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Seamus is a dangerous man; I can just see it. It’s in the way he walks, the way his eyes move as he looks at things. I have seen a couple of guys like him before, and they were always the scary ones just out of prison. Seamus is like them, hard and dangerous. But he hasn’t been to prison I am willing to bet.

Dangerous and the man can kiss. It’s like they mixed Rambo with a Don Juan.

I walk back into my bedroom and look at the empty double bed. Its blankets are neatly folded, and the pillows look plump. It’s empty though, just like my love life.

I have to work tomorrow. Damn. I really wish today would have gone the way I wanted it to. I would be going to sleep happy and content with the world. Instead, I am going to bed horny and worried about the next couple of weeks.

Chapter Four

don’t believe
those fuckwits will be a problem anymore. I highly doubt they were in a gang. If that would have been the case, they would have come at me much harder and a with a lot more lethality to it. I don’t think they will be coming back either, but I won’t bet my life on that. I set up a small alarm on my balcony doors and the apartment door. It will make a loud, shrill scream if anyone opens one of those doors and I will hopefully be able to get into a good defensive position from there.

Stretching out in the bed, I roll around it for a few minutes and groan—this thing is a piece of shit. I got it at one of those discount warehouse places with the thinking I wouldn’t be here long enough for it to even matter—that I would more than likely just move on and leave it here.

Fuck, I am going to have to go shopping. I don’t like the idea of shopping for home stuff, it means I am putting down roots. I don’t like roots, but I’m feeling like I need them and that is odd. Roots put me in the position where I have to make decisions about things and people. I don’t like those kinds of decisions; it means when the shit comes down the line I have to make the choice of leaving something or someone behind.

Is Aaliyah someone I could leave behind right this minute? She would have to be, kiss or no kiss. But if I continue to pursue her will she remain to be one? Probably not. She will wrap herself around my heart pretty damn tightly whether she means to or not. Shit, what about her daughter, Mina? She’s a priority as well, she would make things harder for us to get away if we had to leave quick. We couldn’t leave the little thing and Aaliyah would never abandon her. Would I want to take on a father figure role eventually?

Fuck, that’s a huge question, not that I really am sure Aaliyah is even remotely interested in making me a permanent thing in her life. Heh, who the fuck am I kidding? Of course she will be wanting that. I would so fuck me and try to marry my ass if I was some chick. I am fucking hot, sexy as can be and an amazing lover. Fuck, even with oral-sex I beat out all other men.

But would I want a little girl in my life, some little kid who yells and screams because whatever fucking reason little kids scream?

Would I want to take some kid on that’s not my own?

That’s a big question.

Would I want to? What if I really do hit it off with Aaliyah? There is no denying she is the sexiest woman I have ever seen in my life. Physically, she is just fucking… wow.

Mentally, I think she is right up there with a chick I could see myself with. She is self-reliant, and really does have a lot of self-respect. She doesn’t want things just handed to her, and she is pretty smart if the college school books I saw in the corner have anything to say in the matter.

Fuck, why the hell am I here planning my life out for some chick I just met? Looking over at the clock I see it’s midnight and sigh happily. I guess I have been letting my brain ramble now for a while because of the silence. God, that is nice.

I sit up and look towards my balcony. Yeah, I need a smoke and to clear my head.

Standing outside on his balcony, Trevon nods to me as I light up a cigarette. “What’s up?”

“Not much, just enjoying the peace and quiet, man.” he says.

“Me too, but now my brain is working overtime in the thinking department.”

He chuckles and says, “That’s a dangerous thing sometimes.”

“Yeah, it is. Too much thinking and not enough action.”

“Not enough action?” He rolls his eyes as he looks to the balconies above us.

“Well, that was a different type,” I grumble. “I meant too many thoughts and not enough information to move on.”

“Ah, so it’s about a woman.”


Laughing, he shakes his head. “Women… They are always a problem.”

He heads back in and I’m left with my thoughts as I wonder how I went from thinking about needing a new bed to wondering about my future with a woman I don’t even know.

ast night
I finally fell asleep after thinking about the future. I don’t even have a plan for what I am doing. I got out of town with my old boss’ death, and I haven’t done anything to secure a future for myself. I have money, enough to retire on. Fuck way more than just to retire. I didn’t spend a shit ton of money even when I was in the business. My dad sure didn’t teach me to keep my finances in check. Shit, he was the reason I have been pretty thrifty at times. The fucker loved the ponies and guns. I learned the gun business from him and ignored that betting shit. I saw how it wore my mother down so damn hard.

I’m standing here, staring at all these damn mattresses, and I have no clue what to pick.

Last night I made the decision I was becoming too comfortable already. I need to move on from here. Pack up what little shit I have strewn across the apartment and head out. Maybe try California or Florida. I decided it’s time to get some perspective in my life, get away from any ties.

Yep, get away from any ties. That’s me, big man made up his mind.

And here I am, trying out new mattresses. The saleswoman is trying to use her looks on me to buy the biggest and best one. She ain’t bad looking at all, but she doesn’t have Aaliyah’s looks. Not at all.

I finally find one that fits my taste. Thankfully they will deliver it to me because I sure as hell don’t think the thing with its motor lifting bed thing will fit on top of my Suburban. It’s a pretty expensive bed that moves in all kinds of positions and changes how hard or soft it is. Why I need all that shit is way beyond me. But, fuck me, if it don’t feel like heaven to lay on.

“Well, fuck,” I mutter as I get into the SUV. If I am going to be upgrading my bedroom I might as well do it right. I am pretty sure if I get a bed like I just did I need to get sheets.

I make it home around four with the back of my vehicle loaded with things that I found at the local shopping mall and electronic stores.

The TV I fit into my room is massive, and all I can think of is how absurd it would be to watch porn on the thing. I mean, damn, the women in it would look larger than I am.

I unpack most of the stuff, setting up the apartment to look more like a home than empty shell. The living room itself now has a couch that will be delivered tomorrow, and a new TV stand for the TV sitting there.

Around four-thirty, I hear my stomach growling as I throw a bunch of boxes into the apartment dumpster outside. I look and see Aaliyah’s car there, making the quick decision to place an order for some pizza. I need a good meal, and I did say it was my turn tonight.

I head back upstairs, and continue to unpack some of the stuff I need like the lamp in the living room, and a few pots and pans for the kitchen. I even bought real eating utensils instead of boxes of plastic ones.

I had asked for the driver to call me when they arrived and I accept the delivery as I am dropping off the last of the boxes at the dumpster.

Grabbing the pizzas, I walk over to Aaliyah’s apartment. Knocking with one hand, I juggle the pizzas and a two liter of soda.

Answering the door in a pair of jean cut-offs and a tight t-shirt, I am momentarily speechless as I stare at her body, face and hair. She is stunning and sexy as always. Those lips look delicious as she talks to me and then frowns.

“Seamus, are you even listening to me?”

Shaking my head. “Huh?”

“Oh my god, are you really that dense?”

I say, “Huh, me dense? Probably. Anyways, I figured you probably had a long day so I got us some pizza. My day sucked, lots of shopping for house crap, ya know?”

I walk into the apartment and lean down. I kiss her cheek and murmur, “You look fantastic.”

She sputters as I keep on moving to the dining room. “Seamus, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Huh?” I set the food and soda down. Spying Mina walking out of her bedroom, I bend down to sweep her up in my arms. She squeals with happiness as I plant a light peck on her cheek.

“What are you doing with my child?” Aaliyah asks, walking over to me to pull Mina out of my arms. She sets her down at the little kids table in the living room, it has mickey mouse all over it and a couple of open cups of playdoh.

“I told you last night that it was a one-time thing?”

“Yeah, but I said it was my turn tonight,” I say. She may have said that to me but her lips pressing right back against mine tells me different things. “Anyways, Mina told me it was okay. She also told me to get pizza. Says it’s her favorite food.”

I growl at Mina and she growls back at me. “Pizza!”

She screams, “Peeeezzza!”

“See, kid loves me and my food already.” I head into the kitchen and start opening the cabinets, looking for plates.

“Seamus! What are you doing?”

It turned out to be the second cabinet I checked. I hold up the plates as I walk around Aaliyah who is standing there in the living room with her hands on those sexy round hips.

“Getting the table ready.” I set down the plates and then start to head back into the kitchen to look for one of those small kids plates I saw Mina using last night.

Aaliyah stops me, though, when she stands right in my way. Each time I try to walk around her she blocks me.

“Hey, the pizza is going to get cold.”

“I don’t give a crap,” she hisses out between her teeth. “This is my home. You just can’t barge in here anytime you want, acting like you have a right to do whatever you want.”

I stand there and think about what she just said. Well fuck, she might have a point. But still, she kissed me back. She’s pretty much mine now.

I keep my eyes looking at hers for a long moment. “I understand if I am coming on strong and apologize if you think I do not respect your position in this relationship.”

She tilts her head to the side and her eyes widen as she says, “What fucking relationship?”

“Well, you did kiss me back.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m your girlfriend now, or anything of the sort!”

My arm snaps out and around her as I pull her to my chest. I lean down as she starts to sputter again. Planting my lips on hers, I hold us tight together as she gives me a small fight but just like I thought, she wants me just as much as I want het. I slide one hand to her ass and the other to the back of her head. Kissing her is like going through almost every emotion at once—there is anger and furious passion. Then there might be just a hint of waning sadness, to be pushed right into tenderness.

We kiss right there on the threshold of the kitchen and dining room. I can’t help squeezing the ass that moves so damn well every time she walks. That ass can keep my eyes completely fixated on it. It feels as good as I imagined it would feel.

Her hands aren’t still though, they are roaming all over my chest and back. Molding and caressing each chest muscle. She moans again and this time I allow her to pull away from me. Her eyes remain closed for a brief moment as she licks her lips. When she does open them they are hooded with lust.

“We are going to need to talk after Mina goes to bed.”

“Got it.”

Chapter Five

don’t know
what to do with Seamus. He walks into my apartment like he owns the place, and he just kisses me like I am his wife or something. To be correct, he didn’t just kiss me… He took me like I was his. We may not have had sex, but that was one of the most intense moments I have ever have felt. I didn’t even know kissing like that actually happened outside of romance books.

He is so fucking handsome standing there, looking down at me. His dark blue eyes are so extraordinary. He has me in his hands right now. I may be telling him we need to talk but I have no clue what about. I feel like he has wrapped a collar around my neck, claiming me as his. I am his, that kiss seared itself into my very being. I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t have a huge tattoo on my forehead saying
Property of Seamus
. All that emotion and feeling from just one kiss. One amazing, fabulous, extraordinary kiss. Wow.

We sit down to eat, with me cutting up Mina’s pizza in bites for her to grab. She doesn’t make the same mess as last night, thankfully.

I am staring at the last piece of pizza on my plate as I to figure out exactly how much exercise I am going to need to work off all this food I have eaten in the last two days. I don’t normally eat this many carbs and it’s making me feel full and sleepy.

“So what did you think of the pizza?” Seamus asks me.

He has been giving a lot of attention to me and Mina both. It’s weird, I’ve only had my brother and a couple of guys ever give me the attention that Seamus has, and they were always in it for something. But the way Seamus asks my opinion on things, it seems like he really does value my thoughts.

“It was fantastic. And I am so not supposed to eat so much food like I have tonight. It’s going to make me fat.”

He chuckles. “I doubt it, Aaliyah. Even if that did happen you would be sexy as sin.”

I look over at with him annoyance, I can feel my face scrunching up. “Why would you say that? I’m not sexy, I’m a mom. I really…”

He laughs out loudly, causing Mina to look up and squeak at Seamus, trying to copy his loud laughter. Is he really laughing at me?

“Aaliyah, are you nuts?”

I don’t think I am nuts, but he is. How in the world could he call me sexy?

“What?” I ask in confusion.

“Aaliyah, you are the most sensuous women I have ever seen. You are the definition of sexy.”

Rolling my eyes, I say, “You are crazy.”

Mina is watching us talk but thankfully she doesn’t understand or know too many words as of yet. I can feel my ears burning and my cheeks redden as he leans over to me, looking directly in my eyes as he whispers to me.

“Aaliyah, you are the hottest woman I have ever seen. Since the first time I looked at you I have had an erection aching to be stuffed into you over and over. Not just because of how sexy your body, face and mind are, but because you must be putting out some kind of pheromone because I can barely think straight being near you.”

His eyes are doing that intense thing again, and I feel pussy clench so hard I am sure I could squeeze something off with it. There is a throbbing there between my thighs. It aches in the most unfulfilled way possible. If Mina wasn’t here, sitting at the table with us, and off in bed I could easily see me throwing myself at him like a damsel in distress. I am plain and simple so fucking horny right now I consider calling Mina’s babysitter.

“I…” I try to get out, but my voice croaks.

He pulls back and shakes his head as his hands clench, popping his knuckles. I would swear he is trying to calm himself because he looks back over to me and I can see the desire there, building in his eyes. This man wants me, all of me. I should be feeling something like worry about how much this man looks like he wants to possess me, but I can’t. I want to be possessed just as much right now.

I want to be taken by him, to give into his wants and desires. I may have my own, but I am so inexperienced that I don’t know what to do if I am being honest with myself. I have had one night with a guy in a shitty bedroom. All I know is he lasted way shorter than a man should have and he did nothing to make it special for me.

I shudder and force myself to look away from him. His body even under a t-shirt is built, he looks like a Greek statue from my old high school books. His face is so handsome, whether he is laughing or looking all broody and sexy.

fter dinner
we both have a bunch of pent up energy. I can feel his as much as mine. The time between Mina’s bedtime and when we finished dinner seems to drag on—an eternity between the kiss we shared and when we will have to have the talk I demanded.

What the hell was I thinking? I don’t know what I will say to him. I don’t even remember what I wanted to say after he kissed me. Don’t get me wrong though, I tried to kiss him back with as much passion as he did me. I don’t know if I did, but I put every ounce of myself in it. Just the memory of his cock hard beneath his jeans pushing against me… I don’t know what has come over me. I cannot stop thinking about him in a sexual way.

Finally, it’s time for bed and Mina astounds me. She never liked being around her uncle Michael, but when I tell her it’s time for bed she darts over to Seamus. He is sitting there, kind of unsure what to do as she latches herself around him for a hug. Just as quickly she darts to my arms, hugging me.

I wrap her up and sing a quiet song to her as we walk into her bedroom. I have been alone with Mina for so long now that it has become a habit of mine to sing her to sleep. I’m not sure why my head doesn’t remind me that I have a guest in the apartment, but it becomes all so clear as soon as I walk into the living room. Yep, he probably heard every word.

“Not bad at all. Voice of an angel,” he says.

One thing though that comes out of my embarrassment is that I know what I wanted to talk to him about.

“We need to talk,” I say as I walk over to the kitchen table. He is sitting in the living room and I know for a fact if I go to him right now my pants will be somewhere on the floor and my mouth moaning his name.

Seamus stands up from the couch and walks over to the table. he looks at me as he sits down. “What about?”

“You shouldn’t be kissing me without even asking if I want to. You are just taking me like I am your personal property or something.”

“No, I’m not. I’m kissing you like you’re my woman.”

“But I’m not!” I whisper loudly, careful not to yell and wake sleeping Mina.

“Yet,” he grins as he waggles his eyebrows.

Oh god, he is a nut.

“Look, you can’t just walk in here bringing food and kissing me like that. It makes me uncomfortable.”

“You didn’t seem to be uncomfortable when we were kissing.”

“I was!” I growl out and am lying through my teeth. I was way too comfortable.


“I was not comfortable.”

“Prove it then.”

“Wha…? No, look, we need to take a step back here. I am a single mother with a lot on my plate. You know some of it from just being around me for two days.”

Folding his hands in front of him he says, “So? Why are either of those problems for us?”

Is he just dense?

“Because,” I say slowly, “I can’t just be all willy-nilly about things. I have to be careful with my time and money.”

“So does that mean you don’t have time for me?” he asks with a frown.

“Well, I don’t really know… I mean these two days have been good and all but…”

“I think we have plenty of time, and it’s not like I am taking a lot from you.”

“Yeah, but…”

“But what, Aaliyah? Why do you want me to leave so bad?”

I don’t,
I say to him in my head, and I really don’t. I mean it. I have no reason why he needs to leave beyond me being uncomfortable with someone so near me. Someone so… in my personal space.

Taking a deep breath, I steady my hands out on the table in front of me.

“Seamus, this is crazy…”

His face frowns as he says, “Aaliyah…”

I shake my head at him, “Let me finish.”

Nodding his head, he leans back in the chair across from me and crosses his arms across his massive chest.

“This is crazy, Seamus. We have known each other for two days and you are already pushing your way into my home and life.” I raise my hand to forestall any interruptions.

“But I like kissing you just as much as you seem to like kissing me, Seamus. I have kissed only one person before you in a romantic way. One. So this whole thing is new to me. I mean it’s like you are trying to skip the whole dating and slowly getting to know each other thing. You are just trying to get right into my pants.”

He chuckles and mutters something quietly.

“What was that?”

“I said I wasn’t the only one doing that on the last kiss. Your hand was starting to wander pretty far south.”

Heat rises in my cheeks as I nod my head. “Well, be that as it may…” I stammer trying not to lose my composure. “We need to slow down just a bit here. You don’t even have my cellphone number for pete’s sake!”

And there goes that grin again.

“What? Why are you grinning like that.?”

He points to my phone on the kitchen counter and says, “You left it out.”

I jump up from my chair and grab the phone off the counter. Sure enough, when I check my text messages it shows I have sent one to a number I don’t recognize. The insufferable…

I turn to him, ready to unleash a tirade of very bad words at him but he’s not sitting on the chair at the table any longer. He is standing about a foot away from me, looking down at my face—that muscled chest rising and falling with his breathing.

Looking up, I say, “Stop moving so damn quietly!”

Shrugging, he says, “Get me a collar with a bell.”

He’s moving towards me now and I grumble, “You are not supposed to just take my phone and text yourself! What if I didn’t have any data or texting left for the…”

He silences me with a kiss though, right there in the kitchen. He is kissing me hard and furious.

I want to slap him as much as I want to jump up and wrap my legs around his waist. I settle for lifting myself up high on my toes as I touch his scruffy cheek. He slides his hand down my back and grabs my ass, giving it a good squeeze.

I can feel myself being lifted as a second hand joins the other. Each grabbing and pulling me up. His lips slide from mine and I groan in frustration. I want to taste every inch of his mouth. To be speared by his tongue as he takes me.

The frustration doesn’t last long at all. His lips place a kiss on my cheek and then my neck. A light nip from his teeth brings me back to a state of awareness. Somehow I ended up on the kitchen counter. I remember thrusting myself hard against his crotch but not getting enough out of the rock hard cock encased in his jeans.

My legs are wrapped around his waist, I dig my feet into his ass and feel hard muscles. He thrusts that hard cock up against me, but the jeans are definitely in the way.

Pulling back from my neck, he stares into my eyes. We’re both breathing deeply. If I had to be honest, I would say we are pretty much panting. Lust is stabbing me in my pussy as I feel him grind his oh-so-hard cock up against me.

He grabs my shirt from the bottom hem and pulls it up over my stomach and breasts. As soon as my shirt blocks off my view of those deep blue penetrating eyes, I begin to sober up from my lust fueled haze. I don’t know what the hell is going on right now, I feel like I have no control over my hormones. I like it a little too much.

All thoughts are obliterated from my mine as he tugs the shirt off and his mouth falls to my cleavage. Holy shit, I forgot how amazing it feels to have someone kissing my breasts—to put a tongue against that delicate skin. I pull his head tight against my chest as he pushes the confining bra off of my breasts, exposing my nipples to his hot wet tongue.

If I could orgasm off just off my peaked nipples being sucked into his mouth—where he nips at them then swirls his tongue—I would probably be flying off this planet right now. I have never felt this before, and in all the romance novels I have read it is supposed to be amazing. It is so far surpassing every word I have ever read on the matter.

He pulls off my breast with a long suck, all the while looking up in my eyes.

“Your breasts are amazing,” he states to me and I am not sure if I should be flattered or embarrassed.

I choose the later when he stares down at my breasts and stomach. I don’t have bad stretch marks, but I do have what I have heard called tiger stripes that show on the tops of my hips. He doesn’t even seem to care as he takes my hands and pulls me off the counter. Oh shit, I have a really good idea where this is going and I freeze instantly. He is going to try for sex now, and me with barely any resistance in my body left. He grabs my pants at the button, quickly unfastening it he pushes the zipper down. Shit!

Fuck, fuck, fuck!
I think to myself as he starts to push the pants down but leaving me my giant granny panties on. I don’t know which worries me more at this moment, him seeing those or him barreling through every promise I made myself about no sex yet.

“Those are some big panties,” he grunts to me as he looks down.

He’s not lying either. They are not for sexy times at all. These babies are made for absolute comfort.

“Ummm…” I stammer out.

Shrugging his shoulders, he reaches down to them, and without any flourish pushes them down, past my hips to my ankles. I slap an arm across my chest and a hand across my exposed pussy while keeping my eyes on the ground in front of him. Okay, maybe I’m keeping them on the hard bulge in his jeans.

Hissing at him, “Just what do you think you are doing?”

I bet he is grinning right now, but doesn’t bother answering as he invades my personal bubble again. He’s looking down at me, I know it. I can feel it. But I let my eyes drift up only to his chest still covered by his shirt. I am not falling for the eye trick thing he does. No way.

I say in a firm voice, “No. Not gonna work this time.”

We must look ridiculous, standing in the kitchen like we are, with me almost fully naked save for the bra around my waist and the pants around my ankles.

BOOK: Gettin' Dirty
11.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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