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Authors: Adriana Hunter

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For His Pleasure (Dominated By The Billionaire) (2 page)

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“Good afternoon, Mr. Donaldson.” She gave
him a small smile, hoping to God her cheeks weren’t as hot as they
felt. “What can I do for you?”

He smiled warmly, placing a palm on her
desk. “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind coming out to lunch
with me. There are some things I’d like to discuss with you.”

“Lunch?” There was no helping it—her cheeks
flushed as her heart pumped faster to deal with the sudden rush of
hormones coursing through her body. “My lunch break isn’t for
another hour… Dave usually comes to cover for me at two o’clock…”
Well, that wasn’t particularly true. He usually was a half hour
late at the earliest, but that wasn’t something she was going to
complain to Mark about. Most days she was just happy to have this

Mark waved his hand. “Don’t worry about it.
I’m sure he’d be happy to move up his schedule. Ah, look, here he
comes now.” He shifted slightly as he turned and Katherine looked
past him to see Dave walking into the lobby, briefcase in hand. She
saw his pale eyes flash briefly before he fixed a polite smile on
his face as Mark waved him over.

“What can I help you with, Mr.

“I’d like you to take over for Ms. Hewitt
for an hour,” he said, and Katherine had the pleasure of watching
Dave’s face turn pale with shock once again. “I’m taking her out to
lunch so we can discuss a few things.”

“Now?” His eyes flashed to Katherine and
then back, and she watched with interest as his color turned
blotchy. “But sir… I…” he trailed off as Mark’s eyes turned steely.
“Of course. Of course I will.”

“Good man.” He turned toward Katherine with
a smile, who was staring at both of them. “Are you ready?”

“What?” she snapped out of it. “Yes, yes, of
course.” She reached down beneath her desk to grab her purse, then
stood up and nearly collided with Dave’s chest, who had come around
the desk to take her place.

“Have a great lunch,” he told her with a
sour smile, and the look in his eyes told her that she would pay
for this if he ever got the chance.

“Thank you.” Something stirred in her at the
look he gave her that demanded she do something else than just
slink off like a wounded animal. “Is there anything you’d like me
to bring back for you? I’m sure they have doggie bags at the
restaurant for leftovers.”

Dave’s eyes flashed, and Katherine had to
bite the inside of her cheek to hold back her grin. “No thank

She followed Mark outside to the Mercedes
parked out front, and allowed him to help her into the passenger’s
side. He chuckled, a rich deep sound that had her looking over in
surprise as he started the engine and headed down Central.

“What’s so funny?” she couldn’t help but

He shook his head. “It has been a long time
since I’ve ever seen anyone other than myself put Dave in his
place. You should do it more often.”

Katherine shook her head with a small smile.
“That would be suicide. I like my job.”

“That doesn’t mean you have to let him push
you around like that,” Mark pointed out. “Dave can be a little
overbearing. He’s a good assistant, but he often takes himself too
seriously and will walk all over anyone who lets him. And you’re
far too pretty to have someone do that to you.”

Katherine blushed, her fingers flying to her
lips—pouty lips, he noted. Made for long, slow kisses. “It’s really
not a big deal most of the time,” she insisted. “I’m really just
grateful to be able to work for you.”

“And I’m grateful to have you.” They parked
outside the bistro he usually came to for lunch. “In more ways than
one.” His lips curved in that wicked smile again, and her
imagination immediately went into overdrive. Did he really mean
what she thought he meant? Or was she just being ridiculous? She
probably was, and really didn’t need to get her hopes up. He
probably just wanted to talk business.

He led her inside, where the maître de
greeted them warmly—Mark was a regular here. They were taken
upstairs to the terrace where they had a wonderful view of the
city, and given a seat right next to the metal railing with boxes
off impatiens and other flowers trailing down over the wall,
providing a lovely fragrance.

Their server appeared almost instantly to
hand them menus. “Good afternoon. It’s so nice to see you again,
Mr. Donaldson. Can I start you off with anything to drink?”

“Do you drink wine?” Mark asked her.

Katherine hesitated. “I do… but I really

He waved her protests away. “One glass of
wine over lunch won’t affect your job performance. A bottle of
Chardonnay, please.”

“Wow.” Katherine let out a slow breath as
the waiter returned with their bottle and poured them both a glass.
He left them to decide on their entrees, and Katherine took a sip.
It was like drinking gold. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a
Chardonnay like this before.”

“This place has an excellent selection,”
Mark agreed. They chose their entrees, and then he sat back as they
waited for their meal to arrive and studied her.

Uncomfortable under the intensity of his
gaze, Katherine cleared her throat. “So, what is it you wanted to
speak to me about, sir?” In truth she was a little nervous that all
he’d done was made small talk so far… and look at her with those
bedroom eyes that made her stomach flip-flop.

He gave her a slow smile. “It’s not about
your job, if you’re wondering about that. I assure you that you’re
doing a fantastic job. To be honest I’ve been curious about you.
Dave and Mike—” the HR rep who’d initially contacted her “—did your
interview and so I really know nothing about you at all. Where are
you from?”

They made small talk for a little while, and
then Mark leaned forward. “I’ll be honest with you, Katherine.” She
blinked as he used her first name for the first time since the
beginning of her employment. “I want you.”

“You… what?” She blushed as she felt his
hand settle on her knee beneath the table. “Want me where?”

“On my desk. In my bed. On the floor.” He
spoke low, his fingers slowly trailing up the inside of her thigh.
“Your legs are exquisite. I want to know what they feel like
without the panty hose.”

“I… I…” Katherine bit down on her lower lip
as he started massaging the inside of her thigh; slow circles of
his thumb that sent tendrils of heat traveling straight to her
core. “You can’t be serious.”

“I’m completely serious.” The waiter arrived
with their entrees, and without removing his hand from her leg he
looked up and engaged in a brief conversation as the waiter set
everything out. Katherine had to ball her fists in her lap to keep
from trembling, and she was certain the waiter couldn’t have missed
the scarlet blush staining her cheeks.

Once the waiter went on, he continued on as
though nothing had happened. “I know you want me, Katherine. I’ve
seen those naughty little glances you’ve tossed my way when you
thought I wasn’t looking.” His hand trailed down to stroke the area
right underneath her knee, sending more shivers through her and
making her hot all over. She’d no idea that was such a sensitive
area! “I’m sure you’ve wondered on more than one occasion what it
is I do with the women I’ve brought back to my office. Now you have
a chance to find out.”

Katherine licked her lips, which had gone as
dry as the inside of her mouth. She wanted to reach for her wine
glass to wet her throat but she was trembling from Mark’s
continuous caresses and wasn’t certain she could be trusted not to
spill the wine on herself.

“If you do decide you want to do this, you
should know it will be a Dom/sub relationship,” he continued,
picking up his fork and sampling his alfredo as he continued to
touch her underneath the table.

“What does that mean?” she picked up her own
fork slowly, but found that she couldn’t concentrate long enough to
get anything from her plate onto the utensil.

“That means I will be the one in control,
and you’ll trust me to do what’s best to bring you pleasure,” he
told her. “It won’t be anything like you’ve ever experienced before

That wasn’t really saying very much,
Katherine thought, but she had the idea that what Mark was
referring to was considered… taboo. “Is that like when I have a
safe word and I tell you when to stop?”

He chuckled. “It won’t be anything quite
that intense, but yet. Don’t be afraid, Katherine,” he told her
when her nerves flashed in her eyes. “I’ll take good care of you.
You can trust me on that.”

What did she have to lose? It wasn’t every
day that devastatingly sexy men told her they wanted to have kinky
sex with her. And maybe this was the kind of thing she needed. Her
life had been tedious this last year, full of nothing but work and

“Alright,” she told him. “What do you want
me to do?”

“First,” he told her, setting down his fork
and picking up her own. “I want you to eat.” He scooped up a bite
of pasta off her plate and held it up to her lips. “Go ahead, take
a bite.”

She did as he asked, and admitted to herself
she’d never been so self-conscious of eating in her life—his eyes
were boring into her face the entire time. “There you go,” he said
huskily. “You have such gorgeous lips. Have another one. Go more
slowly this time.”

He fed her bite after bite, and she learned
to slide her lips slowly along the fork, and she knew from the
gleam in his eye that he was thinking of having her lips wrapped
around something very different. She felt a flutter of
embarrassment at first, but as she continued it faded as she
realized this simple act was the sexiest thing she’d ever done. She
could tell by the expression in his half-lidded eyes that he was
aroused, and the knowledge aroused her too—her nipples were stiff
beneath her bra, and the space between her legs was moist and
pulsing lightly with need. All the while he continued to toy with
her leg, brushing his fingers under her knee and down the back of
her calf.

Eventually her plate was empty. He looked at
his watch and saw their hour was nearly up. “Time to go,” he said,
flagging down the waiter to pay for the check.

He offered his arm and she took it, allowing
him to lead her outside. He held her close to his body,
possessively so, and helped her into the passenger’s side once
again. Then he shifted the car into drive and headed back to the
downtown office.

“Now that you’ve agreed, I’ll expect you in
my office exactly half an hour after closing time,” he told her as
they entered the parking garage. “Don’t be late.”

“Yes sir,” she said meekly, and she couldn’t
help but smile a little at the fact that anyone who might’ve
overheard them would have thought he meant they were having some
kind of meeting.

Well, she supposed they were… but it was
going to be unlike any meeting she’d ever been to before.

They walked through the lobby doors
together, and Dave looked up and gave them both an over-bright
smile. That smile faded after Mark bid her goodbye, and he glowered
at her as he rose to his full height so that she could take the
chair back from him.

“What was all that about?” he snapped.

“I… I don’t really think that’s any of your
business,” Katherine told him, not because she was trying to be
defiant, but because she had nothing else to say. After all, she
couldn’t tell him that she’d just agreed to enter into a sexual
relationship with Mark. Not unless she wanted to see Dave have an

“I’m his assistant. Why wouldn’t it be my
business?” he hissed. “Ms. Hewitt, you had ought to remember who
hired you.”

Katherine’s back went up. “I’m reasonably
certain you can’t fire me if Mark doesn’t want you to,” she told
him sweetly. “And I can guarantee he won’t give the order if you
ask him.”

Dave’s face turned blotchy, his gangly body
going ramrod stiff. “We will see about that, Ms. Hewitt. We will
definitely see about that.”

He marched off, and Katherine had to hold
back a grin.




When closing time finally came around, most
of the superiority of having had two victories over Dave had faded,
to be replaced by a nervous anticipation that had her palms sweaty
and her cheeks unseasonably warm. She loitered at her desk, biding
the other employees’ goodnight, weathering a stony glare from Dave
as he headed out as well, and then locking the front door. She
stopped by the bathroom to freshen up, pulling a tiny bottle of
jasmine oil from her makeup back and dabbing some of it behind her
ears—when she wanted to smell nice she used that, because she was
allergic to perfume. She checked her hair and clothes twice in the
mirror, and as an afterthought stripped off her pantyhose and
stuffed them in her purse—he’d said he’d wanted to feel her legs
after all, hadn’t he?

She arrived outside his office door at
exactly half past six, took a deep breath, and knocked. His deep
voice called for her to enter, and she pushed open the door to see
him sitting at his desk, typing away on his keyboard. She’d only
been in here once before when she’d had to deliver some files to
his desk, and that was a quick in and out cycle. She took the time
now to study the décor—muted green walls with a framed photograph
of the Chicago skyline hanging on the one opposite the window, a
large, mahogany l-shaped desk holding a computer and scrupulously
organized papers. Her footfalls were muffled by the thick,
cream-colored carpet as she approached to where he sat behind the
desk. He rose with a smooth smile.

“Right on time,” he told her with a smile.
“Come over here and sit on the edge of the desk here.”

Her blood pumped a little faster at the look
in his eye. “Yes, sir.” She sat on the edge of the desk, and then
jumped a little as his hands settled at her waist, pushing her back
a little farther. She winced as she felt her butt press up against
a paperweight and heard it clatter against the polished wood of the

BOOK: For His Pleasure (Dominated By The Billionaire)
5.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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