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Fate's Redemption

BOOK: Fate's Redemption
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Fate’s Redemption

Fate’s Redeption
© Copyright 2014 by Brandace Morrow


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coincidental. The characters and story line are created from the
author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.



For my fans.

Thanks for wanting more!


Chapter 1

“Oh, none for me, thank you,” Ali says,
waving off the waiter. The young man turns to me and I just start
to open my mouth when I feel an arm go to the back of my chair.

“She can’t have any either. We’ll take
bottled water. Thanks, dude,” rumbles in my ear. I turn my head
slowly to look at my husband.

“What. Are you doing?”

His handsome face is a study of innocence.
“What, babe?”

“I wanted a long island. This is the first
time we’ve had a night out in a long time.”

Danny’s hand moves to my arm and begins
stroking. “I just don’t think you should be drinking is all. We can
still have an awesome time.”

I lean away from him to look at his face.
“What’s wrong with you?”

Deklan leans over the table, all rocker
spiked hair and leather jacket creaking. “Is there something you
guys want to tell us? You know the reason Ali can’t drink.”

I glance over at Danny and see him give
Deklan an eyeball widening, subtle nodded look. That’s it.

“Daniel Walsh! What are you doing? I’m not
pregnant,” I yell in exasperation.

He tucks his chin to look down at me, his
light blue eyes slightly hurt. “You don’t know that. “

I look around the expensive restaurant, but
people aren’t paying attention to us, anymore than they are the
other celebrities eating their dinner.

“I do know that. I started this morning.”
Ugh. Yes, I just said that in front of rock God Deklan Thomas and
his ultra-cool wife, Ali.

Danny looks down as he rolls his lips in to
bite them, before pasting a smile on his face and looking to
Deklan. “Next month then, right? Trying’s the fun part.” He gives a
weak laugh and my heart sinks. Not this again.


“I had no idea you were trying. Why didn’t
you say anything?” Ali asks me as we wash our hands in the restroom
after dessert.

“Because we aren’t. I’m still on birth
control and he knows it. He’s been on this baby thing lately.” I
shake my head and check my reflection since we’re about to walk
into a paparazzi storm.

Ali takes lipstick out of her purse. “I’m
sure our news didn’t help you at all. “

I wave off the thought. “He was on it before
you told us you were pregnant. It’s like his biological clock has
started counting down, instead of mine.”

“So you aren’t ready? You already have one
“He’s three. We’re still doing potty training. I do want more kids,
but with work and everything, now just isn’t the time.” I shoot my
balled up paper towel into the trashcan.

“I hear ya, girl. Maybe one day I’ll actually
get to plan a pregnancy. Apparently, Dek has super sperm that can
huff and puff and blow those eggs out of their house. “

Giggling, I ask, “Aren’t you on the same
pills as me?”

Ali closes her purse with a snap and starts
walking towards the door. “Yeah, well. Who can remember to take a
pill every freaking day? They should make it once a month or
something, like the dog’s heartworm pill.”

“It’s a good thing you aren’t

When we get back to the table we see Deklan
watching Danny with a fascinated look on his face. Danny has his
fist in the air and is saying something through gritted teeth. My
horror mounts when I hear his words.

“I really feel like I got in there last
night, dude. I was like, locked in that shit.”
“What shit?” I ask in dread.

Danny’s face shows his knowledge of how bad
he’s fucked up, while Deklan turns to us with wide eyes and a
smile. “Danny was just telling me how he planted his seed last
night, Kinley.”

“Seed?” Ali asks as she sits down.

“In the garden of Kinley’s womb,” Deklan says

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I ask

Ali turns fully to her husband. “Did you come
up with that on the fly?”

“Nothing, darlin’. I was just talking guy
stuff.” Danny tries to brush the incident under the rug.

“Just came to me,” Deklan unwraps a
peppermint with a grin, “give me a second. I might have more.”

I turn to Deklan. “This isn’t funny.”

“It’s fuckin’ hilarious.”

Chapter 2

I slam my bag down on the entry table as soon
as we enter our hotel room.

“Babe. Come on.”

“I don’t know why you think that talking
about how you banged your wife is okay! What if someone with a
recorder or cell phone at the very least, got you on tape giving
that little chest thumping display?” I ask as I take off my

“Did you just compare me to an ape? Oh, you
meant a gorilla huh?” Danny breaks out into an amazing rendition of
Bruno Mars’
as he follows me into the bedroom
humping the air.

I throw my hands up. “Jesus Christ!”

“It’s Danny, actually. But I’ll let you get
away with it if you bend over this dresser right here.” He pats the
top of the dresser softly, pursing his lips as his eyes move from
the floor to the mirror, finally landing on me.

I study him solemnly for a minute before
asking quietly, “Why do you keep doing this?”

Danny looks down and begins to take off his
watch, avoiding my eyes. “Doing what?”

“You know what. You’re obsessed with having
another baby, convinced that it’s happening when I’m on the pill to
make sure it’s not. Why are you so desperate all of a sudden?”

He sighs and walks over to me, putting his
big hands on my hips and touching his forehead to mine. “I missed
everything with Ollie. He’s growing up and not a baby anymore. I
just want to experience everything from the beginning. With you.
Why are you so against it?”

Now it’s my turn to sigh. I give him the best
answer I can. “We are so busy. I feel like we barely see each
other, much less Ollie. Our careers are booming right now. When we
have a baby, I want us to be completely committed to our family and
not dividing our time.”

“No one, and I’ll just emphasis the no one in
that sentence, is more committed to their family than I am. If you
want me to stop singing just say the word. I’ll call Matt

I push against him softly. “Knock it

“No, I’m totally down with you being my sugar
momma. I’d be mister mom and finally get my dad off of my back
about being a part time rancher.”

“You love what you do, and you’re good at it.
I would never ask you to quit. I want a baby with you, so much.
There’s just something holding me back. I can’t explain it.” I
watch his eyes shade with disappointment and bring my arms around
his neck. “I’m sorry, babe. Our family will grow when it’s meant
to. We’ll
know. I love you.”

“I love you too, baby,” Danny says into my
mouth before he seals our lips together, twirling his tongue
deliciously with mine. “I trust you,” he says, breaking the kiss,
making a trail of licks and nibbles to my ear. “Doesn’t mean we
can’t practice, right? What’s that saying?”

My breath hitches in my chest. “Practice
makes perfect.” Danny slowly moves the cardigan off of my
shoulders. When I feel his mouth open and lave at my bare skin, I

“That’s right. Perfect,” he says against my
skin. I feel Danny’s hands tugging my shirt up, his calloused hands
sensitizing my skin, leaving goose bumps in their wake. I back up,
pulling him with me and let myself fall to the bed. Danny uses the
momentum of the supple mattress and captures my mouth on a bounce.
Things become more demanding with that kiss. The air goes from
sultry to heated as we eliminate clothes and finally feel skin to

It’s taken a long time, but my patient,
wonderful husband has never pressured me to be the man on top.
After my first husband, may he burn, was through with me I was more
traumatized than any woman should be. The first time Danny hovered
over me no matter how much I loved his kiss, I slapped his face in
an involuntary reaction to the position. But that was years ago,
and in these moments when his big frame shadows out the light and
all I can see is his muscles bulging, his lust filled eyes trailing
my body, I revel. There is no ghost to come between us.

When he fills me with a smooth glide of his
hips I gasp and rake my nails down his back. Danny throws his head
back and groans through clenched teeth, thrusting again with a
strength that rocks me toward the headboard. He gives me his
everything and I lift my hips to give it back. I score his back and
grip his ass to bring him back to me. He grinds against my sex,
shooting sparks all the way to my hairline. I pull his head down
and he gives me his lips, his tongue matching the thrusts as he
powers into me. I groan, prompting him to move a hand that’s
bracketing my head to grip my ass. He effortlessly lifts me. I help
by wrapping my legs around his back and we’re entwined. We are one
in a way that I’ve never known before him.

Danny knows my cues. When I’m close he pulls
away to watch as I shatter, and I know he’s reveling too. He never
stops, extending my orgasm in all of it’s earth shaking momentum
until my inner muscles twitch with aftershocks around him. Then and
only then does he bury his head in my neck and says only one word
as he finds bliss.



“Get one of our contacts out to San Diego and
stand by for the call.” I throw my headset onto the desk and sigh.
After running hands through my hair, reminding me that I put it up
what feels like a million years ago, I fall against my seat. I have
people to do this for me now, I know that. Running a nonprofit for
domestic abuse has never been a lighthearted endeavor. It’s been
long hours, almost no pay – by my choice— and always stressful. But
the end result is what keeps me going.

My eyes move to the wall of post cards and
letters that I’ve set up in my office. My hurt and experience put
me in a position, granted along with my husband’s fame into a place
where I help woman, and yes men, get out of relationships that are
not healthy, hurtful and damaging to not only the body, but the
mind. I feel passionately about what I do and make sure that it’s
done right and to the best of my ability each and every time.

My intercom buzzes, so I accept the call.

“Kinley, you have two handsome gentlemen here
that want to abscond with you for an hour or so. It’s lunch time,
by the way.”

I glance at the clock even as my hand goes to
the button that will unlock my doors. It’s a sad fact that it’s a
necessity, even though the building doesn’t let anyone in without
ID. One of the draw backs of having a famous husband is that
groupies try to get a shot into the office on made up stories and
irate husbands have been known to frequent our offices once their
wives go missing.

The doorknob twists as I’m rising from my
chair. “Well, hello boys.”

“There she is. I told you she was prettier
than breakfast.”

I laugh as Ollie launches from his dad’s arms
and runs to me with a loud “Mama” that I’m sure echoed down the
halls. I laugh and swing his not so light weight into my arms.

“Hi, Bubba.” His sweet little arms wrap
around my neck and squeezes tight. I love this. I love being the
Mama more than I love anything in the world. I kiss his sandy
blonde hair and take in the smell of baby powder and play do.

“Did I forget lunch?” I ask, settling Ollie
on my hip.

“Again? Yes, but have no fear. We are here,”
Danny says, giving me a kiss.

“Well, let’s go.” I put my purse on my
shoulder and set the big boy down. He immediately grabs my finger
and tells me in broken baby speak all about his day. I gather he’s
been to see the horse and cows, seen his favorite people and what
they said he could do when they got home on the way to the small
diner a block away.

My responses are all “oh yeahs?” and “no
way!” as I take in how much he has grown, if even overnight. We
order coffee with our lunch, grabbing a table that’s luckily come
available at rush hour.

BOOK: Fate's Redemption
8.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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