Falling For Him 1 (Rachel and Peter in Love) (5 page)

BOOK: Falling For Him 1 (Rachel and Peter in Love)

At the mention of what had happened before, the sexual tension immediately came back tenfold.  I felt it and so must he. “Forget about it.”  He immediately stood up, trying to get away from me and the growing tension. His first move went towards the door, but seeing the heavy rain outside, opted to simply walk to the other side of the room.

I tried to find other things to busy myself, but the cabin wasn’t that big and his presence was overwhelming. I tried not to look into his direction, but was drawn to him with such a force, that I couldn’t resist for long. Apparently he experienced the same. Sometimes I caught him watching me and he would look quickly away. Other times I was able to admire his physique and good looks before he glanced up and I would quickly turn my head.

This continued throughout the afternoon and dinner was a tense affair with almost no communication occurring between us. As he stoked the fire later that night, I watched the muscles of his back move beneath his t-shirt and once again fought the urge to run my hands over his torso.

He turned and caught me staring at him. His eyes caught mine and we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. I almost jumped right across the room and on top of him. But before I could do so, a log crashed in the fire, he jerked his head, grabbed his rain jacket and left the cabin again.

I decided to take advantage of his absence and retired to bed, falling quickly into a sleep filled with dreams of cerulean blue eyes and hard muscles wrapped around me. Keeping me safe. Protecting me. 

When Peter came to bed an hour later, I didn’t bother to wake up. I slept on, peaceful in the knowledge that with him I was safe.

Chapter 5


Peter’s voice woke me the next morning. He talked with the rangers on the radio and I lay in bed, listening to the conversation. I glanced out the window and smiled as I saw a bright sunny day ahead.

I joined Peter in the front room and he informed me that the rangers had announced that the road would be cleared sometime late in the afternoon. For some reason I felt melancholic. Suddenly the idea of staying here in the cabin with him seemed a lot more attractive than heading home.

He smiled at me “Would you like me to show you some of the spectacular landscapes around here? We can do some easy hiking around the cabin today. Are you up for getting out of this box?”

I nodded, “That sounds good. Such a refreshing sight to see the sun shining this morning.”

Peter added, “There’s a lake about a mile from here complete with a waterfall. We can go for a swim.”

“Won’t it be cold?” I didn’t tell him I had no intention of skinny dipping with him.

Peter gave me a smile filled with some hidden secret, “You won’t have any complaints.”

“I found some granola bars and dried fruit. We can take it with us for a snack.”

“Okay, I’m game.”

“Good.  Let’s go.”


The hike to the lake didn’t take more than 30 minutes. As we got our first glimpse of the lake and waterfall, I wished I had remembered to pack my camera in my backpack. I’d never seen such gorgeous scenery before!

Peter dropped his pack near the water and immediately began stripping off his clothes. I watched and drooled. The man was gorgeous everywhere. Even the sight of his calves sent shivers down my spine.

Peter caught me staring at him and when he had nothing left to remove but his boxers, he placed his hands on the waistband and slowly mustered my from top to bottom and back until my eyes locked with his, “If you don’t want an eyeful, you ought you shut your eyes. Now.”

I slammed my eyes shut, placing my hands over them for extra help. I didn’t remove them again until I heard the water splash. Peaking from between my fingers, I saw him in the middle of the lake, waving at me, “Come on. The water’s nice.”

I didn’t even try to figure out how high-mountain lake water could be considered “Nice.” It had to be freezing in there, but Peter acted like bathing a tub of warm water.

I shook my head and replied, “I better stay right here where I’m warm.”

“Don’t be such a chicken, the water’s warm. I promise. Check it out if you don’t believe me.”

I gingerly stepped down to the water’s edge and dipped my hand in, “How is that possible?” I asked him in shock. The water was deliciously warm.

“The lake is fed by a mountain spring which runs next to a lava tube. It stays warm year round. So warm it doesn’t even freeze in the winter.”

“How did you know?” I asked, amazed and wondering if I dared strip down to my underwear and get in the water. It looked inviting.

“My uncle. He always brought me up here to swim during our visits to the cabin. Come on in, I’ll even turn my back to preserve your maidenly modesty.” Peter proceeded to turn his back towards me while speaking.

I stripped down to my underwear and quickly entered the water with a sigh.
What an awesome sensation!

“Okay, you can turn around now,” I told him.

Peter swam towards me, an admiring glimmer in his eyes as he let them track below the water’s edge, “Nice.”

That one word compliment had the color rushing to my cheeks, “You’re supposed to be a gentleman and not stare.”

“I never said I was a gentleman. Come on, I’ll race you to the waterfall.”

We cavorted in the water for several hours, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the water. I had started out very awkward, but by the time we had finished our swim, I am comfortable and have almost forgotten that I’m in my underwear instead of a swimsuit.

When he suggested we lie in the sun for a few minutes to dry off, I headed towards the shore. I exited the water, completely unaware that my wet underwear hid nothing from the imagination. Peter had stopped at the water’s edge and was staring at me when I happened to glance his direction.

“Is something wrong?”

He gathered himself together and continued out of the lake, shaking his head, “Nothing.” Clearing his throat, he added, “I saw something in the woods.”

Turning around, I darted a glimpse into the bushes around the lake. I heard Peter approach behind me but my mind was focused on the supposed threat in the bushes.  When a twig snap seconds later, I didn’t even hesitate, but jumped into Peter’s arms, wrapping my arms and legs around him as I screamed in terror.

“Rachel. Whoa! I was kidding. I didn’t see anything…”

“There is a bear! Over there,” I said, pointing over my shoulder without removing my arms or legs from around him.

Peter pushed me away from him enough to see my face, “There is no bear. Promised.”

I opened my eyes and looked into his. Everything seemed to slow down as his eyes widened and his head descended to take my lips in a devouring kiss. He slanted his lips against mine, using his tongue to claim possession of every part of my mouth.

I gave in to his kiss, pouring every ounce of restrained emotions into my response. His hands molded to my backside, pulling me closer against him while his lips staked their claim, imitating what his body wanted to do in a ritual as old as time itself.

My hands threaded through his hair – something I had wanted to do since the first time I had set my eyes on him. His presence set me on fire and I needed more. Never wanting to part our bodies again, a feeble moan of acceptance escaped my mouth. His possession of my mouth was one of the most intense experiences that shook me to the bottom of my soul and left me defenseless, surrendering to whatever would come next.

Peter felt things raging out of his control and quickly tamped down on his libido, urging his self-control to present itself. In a sudden move he pushed back from me, pulled my hands from his hair and my legs from around his waist. Breathless, he muttered, “Rachel, we have to stop.”

My senses were still so heightened I wasn’t ready to let him go, “Why?”

“Rachel, stop it!” he insisted, once again with his last ounce of self-control and a painful expression in his face, pulling my hands free and pushing me away from him.

His words finally registered in my lust fogged brain and the blush stained my cheeks as I realized how thoroughly I had embarrassed myself.  I can’t view in his direction as I straighten my underwear and quickly don my clothes.

Peter gets dressed as quickly and silently. Without a word to each other, we walk back to the cabin. As we got ready to enter the cabin, he stopped and turned to me, “Rachel, I’m sorry for what happened back there. I should have never kissed you.”

I tried to hide my disappointment. “I…”

“No, let me finish. It’s not because we don’t have chemistry between us. We do. But I’m leaving for Spain and am going to be gone for three months.”

“And I’m looking for a job. There’s no guarantee that I’ll get to stay in California.”

Peter nodded, “You agree. Whatever this is between us can’t go anywhere.”

I didn’t want to agree to anything. I wanted to tackle him to the floor and finish what we had started in the woods
. I had never been so turned on in my life and he was throwing common sense at me.

I decided I needed to walk off my lust before I did attack him.  As I turned to head back down the stairs, my heel caught on one of the boards and I started to fall forward. Peter’s quick reflexes prevented me from tumbling down the stairs, head first.

It also brought him back into intimate contact with me as his right hand ended up half encircling my breast. Neither one of us moved or breathed for several seconds. Everything that had happened at the lake came rushing back. Instantly we were in each other’s arms, giving in to the intense desire rushing through our bodies and minds.

Peter kicked open the front door and dragged me inside with him. Pressing me up against the door, he used his hands under my ass to lift me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist arching to press myself against his hardness.

He braced himself against the wall with one hand and used the other to learn the curves of my body as I writhed against him, “More, please.” I was demanding, but I was in the middle of a maelstrom that only had one logical conclusion.

Peter used both hands to lift me up and carried me to the bedroom where he gently laid me down upon the quilt. He drew back and admired my shivering body, while he started to undress me painfully slow. I was on the verge of exasperation and needed to appreciate his full weight on me, but he wouldn’t let me off the hook yet. Instead he used his mouth to worship each revealed patch of skin.

His caresses intensified my desire with every second until I barely couldn’t breathe anymore. My skin burnt under his hands and lips and my nipples grew hard and erect even without him touching them.

I arched my back when he finally reached my breasts, loving the way he used both his teeth and his tongue to torture the turgid peaks.  “Peter, hurry,” I urged him on.

“I want to take my time,” he informed me with a smile in his voice.

“Later. Please hurry, I need you.”

But he didn’t give in to my please. Instead he took pleasure in slowing down his progress even more and making me painfully aware, that I was at his mercy. He was the only one who could put out the burning fire and he had decided to take it as slow as possible.

Just when I thought he’d never relieve my craving, he pulled my jean shorts from my body, taking my underwear with them. As I was lying on the bed naked to his gaze, he retreated a step to take in the sight. Barely containing his own arousal he groaned, “You are so beautiful.”

I reached for him and started moving my hands over his torso. His strong abs, his back, the soft skin, every touch made me hotter and hotter. Now it was my turn to take of his clothes and show him how much the yearning can build up. Stroking slowly his manhood I reveled in giving back that intense burning lust and let him suffer the same delicious arousal as he had done to me before.

When I couldn’t take it any longer I pulled him on top of me with all my force. He shifted backwards, digging in his pants pocket for protection before rejoining me on the bed.  After seeing to my protection, he lowered himself over me carefully as I spread my legs to make room for his hips.

“You’re absolutely breath taking,” he whispered, dropping light kisses across the bridge of my nose and eyelids.

“Please I need to feel you inside me or I will go up in flames,” I whispered back.

Peter chuckled softly and then reaching down, joined us in a smooth move that had my eyes rolling back in my head and my breath rushing from between my lips. My mind stopped thinking and my carnal instincts took over. He was everything I wanted. I needed him, needed to sense his body on mine and have him make us one.

I wrapped my legs around him as he started a steady rhythm that took us both straight to the edge of the cliff and toppled us off.  I remembered hearing someone screaming and later realized it had been me screaming in ecstasy.

For a long time, we lay in each other’s arms, reluctant to end the moment. Making love with Peter had been the most extraordinary experience of my life – strong and powerful, yet loving and tender. Our souls had connected on a deep level and the surrounding reality had disappeared.

When he pulled me to his chest, I snuggled up to him. He dropped a kiss on my hair that made me close my eyes and let my mind drift away. In his arms I was safe and warm. Right now, he was all I needed and I refused to think about the future. Before long, we were both asleep in each other’s arms, keeping reality at bay a little longer.

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