, and now my Red Light: Silver Girls series books are based is set in my hometown of Wallace, Idaho. It's wonderful to live in an area where we take pride in our colorful past, rich history, and mining. Most of all the acceptance of those we call neighbors. Thank you to Ryan Motel, Lux Rooms, Oasis Bordello Museum, Wallace Inn, Rossi Building, Shoshone County Sheriff's Department, Harvest Food, Hecla Mining, Molly B'Damn Motel and the community for adding that special touch to my books.


ifteen months ago ~

The front door slammed. Roni Glenn froze with the dishtowel in her hand and stared down at the water drops on the counter. Fear paralyzed her.

Vince had told her he wouldn't be back until nine o'clock tonight. He was three hours early.

She wiped the counter dry and tossed the rag under the sink to hide the evidence of her cleaning. Hopefully, Vince wouldn't look inside the cabinet. The moment he left the house again, she'd put the rag in the laundry room. He disliked her cleaning when he was home, but he hated messes more.

"Veronica?" Vince's booming voice echoed in the house. "Get out here. We've got company."

She used the black surface of the refrigerator to straighten her short hair. If she failed to pull herself together around Vince, she'd pay later. He wanted a trophy girlfriend, or that's what he called her. He'd stolen her off the streets three years ago with a promise to help her find a job.

She had believed him. He was nice back then. Polite, friendly, and mature.


She cringed. Named after a grandmother who died when she was fourteen years old are rarely visited, nobody but Vince called her by her formal name. She preferred Roni.

"I'm coming," she said hating the way her voice rose with fear.

Any little sign of distress set Vince off. She always tried to stay quiet and out of his way. The late night visitors usually involved Sparrows—members of the Yesler Street Gang— which Vince was the boss.

She entered the old-world-style living area that came with a hollow suit of armor standing in the corner, overseeing the activities and creeping her out every time she stepped into the room. Three members stood around Vince hanging on to every word that came out of his lying, filthy mouth.

"What took you so long?" Vince lifted his arm.

His gold cuff link flashed in the light. At six foot four and three hundred pounds, Vince's stature made a statement few people ever challenged. She hustled across the room and stood beside him. She schooled her reaction to the kiss on her cheek. Vince's good manners in front of the men he'd invited over to the house meant he wanted something from her, and she had no option than to give him what he asked for.

"Baby, this is Monty. He's got a big job for Sparrows tomorrow and needs you to work your magic." Vince laughed. "Boy, you're going to come out of the room a new man, I swear to God."

Monty ogled her from head to toe and back up her body again to settle on her mouth. She swallowed the acid burning her throat. Vince believed he owned her and as his property, he could let others use her.

Vince smacked her ass. She jumped away from him, her heart racing.

"In the mouth, boy. The rest is mine." Vince flung his arm to the side in Roni's direction.

She ducked which got a laugh out of all four men. Before she could turn away from their amusement, Monty grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her to the first door on the left in the hallway.

Roni stumbled inside and fell on her knees. There was no use getting up. She'd learned long ago to open her mouth and not fight what would happen. The times she refused, she got beaten. First by the man that Vince had given her to and then later by Vince when he saw her red face or bloody lip.

The door swung open, and Vince stuck his head in the room and nodded at her in approval. "Wear a fucking condom, boy. I don't want your jizz on my girl."

"You got it, boss." Monty dug in his wallet.

The door shut.

Monty undid his jeans and let the material pool at his knees. "Give me some tits."

She shook her head. "Vince won't allow you to see me."

"He's not here, is he?" Monty slid his feet forward until he was closer to her, and then stroked his limp cock. "Lift your shirt. I won't touch. Vince won't even have to know."

She swayed on her knees. Afraid not to do what the man requested, she lifted the front of her shirt over her breasts.

"Do the bra, too." Monty's strokes lengthened and the tattoo of the sparrow bird head on his hand blurred at the speed of his hand going back and forth.

She looked away and pulled her bra over her breasts. The underwire in the middle poked the base of her neck.

"That's what I needed. Big titties." Monty rolled the condom on and tossed the wrapper away from him. "Suck my dick, bitch."

She opened her mouth and leaned forward. Her dry tongue stuck to the latex and she pulled back to gather as much moisture as she could and failed miserably. "Please, just a second."

Her breathing came fast and harsh. Dizzy from not enough oxygen, she closed her eyes and tried to relax.

"I don't have all night." Monty grabbed a fistful of her hair and thrust his cock against her jaw.

Her scalp stung from the force. She whimpered and took his cock in her mouth.

"Suck it," said Monty.

She pushed forward, pulled back. The corners of her mouth stretched uncomfortably, sticking to the condom. Tears blurred her vision.

"Yeah, like that." Monty humped her face.

She gagged and retreated. Then, plunged down on his cock again. Monty's eagerness made him more forceful than she could handle and she sped up, preferring short hard strokes of her mouth to getting her lips bruised.

"Fuck, yeah," mumbled Monty. "Look at those tits move."

She closed her eyes. With no idea where Vince was at in the house, she couldn’t be sure if he listened outside the door or watched her on one of the cameras placed in every room.

Monty persuasively pulled her on and off his cock by the hair. "Take it. Take it."

He shuddered, pulsing in her mouth in violent jerks of his hips. She pulled away the second his hand left her hair and yanked her bra and shirt down to cover herself.

Monty stumbled back a few feet, grabbing his jeans around his ankles. She stood and went to the door and left the room. Vince would expect her back immediately after blowing off the Sparrows member.

She only hoped the other two men weren't next.

Vince spotted her and stopped the conversation going on in the room. She waited at the entrance for him to tell her where to go. He lifted his arm. She hurried forward, her tongue burned and her lips numb and swollen.

"Look at you." Vince's eyes took on an intense glare as he rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip. "I need to go out again, and when I get back, you'll be naked in my bed."

She gagged, barely holding down the vomit rising in her throat. Vince narrowed his eyes and backhanded her across the face. Swept off her feet, she fell to the floor, landing on her butt with a cry of pain.

Vince stepped toward her and leaned over in front of her face. "Don't insult my men by getting sick."

She crab-walked backward to get away from him. He never let an audience stop him from punishing her.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "Sorry."

He kicked out with his foot. Pain radiated through her ribs, and she flopped, curling into a tight ball to cover her head with her arms. She opened her mouth wide to catch her lost breath, praying she wouldn't vomit and anger him more.

"Let's go out and take care of business, boys." Vince stepped over her.

From her view on the floor, the men stepped around her, never hesitating. She lay still long after the front door shut.

She needed to escape. Someday, Vince would kill her.

A hand stroked her shoulder. She flinched and curled tighter.

"Sh," said a soft feminine voice. "Let me help you."

Roni opened her eyes and peered up at Jackie, one of Vince's girls he put out on the street corners to prostitute for him. "You need to get out of here before he comes back."

"Vince knows I came back early." Jackie helped Roni sit up. "I left the door unlocked when I heard you go into the bedroom with the Sparrows member."

Mortified, Roni hung her head. The room continued spinning, and it hurt to take a deep breath through the stabbing, sharp pain at her side. Vince would be back soon, and he'd kill her if he found her talking to one of the street girls.

"You need to go back to your side of the house." Roni gulped for air, knowing Vince forbid her talking to the street girls who lived over the garage on the other side of the house. "Vince will hurt us both if he finds you helping me."

"Let me worry about Vince." Jackie pulled Roni to her feet and hooked her arm around her waist. "Soon, you'll be safe, Roni. I promise."

Inside Vince and her bedroom, she collapsed on the edge of the bed. She wanted to brush her teeth and rinse her mouth with mouthwash to clean the taste of latex away, but she was out of breath and energy. It hurt to move.

Jackie went into the bathroom and returned with a cup of water. "Here, drink."

She guzzled the water, not even caring when she dribbled down her chin and onto her shirt. The coldness soothed her sensitive and torn lips.

Jackie's brown eyes filled with concern and she kneeled in front of her. Roni reached out and with more strength than she thought she had held onto her friend's hand.

"You should hate me," whispered Roni.

Jackie shook her head. "It's not your fault. Vince isn't the man I thought he was."

The night Jackie arrived at the house, she had come through the door half in love with Vince, believing he returned her feelings. Before the poor girl could learn on her own that Vince only loved Vince, she was forced to stand at the foot of the bed while Vince fucked Roni to make a point. The whole time Vince talked to Jackie about how she'd never reach the status of sleeping in his bed because she wasn't malleable enough.

Roni had watched Jackie break in front of her, and there was nothing she could do. She hated Vince, and he owned them all.

"You better go and lock your door." Roni let go of Jackie. "Thanks for helping me."

Jackie stood. "I swear, Roni. Just hang in there a little longer. I will get us both out of here. I promise. Even if I have to kill him myself."

BOOK: Fall Gently (Red Light: Silver Girls series)
7.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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