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Authors: Amanda Miga

Tags: #lonely, #love story, #alien, #love triangle, #sanctuary, #red, #telepathy, #gravity, #hybrid, #crush, #guardian, #grey, #gay teen, #dream and reality, #shadow demon, #triangle love story, #attraction power, #triangle relationships, #boy love, #demon and angel, #teen and young adult, #teen 16 plus, #3 boys, #auric power, #guardian of hybrids

Gravity (37 page)

BOOK: Gravity
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"Come on I've
been assigned to show you your new place."

I look to Red
who nods. With one last look at Dash, Red and the beautiful
Sanctuary as the backdrop behind them, I can't help but wonder how
long will it be until I see it again? It seems in the back of my
mind I won't be here for a long time. Enough time for things to
change. This makes me sad. When will I see Gabriel smile again?
Dash's kindness? Alex's sweetness? Red. When will I see him for
more than two days? It doesn't seem fair to leave, yet I feel I
have to. The reason is so unclear. Can't I grow in the Sanctuary? I
believe that Red has a purpose for me. I trust him. I love him—even
after this.

's face has become
unreadable again. All hints of emotion have vanished from his
beautiful face.

One last wave
and a kiss to the air for Gabriel, I walk through the gate and out
of the mahogany mirror. The Real world. The magic is gone. I can
feel the weight on my shoulders get heavier with every step I take
behind Alex. Making my way through the building, the pain grows in
my chest. Alex stops and turns to me.

"Vi, Look at
me." He places my
bags down
and places his hands on my shoulders. "It's okay. It's going to be
okay." His eyes are sincere. He's smiling as usual. "You can do
this. You have nothing to be afraid of."

"I'll be alone."

"You'll never
be alone."





Alex pulls up
in red car
I have never seen
before. Alex drives? It's strange because I don't remember ever
riding in a car. What other things will I do that I don't remember
ever doing before. The memory of my past is still lost. I have
questions but how will I ask him.

start moving and Alex takes my hand.
It's comforting for a while as the drive across the city, but Alex
won't be coming with me. I'll be living alone. I hold on tight
until we pull up to an apartment building. After climbing the
stairs Alex opens door 22-D. "This is it." Alex places my suitcases
on the bed. The studio apartment is small and perfect for me. One
room with everything I need, except people. They’ll be no one

"So you know
rents paid first of the month. Red covered five months so you can
get settled in a job.”

Five months! He expects me to be here five

Here's some
important cards, docs you'll need,
cash and he opened a bank account for you." Alex let out a
long sigh.

Bank account? What do
I do with that? What am I supposed to do?

"Violet, it's okay."

It's easy for him to say. He's lived in the
real world. I look at his sweet face wondering when will be the
next time we'll see each other. We only just met and now I have to
say goodbye.

"Just take one
day at a time. He'll be watching every step of the way."
Alex tilts his head.

manage a smile but it turns on me.
"Okay." I wipe my tears.

"I'm not happy to see
you go, Vi. It's just I got a glimpse of what's ahead that's


"Red. He shared a few
things with me."


"And you'll
see." His smug face makes me feel a little better. This must be the
reason why he's seemed happier than the others. He's not so sad to
see me leave.

"Vi, of course
I don't want you to go."

hug him, squeezing the air out of his
lungs. "Thank you. I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to
miss you too. I miss you already."
We embrace and I'm glad Red can't tell me that I shouldn't or
that we're hugging too long. Alex kisses the top of my head. He
hands over the key to my new place.

"Bye, Alex."

He goes to leave but
turns around with a curious smile. "No. Sweet Dreams, Violet."


# # #

About The Author


Amanda Miga lives on Long
Island, NY with her husband, John Miga and her two cats Smudge and
Cricket. When she's not writing she's watching movies or listening
to music, finding inspiration for The Sanctuary series and other
fictions in the works.


Connect with Me Online:


Twitter: @MandyMiga

BOOK: Gravity
6.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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