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Livia Lang

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Livia Lang


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, or to any actual events is purely coincidental. Please respect the author’s work and do not make any unauthorized copies or distributions. 


emini (May 21st
-June 20th)

Today holds many new experiences for you. When the opportunity to double your pleasure comes up, don’t turn away. Open up and embrace this adventure!


hat a great place to fuck
," Chloe remarked as she surveyed the hotel room with an appraising eye.

It was definitely a sex palace. The thousand dollar a night suite was enormous, decorated luxuriously, and filled with plenty of places for her to be bent over and rode hard. Just thinking about the sexy possibilities was getting her lady business wet.

She stood in the sitting area, which was set apart from the bedroom by a large sliding glass door. One wall of the room was nothing but floor to ceiling windows looking out over the city's twinkling skyline. Inside, all the furniture was stark white, and the floor with a wood stained so dark it was almost black. The walls were grey, which would have perhaps made it dreary, except for the art which hung around the room - nude paintings of curvy ladies - to set the mood.

She ran a hand along the sofa and nodded in satisfaction. Chloe had learned long ago that the room where she chose to work was extremely important. She couldn't attract high paying, attractive clients in a seedy motel bedroom with a creaking bed and poor lighting. That was the type of place you found Johns with diseases and bad intentions, all for a few bucks.

Nope; Chloe demanded a classier type of client. She wanted men who were rich, handsome, and willing to spoil her for the chance to slip inside her eager holes. Lots of guys were interested, sure, but she didn't have time for men not willing to talk with their wallet and big dick.

She had explained it to friends often enough, saying 'Why choose fucking for your career if it's not going to get you off too?'

To attract wealthy clients, she made sure that a night with her was luxurious and well worth the extra expense. She took care of all the details, designing a perfect fantasy for the man to melt into. Flowers on the table, bubbles for the bathtub, diamond-encrusted whips and handcuffs next to the sofa, and champagne by the bed. The guys just had to show up with their checkbooks.

She looked up at the clock by the doorway. "Shit, only thirty minutes left. I better get ready."

She hurried off to the enormous bathroom. Its walls were bright white, and it had a huge bathtub dominating one side of the room. She had already put a bowl of flavored lube next to the tub, in case the desire popped up later. The other side of the room had a large sink and vanity with several mirrors, where she had set up her make-up station.

"Got to get into costume," she chuckled, sliding onto the small stool before the vanity

And really, being in costume was how she thought of it. She was playing a part - the perfect little sex doll for her clients. She could dress in any outfit, put on wigs, talk in accents, and fold herself in a hundred positions. It was all a game for her, a way to mold herself into a fantasy version of real life. It wasn't just hot for her clients either - she enjoyed getting to disappear into a part. Normal Chloe could fade away for a night, and she could fuck with absolute abandon as she donned the costume of Chloe: Sex Goddess.

Checking her reflection closely, she nodded in approval of her night’s look. Her long golden hair was curled in sexy, messy waves that fell over her shoulders, and her make up was smoky and dramatic. The only thing missing was a bright lipstick, and she chose a cherry red to quickly apply. Red was her favorite color, and she loved the marks it would leave on a guy's dick after she went down on him.

Next, she slipped off the white robe wrapped around her curves, leaving her body clad only in red lacy underwear. She knew she'd be naked soon enough, but she wanted the reveal to be slow and sensual. So she chose a dramatic, body hugging black dress that cupped every inch of her generous frame. The low cut top highlighted her ample cleavage, and the skirt sat snuggly across her wide, plump hips. It hinted at just a taste of her assets, without giving away the whole game.

After sliding her feet into some sky-high black stilettos, she quickly stood and did a spin before the mirror, admiring the view. She looked like a movie star from old Hollywood: glamorous, sexy, and dripping with confidence.

People became escorts for many reasons. Chloe knew girls who did it to pay for school or to get enough cash to take fancy vacations. Some women were hoping for a client to fall in love with them, then whisking them away to raise a baby in a mansion somewhere. Chloe, on the other hand, was doing it for the thrill. She loved seducing a stranger, feeling those first tendrils of desire connecting their bodies. It was a rush and a bit of an addiction, if she were honest with herself. It also meant she never faked orgasms with clients – she was in it for the real deal.

From the bedroom, she heard her phone starting to buzz, and she quickly walked in to pick up the call. "Hello?"

"Hello, Chloe. It's Ryan. I just wanted to make sure we're still on for tonight. I'm excited to meet you at last," came a deep, masculine voice. It was rich and throaty, and Chloe was reminded of honey when she heard it.

"We are definitely still on. I'm already in room 901 waiting for you. Have you been thinking about what you want us to do tonight?" She sat down carefully on the bed, a smile spreading across her lips. Ryan sounded just as sexy as he had looked in his application.

"I have a bit of a surprise for you. I hope you don't mind if I've taken some initiative in planning our fun."

"What type of surprise?" She cocked an eyebrow, not sure if she was pleased with this turn of events. Normally, she liked full control of a situation, and a client bringing in an unexpected element made her a bit nervous.

"Don't worry; it's all within your rules. I just wanted to fulfill a special fantasy of mine tonight. I'll let you know more when I get to the room."

"When do you expect to get here?"

"About fifteen minutes. Trust me; I'm going as fast as I can. I can't wait to see that sexy body in person. I’ll see you soon, beautiful."

Chloe put down the phone and jiggled her foot in contemplation. Ryan's idea for a 'surprise' was unexpected, but her red flag radar wasn't going off. For one thing, she always had plenty of safety persuasions. She knew where the man worked, had given her friends pictures of the guy in case anything untoward happened, and had requested a substantial deposit upfront.

As far as she could tell, he was just a wealthy, bored man who needed a professional to help him explore his kinks. It was more common than people thought, and she was well practiced in making men like Ryan have the night of their lives. Maybe he wanted to be spanked, maybe he was into pegging, or maybe he liked role play. Whatever it was, she could make it happen for him. For a price, of course.

The cellphone buzzed again, and she saw a text from Ryan pop up.
Traffic; will be late. Why don't you get the party started early and send me some pictures?

"Well, I am pretty turned on already," she mused, biting her lip and looking at the text in consideration.

She reached under her dress and pressed her palm against her panties. There was a small wet spot right in the middle, and she absentmindedly began to stroke it. She then moved the tips of her fingers to her waiting clit. As she touched her sensitive nub, she arched her back and groaned, feeling sparks fly up her spine.

The phone buzzed again. A
re you touching yourself, you dirty girl?

Giggling, Chloe grabbed the phone and snapped a quick photo of her hand under her skirt. She sent it to Ryan, then focused her attention back to her aching pussy.

She rubbed a semi-circle around her little button, feeling the familiar pressure build in her center as she did so. She imagined how Ryan was reacting to her photo. No doubt he was rubbing himself in his car as he sped down the street, and the thought made her even hornier.

She took her other hand and began to rub her breasts, firmly kneading the large mounds with her palm. Her hips rocked in excitement, grinding her pussy against her hand. She knew she wouldn’t need to wait long until she was a whimpering mess on the bed.

A buzz caught her eye as she neared the finish line.
Come for me. Get that pussy ready for my cock to slam into it all night.

She closed her eyes and cried out as she lost control, bucking into her hand as she came hard. Afterwards, she fell back onto the bed, taking a moment to catch her breath as the tingling sensation ran up and down her body.

Feeling the wetness on the inside of her thighs, she grabbed her phone and snapped several more pictures. The overhead light made the liquid sparkle slightly, very clearly showing off what she’d done. She sent the photos to Ryan, captioning them with “
your wish is my command

He quickly replied.
If you think that was good, then you better get ready for tonight. Be there in ten.

Chloe smiled and got up to compose herself. Ryan was already proving to be a favorite new client, and he hadn't even touched her yet. If his cock was half as good as his talk, then she expected a fantastic night.

She was able to fix her hair and apply another coat of lipstick by the time she heard a short, sharp rap on the door. Her heart fluttered slightly, and she made her way to the entrance.

It was showtime.


hloe opened the hotel door
, finding herself face to face with Ryan. He was tall with dark, closely cropped hair, and deep brown eyes that burned a hole in her soul as soon as their gazes locked. He was wearing a dark blue suit and a black skinny tie, all of which was expensively tailored and well fit. Chloe sucked in her breath when she saw him - he was gorgeous.

"Hello, beautiful. I got here as soon as I could," he said, looking her up and down hungrily. "You are stunning."

Chloe took in his wide shoulders, thick legs, and the way his suit was clinging to his muscled arms. "You could say the same for yourself."

A movement caught her eye, and she turned to find another man standing in the hallway as well. This man had a leaner build, like a runner. His teased blonde hair was swept to the side, and his bright blue eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Who are you?" she asked, looking back and forth between the men in confusion.

"I'm Jax. I was hoping I could join your little party tonight, if that was ok with you. Ryan told me you might have room for three." Jax gave her a roguish smile, which had no doubt won over countless ladies before.

"Come in from the hall. I think we need to talk," Chloe said sternly, gesturing both men inside. Once they were in the living room, she quickly shut the suite's door and turned to face Ryan with arms folded tightly across her chest. "When we discussed the rules and payment, only one person was mentioned. I don't like being surprised at the last minute, and honestly, I feel like you are trying to con me here. I should just call the whole thing off."

"Shh, please wait. I know it's a bit of a surprise, and I'm sorry." Ryan ran a hand down her arm, looking at her beseechingly. "Jax learned rather last minute about my plans tonight, and I didn't have time to hash everything out with you beforehand. When he offered to join, I knew it could fulfill one of my biggest fantasies and bring you a new client too. I should have asked, but I was hoping you'd just see it a bonus."

Jax broke in eagerly. "I will gladly pay extra, too. Please don't turn me away; now that I've seen how gorgeous you are, I don't want to go downstairs and wank myself off in my parking spot. I might get arrested for indecent exposure, and I'm sure you'd feel terrible.” He shot her a small grin, letting her know he was kidding. Mostly.

Chloe sighed and looked over both men. She didn't like being blind-sided, and a bit of anger was still brewing in her stomach about that. However, she couldn't deny that having two ridiculously handsome men in her bed that night wouldn't be the worst fate in the world. Especially when it meant twice the normal fee.

"Fine, we can change the deal. One night with both of you, for double the original price. However, I don't want any more surprises. If anything else changes, I reserve the right to throw you both out the door. If you end up bare naked in that hallway, then it'll be your own damn fault, got it?"

Ryan took her hand and brought it to his lips. He lightly kissed the back of it, making goose bumps appear along her forearm. "Thank you. I've been waiting so long to fulfill this fantasy, and I knew you were the only professional I trusted it with. You've come highly recommended by several of my board members."

Chloe felt a small blush begin to creep up her cheeks, and she looked away to compose herself. "I'm glad to hear it. Now, there's a full bar, if you would like to start with some drinks."

She withdrew her hand and quickly poured herself a tumbler of bourbon from the silver tray next to the couch. Jax followed her closely, his hungry gaze raking over every inch of her as they made their drinks. Her skin prickled under his eyes, and she felt like she was already naked. Another dull ache began to form between her legs from his attention, and she rubbed her thighs together to increase the sensation.

"Excited already?" Ryan whispered in her ear, grabbing a glass of whiskey for himself.

She shot him a wink and took herself to one of the couches. Settling in, she waited for the men to find their seats. Ryan sat down across from her, spreading his legs as he sat so she could see his erection pressing against the seam of his pants. He wasn't at full mast yet, but there was already enough length to make her lick her lips eagerly. Jax sat in a chair to her right, a smirk still on his face. He was in his thirties but had a youthful playfulness about him that she found irresistible.

It had been awhile since she had felt such lustfulness during a work night. She chose clients carefully, so they were often good looking or interesting. However, Ryan and Jax were different. They were even more alluring than normal, and the thought of having them both inside of her was drenching her panties. They oozed manliness, and were drinking in her curves like men who had been on a deserted island for years.

"So, good looking men like you could easily pick up a girl at the bar," she said after they had all settled in. She took a long sip of her drink, looking at each guy carefully. "What brings you to my hotel room tonight, instead of going home with some other blonde and sharing her?"

Ryan leaned back, looking relaxed. "Because those girls aren't often up to a night of passion like what I want. I desire someone experienced, sexy, and kinky as hell. I've always had a fetish for seeing a woman fully stuffed, her holes completely filled with cock as she takes two men at once. I've tried to bring home random girls and get them into that, but they've all balked and been too shy to let loose. It’s been really disappointing time after time. So, I figured an expert like yourself would be able to make that happen for me. I thought this night would be a trial run, just the two of us, but once Jax offered to come, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to go straight towards the night I've always dreamed of."

Chloe turned to look at Jax. "And what about you?"

The grin stretched wider across his face, which only made his boyish good looks more appealing. "I like the taboo nature. It's naughty to hire someone for sex, dangerous almost. That's hot as hell, and I couldn't resist the chance when Ryan brought it up. And honestly, I like my girls sassy with a bit of badness in them - I don't want some innocent little flower to suck me off. I've heard that you were the one to go to for a night of mind-blowing, naughty sex."

She ran a hand through her blonde hair and gave Jax a fake pouty look. "So you think I'm a bad girl?"

"Very bad. In just the right ways," he answered, his gaze sliding down her body to her legs. He adjusted his pants, clearly turned on by the way her dress rode up her thighs.

"Why don't you show us what we've bought for the night?" Ryan said, putting down his drink. "I want to see what's under that dress."

"If you think I'm bad fully dressed, just wait until I show you my goodies underneath," she said to Jax with a wink.

Chloe got up and walked to the bedroom, motioning for the men to follow her, which they did like eager puppies. Standing in front of the bed, she turned her back to them and brushed her hair aside, revealing the creamy pale skin of her neck. She knew it would already be slightly flushed from desire - a pink haze forming over her flesh.

Ever so slowly, she began to unzip the dress, exposing her back inch by inch. Down, down it went, one vertebra at a time. She stopped when the zipper was right above her ass, allowing just a peak of her lacy panties to show. The room was quiet when she paused, as if everyone was holding their breath for what happened next.

She held the dress to her chest tightly, because now that it was unzipped it was only precariously hanging on to her ample curves. She shot a suggestive look over her shoulder, smiling sexily at the men as she stood there with her back open and exposed.

"Do you want me to keep going?" she asked playfully, wiggling her ass at them.

Jax's hands were on his crotch, rubbing his cock through his pants. His eyes were hard with excitement, and he could only nod mutely, biting his lip as he took in her body. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning.

Ryan was more composed, even as his large cock was straining against his pants to be unleashed. "Show us more."

Chloe turned around to fully face them and shrugged the left strap of the dress off her shoulder. It slid down her plump arm slowly, allowing more of her cleavage to show with every inch. Then she shrugged and allowed the right strap to fall too, leaving her dress suspended only in her hands.

Keeping her eyes locked on the men, she lowered her arms, allowing the front of her dress to fall away. Her large breasts, tucked tightly into the red bra, came into view, the light, pink nipples barely visible through the lace. They hardened quickly as the cool air of the hotel room hit them.

She continued to pull the dress down over her stomach, revealing the single diamond piercing she had in her belly button, then slid it over her wide hips. With a final tug, the black fabric passed over her thighs and fell to the floor.

Hands on hips, she kicked the dress out of the way and slowly spun for the men. Her every curve was on display, and she proudly flaunted the soft, feminine qualities of her body. The men were eating every bit of her up with their eyes, and she loved it.

"Well?" she asked, biting her lip and giving them her best 'fuck me' eyes.

BOOK: Gemini (The Erotic Zodiac Book 2)
12.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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