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No response. Great.

While waiting, probably in vain, I switched back to Luke’s messages on Grindr. He’d made it plain as day that he wanted to fuck me, and I was totally down with that in theory but had no idea how it would play out in real life. It wasn’t like anal sex was an act I hadn’t performed—I’d been with plenty of girls who’d let me hit it from behind. But me taking it up the ass? I’d never tried it out other than a couple of fingers at an awkward angle, even though I’d fantasized about it a lot on the base.

I sent Garrett a bitchy text and opened the browser in my phone.

What to wear on a gay hookup.

Google populated a billion sites about “cruising” and one Queerty article on “Fashion Faux Pas”. Smirking, I skimmed through the text and was horrified to see they thought anyone on Staten Island would seriously be rocking a pair of jorts or zipoffs. The Ed Hardy shirt was a real possibility, though. Some of my boys thought EH was the height of guido fashion.

Okay, this was useless.

I Googled
how to prepare for anal sex
and saw a variety of tips ranging from taking a shower to douching yourself. Again, I was baffled. I’d never seen a girl shove a hose up her ass before letting me go to town, so there was no way I was gonna do it. The Internet was useless.

After plugging my phone into the charger, I paced, did a couple of sit-ups and pushups, then took a long, hot shower. I wasn’t sure if we were going out for an actual drink at one of the many bars in the neighborhood or if we were having a beer at his house, but I was assuming the latter. Donning a pair of black sweatpants and a skintight grey T-shirt, I had my feet in a pair of Nike slides and was out the door with three minutes to spare.

I was halfway up Manor Road when I began regretting the footwear, but it was too late to double back. With my luck, I’d run into my mother and she’d yell at me to take the dog for a walk. Boner killer. I needed my own place, but it was next to impossible until I got a job that would pay rent for the long run.

Jaw clenching, I forced the thoughts away. This wasn’t the time. I had to worry about playing it cool so Luke wouldn’t realize I was an ass-sex noob.

The address he’d given me belonged to a house a little larger than mine and nicer. It was a tudor-style in a warm yellow with a narrow driveway leading to a sizeable backyard. Not the type of place I’d associate with the no-nonsense mofo I’d met online an hour ago.

Maybe this was the wrong address. Or maybe it was a setup. Shit. Did people use Grindr to arrange gay bashings? Suddenly leery, I glanced around several times before jogging up the stairs of the porch. I rang the doorbell once and took a few steps back to wait. If dude showed up wearing a mask and carrying a hammer, I was out.

A serial killer didn’t answer the door. Well, I didn’t think so. Luke was even hotter in person. Strong jaw, good cheekbones, and eyes so pale blue they reminded me of icicles. And holy fuck he was
A couple of inches taller than me and broad everywhere that mattered. I couldn’t tell if he was in his late thirties or early forties, but silver peppered his hair and jaw. Not that age mattered. I wanted to get on my knees right here in front of his neighbors and the nuns over at Blessed Sacrament Church.

“Hey,” I said. “Nice house.”

Luke’s response was to open his door and step to the side to allow me entrance. I hesitated for only a moment before walking inside. His eyes were running all over me, and I swore I heard him inhale. My dick was already good to go, but I couldn’t stop myself from checking out the house as soon as I was inside.

No signs of terrifying torture chambers or weapons. Just the same narrow rooms this neighborhood was known for, hardwood floors, green curtains, and a lot of random items lying around that definitely didn’t belong to this gentleman. Namely a pair of pink and orange running sneakers, a book bag covered in band patches, and a
Fallen World Online
hoodie hanging over the bannister. Huh. My sister lived on that damn video game.

“Wife and kids out of town?” I asked, not even going for casual. “Because I’m not about the whole disruption-of-the-marital-home, thing.”

Luke stopped staring at my dick long enough to scoff. He turned and strode towards the big archway leading to a cramped but cozy kitchen. There were plants hanging from hooks by each window.

“I’m not married.”

“Okay…” Clearly he wasn’t going to give me any further details. Maybe he babysat his nieces or nephews. Or maybe he ran a daycare. Either way, I’d take him at his word. I wasn’t here to be a private investigator, and his broad shoulders and strong neck were making me drool. “Not a big talker, huh?”

“Not really.” He jerked the refrigerator open. “Beer?”

“Sure. Whatchu got?”

“I buy Flagship.”

“The fuck’s that?”

Luke shot me a look over his shoulder, one silver eyebrow hiking up. “It’s a Staten Island brewery.”

“Well la-di-da.” I leaned against the counter and gave him a good view of my body. I knew he was digging the lines of my abs beneath my shirt. “I’ll take whatever you got.”

He tossed me a dark bottle, and I caught it. His head inclined in approval before he got one of his own. I figured this was the point where we’d talk. He’d explain why there was kid paraphernalia in his house, I’d talk about the army, and we’d exchange some basic life details. That was what I’d always done with women from Tinder or OkCupid. The hangout portion of the hookup.

It was painfully clear Luke wasn’t interested in wasting time.

He drained his bottle without looking away. Took in everything from the crotch of my sweats, to the way my throat worked as I drank, and the bulge of my biceps when I bent my arm. This dude wanted to fuck, and it was turning me on so bad that my entire body tingled in anticipation. I was also hard and resorted to shoving my hand in my pocket to do a quick adjustment.

Luke’s nostrils flared.

The bottle clattered against the counter when he dropped it. I’d just put my own down when he crossed the room in two strides and grabbed the back of my neck. He was kissing me before I was ready for it, and I knew my heart was slamming against my ribcage so hard he could feel it. I had to inhale through my nose just to catch a breath as he devoured my mouth.

I wasn’t sure if he was kissing me or dominating me, but the punishing thrusts of his tongue had my knees weak. I leaned back heavily against the counter as the edge dug into the small of my back and widened my stance so he could fit his crotch to mine. There was something mind-blowing about a man clutching my neck while his other hand sank down the back of my pants as we engaged in a frantic kiss. And there was something really fucking shocking about how thirsty I was for this guy to shove me around and do whatever the hell he wanted.

By the time we separated, I was panting for breath and trying my damnedest to rub one out against the unforgiving denim of his jeans.

“Upstairs,” he said in a low rumble. “Now.”

I nodded but leaned in for another kiss instead of following the order. I’d never been too good at those. The drill sergeant had not enjoyed trying to break me, but I wanted Luke to have a blast turning me out. I licked his mouth, nibbled on his lower lip, and then kissed my way down before sinking my teeth into the corded muscle surrounding the hollow of his throat.

He growled. “Get your ass upstairs before I fuck you right here.”

Fucking in the kitchen? I was down for that. But having him drill me without any lube? Hell naw.

I pulled away with a wet sucking sound. Without having any idea where I was going, I backtracked to the staircase. It led to a longish hall with a bathroom and three doors at one end, and another door at the other. He jerked his head at the one set away from the rest, and I was impressed that the house contained such a large master. He had his own bathroom and an enormous bed.

“Take your clothes off.”

The sun was rapidly setting, but enough rays shone through the curtains to illuminate my body as I stripped. I’d put on this kind of casual show enough on the base to figure out who was open to a little guy-on-guy playtime, so I knew how to get a rise out of a dude. Luke wasn’t exempt.

By the time I was bare-assed, he’d ripped off his own clothes and was stroking his wood. My mouth filled with saliva. “That’s some cock you have there.”

The corner of Luke’s mouth jerked to the side.

“Does it taste as good as it looks?”

I couldn’t tell if he truly had no sense of humor or if he was determined for this to be as silent and to the point as possible. But I didn’t roll that way. Ass sex wasn’t my forte just yet, but I’d practiced my cock-sucking skills for months while deployed. I was basically an expert. And I loved giving head. Whether my mouth was at work on a guy or a girl, I was into it. Hearing someone getting high-pitched and whiny while I ran my tongue all over them was a major turn-on.

Luke took a step closer. “Are you going to get on your knees or do you need me to push you down?”

“I don’t mind being pushed.”

He swept his tongue over his lower lip, surveyed me again, and then clamped a hand on my upper arm. Excitement scorched through me as he dragged me toward him. That was all it took. One prompt and I was on my knees with my mouth stretched open around the thick length of him. He went easy at first, more considerate than I’d expected, but as soon as he realized I could deep throat, all bets were off. His hands braced the back of my head and he drilled my throat, drawing out muffled cries as I tried to keep up.

“Fuck,” he whispered. “Take all that dick.”

I moaned around him and looked up through the damp mess of my hair. One heated stare from Luke was all it took for moisture to pearl at the head of my cock. I pumped it with my free hand and used the other to hold onto the iron clench of his ass.

Luke pulled away just as I found a rhythm, and I almost snarled at him for denying me the taste of his precum. My breath came out in harsh pants, and my hamstrings were burning, but I let him paw at my face instead of rising. I liked the way he rubbed his callused thumb against my swollen lower lip, and I loved the sight of his cock glistening from my spit.

“Get on the bed,” he said hoarsely. “And show me your ass.”

The smartass had been dicked out of me, so I followed the command with only my harsh breaths as an answer. It was weird to be on my hands and knees on the bed, so I hunched forward and pressed my forehead against my folded forearms with my ass sticking out. I knew I had what he wanted—firm, round cakes and strong thighs worked to perfection by a ton of squats—and he showed his appreciation by biting one of my ass cheeks.

After that, everything was on fast forward. He rubbered up and jerked himself a couple of times to slather his dick with lube. My heart pounded when he dribbled it along my crack to pool along my hole. Nerves lit aflame once again. I’d never done this and I wanted to be amazing at it. I wanted to make this hardass silver fox moan my name.

But the first thrust into my ass
The burn of the stretch scorched up my tailbone, and I bit my forearm to keep from grunting in pain. My eyes watered. I doubted my life choices. I doubted the life choices of anyone who’d ever done this and liked it, and tried not to order him out of my ass.

My breath ripped out of me in loud Darth Vader-like pants as I adjusted to his girth. Just when it didn’t seem like it would ever happen, it did. The pain subsided and the feel of him sliding in and out of me was quickly switching over to holy-shit-yes. All of a sudden I couldn’t get enough.

“Oh shit.” I spread my thighs wider, dipped my chest lower, and pushed back on that big dick. “Oh my God.”

“Mmm. Yeah.” Luke hunched over me, one hand braced against my shoulder and the other at the small of my back. “That’s a tight fucking hole.”

I made some unintelligible sound. I didn’t care about making sense. All I cared about was the explosion of pleasure spreading through my body to settle in my balls every time he slammed into me. The pressure against my ass was amazing, but then he started hitting something really awesome when I rode back on him.

“Fuck yes,” I breathed. “Harder.”

Luke gave it to me harder, doing his best to fuck me through the mattress and screwing anguished moans out of me as I turned into a trembling, sweating mess. I could feel myself reaching my peak as he kept up the unrelenting pace. My throbbing dick rubbing against the sheets and the heat pooling in my gut spelled an incoming orgasm.

He pulled out. I groaned in protest and glared at him after he manhandled me onto my back. I spread my thighs wide for him, leaning back, and was rewarded by a deep thrust and the overwhelming feeling of fullness. We fucked hard. Him driving into me faster and faster as sweat rained down on my body, and me working my inner muscles to drag louder cries out of his stoic mouth.

It only took one touch to my dick to set it off like a firecracker, jizz shooting everywhere, and the clenching of my ass drew a louder shout out of him.

For just a minute, when he frantically ripped out to shed the condom and jacked himself off all over me, I thought he really would say my name.

Which is when I remembered that he didn’t know it.

* * *


Sweat rolled down my temple as I collapsed onto the bed next to the kid. My bedroom was filled with the sounds of our breath, and it reeked of sex. Normally this would be when my skin would start to crawl, and I’d count down the minutes until the nameless guy was gone. But right now my brain was fried, and I had no energy to do anything but breathe.

I turned my head to see those blue eyes watching me. I wondered again how old he was. He seemed young, but he said he’d served eight years, so he had to be at least mid-twenties. Everything about his face was molded to perfection, from his cheekbones to his smooth skin to his straight nose. He blinked, then those swollen red lips split into a grin. “That was fucking amazing.”

“Yeah,” I said, rolling onto my back and staring at the ceiling. “It was.” I should kick him out, tell him to go. I would in a minute. Just a minute…

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