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Freedom (Delroi Prophecy)


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Loribelle Hunt


Loribelle Hunt

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Chapter One


Roarr thought this might be the most foolish operation he’d ever taken part in, and as a southern clan chief on Delroi, he’d participated in his share. If anyone else was leading it, he never would have volunteered, but he’d followed Falkor Trace on crazier missions. The problem was he wasn’t sure Falkor was leading this one. From where Roarr was standing it looked like Janice Hawkins was in charge. That didn’t sit well with him at all.

His people had invaded Earth hoping to find
, the mate of their heart. Some of them had, including Falkor. These women were not what any Delroi warrior expected though. They were independent. Fighters. Even in his clan, where the goddess worship remained strong and women empowered, a warrior wanted a woman who would submit to him. Who would trust herself to her mate’s care and protection. Earthling females seemed to be missing that gene. He was happy for his peers who’d found what they were looking for, but he’d rather find a woman back home. A woman he wouldn’t have to live in fear for.

Which meant nothing like the woman moving silently in the woods before him, Falkor at her side. A Delroi female would have stayed on the ship. A Delroi female would have done as her mate ordered. And her mate? Would have restrained her if necessary to ensure it. But for some reason Falkor was allowing Janice along. It was so unfathomable that Roarr couldn’t wrap his mind around it. Not that he had time to figure it out now.

The squad of warriors reached the perimeter fence surrounding the secret facility. If intelligence reports were correct, those behind it were the secret power behind the Alliance, the most powerful country on Earth. A shadow government called the Tel Group made up of telepaths, telekinetics, and gods knew what else. According to Janice they were pure evil, and he didn’t need to read the reports to know she told the truth. He was an empath. He’d felt the malice when the shuttle landed, an impression that had only grown on the long trek through the forest. If there weren’t prisoners inside he’d have targeted the compound from their ship in space and been done with the foul place.

But there were captives, and he could feel them now. He motioned to two of his warriors to slip over the fence and eliminate the guards at the gate. When that was done, he left two warriors on guard and motioned everyone else through. After a quarter mile the path split in two directions. One led up the hill. He could see several buildings through the trees and motioned the
squad towards it. They’d lay charges around the foundation of the biggest to be detonated once they were safely in the air. In the opposite direction, less than a quarter mile away, was a small building where he sensed the prisoners. Falkor, Janice, and Sergei headed for it, while Roarr remained in place to guard their escape route. Unfortunately, the distance wasn’t great enough to buffer him from the spike of emotion when Falkor and Janice entered the makeshift prison.

He felt the terror first. It was so strong he staggered. Thank the gods no one else was around to take note. He’d kept his ability secret and he didn’t want to explain the weakness now. Taking a deep breath, he let the fear wash over him. After the breathing exercise he felt only stubbornness and fatigue. He let his senses expand, trying to determine what they were dealing with. There were three captive women inside, hurt and weak. Fury rolled through him. A woman on his world would never be mistreated in such a way. Earthling males had much to answer for. As tempting as it was to teach them that lesson, it wasn’t the time or the place. Nor was it his business.

He focused on the mission and struggled to contain his emotions. The Delroi believed the prisoners were being drugged to repress any mental abilities, but if they weren’t the women didn’t need to share his anger or sympathy. Besides, he didn’t want to alert one of the telepaths in the other buildings. His team signaled the charges were set and were ready to move out. Time he got his head back in the game.

Falkor, we have to leave,” he whispered into the transmitter at his lip, but the reminder wasn’t necessary.

His men slipped from the shadows and spread out around the women exiting the building. He assigned the closest warriors to two of the women and moved to help the third. Impatience and elation radiated from her. She lifted her face as if to question the arrangements or perhaps the delay and he froze.

Fuck. Hadn’t he said he didn’t want an Earthling
? No amount of wishful thinking could thwart fate though. There was no denying this one was his. He’d heard stories all his life. He’d seen enough mated couples. But no tale could have prepared him for the confusing rush of emotions he experienced when she met his gaze. Or his satisfaction when her eyes widened as if she felt the sudden combustive connection too. Maybe she did. Janice’s sources said the prisoners were all women of talent who were enemies of Tel. Janice and Sergei had done background checks on the list of names she’d been given, but they hadn’t had time to get much.

Are we going or staying?” his mate hissed.

They were definitely going. He ordered the squad to move out, keeping a hand on his woman’s arm. Everything went fine until the shuttle came into view. Janice and the other telepath with them, Sergei Trace, dropped to their knees and the woman at his side began cursing under her breath. She fought him when he dragged her to the shuttle.

“Get on board,” he snapped. “You can’t help them right now.”

She was physically weak and psychically blind. Useless in this battle. She ground her teeth together, but she went with her two companions while he ran back to help Falkor get the two unconscious telepaths on board. Seconds later they were lifting off and he triggered the countdown for the explosives. The woman sat close to the window and watched it blow with a grim, satisfied smile. He settled back in the opposite seat, studying her, wondering how best to seduce her. The desire building in his soul and body was uncomfortable. Soon it would grow painful. The longer he delayed taking her, the worse it would get for both of them.




When she stepped off the shuttle into the Delroi spaceship’s landing bay, Kareena Smith took her first easy—and free—breath in six months. It felt damned good, but she didn’t dare let her guard down yet. Parker and Zola flanked her, and she took a look around the group that had rescued them, finally ending on the two who were from Earth. Zola had whispered their identities during the escape. Janice Hawkins and the Shadow—Sergei Trace she’d since learned--both Tel operatives, both still unconscious from the telepathic attack they’d all just escaped. Since they’d led the rescue Kareena might assume they’d gone rogue. Then again that assumption might be a terrible mistake. Her torturers at Tel had been trying to get her to give up the rest of her group for months. This could be part of an elaborate plan to earn her trust. She didn’t know enough about the Delroi to guess why they would be involved, however, and it didn’t seem to fit what she knew of them. They’d been straight forward in their dealings with Earth. No subterfuge. No ruses or tricks.

“You’re safe,” the warrior who’d spoken to her on the ground murmured. “The three of you need to see the healer. It’s this way.”

He stepped closer, set his hand on the small of her back, and steered her towards the door following the others. A healer couldn’t tell her anything she didn’t already know. She’d been drugged to repress her mental abilities, half starved, beaten, and she was dehydrated. So were the others. Time, food, and water would take care of her. But she didn’t protest.

She tried not to sneak a look at the big warrior sticking to her side, but it was impossible. He was three or four inches over six feet, broad shouldered and thickly muscled. His hair was blond, a little long, framing a chiseled face and green eyes that belonged on one of those romance holo covers. Too perfect to be real. Then there were the tattoos, geometric symbols mostly. They were black with hints of red on some of the fine tips. She’d never seen anything like them before. His native language maybe? They stretched down the right side of his face, disappeared under his shirt collar and reappeared on his bared arm. They made him look intimidating and he hadn’t smiled once. The severe displeased expression hadn’t altered a bit since the first moment he’d looked at her.

So why was she so fascinated by him? She wanted to see how extensive his tattoos were, if his chest was as muscled as she hoped. She cast a surreptitious glance down his body and caught her breath. She didn’t have to guess about his cock. It was clearly outlined by the tight fit of his pants, long and thick. Maybe that was why he looked so irritated. But who was responsible? Was it just a reaction to adrenaline from the rescue? For some reason, she didn’t think so. Damn, it would be nice to have her powers right about now.

“Are you always so grumpy?” she asked. Well, she couldn’t ask if he was always so hard, could she?

What are you talking about?” He looked down at her, his eyes widening with surprise.

She shrugged. Now that she’d started the conversation she had to figure out how to keep it going. It was an impulse she couldn’t explain and didn’t fight.
“I get the impression you’re unhappy with us being here.”

He was silent so long she thought he wasn’t going to answer.
“No. That’s not it at all.”

But there was definitely something bothering him. The woman who’d left him so hard and unfulfilled, maybe? She didn’t pursue it. Despite the awareness humming through her, what business was it of hers? Maybe he had a wife he hadn’t seen since the invasion. Hell, maybe this was normal for the alien warriors. And wow, didn’t that present possibilities. She shut down that
train of thought as soon as it hit. She knew almost nothing about them. Had no idea if she’d exchanged one prison for another.

Sorry. It’s none of my business.”

Yes it is,” he murmured so low she thought she must have misheard.

Before she could ask what he meant, they turned into the medical bay. One doctor, a woman, rushed to check on Janice and the Shadow, while the man dealt with Kareena and her companions. He had the three of them propped in beds and getting IV fluids in moments. The warrior who’d freed them left Janice’s side to speak to them. The healer faded into the background. Kareena figured it was finally time to get some answers.

“Kareena?” the other warrior asked.

Yes. Kareena Smith,” she provided. “This is Parker Reed.” She nodded. “And Zola Gray.”

Welcome aboard,” he said with a twist of his lips that might have been intended as a smile. “I’m Falkor Trace. Janice is my mate.”

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