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“Wha… What are you…” she says before I kneel quickly down. I spread her thighs and give her an evil grin.

“Having my complete and absolute way with you.”

I start with the sides of her knees, they’re spread wide for me. She leans back on her arms and looks down between those impressive breasts. Her mouth spreads open in a gasp as I kiss one knee then the other.

I want to be slow and try not to rush things, but I am craving her taste right now.

My mouth leaves wet trails of kisses and licks on her inner thighs as I get to where I’ve been wanting to be all day. I kiss her outer lips, one side then the other. Her pussy is already wet though, wet and steamy hot.

I lick a long swipe up her lips. Groaning out, she grabs my head. I don’t stop though, I lick each side over and over then go for the middle. Her pussy gushes cream on my tongue as I lick and lick. I stop right in the middle of one of her long moans. Just as she pulls my head forward I quickly latch onto her clit and strum it with my tongue.

“Oh, fuck!” she yells out, her thighs slamming shut on the sides of my head. I have to use my hands to pry her legs apart as I go after her clit over and over.

Her words mesh into babble as I keep at it. I push a finger deep into her and can feel her squeeze it. She goes on for long minutes then falls back onto the bed, her hands pushing at my head.

“Se….Sea… Sto…”

I ease up and look up to her. She is panting heavily, her hands gripping my hair tight, pulling me up off of her.

“My… God…” she groans out loudly.

“Yeah, I can answer to that.” I grab a shirt and wipe my face and cheeks off. I help her move to the center of the bed and lay next to her.

She rolls over onto me and stares up into my eyes. “You are so damn smug.”

Nodding my head, I don’t say anything.

Chapter Eleven

y head falls back
on the pillow as I finally get him to stop causing my world to shatter over and over again. He was right, I don’t think I’ll ever look at another man the same way again.

I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, my lungs are still breathing heavy and it’s all I can do to not curl up in a ball and pass out happily. The thought right now of feeling even more intense feelings almost paralyzes me with desire and fear.

Never have I ever felt this way. The way Mr. Purple, got me off pales in comparison to what Seamus did to me with that magical tongue of his. I snuggle on his chest as I feel it rise and fall, it’s hypnotic to feel him next to me, breathing. I can hear his lungs, can see the movement of his muscled chest. He is like a lion right now, laying here all proud with the knowledge he just brought his woman to complete submission.

Kissing him on his pec, I work my way towards his neck. My breasts push against his chest with my achingly tight nipples dragging their way along. His skin is hot, like a giant body of hot steel. I kiss his neck and feel the scruff he has let grow for the last couple of days. I like it. Normally I see a guy that’s scruffy and I am
no attracted but with Seamus he looks good with it. It’s not a beard at all, just scruffy. I kiss his neck and I have the insane urge to leave a giant hickey there. Mark my territory like he did with ruining me for any toy or man again.

As I slowly straddle his waist, I feel his hands sliding to my hips. He holds me there, my soaking wet pussy trapping his cock between us. Groaning, he stares up into my eyes. One hand slides from my hip, over my stomach then to my breast, cupping it. His fingers roll around the nipple not pinching, but not letting go either.

I can’t help myself as I start to slide along his length. He is so hard, so thick—I feel it between my lips, rubbing the tip of his thick cock against my little button. I swirl my hips around just a bit and he groans. He is breathing so heavily.

“Aaliyah…” he breathes out, desire burning deep in his eyes.

“Yes?” I ask with feigned innocence. I know what he wants right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t torture him just a little. I mean he did find Mr. Purple.

“Aaliyah, darling woman… I… you are torturing me on purpose aren’t you?” he growls. He hasn’t stopped making my breast feel amazing so I just nod my head.

“A little.” I move my hips just right and I get the head of his thick cock right at my opening, and holy shit is it big.

Lifting up, I lean backwards, thrusting my breasts into his big hands. Big cock, big chest, big arms… This guy is just too big.

Moaning, I lift my hips up as I grab his cock and aim the large head directly against my aching pussy. I rub the head all over my lips, and it’s all I can do to push down against him. I might no longer be a virgin, but fuck it surely feels like it. I work slowly down on his cock and each inch down feels as if I am about to be split in half.

Groaning loudly, I dig my nails deep into his chest. It doesn’t hurt him stretching me so fully, but I have this pressure now in me. It feels like I have been missing this all my life.

He thrusts his hips a little, not much, but it drives him deeper. I can see I’m almost there as I look down at where we are joined. I see my shaved mound finally press against his pubic bone, and I swear I can now understand the saying of being so full I can almost taste his cock.

I giggle, I can’t help it. I just can’t as I shift my hips again.

His hands are sliding over my breast, then one slides around to cup my ass. He grabs me tight as he looks up.

“What in the world are you giggling about?” he asks me.

This sexy man with his large cock buried deep inside is making me blush as I say, “I was just thinking about that joke women say about a man’s dick being so long every time he fucks her she feels like she’s choking.”

He bursts out laughing which causes his dick to thrust so deeply in me I feel it brushing my cervix wall.

“Fuck!” I moan out as he thrusts up against me. My insides are wrapped so tight around his thick cock. With each thrust up I feel deliciously full.

I lean down, kiss his lips and start to slowly move. My hips shift forward and back as I feel him sliding deep inside me. He keeps his hand groping my ass, the other goes to my hair where he grabs a handful of it. Keeping his hand there, he brings my neck down to his lips. Sucking on me, he groans as I slam my hips down onto him.

“Fuck,” I gasp. His cock definitely slammed into me. I mash down his crotch then slide back up. Oh fuck me, he is stretching me so good right now.

I can feel my pussy getting wetter as my body begins to tense. I am so ready for this, my heart racing as I ride him long and deep.

The first orgasm is hard and fast and I barely have time before the second one hits me. I have never been able to get more than one, and now it’s two.

“Holy fuck, Aaliyah! You feel so damn amazing,” he growls out into my ear. His breath is hot against my neck, his words even hotter.

I have never felt so powerful and so sexual in my life. Each thrust down fills me with his cock but also purpose. I want him to come in me, I want him to come because of me. He is my mine as much as I am his.

He holds me so tightly to his chest, but I force my way into a sitting position. His mouth is latching onto my nipple, his tongue flicking against it. I’ve never had my breast suckled like he does now. He is suckling his lover and I am receiving so many stabs of pleasure I wail out. I am going to come again and this one has been building, I can feel it.

Every time we separate, we slam back together. My whole existence centers on these moments. I can feel the peak is within sight, and as I feel myself riding its edge so dangerously, I hear the words that throw me completely over.

“Oh, fuck!” he growls into my hair. “I’m… coming.”

I can feel the warmth filling me so tightly. My eyes see stars before them as I squeeze him with my pussy as hard as I can. I want all of him inside of me. Not a drop slipping away from my very being.

He is slamming his hips up as hard as I am slamming mine down. Each thrust I feel the warmth in me. Closing my eyes, the starbursts continue until he slows his thrusts down to none. He is still hard inside of me, though, and just the shifting of my hips for comfort makes him groan.

“Fucking, holy balls, that was… fucking…” he groans out.

“What was it, Seamus?”

“Amazing,” he says panting. “Fucking amazing. You are so mine now. I have seeded the shit out of you.”

I giggle as I lean over the bed and pull his shirt from the floor. He is still inside of me and all the come he has left in me feels so delicious.

“Fuck woman…” he breathes out as I move.

“What’s wrong?” I ask as I slide off of him and hurry to push the shirt between my legs.

He looks down between my legs growling at me. “Did you just take my shirt again?”

“Yep, it’s mine.”

“How many of my shirts do you need?” he asks, laying back against the bed, his big thick cock slowly falling limp.

“Depends, how often do we get to do what we just did?” I ask.

“Shit, I don’t have that many shirts.”

I smirk. “Better buy some more then.”

early morning again as my alarm clock starts buzzing loudly.

“Damn, I want the weekend here already,” I moan.

Seamus wraps his arm around me tightly. “You can’t leave… I don’t have any shirts to wear on my walk of shame.”

I laugh. “Poor baby.”

I roll over, kissing his cheek and then his dangerous lips.

He pulls me to him and slowly rises above me. Looking down at my lips, he leans in and kisses them lightly. “You sure you have to go to work today?”

“Yeah, I really don’t want to, but…” I sigh as I feel him working his hips. His cock starting to harden against my poor little abused pussy.

We went once more before we fell asleep, and then sometime in the early hours of the morning I woke up to his hard cock pressing against me. I could feel it needed some attention so I grabbed the poor thing and scared the shit out of Seamus. He was dead asleep and then about jumping out of his skin as I pressed hard and back onto is cock. My soaking wet pussy adjusting to him so quickly.

I push at his shoulders, moaning quietly. “Yes, need money and need time to recuperate.”

Laughing, he rolls off of me and sits up on the side of the bed. I pull myself to a sitting position and wrap my arms around his shoulders. I am careful though because I know he is hurting on the one side pretty damn bad even if he isn’t showing it.

“Are you coming over tonight?” I ask.

“Maybe, or you guys could come over to my place. Either way we are going to be together.”

He’s right, we are. “Okay.” I kiss his cheek and then step out of bed. As I am walking away from him I feel a swat on my rear. It doesn’t hurt but does shock me a bit.

“Hey!” I say, turning to him.

Grinning, he says, “That ass is far too sexy for its own good.”

Rolling my eyes, I head to take a quick shower.


Damn, that girl has a fucking ass on her. I want to slap it and grab it every single time I see it. Now that I have seen the sway of her naked hips when she walks out of a room, fuck, I think I am in love with it. Maybe its owner too.

I lay back in bed and stare at the ceiling. I seriously like this chick. Love I don’t know about, never been in that kind of thing before. I mean it’s pretty fucking serious to say you love a chick. Way too serious for only knowing her few less than a week. I mean, shit, I really can’t be falling for a girl so fast. But fuck if I don’t want to be with this chick for good.

Shaking my head, I roll off the bed and onto my feet. I slip my jeans on. I have no clue where my boxers went. I swear this bedroom is becoming a black hole for my clothes.

I lift my good arm up above my head and then my bad one. I slowly rise up until I can’t go any higher. I have good range of motion, I think. Rose said it didn’t look like I injured anything too bad. But fuck it hurts. I start doing rolls with my shoulders to loosen everything up then slowly lower them down. I want to start back up with my stretching and workout routine but I don’t think I can just yet.

The shower cuts off as I sit back down on the bed. I watch Aaliyah wrap a towel around her head, and the one around her body barely goes below her beautiful pussy. Such a shame that it’s being covered up.

“You’re still here?” she asks as she comes over and sits on my lap, her towel riding up until her bare ass is on me. Fuck. There goes me not having my dick hard as hell.

I pull her into me for a kiss and nod my head. “Yeah, was wondering what your morning routine is.”

“Not much to it. I’m going to get dressed, wake Mina and get her over to Mrs. Robins.”

“No breakfast?”

“I wish, but Mina loves breakfast in the mornings so it takes a while to get her fed.”

“What about you?” I ask.

“Oh, I will take a bag of grapes and eat a granola bar out of my desk. Why? What do you do for breakfast?”

I smirk. “Bacon, eggs and pancakes.”

She smiles. “You going to make that for me this weekend then?”

I grin. “Long as you trust my cooking. It’s about the only thing I do know how to cook.”

She leans in and kisses me for a long couple of minutes. My cock is rock hard against her ass. I slide my hand into the towel and lightly stroke my fingers across her pussy lips. They are wet already, I slowly slide a finger in between them. The hot soaking wet tunnel is tight around my finger.

Rubbing lightly against the ridges, I feel along her inner wall. Aaliyah gasps into my mouth.

She pulls back. “Oh god… Seamus… I have to… go get…”

I push the towel down, off her breasts and latch my mouth onto her nipple. Last night, when she was on top of me, I remember her reaction when I sucked one into my mouth. I lick the nipple hard and then lightly bite it.

Huffing loudly out into the room, she groans. I slide a second finger into her as I push my palm up against her clit. It isn’t long before she bites down onto my shoulder to muffle her scream as she comes hard against my hand.

I slowly pull my fingers out of her wet pussy. I push up hard one time against the hot heat I feel from her pussy through my pants. She looks up dazedly at me as I slip those two fingers into my mouth and suck off her juices. She tastes fucking amazing, this woman has to be a goddess of sex. Fuck. I am so damn horny.

She shakes her head. “What was that for?”

“Can’t send my girl off to work without making sure she has a good day.”

She stands up wobbly from my legs and wraps the towel back around her chest.

“My god, Seamus.”

“Yeah, I am pretty good if I say so..”

She turns back to me and shakes her head. “You are so damn cocky… If I hadn’t just…”

I smile and stand up from the bed, rearranging my cock in my pants. I hug her tightly.

She leads me into Mina’s bedroom who starts to stir as soon as she hears us come in. It isn’t long before she starts to pull herself up to standing, smiling at us both.

Gently hipping Aaliyah out of the way, I reach down and grab my little monster. Mina coos at me as I sweep her up into my arms in a hug.

“Morning, little monster,” I say then growl at her.

She puts her hand up against my cheek and growls back. Yep, the little monster loves me.

“Seamus, she never likes guys. Even my brother makes her grumpy… But you.”

I shrug my shoulders and say, “It’s my monster magnetism. Go get dressed while I get my monster ready for her day.”

I take her out into the living room and start playing her toys with her. Apparently I am supposed to be a Barbie doll as she starts brushing at my hair with a small brush. The whole time she does this she is babbling away.

I snicker as I yell out to Aaliyah. “Yep, I am a pretty monster.”

“Do what?” she asks as she sticks her head out of the living room. Her laughter can’t be contained as she sees me sitting there now with a little silver crown on my head.

BOOK: Gettin' Dirty
8.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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