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New Dawning International Bookfair




An Erotic Romance




Copyright © 2010 Dee Dawning




Groovin’ ‘n Waikiki



Groovin’ ‘n Waikiki,
is dedicated to the proposition that
knows no boundaries.

That said I hope my readers, old and new, have as much fun reading
as I did writing it.



In addition, I wish to express a debt of gratitude to a friend and fellow author, A.J Llewellyn, for his assistance. Without his invaluable knowledge of Honolulu and Oahu, this book would not have turned out as colorful as it did.









Chapter One - We have a Winner

Gloria’s cell phone rang. It was her sister Jessica’s number. “Hi Jess. What’s up?”

Hello baby sister. Guess what?”

Ahh…I don’t know, you won the lottery.”

Better. I called up the radio station for one of those contests they have and I won.”

That’s fantastic, Jess. What did you win?”

Are you sitting down? I won an all expenses paid Hawaiian vacation for two.”

That is wonderful, but I hardly think it’s better than winning the lottery.”

Picky, picky. Glory, why are you trying to burst my bubble? Especially when me and Darnell split and I have no one to take, except you.”

She suddenly pictured herself in a bikini, resting under a palm tree on a long sandy beach and grew excited. “Me? You’re gonna take me?”

Yep. If you can make the arrangements and if you wouldn’t be embarrassed being seen with your fat-assed big sister. And I mean

Aw c’mon, Jessica. What are you, one-sixty?”

One-sixty-five, but it wasn’t that long ago I was a sexy size eight like you.”


Whatever. So can you break away from your show for a week?”

In a week I can. The show goes dark while they do some remodeling.”

My, my. My little sister—a dancer. I’m so proud of you. I just wish you didn’t have to do that topless stuff.”

Ya, well, this is Vegas. Vegas is sex and fluff. I’m just glad I have nice breasts to show.”

She heard Jess sigh. “Let’s talk about somethin’ else.”

Sounds like we’ll have plenty of time to catch up in a week. How we getting there?”

You’ll fly here and we’ll leave from LAX. I’ll call you back after I make arrangements.”

* * * *

After setting down in the Honolulu International Airport at eight forty at night, the sisters caught a shuttle bus for the Waikiki Outrigger Hotel.

Look, Jessie. Don’t it look pretty?”

Yes, but it’s getting too dang dark to see.”

Arriving at the hotel, they checked in and headed to their rooms. “We coulda got by with one room you know,” Gloria mentioned.

I know no such thing. What if I find me a live one? You think I’m going to share? Besides, your snoring keeps me up.”

Gloria’s jaw tightened and eyes narrowed in indignation. “What’re you talking about? I don’t snore.”

Do too.”

No I don’t.”

Do too. You just don’t know it ’cause you’re asleep.”

She opened the door to her room. “Aw heck with you. I’m too tired to argue with you. See you in the morning.”

All right, baby. I’m beat, too. It’s almost midnight in LA, anyway.”

* * * *

At five thirty in the morning, that nutcase known as her big sister snuck into her room and began tickling her. “What the eff? What’re ya doing?”

C’mon, baby sis. It’s time to get up and see Waikiki.”

She rubbed her eyes. “Are you crazy? The sun is barely up.”

I know. Ain’t it great? The sun is shining and my throat isn’t sore. No smog, no earthquakes, no fires, and beautiful weather as far as the eye can see.”

I believe you, but there’s no hurry. It’ll still be there when I wake at seven. That’s plenty early.”

Suit yourself. I’m going to head for the gym and work out. Then go for a walk.”

Good. I’ll be here when you get back.”

Smart ass. There’s a Seattle’s Best coffeehouse in the hotel. Would you like me to bring a cup back for you?”


* * * *

Damn, girl, life’s going to pass you by. You’ve been in that bed eleven hours now. Your limbs are going to take root in the mattress pretty soon.”

All right, all right. Did you bring coffee?”

Jess stuck the brown and green cardboard container in her face. “I said I would. Didn’t I?”

She took the cup and lifted it to her lips for a sip. “A simple yes or no would’ve worked. What are we going to do today?”

We’re signed up for the island tour, which leaves in an hour and fifteen minutes, so if you want breakfast, you better get crackin’.”

Her stomach growled, seemingly at the word
. She was starving! “I’ll be ready before you can say Barack Obama.” She jumped up, ran into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, threw on some cutoffs and a tee shirt.

I’m ready.”

They exited the elevator and headed right to the Hula Grill. It was almost empty and they got right in and served within fifteen minutes. “Where do we go for the tour bus?”

Right across the street.”

The tour, which lasted until dinnertime, was nice, but everybody except sis, the driver and she were elderly. She nudged sis. “Have you noticed that half the passengers are falling asleep and the other half just woke up?”

Jess pursed her lips. “Well, at least we’re getting some awesome photos.”

As she exited the bus, Jess jolted her elbow. “How did you like the tour?”

It was nice.”

They have other tours, would you like to try another?”

No thanks, I think those tours are more for fat, elderly people…like you.”

Jessie tried to keep from smiling and she almost did. “Why, you little stinker. Girl, you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’.”

Gloria skipped away from her. “Truth hurts, huh?”

Shaking her head, she feigned as if she were going to chase her. “Truth my ass. Damn you. I shoulda dropped you on your head when I was changing your diaper, girl. You know I’m only eight years older than you. Wait ’til I get you alone, you impudent little…ingrate.”

She tilted her head and flashed a silly grin. “Don’t let me stop you. You go ahead and have somebody chauffer you around to see the sights like you’re some kind of couch potato.”

She waved her hand as if to say go on. “You’re just trying to bait me like you used to when you were twelve. Well, since you know where all the sights are, I’ll rent a car tomorrow and you can tell me where to go.”

Not me, sis. I saw a new book by Dee Dawning, in the gift shop. I’m gonna buy it and read it tomorrow as I relax by the pool.”

Huh, and you call me a couch potato. You’re a chaise potato.”

Damn right, and proud of it.”

* * * *

I swear, Glor, do you think it’s possible to find a swimsuit that leaves less to the imagination than those three tiny triangles of fabric you’re wearing?”

For all that talk about another tour, who should end up beside her at the pool, but Jessie? “I’m sure if you looked hard enough you could. I’m blessed with the type of figure needed to wear this suit, so I do.”

Jessie shook her head. “Yeah, you do look good. I guess I’m a little jealous.”

She gazed at Jessie and lifted her sunglasses. “You’ll get it back. I still remember the homecoming queen I was in awe of when I was nine. Tell me, sis, when did you take to wearing a one-piece?”

She swore Jessie snorted. “When my stomach started looking like a waterfall hanging over my suit bottom.”

Oooh. Well, did you work out this morning?”

Jess nodded. “Yes. For ninety grueling minutes, then I walked on the beach.”

Good for you. You keep that up, along with the diet, and I’ll bet you’ll weigh ten pounds less when we go home.”

That would be nice. I’m getting hot; I’m going to take a dip.”

A few minutes later, Jessie returned and lay back down on her lounge.

Hey, sis? Thought you were gonna rent a car so we could go somewhere?”

I did, but I don’t know where to go.”

Did you ask the concierge? You wait here and dry off. I’ll go ask.”

In that tiny bikini?”

She threw her cover-up over her shoulders. “Is that better?”


* * * *

Sometime later, she returned to her chaise lounge. “All right, the concierge made a list of about a dozen places we could walk or drive to in less than twenty minutes.” She handed the list to Jess. “Here you go.”

Thanks.” She took it.

A mischievous smile formed on Gloria’s face. “By the way, he mentioned the tour we went on yesterday.”

Oh really, what did he say?”

Her smile became a smirk. “He said if we were older, he’d recommend the bus tour. When I asked how much older he said, ‘About thirty years.’”

Oh go on, you’re making that up.”

No, I’m not. Go ask him.”

I will not!” Jessie almost shouted.

She rose to a sitting position on the chaise lounge. “Suit yourself. You know I feel real antsy. I’m going to go down to the beach. You want to tag along?”

Jessie stood and stretched. “Sure. Give me your purse. I’ll give them to the cabana bartender to hold behind the bar for us.”

Good idea. Here.”

You go ahead. I’ll catch up.”

Gloria strolled down the beach and passed a plethora of sun worshipers. About a hundred yards down, she passed a small group of surfers. Five white guys and a brother. A cute brother, from what she could see. He stared at her and she stared at him. He smiled and she smiled. He held up a can of Coors.

Hey, pretty lady, can I offer you a beer?”

They were surfers, her age, so she said, “Why not.” She strolled over and he handed her the beer. It was warm, and open. He was holding another can. She felt it, it was cool. “What’s in here?”

Nothing, just beer.”

Show me, take a swig.” She tried to hand it back to him, but he backed away.

She looked at the other five. “Any of you brave souls want to take a swig?”

BOOK: Groovin' 'n Waikiki
10.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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