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That night, when Quentin walked into the house, all the lights were out. Hundreds of candles of all sizes illuminated the huge home. Destiny’s Child’s
Cater to You
poured from the speakers that were hidden in the walls throughout the house. Smiling, Quentin wondered exactly what Ricky was up to. Quietly, he walked through the house looking for her. When he found her in the kitchen, his dick instantly stiffened. She was wearing an ultra-sexy grey maid’s uniform, complete with the white apron. It was so short that the bottom of her round ass was peeking below the hem of her skirt. The four-inch black pumps that she wore on her feet elongated her five-foot-five frame, making her body look long and sensual. Her long red weave was slicked back and pinned in a neat little bun at the nape of her neck.

Stirring a pot of pasta, Ricky swayed side to side while singing along with the music, “
Let me cater to you, ’cause baby this is your day. Do anything for my man, baby, you blow me away. I got your slippers, your—”

“Look at my princess,” Quentin said, startling Ricky. “Hi, sweetie. You scared me I didn’t here you come in.” She sashayed over to him. Wrapping her arms around him, she placed a nice wet kiss on his lips.
Tasting her lip, he could tell that she’d been drinking vodka. The sweet smell of her perfume made his erection grow. “You smell so good,” he said fondling her breast.
Stepping back, Ricky told him, “And you smell so sweet. Come on, your bath is waiting.”

My bath is waiting
? What is this all about? Don’t get me wrong; I like it and all—”
Ricky placed her finger on his lips, quieting him. “Baby relax. Aren’t you listening to the song? Tonight I just want to
to you.” She grabbed him by the hand and led him up the stairs.
Upstairs, in the master bathroom Ricky poured exotic bath salts and oils into the bubbling water while Quentin undressed. Ricky placed a fluffy towel, fresh out of the dryer, next to the oversized tub. She placed a neatly folded pair of his pajamas on the vanity.
The combination of the hot water and the jets relaxed Quentin’s aching muscles as soon as his body slid into the tub. “Where’re you going? You not getting in here with me?” he asked Ricky as she turned to leave the bathroom.
“I have to go down and finish your dinner. When you finish, come down and have a seat in the
dining room.”
Excited by the possibilities of what the night was to bring, Quentin didn’t stay in the bath long. After fifteen minutes in the tub he got out, dried off, and slipped into the navy blue pajamas that Ricky had laid out for him. Once in the dining room Quentin sat in his usual seat at the head of the table.
Ricky walked in carrying a huge plate of Quentin’s favorite dish, shrimp and lobster Alfredo. Leaning over to place his plate in front of him, she cleverly placed her cleavage right in his face. His dick became erect all over again. Taking advantage of the moment, he kissed the fleshy part of her right breast, which was exposed. He went a little further, licking her chest and palming her bare ass.
It was feeling so good that Ricky was finding it hard to resist, but it wasn’t a part of her plan so she had to pull away. “Hmm. Not yet, baby.”
“Why not?”
“I want you to enjoy your meal first. Now what would you like to drink with you meal.”
“Bring me a
li’l mama.”
Ricky went over to the small bar area and returned to the table with a tall glass. “Here you go, sweetie, with two ice cubes just the way you like it. I’ll be upstairs if you need anything else.”
“You’re not eating with me?”
“No, I’m not hungry for food right now.” Ricky winked her eye while licking her lips. As she turned to walk away, Quentin gave her a smack on the ass and watched the wonderful jiggling effect. “Hmm you know I like it like that,
,” Ricky said with a sexually charged laugh. “When you’re finished eating, meet me in the bonus room.”
Quentin’s eyes were fixated on her ass until she was out of sight.
Filled with so much anticipation Quentin only ate half the food on his plate. After tossing back his drink he stood up, ready to see what his wife had in store for him. Trying his best to stay smooth and composed, he walked up the stairs slowly. When he got to the bonus room at the end of the hall the door was cracked. Quentin peered in and smiled at what he saw.
Ricky had changed into a pink see-through, lace, micro-mini dress from
Victoria’s Secret
. She’d unpinned her hair and her long red tresses hung down to the middle of her back. In the center of the room Ricky had created a canopy with sheer curtains that hung from the ceiling. The bed was surrounded with multiple rows of candles. “Come on in, Q. I know you’re standing out there.” Ricky smiled as she lit the last candle. She was really ready for him; the three chocolate martinis she’d drunk had her feeling super horny.
When Ricky looked up, Quentin was still standing in the doorway. She walked over, grabbed his hand. “Why you still standing there?”
“Just watching you.” He replied, unable to take his eyes off her. He was still amazed at how good Ricky’s body still looked after having had three kids. Looking into her eyes, Quentin stroked the right side of her face with the palm of his hand. “I love you.”
Ricky removed his hand from her face and kissed his palm. “I love you too, baby. Enough of the mushy shit.” Ricky smirked, leading him over to the foot of the bed. Slowly she began to undress Quentin. First she removed his shirt and planted wet kisses all over his chest. Next Ricky slid his pajama pants down and got on her knees. Seductively she kissed her husband’s ankles and licked his calves, working her way up to his thighs where she sucked hard enough to leave a hicky. With the tip of her tongue, Ricky began teasing Quentin’s balls which was driving him crazy. The sensation of her tongue made him moan softly.
Ricky gently sucked on his balls one at a time, popping them in and out her mouth, sending waves of pleasure through Quentin’s body. She licked his shaft vigorously before wrapping her warm, moist mouth around the head of his dick. Ricky moved her head up and down at a smooth pace, tightening her jaws with each stroke.
“Oh shit! Ricky, damn, baby.” Quentin moaned loudly as Ricky deep-throated his large dick. With a little force she pushed her hands against his waist, easing his body back onto the bed, while she continued to suck him off. Bobbing her head up and down, she licked the head of his dick.
Ricky brought him right to the point of ecstasy then abruptly stopped pulling her mouth off of his dick.
Quentin looked at her, perplexed. “Why you stop?”
“Maybe ’cause I want to cum when you cum.” Ricky stood up and turned around so that her ample ass was right in his face. She pulled her dress over her head leaving on her thong and heels. Teasingly she squatted and grinded her soft, plump ass on his lap.
Quentin began stroking his dick with his right hand and massaging Ricky’s breasts with his left.
Ricky slid her thong to the side and grabbed Quentin’s dick. She held it steady as she spread her legs a little wider and inserted his manhood inside of her. “Hmm,” she moaned as she began riding him backwards. “Like that daddy?” Ricky panted over her shoulder.
“You know I love it,” Quentin replied, now massaging her breasts with both hands and placing soft kisses all over her back. Their moans became louder as Ricky picked up the pace, gyrating her pelvis wildly as she went up and down on his shaft. Quentin held her by the waist to control her movement. “Slow down, baby; stop rushing.”
“I can’t,” Ricky moaned, “I’m cumin’.” Only seconds later her rich, warm, creamy liquid gushed out drenching his thighs. Ricky sat still for a few seconds trying to control her legs, which were shaking from her orgasm.
Quentin gently stroked her hair, removing it from her face. “You okay?”
“Yes. I just needed a moment,” Ricky replied as she slowly lifted her body, sliding off his rock-hard dick. She took off what little she was wearing. Now, completely nude, she turned to Quentin. “Slide up, honey.”
Quentin wasted no time placing himself in the middle of the king-sized bed. She got onto the bed and crawled towards him lustfully. Her movements only matched by those of a panther on the prowl. Once she reached him she mounted him with her thick, cappuccino-colored thighs and got right back into position, placing him right back inside of her. Ricky kissed and sucked his neck as she moved her wide hips back forth, stroking his cock at a nice smooth pace. “You been missing this, daddy?”

Have I
?” Quentin said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
With actual feelings of guilt coming over her, Ricky began to cry. “Please say you forgive me?”
Holding her tightly by the waist he began thrusting upwards’ sending waves of pleasure through her body. “I already forgave you, sweetheart.”
Ricky pressed her body closer to Quentin’s and held onto his shoulder slightly as she began to ride him forcefully. She began to moan louder as her inner walls moistened even more with each stroke.
Quentin hugged her tighter as the pleasure he was feeling heightened. “Ooh shit.”
“Like that?”
“Yes, baby girl . . . don’t stop.” Quentin slightly jerked as he began to climax. He held Ricky tightly so that she couldn’t move. Ricky could feel the cum as it moved through his shaft, giving her a wonderful sensation that sent her squirting all over again.
Ricky continued to lie on top of Quentin, her ear on his chest, listening to the rhythm of his heart. She lifted her head and looked into Quentin’s eyes. “Man, I love you.”
Quentin kissed Ricky on the nose. “And I love you back, baby.”
Ricky rolled off of Quentin and on to her side.
He turned to face her. “That was beautiful, Ricky.”
“It was definitely all that, baby.” Ricky threw her leg over Quentin’s thigh. “I’m ready for round two right now.”
“Girl, I done told you I’m not twenty-six anymore; now stop being fast. Slide a little closer and let daddy hold you.”
Ricky smiled and did as she was told, snuggling her butt right into his midsection; as always, it was a perfect fit.
Quentin ran the tip of his tongue up the back of her neck softly. “Ricky.”
“Yes, baby,” she answered with her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling on her neck tremendously.
“Was any truth to that shit you said this morning?”
“What shit, honey?”
“About fucking another nigga when I couldn’t be there for you back in the day.”
“No, Quentin, there was no truth to any of that. I just said that to piss you off’ cause your little slick-mouth comment ’bout getting someone else to take care of your dick hurt me.”
“I hate I said that. I’m sorry.” He gave her a little squeeze. “So, since we’ve been together, way before we got married, you’ve never been with another man?”
Slightly irritated, Ricky looked over her shoulder. “Quentin, like I’ve told you before, I’ve never cheated on you. Not while we were dating, not while we were engaged, and I’m definitely not going to forsake my vows.”
“I’m glad. Man, the thought of another man just touching you—”
“Why don’t you just focus on
touching me, and stop worrying about what has never and will never happen.” Ricky turned to face him. Before he could say another word she slipped her tongue into his mouth, wrapped her small hand around his shaft and began stroking him until he was fully erect. “Hmm, turn over, girl.”
Ricky turned over on her side.
“Not like that. Lay on your stomach; put that ass in the air,” he demanded.
Ricky loved it when he took charge. “Like this?” She asked looking back at Quentin with her chest flat to the mattress and plump ass high in the air.
“No, like this,” He pulled her up by the shoulders, pinning her body against the headboard, and entered her. Quentin began pumping her at a nice rhythmic pace, almost like a slow wind. Although it felt very good, Ricky wanted it a little rougher. Ricky gripped the headboard tightly and poked her booty out firmly. “Ooh,” she moaned. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard.”
Quentin picked up his pace and began thrusting his dick into her. “That’s how you want it?”
“Yes, baby, yes. Fuck me just like that.”
He gripped her hips tighter and continued giving it to her roughly. “I love you, Ricky.” he said, biting down on her neck, sucking hard.
“Ohhhh, baby!” she cried out in pleasure as her juices came down and coated his dick.
The extreme warm wetness and the contracting of Ricky’s pussy muscles made it hard for Quentin to fight the oncoming nut. Each stroke became faster and faster. “Ah, ah, ah, shit.
.” He screamed as he exploded inside his wife. “I love you, oh Ricky, I love you . . . hmm.”
“I love you, too, baby.”

After a few more rounds of mind-blowing sex, and more intimate yet humorous pillow talk, Ricky fell into a coma-like sleep wrapped in her husband’s arms, something she hadn’t done in months.

* * *

The following morning, Ricky awoke to find herself alone in the bed. All of the candles from the night before had been cleaned up. Ricky looked over at the clock and was shocked to find out that it was past noon.
Damn, I must’ve been worn out
. Ricky sat up and stretched, wondering,
How did Quentin clean all them damn candles without waking me
? With the kids away, the house was unusually quiet for a Saturday afternoon. “Quentin,” Ricky called out.

“Yo, Q, what are you doing?”

When he didn’t respond for a second time, Ricky got up from the bed. She checked each room upstairs looking for him.
Where is this nigga at?
Ricky grabbed her black silk robe and covered her nude body just in case Quentin was downstairs with company. All of the candles she had had out in the foyer and on the staircase were gone. The entire house was clean, and there was no sign of Quentin.

A note on the refrigerator door caught Ricky’s attention as she entered the kitchen. She walked over and removed the angel figurine magnet that was pinning the note to the door. Ricky unfolded the note, a smile spread across her face as she read her husband’s handwriting.

Hey Princess,

Didn’t want to wake you. I knew you had to be tired after all your hard work last night. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks for catering to me. Everything was beautiful. Tonight I want you to relax and let me take care of you. Meet me in the secret garden at eight. Wear that little white dress that I like. I’m going to workout and run a few errands. Oh yeah, call Aunt Miranda. See you tonight, Q.

BOOK: Fantasy
13.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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