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Claire Kent


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


Copyright © 2014 by Claire Kent. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce, distribute, or transmit in any form or by any means.


Content Editing: Kristin Anders,
The Romantic Editor

Proofreading: Vanessa Bridges,
PREMA Romance



Mike was big—bigger than Drayton. He was heavy as he lay on top of her, his skin hot and rough beneath her hands. Julia loved how it felt to take him inside her, to wrap her legs around his hips, to stroke the rippling muscles of his back. And only rarely could she enjoy him as simply and single-mindedly as she was now.

With a pitch of his hips, Mike gave one long thrust, his cock sliding easily inside her. “So what did you say?” he asked, only slightly breathless.

“I said neither one of you was visiting.” Julia gasped when Mike thrust again, jolts of pleasure distracting her from the story she was trying to tell about the nosy, middle-aged woman who’d just moved into the apartment next door.

Mike’s short brown hair was hopelessly tousled from the extended foreplay they’d enjoyed earlier, and his brown eyes were sultry and heavy-lidded. He smiled, but his gaze felt oddly urgent. He had always been more quiet and laid-back than Drayton and—although his mood was surprisingly compelling—she wasn’t sure what to make of his underlying intensity tonight.  “And how did you explain living with two men?”

“I told her the truth. It was an alternative living situation, and we were all very happy with it.”

At this, Mike gave a low chuckle, sustaining his leisurely rhythm and adjusting her legs more securely around his ass.

His adjustments caused his cock to sink more deeply into her slick pussy, and Julia moaned softly in response. She tightened her arms around his neck, pulling him down closer into her embrace.

Their bodies rocked together in silence for a minute, and Julia was unable to pull her eyes away from Mike’s hot, focused attention. She was definitely going to come. She was so wet the moisture was leaking out a little around the base of his erection, and she couldn’t seem to keep her hips from bucking up against his pelvis.

Mike paused for a moment, ducking his head down against her neck. The stubble from his day’s growth of beard scratched deliciously against her skin. “Oh, baby, that’s good.”

The thickness of his voice and the sudden pause in stimulation made Julia whimper and arch her spine. But before she could beg him to begin again, he started up with a short, hard stroke.

She was quickly losing her concentration as an orgasm developed inside her, but she managed to huff out the end of her story. “But Mrs. Hatcher was quite relieved when I mentioned this is a three-bedroom apartment. She doesn’t have to know it’s an exclusive-but-no-emotional-strings sexual relationship between three willing partners. Instead, she can visualize us safely locked away in our separate bedrooms at night.”

Mike laughed suddenly, surprising both of them with a burst of amusement. The warm sound and the sight of his overcome face sent ripples of pleasure through her, the vibrations of his laughter washing over her body and making her feel unusually soft and fond.

Falling out of rhythm with his distraction, Mike gave several fast, uneven thrusts, his pelvis pumping hard between her legs.

“Oh, God,” Julia cried, arching her neck and reaching down to claw at his firm butt. “Mike!”

The pleasure spiraled up, almost to orgasm, but plateaued again when Mike caught his breath and slowed his hips down to his earlier rhythm. “Sorry. Almost lost it there.”

Julia was flushed all over and overflowing with affection, even as her body eagerly rocked beneath his. “I like it when you lose it, but you stopped before I could lose it too.”

He smiled again, but this time it was different. This time the smile was so tender, her lips parted in surprise. He adjusted his weight onto one elbow and forearm so he could caress her damp cheek with his knuckles. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll make sure you lose it completely before the night is over.”

“Oh.” Julia thought she might melt into a puddle of pleasure and sentiment, and she had to struggle to retain her normal wit. “Goodie.”

Mike chuckled again, even as he leaned down to kiss her. He kept thrusting as his tongue stroked hers, and Julia tightened her arms, legs, and pussy around him, wanting to hold him as closely as she could.

She hadn’t been entirely content for the last couple of months. She’d been wanting more than her unconventional relationship situation seemed to provide. But this felt good—so good she was wondering if she was worrying about nothing.

When he broke the kiss, Mike didn’t pull away. Just murmured with his lips only a breath away from hers, “Julia.”

Something about the way he spoke her name made her sure he was going to say something more. She waited breathlessly, matching his rhythm with her hips.

“How disappointing. I’m away for an evening, and you two are reduced to the most hackneyed, philistine brand of intercourse.”

Mike jerked palpably in her arms at the sound of the cultured voice from the doorway of the bedroom, and he grunted as he jerked to a halt, his cock still buried inside her.

Julia was startled too, her heart lurching up into her throat at the abrupt shift of focus. As Mike raised himself higher on his forearms, pulling his face away from hers, she turned to smile at the lean figure silhouetted in the light from the hallway. “Oh, hi, Drayton. I thought you weren’t going to be back tonight.”

Drayton stepped into the room. His handsome face was still in shadow, but she could see the tailored black trousers and dress shirt he was wearing and the cut of his longish, dark hair. “I managed to get back early. Imagine my disappointment—hurrying home to find the two of you behaving in such a way. Missionary under the covers? Really?”

She giggled at his lofty, ironic tone. Squeezing Mike in a hug, she said, “There’s nothing wrong with missionary under the covers. We were having a good time.”

“And your melodrama might be more amusing if we weren’t already in the middle of things.” For the first time, Mike turned his head to look at Drayton, and his voice was gruffer than normal.

“I can see what you’re in the middle of,” Drayton said, his expression hidden by the darkness of the room.

“Did you want to join us?” Julia asked, after a moment’s silence, reaching out an inviting hand to Drayton. For some reason, she needed to break the odd tension she’d felt in the moments before.

Without breaking his gaze on the bed, Drayton pulled out a platinum lighter and lit the six candles on Julia’s side table. They were long black tapers, and he’d placed them there shortly after they moved into the apartment. Whenever they burnt down, he replaced them. He had a similar set of six in his own room, and he’d tried to put them in Mike’s room too, until Mike had thrown them out in annoyance.

Moving with graceful precision, Drayton waited until he’d lit all six candles before he said, “I think I’ll watch for a while first.”

He smiled at her, and Julia felt a shudder of desire slice through her. Even in semi-darkness, Drayton was irresistible. Sleek, cosmopolitan, profoundly experienced, with mysterious depths that made him seem ageless. When she’d first seen him—a year and a half ago—she’d been turned on within moments of meeting him. They’d been introduced at a bar through a mutual friend, and at the end of the evening, she’d let him take her home and fuck her until she’d screamed. She’d been twenty-nine, and she’d never done anything like that in her safe and rather ordinary life.

But ever since Drayton had entered her life, nothing had been ordinary.

She turned back to Mike and grinned up at him. “Things were getting good before the interruption, I think.”

At her words, Mike’s face softened from the slight withdrawal she’d sensed in him at Drayton’s entrance. “They were,” he murmured, brushing a light kiss on her lips. “Let’s see if we can get back there again.”

Julia was conscious of Drayton taking a seat in the chair near the bed, and his presence helped her to regain the momentum of her interrupted orgasm. She knew he liked to watch. Some nights he didn’t touch her at all—just watched possessively from a distance. She’d never been able to explain it, but knowing his eyes were on her never failed to turn her on.

Mike, who’d always been more of a doer than a watcher, had started to thrust once more. Her pussy was still clinging and slippery, and it only took a few thrusts for her to start clawing at his ass again.

“Is it good?” Drayton asked from his chair, his tone low and intoxicating.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, tossing her head as she looked between Mike and Drayton. Both of them were watching her, both of them seeing how frantically her hips were bucking, how she was clutching at Mike, trying to pull him deeper inside her. “Oh, yeah, it’s so good.”

As she imagined what Drayton was seeing, she realized that the covers were hiding most of their bodies from him. So she adjusted enough to push the sheet down, revealing Mike’s bare ass and her legs shamelessly twined around him.

When Mike accelerated his rhythm, she whimpered in response. The bed had started to shake rhythmically, and her body jiggled from the force of his motion. Her hands flew up and fumbled around until she was able to grip the edge of the headboard.

“You’re going to come soon. Aren’t you?” Drayton didn’t shift in his seat, didn’t stop staring at her. “Look at you. Hot and eager and so beautiful. You’re so close to coming.”

“Mm hmm,” she said, biting her lower lip as the urgency coiled tightly at her center.

“Yes, baby. Come, baby.” Mike rasped out the words with the tempo of his thrusts and—combined with Drayton’s erotic drawl—they pushed her into climax.

She cried out on a taken breath, arching up uncontrollably for a moment before she shook and twisted as the tension unleashed.

Mike bit back an exclamation and jerked his face to the side as he pulled to a stop. But she rode out the pleasure with her hips until he released a rough groan and let himself go with a series of fast, clumsy thrusts.

She felt him come inside her, just her orgasm subsided. She squeezed around his cock and reached out again to hold him again—loving the strong, solid substance of his body as his muscles tensed and softened above her.

They both were gasping as Mike lowered his weight onto hers for a minute, kissing a trail along her jaw and toward her mouth.

“She might not appreciate being lain on,” Drayton said, still cool and in control although Julia knew he was aroused.

“No,” Julia objected, when Mike started to pull up, “I like it.” Her legs were still wrapped around his hips, and she knew her muscles would be stiff when she finally straightened them.

Mike released a huff of laughter and kissed her again, taking his time, despite the fact that Drayton had gotten up from the chair. “I like it too,” he said as he finally pulled away. “But your legs are going to hurt like hell unless you let go of me soon.”

Her feet were actually asleep, so she had some trouble unlinking them. Mike reached around to help her, and so they were able to extricate themselves from the tangle of limbs.

When Julia tried to shake her feet to restore circulation, Mike straightened up and pulled them into his lap to rub them.

Her pussy felt empty at the loss of his cock, but she was deeply relaxed from her orgasm and moaned in pleasure at the foot rub. Her eyes followed Drayton as he approached the bed, his hot gaze crawling over her sprawled limbs and bare breasts.

“Tired of just watching?” she teased, noticing from the bulge in his trousers and the slight flush of his cheeks that he was definitely turned on.

As he started to take off his shirt, he glanced over at Mike, who was kneading her right foot deliciously. “Trying to woo her away from me?”

It was an unexpected question, and Julia wasn’t sure what to make of the slightly challenging look in Drayton’s green eyes. But she couldn’t help but snort at his choice of words. “Did you just say woo?”

Drayton was naked when he joined them in the bed. “You heard me,” he said, his voice as seductive as the feel of his fingertips brushing down her face, her throat, her breast. “Woo.”

Julia groaned as Drayton fondled her nipples and Mike massaged her feet. “You two could woo me into anything.”

They caressed her until she was squirming with need, and then Drayton turned her over so that she was positioned on her hands and knees, facing the pillows. He knelt behind her, pulled apart her butt cheeks, and sank his cock inside her.

He began a hard, steady rhythm, shaking her body so that her breasts bounced and the flesh on her thighs and bottom jiggled.

She was so turned on now, she knew it wouldn’t take her long to come. She turned back to look at Drayton’s hot, intense expression. Whenever he fucked her, he always looked like he might devour her, like he wanted to swallow her whole.

Breaking off the gaze with effort, her eyes landed on Mike, who’d stretched his big body out beside her on the bed. She tried to reach out for him, but she didn’t have enough focus and nearly lost her balance.

He read her intentions, however, and scooted closer, shifting to lie diagonally on the bed so his head on the pillow was just under hers.

He reached up to draw her brown hair out of her face, carefully dislodging the strands that were stuck to her damp skin. He was sated now and as gentle as Drayton was rough.

She looked back over her shoulder at Drayton, who was fucking her so well, her vision glazed over. He was gorgeous—feral and passionate as he rutted—and he was squeezing the flesh at her hips so tightly it might bruise.

“Yes, Julia,” he slurred, “Do you like it like this?”

“Yeah. Oh, yeah.” She would have kept babbling as her pleasure surged forward, but Mike pulled her down into an open-mouthed kiss. She responded eagerly, clumsily, supporting herself on bent arms to keep her balance while she left her bottom in the air for Drayton to fuck.

Her impending orgasm had become so powerful it was almost torturous, and she whimpered against Mike’s mouth as she squirmed helplessly. But she couldn’t seem to peak until Mike reached beneath her to find her swollen, sensitized clit. He rubbed it as Drayton thrust fast and hard, and soon Julia broke into climax.

She nearly sobbed with it, waves of sensation pulsing through her body. And as Mike kept massaging her clit and Drayton kept pushing against her clenching pussy, she came again, almost as hard as the first time.

BOOK: Finished
5.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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