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hloe stood
in front of the bed, wearing only the lacy red panties and matching bra. The two men stood in the doorway, looking dashing in their dark suits. The three were in suspended motion for several long moments, the tension taunt between their bodies. Chloe almost felt like she was drowning, the suspense and desire thickening the room until there was hardly space to breath.

Ryan was the one who broke the spell. "Goddamn, woman. Get on the bed," he said at last, reaching up to loosen his tie.

Chloe turned around at his command and crawled onto the huge king bed. She arched her back, sticking her rear in the air as she wiggled up the silky white comforter. She knew her plump ass must look divine to the men behind her, with her pussy barely concealed by a thin strip of lace.

"Fuck me. I'm so hard it hurts," Jax whispered, as he began to remove his clothing and shoes.

Ryan managed to get undressed first, however, and made his way to the bed. He stood beside her, looking down appreciatively before running a hand along her rear. He gave her ass a quick smack before following the curve of her body, sliding his palm up her back. Chloe shivered under his touch; her body already aching for attention.

Ryan's cock was just inches from her face, and she stuck her tongue out tentatively to stroke its head. The salty precum on his tip made her purr deeply, and she looked up at him with wide eyes. "Bring it closer," she begged, pouting slightly.

Ryan grunted and pushed his hips forward, sinking his cock into the wet hole her lips provided him. Chloe ran her tongue along the underside of his member as he entered her mouth, massaging the most sensitive part of his body with her rough taste buds. She could feel his heartbeat pulse in the vein on the underside of his cock, passion flowing through his body.

Ryan sank heavily onto the bed next to her, never letting her mouth leave his dick. Thanks to his new seated position, she could more easily work her head up and down his shaft; in one long, smooth movement, she took the full length of him into her mouth, letting the tip of his cock rest on the back of her throat. Then she slowly slid back up, letting the vibrations of her moans tease him further.

"She's a great cocksucker," Ryan grunted out, putting his hands on her head to make her go slower. He obviously wanted to draw out the experience, prolonging his pleasure.

"I can't wait to try her out," came Jax's voice as he settled onto the bed behind her.

Jax quickly pulled the red panties down her legs, leaving her open and exposed under his hungry gaze. Chloe's pussy clenched knowing that the blonde man was eagerly devouring her wet folds with his eyes. She had always had an exhibitionist streak, and it was such a turn on to hear his murmurs of approval as he stared down at her wet sex.

"Do you taste as good as you look?" he asked, taking a finger and slowly inserting it into her slick opening.

"Mmhmm," Chloe moaned, her mouth too full of Ryan's dick to say much else. She ground her hips backward onto Jax's finger, showing him how much she liked the attention.

He stroked her insides slowly, sliding more fingers into her hole to probe her depths. Then he suddenly withdrew them, making her groan in frustration. Jax took no heed of her complaints, however, instead sucking loudly on his fingers.

"She tastes both sweet and tangy. Like maple syrup and orange."

"Eat her out. Get that pussy ready for us to fuck," Ryan growled back, his hips beginning to buck harder into Chloe's mouth.

Chloe quivered in anticipation, at first only feeling Jax's hot breath on her folds as he leaned close. Then she shuddered as she felt the first long lick of his tongue, running from the top of her pussy all the way to her asshole. He chuckled at her response, before beginning to lick in earnest, his tongue pushing its way inside of her hole.

She bucked backward into Jax's face, needing more of him. She wanted to ride him until he couldn't breath, having his mouth suck every bit of pleasure out of her pussy. Something about his tongue made her absolutely lose control.

Ryan noticed her exuberance and reached down to tweak her left nipple, making her squeal around his dick and buck harder. "Come for me, you dirty little whore. Show us what you're eager for."

Jax moved his tongue to assault her clit full on, pressing the little button. The sensation drove Chloe over the edge, and her legs began to shake as a climax rolled over her body. She gripped the white comforter harder, trying to keep from collapsing onto her stomach.

Ryan quickly followed suit, grabbing her hair and pulling her face down as far as it would go on his crotch. Her nose was buried in his well-manicured pubic hair, and she could feel his balls slapping her chin as he lost control. Thick ropes of cum were soon pouring down her throat, and she had to swallow rapidly to keep from choking.

When Ryan at last released her, she rolled over to her side, breathing heavy. His cum was still on her lips, and she licked it up with her tongue, enjoying the salty aftertaste of his orgasm.

Ryan stayed slumped against the headboard, his own recovery coming slowly. "Not bad for round one," he chuckled, putting his hands behind his head as he tried to catch his breath. Chloe looked down to see Jax at the foot of the bed, furiously working his hard shaft. He had urgent need written all over his face, which was still slick from her juices.

"Looks like it's your turn," she purred out. "Do you want me to suck you off too?"

Jax shook his head, continuing to work his cock. "No, I want you to ride me. I want to be inside that pussy when I come."

He quickly lay down on the opposite side of her, stretching his lean body out. His cock, which stood pale and straight towards the ceiling, beaconed to her. She wrapped her hand around it and gave several long, slow strokes, watching him writhe. Then she straddled his hips and hovered her pussy just over his dick.

"Slam down on it. I wanna see you ride that cock," Ryan said, his dick beginning to come back to life from the show.

Chloe reached behind to unsnap her bra, letting her plush tits fall out. Jax's hands were on them in seconds, kneading the large globes roughly. As he worked her chest, she slowly lowered herself, slipping his cock inside her inch by inch.

"Fucking hell, that's tight," he gasped as she bottomed out, her ass sitting on his legs and her hands on his chest for balance.

Rolling her hips, she settled into a steady rhythm on top of him. His thickness stretched her out perfectly, and she moaned lightly as she worked his stiff rod inside of her. Her earlier orgasms had left her pussy throbbing to be filled, and she used Jax relentlessly to pound into her favorite spots.

As she bounced, Ryan abruptly grabbed some lube off the bedside table and made his way behind her. She knew what he wanted next, and it made her groan louder. She had never been double penetrated before - and the thought of having two cocks stuffed inside was enough to push her towards another climax. However, she eased down onto Jax's cock and held still, trying to keep herself away from falling over the edge just yet.

Ryan's hands grabbed her ass cheeks firmly, pulling them apart. She felt a cool wetness as he pressed himself against her tight asshole, his cock already lubed up. Taking a deep breath, she relaxed her body and prepared for his onslaught.

"God, this is so tight," he groaned, sliding his dick into her little star.

Slowly, he began pumping, splitting her open and invading her darkest place. Chloe closed her eyes as absolute fullness overtook her. She could feel both cocks, hard and powerful, within her body, pressing against every one of her sensitive zones.

"Work me; fuck me with both those cocks," she gasped.

Jax grabbed her waist to hold her still, then he and Ryan began to both move their hips, alternating their thrusts inside of her. When Ryan plunged deep into her asshole, making her scream out, Jax would pull almost completely out. Then they'd reverse, their dicks pressing against each other through the thin wall of muscle that separated her ass and pussy.

Every movement pushed Chloe to limits she had never thought possible. The groans of the two men as they shared her body completely was the sexiest sound she had ever heard, and their greedy hands on her body made her skin roll with fire. She could feel her orgasm building up, a flood about to crash over her body that she couldn't hold back.

"Oh my god," she gasped, before falling completely apart.

Legs trembling and pussy clenching, she lost control. As she cried out, she could feel Jax following her. His cock exploded deep within her, filling her up with his hot jizz. He took several more rapid pumps, before pulling out of her, spent.

The last man standing, Ryan pummeled her ass harder than ever. Soon his breathing was labored as he was overtaken with his own orgasm. He slapped her ass hard with every jet of cum he unleashed inside her, then he too pulled out and collapsed onto the bed.

Leaking cum out of every hole, Chloe curled up on Jax's body, nestling her check against his chest. She looked over at Ryan, and he gave her a slow, lazy smile. He was sweaty and exhausted, his eyes glazed over with pleasure.

"So, was it as good as your fantasy?" she asked, her voice hoarse from screaming in pleasure.

"It was better than I had even fucking imagined," he replied, running a hand down her arms possessively. "Worth every single penny."


hloe woke
up with Ryan's arms around her waist as he clutched her from behind. Jax was in front of her, his head buried in her ample cleavage. She took a moment to enjoy the comfort she felt, wrapped up in the bodies of two sexy and powerful men. It brought a sense of safety that she deeply enjoyed - no matter what happened in the world outside, she was briefly in a perfect cocoon of happiness.

However, being pressed close to such handsome, brawny men had a downside. She couldn't control her libido, and within minutes, she could feel her folds beginning to throb with need. Considering how thoroughly used she had been the night before, she was surprised by how eager her body was for more attention.

She carefully slipped out from between the two men, who grumbled in their sleep as her warm body withdrew, and made her way to the bathroom. She washed her face and brushed her blonde hair with her fingers, trying to look somewhat more put together. Her facade, the sexy mask she wore for clients, was important to her, and she never liked waking up next to them looking vulnerable and messy.

As she admired herself in the mirror, she noticed how pert her nipples were. She reached down to idly tweak the long pink buds. Immediately images of the night before came to her mind, and she remembered Jax's mouth screaming her name as he came inside of her, his cock coating her insides.

The thought strengthened the warm tingle in her nether regions, and she slid her hand from her breast down to the dampness between her legs. The urge to get herself off was strong, and she strained to hear if either of the men in the bedroom were stirring. When she heard nothing, she decided that a quick session with her hand wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.

She quickly sat her naked body on the wide edge of the large bathtub and began rubbing herself. She didn't want to take her time - she just needed to get her horny pussy under control. After all, she had to appear calm and collected when she took her payment from the men and bid them a cordial good-bye. That was how a professional should act, in her mind.

"Are you starting in here without us?" Her eyes snapped open at the question. Ryan was in the doorway, watching her with a hungry stare. "That's not very nice of you."

He had just come from the bed and was still naked, his Adonis body looking perfectly chiseled under the soft lights of the bathroom. Between his muscular legs hung his thick cock, already half way to attention. Chloe fought the urge to lick her lips at the sight of it.

"You got what you paid for last night," she replied, continuing to rub herself. She looked up at him defiantly, a haughty smile on her lips. "I don't do freebies."

"Then how about we up the offer? We'll double the payment, if you'll give us another performance like last night."

"Hell, I'll triple it," came Jax's voice as he also walked into the bedroom. His blonde hair was ruffled from sleep, and he too hadn't put on any clothing yet.

Chloe cocked her head as she considered the offer. The extra money was alluring - she could pay for a year's worth of spa treatments with it. However, she was surprised to find that it wasn't just the money she was after. She wanted more of those two men. The way they had made her come the night before was still fresh in her memory, and her pussy clenched at the thought of another rough round of fucking from the two studs.

"Alright. Triple the price, and you can have me for the morning. You'd better work fast, though. By eleven I plan to be out the door, no matter how much cash you throw my way."

"Show us," Ryan said lustily, nodding with his head towards her mound, which was currently hidden from his view by her hand.

Chloe pulled her palm away and slowly spread her legs apart. Her wet kitty, already plump from her arousal, greeted the men's hungry gazes. Jax visibly swallowed as he took in the sight of her naked glory.

"Jesus," Ryan whispered before walking over and dropping to his knees in front of her.

He quickly took hold of each of thigh and threw them over his shoulders. This left his face just inches from her wet cunt, and she shuddered as his hot breath washed over her sensitive skin. He dove in, not wasting any time before burying his face between her legs. His mouth sought her clit, and he began to suck on the hardened nub expertly.

Chloe braced herself on the tub and leaned her head back. Pleasure rippled through her core, and she groaned as his hot mouth devoured her. She was lost to the sweet sensations until a hand roughly grabbed her hair and pulled her back to reality.

"Who bought that pussy?" came Jax's voice near her ear. It was hoarse with desire, and she could hear the slicking sound of his hand furiously working his cock.

"You," she gasped out, the sudden pain from her hair sending a lightening bolt down her spine.

"That's right. We bought your naughty little cunt. Tell me who it belongs to."

"You. This is your pussy now."

Pulling her hair, Jax forced her to look directly up into his blue eyes. "Good girl. You are our dirty little whore, selling yourself for money. Are you going to work for your money this morning?"

She nodded weakly, every movement of her head only pulling further on her hair. The sensation was painful but also thrilled her. She had always loved the slight danger in her job - it gave her a secret thrill to give herself over to men who were strangers, who could be dangerous. Jax showing his authority to her that morning was only making her hotter.

"I'll earn every dollar."

"Damn right," he grunted, before shoving his hard cock in her face.

Chloe didn't need a second request. She opened her plump lips and felt the solid mass of his dick slide into her. Jax kept his hand on her hair, maintaining control as he used her mouth as his own personal fuck toy. Grunting in pleasure, he bucked into her, seeming not care about anything but his own release. He tasted salty and wonderful as he began to pump in and out.

Between her legs, she could feel her peak building to the point of no return. She moaned around Jax's dick as Ryan began to suck harder on her clit. She looked wildly up at Jax, letting him know she was going to come.

He only pulled harder on her hair, her blonde tresses clenched tight in his large fist. "You going to come for us, Chloe? You going to come with my dick down your throat? Do it; suck me dry while you come like a bitch in heat."

The dirty talk sent her over the edge, and she screamed as her body convulsed in pleasure. She clenched her legs hard around Ryan, grinding her pussy into his face as she rode wave after wave of gratification.

Jax lost control, bucking hard as he shot a load into her mouth. The salty liquid coated her tongue, and she tried to swallow as best she could, despite some leaking out over her chin.

Once drained, he pulled himself out of her mouth. Letting go of her hair at last, he used his hand to brace himself against the wall as he caught his breath

Chloe gave him a tired smile; her eyes half closed from her own exhaustion. However, she didn't get much chance to rest as Ryan was immediately on his feet.

"Now I think it is time I get what I paid for," he said.

He pulled her up to her feet, turned her around, and bent her over roughly. She put her palms flat on the side of the tub and spread her legs apart, already guessing what he wanted. She wiggled her shapely ass at him and shot a naughty look over her shoulder.

"Take it," she growled, urging him on.

Ryan didn't waste time. He lined up his thick cock to her pussy's entrance and slammed himself home. Buried balls deep inside of her, he began to rut like an animal in heat. He slammed into her relentlessly, his grip on her hips so hard Chloe was sure she'd find bruises the next day.

She didn't care, though. The fucking she was receiving erased anything from her mind except the need for more. More. She could only hold onto the edge of the tub, arch her back, and beg for it.

"That's right, fuck me hard," she cried out, egging him on. "Give me more of that big dick."

Ryan roared and dug his fingers deeper into her curves. He picked up speed, his cock slamming so deep into her that she was sure he'd come out of her throat. She had never been so fiercely impaled, and she loved it.

"I'm going to cum in your cunt," he growled at last, lifting one hand up to spank her. “I paid for it, and now I’m going to use it and mark it all over.”

The slap on her ass made her pussy tighten around his cock, and the sensation sent Ryan over the edge. He grunted as he pulled himself out of her, covering her ass and back with thick ropes of cum. Her white plush skin was soon sticky with his seed, and she could only slump to the floor, too breathless to move.

She continued to lay there, even as the men quickly washed up and got dressed. Her arms were exhausted from holding herself up, and her pussy was so well used that she couldn't summon the energy to stand up. By the time Jax and Ryan came back into the bathroom, dressed in their suits, she was on the floor still, letting the cool tile press against her tired, throbbing pussy.

"You were worth every penny," Jax said as he stood over her. He pulled a stack of cash out of his pocket and let it drop around her.

Ryan followed by throwing another wad of money at her feet. "You are the sexiest whore I've ever fucked. I’ll call you soon about another round,” he growled, before turning and walking out without a backward glance.

Chloe whimpered in satisfaction after the men left. She had gotten paid; that was true. But she had also had the best sex of her life.

BOOK: Gemini (The Erotic Zodiac Book 2)
5.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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